A Reunion

Aria Rae

Zach Schwartz got lucky. At the age of 22, right out of film school he got his screenplay picked up. Zach was given a 100,000 dollar advance and stood to make more money once the movie was released. Zach decided to move to L.A., surely this would be only the first of many movies he would write, direct of even star in. Zach was a good looking young man he had the whole world at his finger-tips.

Upon arrival in L.A. Zach’s luck continued as he met Valarie Mays, who was the most attractive women he had ever seen much less dated. Valarie was an aspiring actress and took a keen interest in Zach once she found he had a screenplay in the works and a 100,000 dollar advance. Valarie had dark brown hair nicely tanned skin, she had big brown eyes that could convince any man of just about anything. Valarie had medium sized tits, but it was her ass that really was her top bodily feature, it was much like Jennifer Lopez’s ass in shape and size. Valarie liked to complain about how her ass was “too big.” Valarie knew that her ass was what made her stand out and what made her popular among so many men.

The relationship became more serious very quickly and soon enough Valarie had moved into Zach’s apartment. Once Valarie started living with Zach she started spending his money to pay off her own large credit card debts and to finance a new car. Valarie had extremely expensive tastes.

At the beginning of the relationship sex was frequent, but over time Valarie started to become disinterested in sex. Zach started to become insecure and constantly worried that Vararie would leave him. Valarie exploited this scenario to her benefit as she accepted many expensive gifts from Zach. She used sex as a reward to keep Zach at her beck and call.

Zach’s luck changed when the a-list star of the screenplay of the movie he wrote dropped out and the project was cancelled. Zach’s 100,000 dollars was nearly spent in less than a year and he had not written anymore screenplays. Two days after he told Valarie that his movie was canceled Valarie left him for a movie producer.

For the next few years Zach worked has a waiter as he began writing another screenplay, while he saw Valarie play bit parts in various movies and sitcoms. Zach realized he had been used and that all Valarie wanted him for was his money and his potential fame. Although Zach was crushed he made peace with the situation and moved on.

Five years had passed before Zach sold another screenplay and the movie became a sleeper hit. Zach sold another screenplay and helped edit many others. By the time Zach was 28 he developed good reputation for quality work. Zach was grateful for his success, but he always wanted to do more than just write for movies. Zach was able to use his personal finances to fund an independent movie, that he both starred and directed. It took two years to film and almost ruined him financially but Zach’s movie was released to wide-spread critical acclaim and was a hit, Zach’s movie was even nominated for some awards.

By the time Zach was 32 he had released four more movies, two of which he starred in, all of which he directed and wrote. One of those movies made 500,000,000 dollars world-wide and made Zach one of poker oyna the biggest a-list stars in Hollywood. He was even named one of the “sexiest men alive”

Valarie was a distant memory, Zach had slept with many women and dated actresses. Zach had barely any time for a real relationship and at the moment did not really want one. He was living a life-long dream.

After directing a movie in Africa, Zach was exhausted, after doing all the necessary interviews and press for the movie Zach needed a good amount of time to himself at his home(which was a large Hollywood mansion.) Upon arrival Zach got the run down from his personal secretary of all the phone calls he had received(he had a business contact that was given out to people, his personal cell-phone was off limits to everyone except personal friends.) The usual list of movie people came up, but then Valarie Mays name came up about five times. Zach had nearly forgotten about Valarie up until this point, but the fact that she tried to get a hold of him brought the memories back.

Zach could have a long list of women, but Valarie kept him up at night. Zach remembered how he was treated by Valarie, he remembered her luscious lips and her killer ass. Many of the women Zach had slept with after Valarie left were models and were more conventionally attractive than Valarie, but Valarie had a certain appeal. Valarie had kept such a distance sexually, there was never anything adventurous about the sex and looking back at it Valarie never truly had any interest in Zach, but now she did. Zach had to see this through.

The next day Zach called a very clearly smitten Valarie and arranged a date at a fine dinning establishment. It was interesting to meet Valarie again, the girl he was once completely enamored by who had seemed so out of his league a decade earlier, was even more attractive than before yet she was clearly desperate. She didn’t talk about her acting career, but it was clearly not doing very well. Zach suspected she had again run up a lot of credit card debt and was very close to being forced to wait tables.

As the two got into the Limo on the way back, Valarie attempted to unzip Zach’s pants. Zach pulled her hand away and told the Limo driver to take Valarie back to her apartment. The rejected Valarie left the Limo with her head down. Zach felt good leaving Valarie high and dry and he planned on not seeing Valarie again.

Still Zach couldn’t stop thinking about his former flame, he obsessed over her, although he tried to make himself believe that he wasn’t. Eventually Zach asked his secretary to pay no expense in researching Valarie’s history since he had last seen her.

Zach received a very well vetted report from his secretary three days later. Apparently the producer that she left Zach for got her a good deal of minor roles in sitcoms and movies, but her career never took off. Eventually the producer’s wife filed for divorce as Valarie’s name was mentioned numerous times in the divorce proceedings. The producer’s career took a nose-dive after the divorce and Valarie’s acting roles dried up.

Valarie must have gone into some hard times, because her name didn’t come up again until she was arrested for credit canlı poker oyna card fraud and cocaine possession. Valarie spent a little over two years in prison. After her prison term was over Valarie worked for a company named “bright water services” which through careful investigation turned out to be a very high end escort service.

Zach felt sorry for Valerie, clearly through her own fault she had ruined her acting career, the only possible way for her to salvage it would be to form a relationship with him. Zach remembered how driven by material goods and fame Valarie was. At 32 Valarie was still young enough and beautiful enough to make it in Hollywood, Zach was her last chance.

Zach made a call to Valarie the next day, asking her to go on another date. Valarie could barely contain her joy. That night Valarie was stunningly dressed. Zach purposefully talked about all the important people he knew and how much power he had in Hollywood. Zach watched Valarie swoon.

Going back to Zach’s mansion, Valarie who had consumed a lot of wine at dinner whispered in Zach’s ear about how much more “open-minded” she was now and how much she missed Zack’s “large cock.”

The Butler Jim opened the door and let both Zach and Valarie in.

“Jim could you turn on the lights and bring my chair recliner in the room and put it over there by the stairs”

The butler quickly turned on the lights and dragged a large red chair into the center of the open lobby.

“Would you like me to leave sir?” said the Butler.

Zach gave the butler a tip and the butler left for his quarters. Zach held Valarie’s hand and sat down in the chair. Valarie got on top of Zach and started to kiss him on the lips. Zach pushed her away and said,

“You have to remember the way you treated me, ten years ago.” Valarie bit her bottom lip and tried to unbutton Zach’s pants, she said, “I was a bad girl, do you want to spank me?”

Zach brushed her hand away from his pants and told Valarie to get undressed. Without hesitation Valarie got up and started stripping, she took off her dress and started slowly taking off her bra and panties. Valarie undressed in the most conventionally sexy way she could, Zach became errect. She stood before Zach with only her underwear on.

Valarie unclasped her bra and then slowly slid out of her underwear. Valarie was standing in front of Zach completely naked except her high heel shoes. Zach told Valarie to take off her shoes too. Valarie stepped out of her shoes, her bare feet pressed onto the cold marble floor. Valarie slowly walked towards Zach and draped herself over his lap. “Spank me, I’ve been so bad.” said Valarie in a sultry voice.

“I want you to stand up and walk twenty feet away from me and face your back towards me. Your going to get spanked, but not by me. Your going to spank yourself. I want you to apologize for something you’ve done then I want you to spank yourself hard with your open palm five times.”

Valarie looking slightly shocked got herself up off Zach’s she looked him in the eyes and said “I’ll do whatever you want.” Zach watched as Valarie sexily walked twenty feet away with her back facing him.”

“I am sorry I treated internet casino you badly.” said Valarie quietly.

“Be more specific and say it louder” Zach replied.

“I’m sorry I spent your money Zach.” Valarie said louder and then she started slaping her right butt cheek.”SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

“Good, just a little harder next time.”

Valarie hesitated, “I am sorry I only had sex with you when I wanted something.” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

Zach could see Valaries Right ass cheek getting red. “After the next one move onto the left cheek okay.” Zach yelled.

“I am sorry I cheated on you.” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP!

“I didn’t know you cheated on me.” Zach said with a smile on his face, “Tell me something else I don’t know.” Valarie held her head down, clearly losing her composure. Valarie was humiliated.

After a long pause Valarie said, “I’m sorry I stole your credit card” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP

Zach remembered now that right after Valarie left him his credit card was missing, 500 dollars was charged to it before he got it voided. It was the last 500 dollars he had, he had to beg his parents for money after that. “Okay last one.”

“I don’t know anything else!” cried Valarie

“I know there is more” said John

Valarie quickly stated “I am sorry I fucked a casting agent for a role while I was with you!” SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.

Now both Valarie’s ass cheeks were red. Zach pulled out his fully erect 8 inch cock from his pants. He was still wearing a suit with only the shaft of hick cock exposed, this was a stark contrast to the completely nude Valarie.

“Crawl over to me on all fours and suck my cock.”

Valarie got onto her hands and knees and swiped her hair to the side then began to crawl towards Zach slowly in s sultry manner, like a large predatory cat. When Valarie finally reached Zach she started slowly sucking his cock with dramatic lustful eye-contact, simultaneously moaning with Zach’s large erect cock him her mouth.

Zach clutched her hair and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, after he let go she was sucking at a much faster rate. Valarie’s saliva mixed with her head bobbing created the unmistakable sound of a sloppy blowjob.

Zach instructed Valarie to shake her ass up and down while giving him head, she did just that. As Zach watched Valarie’s ass jiggle as she sucked him off, he could felt himself ready to explode.

Zach stood up and looked down on Valarie still sucking his cock and still shaking her ass. Valarie was looking up at him with her big pleading brown eyes. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and almost immediately surprised her with a massive facial. First the cum hit her left eye, then her forehead, then her nose. At first Valarie looked disgusted, with one eye closed and a wrinkled nose. Soon Valarie was looking up at him smiling, her face dripping with cum.

Zach handed Valarie a towel and Valarie wiped herself up and started to get dressed. Zach buzzed his driver to give Valarie a ride home. “I loved that.” Valarie said with still a small dab of cum in her hair, her make up running and her hair slightly disheveled. Zach nodded his head, as Valarie studied his face to look for approval. As Valarie started to slowly walk out the door Zach just sat back down in the chair. The last thing Valarie said was “I hope we see each other soon.” Zach sat on his chair satisfied.

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