A Precious Gift


Sitting here on the sofa, watching the flames dancing in the fireplace, I close my eyes and let my mind wander back in time, back to that unforgettable night; a night that is etched in my memory like the beautiful etched glass in my window. That night was the most wonderful night of my life. I know that it will never be again as it was that night, and that is as it should be, for you only have such a precious gift to give once in your lifetime.

John and I had been dating for quite some time. He knew how I felt about sex and respected my wishes; I was in my mid twenties and still a virgin. I remember those days of high school, the days of sexual experimentation; it seemed everyone was having sex but me. After hearing the stories the girls told of their first time, how clumsy and awkward it was, I decided right then that when I gave myself to a man, it would be to a man with experience, one that could teach me the art of lovemaking. A man who knows how to pleasure and woman and make her feel special; not some young boy, unable to exercise control, out to get “his” pleasure and if the girl was fortunate enough to experience some at his expense, then lucky for her.

John came by my house that night to pick me up; we planned to go out for dinner and a movie, then if we felt like it, a little dancing after. All too soon the evening was coming to an end. He brought me home and I invited him in for a cup of coffee, as I have done so many times before. We sat on this very sofa, sipping our coffee watching the flames dancing in the fireplace while listening to soft music play in the background and visiting about the evening we just shared.

Our conversation subsided for a moment during which I took the opportunity to really study this person beside me. John is not a worldly man, that is, he has not been with a lot of women, but he has experience and is full of sensuality. He is thoughtful, considerate and unselfish, always putting my feelings and desires before his. It was at this moment I came to realize John was the man I wanted give myself to. He would be a wonderful lover, one who would be able to show me the pleasures that only a man can give a woman.

Our coffee finished, we set our cups on the end table. Just as he is about to kiss me goodnight for the evening with his arm wrapped securely around my shoulder, I lay my head against his heart and whispered softly in his ear, “John, please make love to me tonight. I want you to teach me all you know, to show me how beautiful it can be.”

He kissed me ever so lightly before speaking, “Sheila, I have waited for this moment for what seems like a lifetime. Are you certain you are ready for this my Sweet?” His words felt like silk brushing as lightly across my lips as his kiss. I need not say another word for he could read it in my eyes and knew that he was about to receive the most precious gift a woman can give a man only once in her lifetime. With that, he scooped me in his arms and carried me to the bedroom, sitting me upon the satin sheets of my bed.

I watched as he lit the candle on the night stand. For a moment I just sat there looking into the flickering firelight, unable to move, feeling boneless, on fire, my mind all a whirl when he reached out offering his hand to me. As I placed mine in his he stood me up and looked deeply into my eyes. It seemed as if he was searching my soul for some kind of reassurance. I remember once John told me he never wished to pressure me; that I would know when the time was right and would come to him. Placing his fingers along the sides of my forehead, he began tracing the outlines of my face, down my temples pausing for a moment then asking me once again, wanting to be certain I knew what I was asking of him, “Sheila, are you sure you are ready for this, this complete expression of love and passion we are about to share, to become one with each other?” I slowly blink yes with my eyes and he realizes the time has finally come. I am ready to share my entire being with this man. His fingers continue their journey by tracing the tips my ears, brushing through antalya escort bayan my hair and stopping at the base of my neck as he draws my lips to his. Meeting, parting slightly, our tongues slip gently into one another’s mouth, exploring, intertwining, engaging in dance. The enchanting taste of his kiss held promise of what was to become.

I feel his hands move lower over my body, tugging at the buttons of my blouse starting with the top and working their way down, releasing each button slowly and meticulously. My shirt now open, with one swift move he brushes it off my shoulders and to the floor. My breasts seem to be pressing upward, exposing my cleavage as he slides his hands around me, freeing the clasp of my bra and releasing the hold it has on me. My nipples express their new found freedom by growing tall, extremely erect and excited. This is the first time John has ever seen my breasts with their large brown aureoles and protruding nipples.

I know he wishes to touch my breasts but opts to remove his shirt instead, quickly slipping it off his shoulders. I allow my gaze to roam the entire length of his body, unable stop myself if I wanted to; he has a powerful physique with his hard tight chest rippling with muscles. There is a small triangle of hair that branches out over the top of his pecks and trickles down his belly, beyond his navel and disappearing into the waist of his jeans. By his stance alone, I can see he is confident in himself and his body. This man absolutely steals my breath away.

He cups my breasts in his hands; John’s hands are large but my breasts are more than each can hold. Each breast is soft and molds to his touch. Looking into his face, I see the pleasure this brings him. With his fingers he pinches my nipples between them, slightly rolling each one. I have done this many times with my own hands but never has it felt the way it does under his touch. He moves his fingers along the outside edge of my breasts, barely touching me, circling my breasts from the cleavage, over the top, around the outside and beneath until they meet once again in my cleavage. John’s hands upon my flesh are magical, caressing, claiming, arousing a fierce desire within me. He brings his lips to my breasts lightly kissing each one, following the same circles his fingers previously traveled. With his hands cupping my breasts, pushing them together, John dips his tongue deep into my cleavage. Instinctively I begin arching my back, lifting my breasts towards him just as his mouth reaches my nipple. “Oh My God”, I cry out as he takes my nipple into his teeth holding it gently while flicking it with his tongue. I never could have imagined such an enchanting feeling as he sucks it into his mouth.

Pulling me against his chest and embracing me in his arms, I feel so vulnerable. John could do anything at this moment and I would willingly succumb. With fingers splayed wide, his touch lightly runs down my back to unbutton my skirt. I can hear the zipper as he slides it downward ever so slowly. My head swimming, I quickly wrap my arms around him, holding him tightly as I almost lose my balance. His touch is like a fire burning me with his yearning heat. This man has me completely captivated by his grace as he moves his hands along my hips, flat against my skin, pushing my skirt downward until it drops to the floor. I now stand before him in only my black satin panties. My heart is racing for as I look into his eyes gleaming like liquid silver pools, seeing the pleasure this brings him. However, those eyes also shows me he desires to see more, to see all of me, to know what I look like beneath these little panties. As John’s lips meet mine, I feel his hand slip between my legs brushing across the satin softness, feeling the tightly trimmed treasure beneath making me tremble. I am fully aware he can feel the simmering heat emanating from within me. He has me so filled with excitement in wonderment of what he will do next.

Reaching out to the button on his pants, I begin tugging, pulling, clumsily trying to release the hold antalya escort bayan it has until finally the button pulls loose. His hand reaches out and closes over mine. “Let me help you.” I hear him say in a low sultry voice as he opens the fly. Then he slips his thumbs inside his waistband pushing them to the floor. Through his shorts I can see his excitement as he reaches out to me once again pulling me in close, so close that I can feel his hardness pressing against my abdomen. Oh how I long to touch him, to experience what it would be like to hold his manhood in my hands, only he has other plans for me right now.

Alas, he directs my focus back towards my own body and the exciting pleasures I am experiencing as he runs his hands up and down my sensitive back, slipping around to my sides, exploring the curves of my body. It’s as if the touch of his fingers burn into my flesh but I love the way it feels. His lips meeting mine, we share a kiss of extreme passion. His kisses move slowly down my body, again tasting my breasts, suckling my nipples, nibbling each one. Ever so lightly John begins circling my navel with the tips of his fingers, only to follow this sensual path with his velvety soft tongue.

Very slowly he begins tracing the top of my panties, causing my belly to jump without my control; his touch so light it almost tickles, yet feels so inviting I do not want him to stop. Oh the exciting sensations racing throughout my body at this moment. He swiftly drops to his knees, his hands cupping my cheeks from behind pulling my hips forward until I can feel his fiery breath as he presses his lips against the outside of my panties. “Oh John,” I cry out, my hands mingling amongst his thick hair.

My pussy is throbbing. I want so much more, but he is very patient, making me wait, making me crave it so badly I ache with desire. Slowly he begins drawing my panties downward, caressing each part of my body as he drags his fingers over my sensitive flesh, sending shivers throughout my being. Guiding me back against the bed, he places his hands upon my shoulders, gently pushing me downward, as if to ask me to sit upon the bed; eagerly I comply. Standing before me, I watch as he rakes my entire body with his hooded gaze, his eyelids heavy with excitement. As his long lashes move slowly up and down a sensual smile breaks across his face; the heat in his eyes set my blood on fire.

I watch as this sensuous man casually slips his shorts off his waist. Still captivated by his physique, I cannot help but admire his excitement now that there are no restraints holding it back. Again I want so badly to reach out and touch him, to feel his rigid shaft. With trepidation I raise my hand to touch him; however this time he does not stop me but instead allows me feel how hard and thick he is, the head is a crimson red and feels almost like velvet. I grasp the shaft in my hand and cup the sac beneath with my other, finding myself amazed at how his tight balls are swelled with lust, yet mold so easily into my hand, while his shaft is so rigid in my other; such a striking contrast between the two. I can feel desire, heavy and urgent, tightening his body with startling intensity. At this moment he stops me speaking in a low husky voice, “This time is for you, for your pleasure my Sweet; my time will come the next time we make love.” John’s eyes meet mine and I am unable to turn away; he has me in his spell as I lay back against the coolness of the satin sheets. I am lost in his tenderness, and feel no thoughts of resistance, only hunger for the unknown pleasures that lie ahead.

John sits on the bed beside me tracing my body with his fingers; the fire they carry within them as they burn into my skin is almost unbearable. He is bringing me such pleasure that I yearn for him to hurry; only with his skilled experience, he controls his own desires making certain I am completely ready for him. Bringing himself to shadow my body with his, John kisses the nape of my neck, then over to the tips of my shoulders and lower. He alanya escort teases my breasts which are now heavy and aching; oh how I want his mouth to devour them. All the while his hand continues to explore the contours of my body beyond my breasts. I can feel the heat of his breath as he lowers his kisses to my navel. Taking one knee, he slides it between my legs, parting them slightly, allowing himself to slip between them.

With one swift movement, I feel his lips brush across my womanhood, kissing me, a tantalizing brush of sensual lips against my dewy warmth. “Oh Baby, please…” I begin to beg, not knowing what pleasures he is about to bring me but knowing I want to experience all that he has to offer. With exquisite skill this man tastes me, slowly, thoroughly, his hot rasping tongue stroking me in heated pulses, delighting my quivering bud that is the center of my pleasure. With his tongue he begins taking long slow strokes up one side, circling the apex of my sex then slowing stroking down the other side. My body shudders uncontrollably, my breath quickens and my heart is beating wildly. He then dips his tongue into my sweet nectar, tasting the slick wetness he has created in me. “Oh my God John, please don’t stop.” Gasping I beg of him.

His teeth nipped gently at my swollen aching folds, preparing me for his taking, until I was screaming for release; my pearl swelled tightly beneath his tender lashing. I feel my body tense as a fire begins building so furiously that I cannot contain it any longer allowing myself to explode into his mouth, panting, crying out in ecstasy as deep moans escape my lips.

His erection throbbing now, John knows I am ready for him. My head swimming, I sense him cover my body once again. Gazing into my eyes he whispers softly, “Sheila my love, I am going to share with you my most intimate self. I will be careful and gentle, but if I hurt you, please let me know and I will stop.”

With that his mouth covers mine, our tongues provocatively swirling around one another’s. I feel his shaft begin to sink into my silky fire; the velvet head pushing gently into my depths. For one quick moment I feel a sharp pain as he passes through my virginity. He senses my sudden resistance and whispers into my ear, “Don’t be afraid Angel. Tonight you can abandon all reason and let your senses rule. Just relax, I will wait until you are comfortable before we continue.” His voice is like silk, soothing my inhibitions.

From this moment on I feel only complete ecstasy. Slowly he pushes his hardness inside me, my inner walls encasing his shaft, pulling him deep inside my woman’s folds. Powerless to stop him, he arouses sensations in me I could never have fathomed. While my breasts press tightly against his powerful chest, I grip his back fiercely, my nails biting into his muscles as he urges me closer and closer to the throbbing pleasure he promised me. “That’s it Sheila… let it happen my love… yield to it…” I did yield and to my surprise the shattering climax that followed sent me reeling, exploding in a firestorm of brilliantly colored sparks. Clinging to him, shaking helplessly, I surrender to John’s expertise. Heat and dizziness sweeps over me. From a distance I hear a husky voice filling my mind with erotic words of how much he wants me, desires me, hungers for me. He senses my climax and can no longer control his own as he too explodes inside my delicate softness, filling me full of his milky white love.

Both of us completely spent, he collapses by my side, his arm cradling me against him. Looking into my deeply eyes John softly whispers, “My Sweetness, we have now been to the stars and back.” Then he kisses my forehead and says those words we have avoided speaking for so long, “Sheila, I love you with all my heart and soul.”

A gentle kiss is shared between us and I whisper back “John, you are my shining star. I love you now and forever.” as we drift off to sleep secure in the knowledge that this is just the beginning of a wonderful future. A future filled with passion and a desire to share every aspect of our lives together; to satisfy each other in all ways.

It has been 25 years since that night John and I declared our love for one another and to this day it still feels so right when we are together. I feel so lucky he accepted my “precious gift” and cherished it with all his heart and soul, for I am his forever.

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