A Perfect Love



It was all just — perfect. The music was soft and romantic, not loud. It was just right for dancing, Casey loved to dance. She loved the dress she was wearing, a soft burgundy silk that dipped nicely in front, showing off nicely tanned cleavage, dipped a bit in back, to show a bit of smooth back, if she moved a bit too much, you could see the tiny thong she was wearing, just a slight bit of tease. It was rubbing against her pussy, keeping her nicely aroused. Underneath the dress, she wore the most expensive bra she owned, black and sheer and real stockings with suspenders. She had wanted to look spectacular for this night and for her date and knew she had succeeded.

Casey was enjoying the sensation of having all eyes on her. The once-gawky, brace-wearing, ash-blonde teen had turned into the 28-year old platinum blonde with the dazzling figure, perfect teeth and smile. She still had the brains she had prized years back, now she had the body to compliment them. She’d had the funds to become the woman she always wanted to be — she was pretty, but she decided she was going to maintain that beauty and shape it up, joining a Gym and making a commitment to working out and staying in shape.

Casey was well-to-do; a successful Defense Attorney who had made her late parents very proud. She missed them a lot, family meant everything to her and she was happy they had at least lived to see her become a success. Still, it didn’t fill the void her parent’s passing had left or the lonely hours without them. She had friends and a lover here or there — but nothing serious. That made a terrific evening like that all the more special.

The night air was perfect too — a gentle breeze wafting by, keeping the July temperature turning to a sweltering heat. The meal they had served at her class’ 10-year reunion was wonderful, as had been the 3 glasses of wine she had consumed. It was making her just comfortable enough to enjoy dancing with the man she had brought as her date.

She hadn’t been able to bring the man she’d had as her Prom Date ten years prior — Jerry Reynolds was now Jillian Reynolds and, truth be told, he looked fabulous and lots of eyes were on Jillian, who had great legs in her short miniskirt and high heels. Almost as many eyes had been on the beautiful blonde Casey when she walked in, but she only had eyes for the perfect, strong loving man who was holding her in his arms as they swayed slowly to the music.

Gregory Lynn looked at his sister, her pretty blonde head resting her head on his shoulder, and wondered exactly what she was thinking. He was so happy to be home with her again — Gregory was road-weary, traveling from place to place with the Air Force, he was glad to be over and done with that. He’d asked for and been granted an honorable discharge upon the death of his parents and gone home to tidy up their affairs, only to find he really wasn’t needed. Casey had taken care of everything, she had a swift legal mind and had asked her other lawyer friends for advice on whatever legal matters she was unfamiliar with. Casey’s first decision was that she didn’t want to sell their parent’s home — it was beautiful and comfortable, in a nice area of town and it was where she most wanted to be. She and Gregory had grown up there and although most of their old neighbors had long since moved away, her parents had put down roots and stayed put. Casey herself always felt solace when she came there, so she gave up her apartment and moved back.

Casey told her brother she wanted him to have a familial home to come back to when he was on leave and was happily surprised to hear his leave was permanent. They didn’t know each other very well, the komşu seks hikayeleri 10 years between them having assured that. When she was little, he was out with his friends, by the time she was a teenager, he had joined the military. She saw him rarely in the intervening years, although she was happy whenever he came home, hanging on his every word.

She had been quiet, gangly and unassuming when he’d left nearly 11 years earlier — it was hard to reconcile that image with the pretty, intelligent blonde he was now living with, confident and self-assured. He’d seen snippets of it over the years, but confronted with it on a now-daily basis, it was an adjustment.

Casey got the invitation to her 10th High School Reunion and it seemed to bring out conflicting emotions in her. Her old persona was still there, buried deep, but still there — she wasn’t sure she wanted to face everyone again, although she’d had some friends, Casey hadn’t enjoyed those years much. She certainly didn’t want to attend without an escort.

The new Casey wanted to go for other reasons — she was beautiful, vivacious and far more successful then many of the classmates who had made her life hell. She wanted to show off — to be honest, she wanted to rub it in their faces. Casey had the perfect dress and shoes and knew she’d make quite an impression, but there was still the matter of taking someone with her.

Her brother solved that problem readily. “I’d be happy to take you, sis. I could really use a night out — and I would love a chance to dance, hey, maybe I can meet a nice single lady. I’m not getting any younger, after all. I’ll even rent a tux — I’ve been told I clean up pretty nice.”

As she danced with Gregory — he hated being called Greg — she knew what an understatement that was. Nice? With his dark hair, the traces of grey at the temples, his military-toned body, Gregory was the man of many girls’ dreams. Even she was under his spell, they’d been dancing for nearly 40 minutes. Casey didn’t want to monopolize his time, so she suggested they sit down a minute.

He got her another glass of wine — not that she needed it, but Gregory found her very cute in her slightly-tipsy manner. She sipped this glass and smiled at him. “You should go mingle — I think some of the women here are suitably impressed by my hunky, older brother.”

“We didn’t tell them I’m your brother, remember? Doesn’t matter — I’m where I want to be, with the most beautiful woman here. Oops, someone’s coming — we should make this look real, so I’m going to kiss you.”

The “someone” was Katrina Raithwaite, who hadn’t changed a whit since school, still a major bitch. For that reason, Casey wasn’t going to object to her brother’s planned deception. After all, it wasn’t as if she hadn’t kissed him before, so as he leaned in, she prepared for this kiss — or so she thought.

Gregory was kissing her — really kissing her, with the passion a lover would kiss his girlfriend, softly, with passion — with tongue — and then Casey was kissing him back and everyone seemed to fade into the background as the kiss deepened.

It was — perfect. Like the night, the food, the music — the kiss was perfect . Her head was spinning, Gregory wasn’t pulling away, she felt her entire body tingling. Her brother could kiss — oh Lord, could he kiss, but then, she knew so little about him, he’d been traveling around for all these years and …

Gregory pulled away, his eyes wide. “I-I’m sorry Casey, I shouldn’t have let it get this far, but you look so beautiful, the night, I …” He stood up and went to walk away, but she took his arm and made him sit back down again.

“Gregory — I didn’t stop you.” He turned and looked at his sister when he realized she was right.

“I have never — never — been kissed like that!” she said breathily.

“Are you a … a …?”

“No. I’ve had lovers — I’ve — experimented — but no one has made me feel this way.” She took her brother’s hand and placed it where he could feel her heart beating. “Do you feel that?”


“I want more, Gregory. I know — it’s crazy, but I want more. We’re all each other has, my darling brother, and you’re the sexiest, strongest, most impressive man I’ve ever seen. I think you have similar feelings towards me, am I wrong?”

“No. No, you’re not wrong. In the short time I’ve been back, I’ve been having a hard time keeping my eyes off you.”

“Well then — why don’t we say our good-nights, you can take me home and see as much of me as you want?”

Gregory nodded, still having trouble believing this take-charge woman was his formerly-demure younger sister. They did the circuit, a few women tried to give him Phone Numbers, but he had eyes only for the younger beauty whose arm was linked with his.

The drive home was in cool silence, like a single word would break the spell. Once inside the doors of their shared home, there was another kiss — a single, passionate, loving kiss that was simply — perfect.

Gregory gathered his beautiful sister in his arms and carried her to the Master Bedroom. She felt so right in his arms and they kissed again, just sitting on the edge of the bed. Nary a word was spoken, she turned her back to him and he unzipped it, kissing just below her neck as he did. She shivered and felt more alive then she had in years.

Gregory was content to just take her all in letting her move a bit on the bed so she could get the dress off. My God — where had that body come from? With its toned skin, tanned rippled muscles, long legs and high, round breasts with perfect, coral-pink nipples — she was a centerfold come to life. He had survived lonely nights with fantasies of girls far less spectacular than his sister.

She stood up and turned to him, for a brief second, she felt shy. The second passed. Casey was proud of her body, it was almost as important to her as her career achievements. She stood before Gregory, in the beautiful bra and stockings and saw the desire he felt for her. No man on earth was more important to her at this time, nothing else mattered. She moved towards him, her stiletto heels digging into the bedroom carpet, sitting down, she yanked him close by his tie and started undressing him. She kept up a bit of tease — a button here, then a kiss, his jacket off, a more lingering kiss, until he was down to his boxers. She took in full view of his body — a few scars from his years in the military — but they only added to his rugged appeal, the very manliness of him. They moved together, this brother and sister, both thinking perhaps they should stop here — then both realizing, as they tumbled together on the bed, no way in hell did they want to stop.

Casey was slightly on top of Gregory, her hands running all over his body as his hands played with her breasts. She sighed softly, he had good hands — they knew what they were doing, those hands, she felt herself becoming moist. Her fingernails trailed over his chest, he started a bit, then smiled — Gregory seemed to like that, so she raked her expensive, manicured nails down his chest to just above his boxers and back up again. His eyes closed and now he sighed as his sister-turning-lover got acquainted with his body.

Casey used whatever skills she had gleaned from her erotic experiences of the past to arouse Gregory. From the way he was reacting, it seemed to be working — she could see a growing bulge in his boxers, it looked like her brother was an impressive specimen of manhood in many ways. He was now sucking her bared tits and holding her close, his hands stroking her body, caressing her arms, treating her like some precious treasure.

Foreplay needed to proceed — so the tall blonde moved down her brother’s body, kissing softly, sweetly and now she was above his boxers, facing away from him. She shivered as she felt him removing her tiny thong and almost cried out as his lips touched her pussy for the first time. There was no turning back, they had crossed the barrier. She slid his boxers down and saw she had been right — Gregory had a very nice, big cock. It was hers for the taking.

So, Casey did what a sane woman would do with a cock like that — she took it. She slid her mouth over it and began to lick and suck, with her tongue slithering from crown to base, then back up again. It only served to make her brother eat her pussy more voraciously and grip her hips tighter as they shared their incestuous `69′.

Gregory was now eating the sweetest, wettest pussy he had ever tasted — his sister tasted like some delicious, sweet, ripe fruit and he yearned for more. His tongue shot deep into the blonde’s neatly-trimmed cunt and with every nibble of his mouth, Casey’s tongue action increased. He came — and she didn’t miss a beat, she just swallowed it all down and rolled to the side.

He was about to apologize, but she just put her hand up and moved close, resting on his chest. Those magical hands of hers began roaming all over again and soon, he was relaxing — looking down, he saw his cock was beginning to rise again. What strange power did this tall blonde goddess hold over him?

Casey looked deep into her brother’s rich brown eyes and he looked into her dazzling, emerald green eyes and nodded. Wordlessly, she moved down and lowered her dazzling, slender body on to his cock and began to move and sway, taking all of him in. He felt so good, she was lubricated enough that he was able to get inside of her, but in all her life, Casey had never been so full of cock. She began to grind upon his cock and really give him a heated fucking.

Gregory was amazed at how tight Casey was, how hot her pussy was, but what a fucking wildcat she was becoming with each passing minute. There were whores in Bangkok who hadn’t fucked him as well as his sister was doing right now.

” F-FUCK ME !” Casey said, finally breaking the silence. Gregory nodded, gripped her hips and pulled her down on his cock, hard. She groaned and smiled, his hands went up and played with her gorgeous tits, marveling at every beautiful inch of her as she fucked him, hair whipping about, her body beginning to glow with a slight sheen of fuck-sweat.

Casey’s body began to tremble and she finally reached the precipice, her brother’s lips on her nipples sent her over the edge. She climaxed and felt her pussy flood his cock, he came again, shooting deep inside her horny pussy. She fell on top of Gregory and he pulled her close, sharing a deep, romantic kiss.

They just stayed close for a while, snuggling, until Gregory asked “Regrets?”

“Not a one. We belong together — forever, that’s how I feel.”

“It may be crazy, but I feel that way too. We can live together here and make love every night.”

“Sounds good — no one around here knows you well, so there shouldn’t be any idle gossip.”

“That’s good. Oh God Casey, we didn’t use anything and I … are you on anything?” Casey shook her head. “What if you get pregnant?”

“If that does happen Gregory, I’ll have the child we made together with love, we’ll raise it here and have even more love in our lives. It sounds — absolutely perfect .”

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