A Rainy Day in Miami


I was in Miami overseeing the steel work on a new building. We were pretty much ahead of schedule, which was great, since I got early and on time bonuses, so the thunder storms that day were not welcomed. I called the foreman and shut down the job ’til Monday, did some paperwork, sent some emails, and had nothing else to do for the day. The worst part was that my hotel was only a couple of miles from the famous “South Beach” but I was certain that there was nothing to see out there on a day like this.

It was too early for lunch, about 10:30, and I wasn’t really hungry anyway. I went down to the front desk and asked the clerk for suggestions. He recommended a few bars, one of which was about three doors down. He said they wouldn’t be busy but had a good pool table if that was of interest. I like pool and don’t get very many chances to play so I went for it. The rain had subsided a bit but I could still feel the wind and hear the thunder rolling as I walked the half block.

As I approached the door I saw a woman coming toward me. She was carrying an umbrella and struggling with the wind and I couldn’t see her face. What I could see, though, was a magnificent body. She wore one of those clingy knit cotton dresses that women use as cover-ups at the beach or pool. They cover everything but hide nothing. From ten feet away I could see the outline of areola and nipples. The wind was blowing toward her and I could even detect the presence of a very pronounced bush and labia despite the long slit up the right side.

In addition to fighting the umbrella she was carrying two bags that both appeared to be pretty heavy. We met at the door as she was trying to open it while still holding the bags.

“May I help?” I asked. “Please just handle this damned umbrella” was her reply. I took it from her and held it over her head as I pulled the door open. She had silky raven black hair that fell below her shoulders and the whitest skin I had ever seen, especially in this “land of tan”. I guessed 35 years old. She thanked me and asked if I would put the umbrella in the stand, which I did. As I watched her walk away I saw the outline of her perfect ass through the dress. I followed her to the bar. She went behind it and gave one bag to the Bostancı Escort bartender.

“Pedro, here’s some fruit. The regular delivery should be here at one. And this gentleman, who was kind enough to help me, is drinking on me. Oh, and I think your job was just saved.”

Pedro looked at me and shrugged, took my order, and fixed me a Bloody-Mary. The raven haired beauty had disappeared in the back so I tipped Pedro, asked for some quarters, and racked up.

The place was empty but classy. Real wood

wainscoting, impeccably clean, with what looked to be comfortable seating and standing. I broke softly and began playing a game of rotation. It’s a good way to practice.

On the second rack I heard her behind me as I banked the one ball, followed by the two.

“Nice”, she said. I asked her if she played and she replied with an old joke. “Oh I play all right and sometimes even shoot pool!” I asked if she cared to join me in a game and she just smiled and said “I’m enjoying this. I like watching a man with a long smooth stroke and good ball control; especially if he has a cute ass.”

I thanked her for the compliment and told her how nice her ass looked, as well as the rest of her. I sat down next to her and she turned to face me with her calf rubbing on mine. “Are you the manager? I was told this place was pretty busy.”

“I’m the owner and yes it’ll get busy later. At 3:30 the nurses from the hospital down the street get off and come in. After them it’s the admins from the insurance company, and then the legal secretaries and clerical staff from the big law office. Men start to trickle in at about 4:00 and the hunt is on. By 9:00 everybody who will hook up probably has. There are a few hangers on and a group of guys who just come in to watch the action and shoot pool. Last call is at 9:45 and the doors close at 10:00. It’s been that way for thirty years.”

“How long have you owned it? And It doesn’t sound like you have too much opportunity for fun.”

“Thirty years; and I take my pleasure when and where I find it.”

“It’s my turn. What do you do for a living?”

I gave her a card that said I was the ‘Engineer in Charge of Erections’. She smiled at the joke.

“Were Ümraniye Escort you five when you bought it?” I asked.

“Actually, I inherited it from my mother when I was thirty. Yes, I’m sixty years old.” My astonishment was very apparent so she continued, “My mother kept her figure until the day she died at 65. I work harder at it then she did and I avoid the sun whenever possible so that I don’t get her wrinkles. I eat mostly vegetables and fruit with the occasional portion of animal protein.”

“My day starts at 6:00. I get up and work in my roof-top garden. (I just live upstairs.) At 7:00, Anna, my personal trainer shows up and we spend 45 minutes or so doing a pretty severe workout. She usually gives me a 15 minute rub-down at the end.”

“Today’s rubdown lasted a lot longer because she got pretty frisky. And then I, or we, shower and eat breakfast. I’m usually down here by 9:00. Pedro comes in and we do inventory, stocking, and ordering. I go to the bank, come back, do some more work, and I’m ready to go back upstairs until 3:15. Because of Anna’s antics, and my own, I was a little late today.”

“So you’re…?”

She interrupted me with, “I told you, ‘I take pleasure when and where I find it.’ Would you like to come upstairs and see where I play?”

I did, of course. I followed her behind the bar, through a hidden door, and up a staircase. Pedro gave me a grin and a ‘thumbs up’. When we were near the top, she stopped and moved back down one step, leaning against my body. I instinctively reached up with my left hand and fondled her left tit while my right found the slit of her dress and worked its way up to rake my fingers up and down her clit. She had a full bush of soft silky fur. Her murmurs showed her pleasure.

She cooed, “Remember I told you that this morning Anna and I had gotten ‘frisky’? When I went down on her I could tell she had been fucked this morning. I could taste some of that ‘animal protein’. I licked and sucked out all that I could but was definitely hungry for more.”

“I didn’t know where to find it on short notice. I thought maybe the bank manager was an option but he was off today. On the way back to the bar I even thought about doing Pedro, Anadolu Yakası Escort even though I knew I’d have fire him afterwards. Then I met you at the door and made a vow that by noon I would have your cock in my mouth or down my throat. We have 1 minute.”

We went into her apartment and she was immediately on her knees. I unzipped for her and dropped my pants and boxers. She looked at my cock with relish and took it in all the way. A mantle clock began to chime. She stopped and gave me a hand to help her up. I did so and pulled her dress off. Just as I thought, she had a beautiful body. Her bush was full and jet black. Her areola and nipples were a deep purple.

“The rest of the body may look younger but the knees are definitely sixty. Let’s find a more comfortable spot.” She led me into the bedroom, pushed me down, and knelt on the bed between my knees. She proceeded to give me the absolute best blow job I’ve ever had.

As the clock chimed 1:00 I blew in her mouth and she sucked out every drop, swirled it around, and gulped it down.

I told her how good she was and she made some comment about my good tasting “animal protein”. I kissed her hard, turned her around, and went down on her. I’d never eaten a sixty year old pussy before but I’d never eaten one as sweet and responsive either. Her ass was responsive too and she seemed to really enjoy being rimmed. By the time the clock chimed 2:00 I had made her cum three times. All were good and strong, with her whole pelvis coming a good foot off the bed.

“Fuck me fast and hard. I want another two.” I was hard again and eager to comply. I plunged in and it really didn’t take long before she came. I pushed a bit more and we came together. When the clock chimed the half hour she was down, licking me clean and sucking me dry. I went down on her again and tweaked her magnificent nipples while I plunged my tongue in as far as possible. She came hard again and I licked and sucked all our mixed juices from her cunt. Then I kissed her, letting the juices flow into her mouth. Her amazing tongue searched out every part of my mouth gathering it all.

“I need a shower and a change of clothes.” She said. “Will you join me?” I gave her a quick standing fuck in the shower, wishing she didn’t have to go back to work. As we got dressed she reached over and held my balls gently in her hand.

“I assume you’ll spend the night?” I eagerly nodded my assent. “If there’s anything left in those by morning, I’ll gladly share it with Anna at 7:00.”

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