A Ph.D. in Chemistry Ch. 03


A few days have passed since the incident with Henry. I’d be lying to myself if I weren’t replaying the feeling of his body, the warmth of him, the feeling of his large capable hands holding me close. I honestly needed to get a grip. My phone buzzes and thankfully interrupts my thoughts, It’s Sofia.

Sofia: Heyyy! Saturday night=wine and shit talking?

Matilda: It’s like you read my mind! I’ll come and pick you up and we can go get some wine. Be there in 20?

Sofia: OK! See you soon!

After swinging by Sofia’s apartment and getting at least three bottles of a nice Merlot we head back to my cozy apartment. “OK. Spill I need every single detail on Lucas!” I say while grabbing a bottle opener from the drawer.

Since earlier this week Sofia has been spending every evening with Lucas and has not required a ride into work. “Well, he is amazing. Like I know this is sudden and happening so fast but my god. He is so kind and just awesome to talk with. I think I am falling for this man. Oh, and he is fucking amazing in bed” She sighs.

I smile “Well I can’t wait to meet him!” I tell her sincerely. Sofia has been my best friend since I first moved to the United States when we were freshmen at Boston University. She was impeccably fashionable even then, we ended up being assigned as roommates in our dorm. Honestly, I found her intimidating when I first saw her but then she suggested that go to a local chocolate-themed café and we talked and talked until they finally kicked us out of the place because they were closed. We’ve been inseparable ever since. Even when I moved away to do my graduate studies at Brown, we still video chatted or texted at least 4 times a week. I missed her a lot, and I am so happy to finally be living in the same city again.

I debate telling her about Henry. I mean it isn’t like anything has happened with him. I worry that maybe she will call me out for breaching the creepy stalker area. But I decide that maybe telling her will help me clear my head. “Hey, do you remember that hot professor that I told you about in my lab, the one that I’m being pitted against for a full-time slot?” I ask she smiles, the biggest grin on her face “DID you finally sleep with him??” she demands.

I frown “wait, why would you jump to that?” I ask, confused. God am I that obvious?

As if reading my mind, she answers “well you are obviously into him. And you guys certainly have chemistry (literally). Every time I’ve come and visited you at your lab, I see him looking over and watching you. It really isn’t that far fetched of an idea.”

I sigh even though I hadn’t really worked out how I was feeling, Sofia knew and called me out on it. She was right I was into him, absolutely and completely into him. But I didn’t believe that he was into me, especially considering that he could have kissed me that night while I was swooning in his arms. Or he could have even asked me out.

I pull out my phone hearing the familiar ping of a notification, probably an email from a student or faculty member. When I open my phone, I notice that Henry has accepted my follow-on Instagram. Sofia peers over my shoulder wondering what I was looking at. She smiles and hands me a very full glass of wine, “well now I know what we are doing! Stalking Henry on Instagram!” She states excitedly.

I blush with embarrassment but she’s right I was going to do it anyway when she left so might as well do it together. “OK, Fine,” I say.

We settle in at my kitchen table and start scrolling through his photos. For someone who seems extremely serious and professional, he certainly had a lot of pictures. Although most of the pictures were landscape photographing, stunning mountains, sparkly blue oceans, yellow and green farmland. It was incredible and made me suddenly want to know him even more.

I scrolled further down hoping to not find any photos of him with beautiful women. Even though we obviously weren’t anything I still couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy when the thought of him and other women. I gulp, thankful that as we reach the bottom of his account there are no pictures of him with other women other than a couple of photos of him and his family.

One picture stands out to me, it is over a year old from back when he lived in California, but it was a shirtless picture of him with a surfboard giving the goofiest happiest grin. I smile because the grin is just so infectious. Also, damn. HE IS FIT, like washboard abs and all. Then, as I was pinching the way too small phone screen to get a better view, I accidentally LIKED his picture. Meaning that he would see a notification indicating that I was CLEARLY Instagram stalking him. “Shit! He is totally going to know!” I hysterically tell Sofia.

After guzzling nearly all three of the bottles of wine. A very tipsy Sofia called Lucas lovingly telling him to come and get her so “they could fuck” as she put it so gracefully. Ah Sofia can’t deny that the Kayseri Escort girl knew what she wanted and when she wanted it.

After Lucas came and picked her up, I plopped down on my comfy green velvet couch. My head spinning a bit from all the wine. I open my phone telling myself I won’t click on Instagram, but clearly, my finger is incapable of following my brain’s orders and clicks on the little square anyway. I notice I have a DM; curious I click on it. My mouth falls open. It’s him…Henry.

Henry: So, Instagram stalking, a new hobby of yours?

Cheeky bastard. I quickly type my response.

Matilda: I’d call it some Saturday night research.

Henry: uh-huh. Whatever you say 😉

Henry: Don’t worry I thoroughly checked your profile too.

I start to feel very warm and a stupid grin forms across my lips. Why did that last text make me feel so goddamn giddy? Does this mean he is into me? Fuck, what should I say?

Matilda: Guess we both have that scientific curiosity 😉

I hugged my phone briefly and got up to go to bed. Noble let out a rather loud MEOW as though I was making him stay up much later than his usual bedtime. I pick him up and carry him to the bedroom. He purrs. I give my phone one last check and I see I have a notification. DM from Henry

Henry: Don’t worry I very much enjoy what I saw.

My heartbeat quickens. I quickly peek at his shirtless picture and smile. I don’t know what will happen between us, but I am enjoying his flirty DMs. I drift off thinking about him.

I awaken to a hungry kitty sitting on my hip simultaneously purring and meowing trying to both get attention and food. I grab my phone while petting him and his aggressive neediness. I check the time, damn 11 am. Clearly, I needed some sleep, but this was going to royally screw my sleep schedule. I decided that I need to have a distraction-filled day today to keep my brain from wandering to Henry. I decided to do a deep scrub of my apartment. And then when that was done, and three full true crime podcasts were listened to I decided to open my computer up and finally read that new paper I downloaded.

After my very exciting reading about various Photochemical reactions involving Titanium Dioxide and water splitting, my hunger grumbling stomach decided to announce itself. I get up and peak in the fridge, right my adult incapable self has forgotten to get groceries. I throw on some cozy sweatpants and an equally cozy Boston U sweatshirt and head out. Looking like a hungover hot piece of garbage. Or at least that’s how I felt.

I head towards a local grocery store about a 5-minute walk from my place. Due to sad availability of parking spaces I decide to walk. The fresh air will be a needed entity in my head clearing day, I try and convince myself. Once I get to the store, I quickly grab a couple of necessities for basic dinners and lunches, at least for the next few days. Right when I get to the line up to pay, I see him. Henry. In the next line over from me. Looking hot as hell.

He is wearing a form-fitting grey t-shirt and an equally form-fitting pair of jeans that hugged his body just right. Here I was looking like I just rolled out of bed and here he is looking, I give him a once over with eyes, like that (drool).

I slouch my neck and pretend to be looking at my phone while waiting, hoping that maybe he won’t notice me. I peak a quick glance. He smiles over at me and give a quick wave. Fuck. Clearly, I wasn’t being as conspicuous as I’d hoped. I smile back and proceed to check out and pay for my small groceries. I head towards the exit when I hear “Hey, Matilda!” Henry says in a slightly excited voice, thoroughly grabbing my attention even though my back is currently to him.

I swiftly turn to face him and smile “Hey! What brings you here?” I ask without thinking.

He laughs motioning to his two grocery bags. “well, it was nice running into you, but these bags are getting heavy and I still have to walk home” I tell him while awkwardly balancing my bags between my two hands.

He reaches out “here let me at least help you with some of those.” he says while grabbing half of the bags out of my hands. I blush and my heart melts just a little bit at his kindness.

“Really it isn’t a hassle I only live about 5 minutes away. I can manage on my own.” I tell him while trying to grab my bags back. Honestly, though they were heavy, and I am kind of enjoying seeing him outside of a work situation.

“Nope, not going to happen I will relinquish them when we reach your place” He sternly tells me, motioning towards the exit. I let out a small huff of frustration, but I let him lead. Once outside of the store I motion towards our destination and we head off.

While walking we talk a little bit more. “So, how was your first-week teaching?” I ask.

He looks at me for a moment and grins “it was actually pretty good. I didn’t Kayseri Escort Bayan think I would enjoy this but seeing that excited faces on some of the student’s faces might make this actually barrable.” He tells me. We talk for a bit more about research and by the time we finish that conversation we arrive at my building. We stand there awkwardly for a moment.

I try to decide if it would be too bold to invite him up. “Should I help you bring these up?” he says while holding his hands full of bags up. I consider his offer and decide that he wouldn’t offer if he didn’t want to come up.

“Sure, thank you” I respond. We head towards the elevators, and I press the button that brings us to my floor. During the elevator ride the air had become filled with nervous energy and hopefully mutual sexual attraction. Was I about to have Henry in my apartment? Oh my god. I silently pray to the heavens that I spend the day doing a deep cleaning. At least my apartment won’t look as awful as I currently look.

We make it to my apartment door and I awkwardly try to unlock the door. My nerves make my hands shake and it becomes amplified by handling my keys. We enter. I set down my bags with a satisfying weight finally off my fingers and he does the same. I smile and motion around “Welcome to my humble apartment,” I tell him. He grins.

“I like it” he tells me, “it has a certain charm to it that I would only expect from you.” He adds.

“would you like to stay for lunch?” I blurt out before my brain can really think this through “you can put your cold groceries in my fridge while you’re here” I add, trying to make the offer sound more appealing. His eyes light up like I just told him he was getting his most sought-after Christmas gift.

“I would love to” he answers, “let me help you put the groceries away” he adds while grabbing a carton of eggs from one of the bags.

We put away my groceries. Awkwardly but wonderfully brushing past each other in my small kitchen. I settle on making grilled cheese sandwiches because my brain would not be able to handle anything more complicated. We silently eat our sandwiches looking at each other while sitting at my small four-person-sized dining room table.

Once I was done with my sandwich, I light-heartedly say “So, now that we have established that we are both blatant Instagram stalkers, are you now stalking me in real life?”

He snorts a little bit while laughing at my statement. He looks me right in the eyes and says in his velvet-smooth voice “Why Matilda, do you want me to be stalking you?” as he says this, he shifts closer to me, I can feel the heat from beside me and it is purely intoxicating. If I were to lean in, I would be able to kiss him right now. I let that thought simmer for a moment before pushing it away.

My cheeks become flushed I try to deflect his question, but my brain doesn’t think. I blurt out a slightly whispered “maybe”.

His smile grows so big and his eyes search mine. I gulp. He leans in, his hands come up and gently touch my face. “Is this ok?” he quivers. I nod unable to form words under the attraction that I am feeling towards this god-like man.

He moves one of his fingers to my lips, tracing an outline of them. My body is vibrating for him, my heart feels like it is beating out of my chest. I can hear whooshing of blood as my body radiates from his touch. He leans his face until his lips are almost touching mine. I stop breathing.

Suddenly feeling the anticipation of a teenage girl waiting for her crush to kiss her at a school dance. He agonizingly closes the gap between our lips touching his lips to mine. He is slow at first, but then I become enveloped with passion and my hands reach to his hair. My tongue pushes through the barrier of his lips and reaches its destination.

Our tongues become encompassed with a passionate dance. I moan against his lips. His hands begin to move from my face to down my arms moving lower and lower until they are resting on my thighs. Both of us are locked in this passionate dance of mouths, only pausing to breathe. His hands start moving up my thighs. My body responds begging them to move faster. The heat begins to form in my lower regions.

I start to move my hands becoming bolder and bolder as we continue to envelop each other mouths. I run my hand down his chest, teasing the fabric of his shirt. My hands move lower as my fingers catch the edge of his shirt. I start pulling it upwards praying that he doesn’t resist. He helps me pull it off. His heat pours out. I touch him, running my hands down his chest. Feeling the taut muscle under my fingers. He moans against my lips.

His fingers move up, up and finally, they are resting at the waistband of my sweatpants. I moan louder, almost begging for him to touch me. He slips his fingers in. I open my eyes, breaking our kiss momentarily. “Please for love of god touch me!” I beg him huskily against Escort Kayseri his lips.

I feel him shiver at my request. His whole hand is in my sweatpants now. His fingers moving down past the waistline of my panties. His fingers tease me over my panties. I moan louder against him. My hands begin to move down to his belt. I dip my finger in and urge it undone. I then work on undoing the zipper on his jeans. He pauses for a moment and helps me pull them down. He is sitting in my kitchen wearing only briefs. Fuck.

I break our kiss so that I can see the giant bulge that has formed in his briefs. I move my hand and rest it on the outside of his briefs moving my fingers closer, and closer until they are touching him through the fabric. He is hard, like probably as hard as he could possibly be. It is so goddamn hot. He looks at me with pure lust in his eyes.

He grabs my hand and pulls me towards my couch. We stand in front of my couch. His strong and sturdy hands run along my fully clothed body. He looks down at my face. As if to ask permission with his eyes. They stare deep into mine as if this is more than just a lust-filled moment. But it is just lusting right? I couldn’t possibly be feeling more for this man. Could I? He leans back in, brushing his lips against my ear and seductively whispers in a husky voice “I think you might be a little overdressed”. I melt in his arms.

His hands move to the hem of my sweater. Urging it up and off. He tosses it on the floor beside us. He looks me over, eating my body with his eyes. His hands quickly move to undo my bra, while his mouth begins to trail down my jaw, lower to my neck and then to my collarbone. Finally settling between my breasts. He slips off my simple white laced bra. I feel his near-silent moans vibrate against my skin. “you are so beautiful” he whispers against my skin.

One of his hands reaches up and cups my left breast. While he uses his other hand to draw circles around my right nipple. He teases me for what feels like forever. His fingers pinch my nipples sending waves of pleasure to my lower regions. This is pure ecstasy. I give him complete control over my pleasure. His lips move from between my breasts to my left nipple. He takes it in his mouth and does this amazing thing with his tongue. Sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. This is the most turned on I have ever been in my entire life. This man will be my undoing.

While he continues his attack on my nipples, I run my hand down his taught body, resting it against his somehow larger bulge. I palm his bulge a bit letting him know that I want him as much as he wants me. I become bolder and slip my fingers below the waistband of his briefs. Letting my fingers touch him. I run my fingers along his length feeling a fantastically large bead of pre-cum on the tip. I can’t take it any longer. I push his head off my breast and push his body onto the couch. I get on my knees on the floor settling in between his legs.

I slip his briefs off, he helps me by doing a little shimmy. His very large and very hard member is now free, and it is pointed right at me. My panties have become increasingly soaked. I run my hand along him. I lean in and take him in my mouth. I settle on just the tip and greedily lick; I lick from the tip to the base of him. He moans. I take him entirely in my mouth letting him hit the back of my throat. “oh my god Matilda, your mouth feels amazing” he says in a bought of ecstasy.

I tease him like this bobbing my head up and down until I can feel him nearing his undoing. I know that this isn’t where I want that to happen, so I pull off.

I strip off my sweatpants and straddle him with only my very soaking panties between us. I tease him more by grinding my hips letting the friction fuel both our pleasure. He can’t take it and pulls me off him, leaving me lying on the couch.

He kneels between my thighs and with his teeth pulls my panties off. I am now bare and fully exposed to him, normally I would feel nervous and shy and try to cover myself, but I honestly don’t care about him.

He resumes his position between my thighs. I open them as wide as I comfortably could, giving him complete access to my most intimate place. His hands move up my thighs until his fingers are just touching my very wet slit. He probes my lips open and runs his finger from my slit to my entrance. He slips his finger in. I buckle against him in anticipation. I arch my back. He looks up at my face and his eyes are pure green ecstasy.

I could die happy right now. He adds another finger and begins to move his hand in and out of me at a steady teasing pace.

“God you are wet,” he tells me in a sulky voice.

He moves his mouth closer to my most intimate spot. I can feel his breath against me. He extends his tongue and very lightly licks my clit. I nearly orgasm right there and then. He increases his pace of both his fingers and his amazing tongue. His tongue draws circles bring me closer, and closer. I am nearing the edge of no return and he knows it.

“Henry I’m…” I yell he abruptly stops. I’m panting, I’m close. He quickly gets up and grabs a condom from his wallet.

Resuming his place above me he quickly slips the condom on.

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