A Private Language Class


Maria stood facing Max in silence, wearing nothing but a pair of black french panties. She was 42 years old and had a curvy latin body, tanned skin, seducing hips and perfect large breasts.

They had met at a language exchange class in Valencia earlier that month. She was the class organiser, and he was a 29-year-old English PhD student, studying abroad and hoping to improve in basic Castilian Spanish.

Handsome, he had a young face, blonde hair and a slim but muscular body. Still unmarried, Maria was drawn to the physicality and sweetness of younger guys. Two weeks into their secret bed-banging affair, Maria now had Max in a predicament that she had fantasised about ever since laying eyes on him.

Max sat tied to an armless chair, blindfolded and completely naked. His wrists were tied together behind the back of the chair and his feet were bound to the legs of the chair by several of Maria’s lacy bras. As an extra touch, a belt had been looped around each of his muscular thighs and pulled tight behind him, spreading his legs almost uncomfortably wide.

A cool Mediterranean evening breeze blew through the slightly ajar room window, making their skin tingle.

Maria laced her fingers through the sides of her dampening panties and slid them over her hips and down to the floor. Then, kneeling in front of him, she clicked open a bottle and smothered Max’s shaved balls and large hard cock up and down with a slippy flavoured lubricant.

“Hmmm,” she murmured sensually as she relished in preparing her gorgeous toy boy.

Next, she stood up. Max felt her move closer and straddle her legs each side of the chair. Her sex was now only inches away from his face and the aroma was palpable. Deprived of vision, Max’s mind ran wild. Was she going to wildly ride him without protection?

Maria softly placed her left hand on his firm shoulder. But just as she was about to lower into his lap to start enjoying his main asset, there was a knocking sound.

She froze.

“Is that someone at the door?” Max asked softly, puzzled.

“Wait, they will go,” she responded in her Catalan accent.

After 30 seconds motionless, she put her right hand down between her legs to position his throbbing manhood, and started lowering again. Max felt her hard nipples graze against his chest, and then the first sensation of her streaming wetness on his engorged tip. But it was again not to be: a second knock at the door made them freeze.

“….I have to get it..,” Maria said, a little frustrated.

“Ahora vengo,” she whispered into his ear with a smile.

Max’s cock was released and fell heavily against his chest. He heard draws opening, fabric moving, elastic snapping, and then the bedroom door closing. As he sat there in the complete darkness of the blindfold, he noticed his arms aching, bent around the cruel sides of the chair behind him.

At the front door a faint conversation faded in and out. Three minutes passed. Five minutes passed. What appeared to be sobbing faded in and out. Ten minutes passed.

The conversation continued, now with some intermittent giggling and periods of whispering. After a few more minutes, he heard the front door close and footsteps advancing down the hallway of the flat.

“Finally,” he thought, feeling a burst of excitement.

But as the door of the bedroom opened again, he heard not one, but two sets of intermingled footsteps entering!

Max had a sudden and intense sensation of unease, embarrassment and extreme vulnerability. He was on full intimate display to whoever else had just entered.

“Max… we have a visitor,” said Maria in a slightly playful tone.

Max squirmed and awkwardly tried to close together his spread thighs to conceal his modesty, but to no avail.

“If you don’t mind, Susana will be joining our private party tonight.”

Max gasped. “What the hell?!” flooded his mind.

Susana was another tutor from the language class, perhaps five years younger than Maria and a close friend of hers. From central Spain, she was slim, athletic and glowing. Max hadn’t failed to notice that she sported the kind of round peachy bottom and toned thighs that yoga pants were just made for. Indeed, he had chatted and even flirted with her on many occasions after class.

“Ahem… Hola Max,” Susana said softly.

“But-.” Max didn’t know what to say. His brained was flooded, jammed.

“Look, Susana called. She is going through a really hard time being single at the moment, feeling depressed, and missing the human touch. I just felt so bad knowing that I have you back here, all to myself, when a good friend is in need.

Plus, I know that she likes you…,” Maria smiled.

“Maria!” Susana exclaimed. “Too much information! Para!”

“Look,” said Maria, “I will just say it, we decided that it would be, well, pretty hot, if we could both enjoy you tonight.”

“Erm, but..,” Max hesitated again, uncomfortably. “Well I just didn’t expect this – I feel a bit, ah, awkward… I don’t know what to say.”

A hot flush of heat plumed across Max’s face gaziantep jigolo and his heart rate quickened.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” said Maria after a short pause. “We won’t bite, we promise… only, perhaps… ahem……… suck.”

They giggled, before Susana spoke more seriously.

“If you want Max, I can go now, and I won’t speak a word, I know this is a weird and unexpected situation. And don’t be embarrassed I saw you like this, I can assure you it’s a very nice view.”

Max sat silent for a few seconds.

“Ok…. Ok.” he submitted. “I agree.”

He was immediately hit by another swirl in his stomach. What had he just agreed to? Was he being cavalier and irresponsible? Was the situation becoming something too much to handle? He had a sensitive disposition and being tied up by Maria was already way off the scale in his mind. Agreeing now to have two hot women at the same time was simply on another planet.

“Hmmm great, great,” they whispered.

“To avoid any more awkwardness, I think the best way to begin, is, well, to jump in at the deep end, as you say” said Maria.

“Susana… suck his cock.”

On hearing this direct instruction, Max’s buttocks clenched tight, his pelvis tilted forward slightly and his cock throbbed thicker and harder than ever before.

Susana knelt between his spread legs. She felt a lot less awkward knowing that Max was blindfolded.

Her fingers softly teased downwards from his shoulders, over his strong chest, down his toned abs, and to his inner thighs. There, she encircled the base of his shaft with thumb and forefinger, and softly squeezed his bulging balls with her remaining fingers. First rubbing her cheek alongside his lubricated shaft, she then proceeded to lash his cock head with her tongue. One lash, then two, then a full insertion into her wet mouth.

Max put his head back and groaned.

“Does that feel good Max?” asked Maria rhetorically, her voice coming from behind him. “Being tied up…. and having her suck on your big cock?”

“Hmmmm,” submitted Max, breathing deeply.

As Susana took him deeper into her mouth, Maria started crackling a wrapper. She placed a block of chocolate on his lips, which he automatically accepted into his mouth. Just as Susana started gagging on his length, the chocolate melted smoothly and deliciously over his tongue.

“Relax and enjoy this heavenly experience,” Maria whispered as the softness of her large cleavage pressed into his hair through her top.

Max’s aching arms and ankles were now but a distant memory.

Maria proceeded to join Susana in kneeling in front of Max; his widely spread thights granted ample space for both of them. His manhood made a loud sloppy ‘pop’ sound as it finally exited Susana’s mouth. As Susana regained her breath, Maria immediately took the reins. She directed his shaft over to her side and proceeded to try to imitate Susana’s awesome technique.

This alternation between Susana and Maria was set to repeat over and over and over: as one grew tired, the other devoured, like a heavenly tag team operating at maximum efficiency. Max panted harder and harder and strained against his bindings. At each iteration of this most perfect blow job, his cock was redder, wetter, harder and more raw than ever before.

“Mmmm, mmmm,” Susana and Maria moaned, “Mmmmm, que grande, mmmm.”

Max was being dominated, but at the same time worshipped by these two women. And it felt simply sublime.

Finally, Susana skilfully managed to deep throat him. She immediately pulled off, gasping for air, and the intense sensation pushed Max close to the edge.

“Wait!” insisted Maria as she rushed to apply hard pressure right at the tip of his cock.

“We are only on the appetiser!”

A few minutes passed, and Max started to re-enter earths orbit. Maria’s grip had confused his brain and expertly prevented a premature explosion.

As his breathing slowed, Maria finally loosened her fingers and lifted his blindfold, tossing it to the floor. Max’s vision was at first blurry as the sweat cleared from his red eyes. Then the two ladies came into focus.

They were both sat on the floor in front of him, both a little dishevelled, and both with sexy smiles – their mouths still tasting of him. Maria was wearing a black boob tube and a flowery short skirt. Without a bra, the thin fabric of her top did little to conceal the outline of her large teardrop tits and hard nipples.

Why was it, Max pondered, that women with amazing breasts always wore black tops?

Susana had her hair tied back and wore no makeup. She looked sporty and toned. She wore a white strappy gym top, also with no bra. Her athletic breasts stretched the lycra fabric and her button nipples poked through, beautifully positioned. Her grey yoga pants naturally lead Max’s eyes from her sexy hips to the “V” between them, in the way that yoga pants perfectly control a man’s mind.

“Hi,” said Max coyly.

“Hola,” smiled Susana and Maria.

Maria stood up and jigolo gaziantep raised her arms to the ceiling. “Susana, can you help me?”

“Claro,” said Susana.

Susana took hold of the boob tube fabric from the bottom. She raised the material in a slow and teasing way, first showing under boob, and then catching the hem of the garment on Maria’s nipples. After a time, Maria’s nipples spring-released, sending her perfect breasts into full view with a bounce.

“Joder, Maria!” she said, “qué bonitas!”

Maria unzipped and lowered her skirt herself. In the rush to get changed earlier, she had not put panties on. As she stood up straight, her curvy Latina figure was displayed in all of its glory.

Max’s cock jumped as he admired her tits and pussy with neatly trimmed pubic hair. Women in England rarely had such amazing curves and such tanned skin.

Maria felt empowered and enjoyed a little but of exhibitionism in front of Susana too.

“Your turn,” she smiled, turning to Susana.

Susana approached Max, her yoga pants now visibly damp in the crotch. She turned around 180 degrees, giving him a prime view of her perfect ass and lovely toned thighs.

Max had often wondered if she wore underwear, given how beautifully the fabric always defined her buttocks. He was about to find out.

She peeled the yoga pants down slowly, bending forward in the process.

Oh. My. God. It was the hottest, peachiest ass he had ever seen. And, yes, of course, no panties.

Susana jiggled her buttocks playfully with her hands, teasing. Then, as she stretched to peel the pants all the way down to her toes her buttocks separated slightly granting a prime view of her button asshole and glistening shaved pussy.

Max could simply not believe that this pussy was not being regularly hammered by some lucky stud.

Susana stepped out of her pants. Then, still facing away from Max, she released the straps of her top, peeling it off her shoulders and sending it also to the floor. On turning back around, she displayed her full birthday suit to him.

“Wow,” said Maria.

Max was speechless, on another planet.

The temperature of the situation had just risen to boiling point. Both women approached Max, and started stroking his hair, arms, chest, thighs and cock. Teasing, teasing. Skin on skin, their distinctive scents filled his senses.

Maria kissed Max sensuously on the lips, and then Susana did the same.

Max felt a tugging at his hands as Maria released the lacy bras binding them. He felt a huge relief as the belt spreading his thighs wide was finally unbuckled and removed. Susana unbound his feet.

The ladies helped him up to stand and he glimpsed the silhouette of his erection on the wall in the moonlight.

“Hmmm,” purred Susana. “A nice ass as well,” she added as she squeezed and massaged his numb red buttocks.

Now in a total free-for-all, their hands and mouths smothered every part of his body. Max’s hands also enjoyed their new found freedoms as they cupped the weight of Maria’s full breasts and felt the firmness of Susana’s prize-winning ass.

Before things got too heavy, Maria took Susana’s hand and lead her to the double bed in the centre of the room.

“Now it’s our turn, big boy,” smiled Maria.

Both ladies lay side by side on their backs, across the width of the mattress. They hitched their legs up to their bare chests, and then spread them wide. Additionally each raised their arms to grip the opposite side of the mattress. Max was hypnotised by their femininity on full explicit display.

“What are you waiting for? Venga!” instructed Susana in a sexy tone.

The room now had a strong aroma of sweat and sex. Max gulped as he approached the bed to stand between them. Before the hard pussy poundings that they would both inevitably receive, he wanted to try an appetiser of his own. Turning his palms outwards he entered both of them simultaneously with the middle finger on each hand. They were soaking.

The ladies could see Max; his biceps and forearms tense, his chest toned as if he were lifting a bar weight. He proceeded to slowly massage their G-spots and put pressure on their pubic mounds with his palms. An initial silence was proceeded by murmurs, and then a growing chorus emerged.

“Hmmm — ohhhh — siiiii — hmmmm.”

Max thought of the window slightly ajar, and how these moans would percolate into the interior space of the block of flats that was used for hanging washing. How hot.

Susana began arching her back, as Maria began closing and opening her legs, gyrating her hips onto his finger. Then they both started gyrating. Max increased the speed and intensity.

“Hmmmmm — no para — oooooooh — ahhh por favor.”

Maria and Susana were drenched in their own physical pleasure as well as enjoying the pleasure filled sounds of the other. As Max’s movements started to rock the mattress, both ladies writhed with flushed faces, eyes closed, mouths open. Each still maintained their arms raised, gaziantep escort hands tightly clenching the opposite side of the mattress, tits in full view. The bed sheets became sopping wet as juices ran down between their legs uncontrollably.

From her moans, it became clear that Maria was going to break first. Max circled her G-spot one last time, masssaged her clit and then quickly removed his finger to see her squirt in pulses as her legs shook uncontrollably. Wow. He had never seen that response from fingering before.

Wasting no time, he then quickly turned all of his attention to Susana. Her enjoyment rocketed as her slick snatch was spread wider and pumelled by two of his fingers as he gently rubbed her clit with his thumb. It was not long before her juices ran thin and she succumbed to the same fate as Maria.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh,” she shuddered as the first orgasm rocketed through her body.

Letting the ladies calm down and bask in the oxytocin, Max went to grab a condom packet from the drawer in a frenzy. Desperately searching through the many empty packets of the last weeks, he eventually found a non-used one. However, as a cruel final barrier, the wrapper refused to tear in his slippery hands.

He quickly moved over to the bed and handed Maria the packet to open. Simultaneously he lightly tapped Susana on her side, signalling for her to roll over onto her front. Susana hazily opened her eyes, stood up and turned around. As if on an automatic sex-pilot, she bent over the bed, supporting her weight on her elbows, head down. She arched her back to put her peachy ass up in the air, ready for her next treatment.

After Maria had slowly unravelled the condom all the way down and made a good fit, Max got on his knees and parted Susana’s buttocks.

What a sight.

He buried his face, sampling her most intimate delights with abandon. His cheeks were enveloped by her tight peachy buttocks, his nose pressed into her asshole and his tongue quickly found her wet pussy lips. As he devoured, a sour and at the same time salty taste flooded his mouth: that unmistakeable taste of a wanting, ready pussy.

“Ahh — Ahhh — mmmmmmm,” moaned Susana, as she dropped her head down further, closed her eyes, and made her way back onto the orgasm rollercoaster.

It was only proper that her exquisite earlier efforts be repaid, Max concluded. He licked, probed, spread her buttocks wider and then licked deeper. He licked out both her ass and cunt in a joint frenzy, going between the two. He pulled back, admired the view, and then went back for more. Reaching out his arms to cup and feel Susana’s beautiful pert tits and nipples was the icing on an already very tasty cake.

Just as she was on the verge of coming again, Max stopped. He stood up and placed a stinging slap on her left buttock which wobbled in the characteristic way that only pert asses do. Now she was going to take it. Maria watched with wide eyed anticipation and a hand between her legs as Max took the base of his aching cock and slowly penetrated Susana all the way.

Susana emitted a guttural “Ahhhhhh,” as she scrunched her eyes shut and opened her mouth in ecstasy. That was the exact physical sensation she had been craving during the last few months of single life.

Holding her hips, Max slowly started gyrating backwards and forwards in a smooth motion, pulling nearly all the way out, and then pushing all the way back in until his pubic bone hit the space between her pussy and ass. He was in pure fantasy land. His movements quickened and a veritable “slap, slap, slap,” sound soon filled the room as Susana began to be fucked hard.

“Don’t resist, disfruta todo,” Maria said softly, secretly wishing it was her.

Susana writhed, moaned and screwed her face harder while Max grunted, sweated and swore.

With a naughty look on her face, Maria directed Max’s attention to the long standing mirror at the side of the bed. The reflection revealed the silhouette of Susanna’s round ass and Max’s muscular buttocks and thighs working hard as he penetrated her over and over.

Maria took out her glowing iPhone and fumbled to the camera app to video the mirror reflection. It would be a perfect momento to privately revisit on future occasions we she was horny. And, as it happened, she had started the recording at the perfect time: after 20 seconds, Max rapidly pulled out and Susana’s legs transformed to quivering jelly as she squirted heavily all over the wooden floor.

Maria tossed her phone onto the bed and quickly grabbed the tip of Max’s erection again, keen to avert him finishing at the sight of Susana’s obvious enjoyment.

Susana slumped on her front over the bed, panting, face in the sheets, skin hot, hair sweaty and knotted, pussy sore but satisfied.

After a minute of applying hard pressure, Maria released Max and then unwrapped and fitted a brand new condom.

“Now, the same please,” she instructed in a sexy voice as she lay on her back. She had kept her engine running since her first orgasm, and was now more than ready for the crescendo.

In just a short time, the bed frame was again banging regularly on the floor and heavy breathless moans filled the air. Maria’s head stretched up and back, her face flushed red. The pounding she was receiving caused her huge perfect breasts to oscillate up and down as her hard nipples circled in opposing directions.

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