A Ride in the Country


The midnight shift from hell was almost over. Eight hours ago, the sergeant handed me a set of keys for my police cruiser and I was off, into the night to protect and serve. My partner on this shift was my old friend Rick Flashington, or Flash as everyone called him. We rode in separate cars but we were both sent on every call. This particular shift was a busy one for Flash and me. Between us we had a couple of auto accidents, a drunk driver arrest, a recovered stolen car and a vehicle that had run out of gas in the left lane of the state highway. All that took place before 4:00 am and when were finally finished, I met Flash at the diner for breakfast.

Flash is one of those very fortunate guys who never seems to age. He looked exactly the same to me as the night we were both sworn in thirteen years earlier. He was nearly forty but Flash looked 23. He was six feet tall and weighed about 170 pounds. He had blue eyes, sandy colored hair, a ready smile and had a definite way with the ladies, though I always thought his lines were among the lamest I had ever heard. Nevertheless, Flash never wanted for female companionship.

I ordered an omelet; Flash chose the pancakes. While we were waiting for our order to arrive, we made small talk. After work, I planned to take a ride out into the country to check out an enormous piece of property that an old friend was about to develop. It was in an area of the state that business and industry had discovered recently as corporate friendly, attracting a dozen or so major corporations, who built major facilities in the area. The problem that was created was one of housing. Thousands of new corporate employees’ jobs were moving into an area that had almost no affordable housing for them. My friend, Jack Winker, was the head of a development company that intended to cure that problem for the corporate employees. His firm owned thousands of acres of property that would become a city unto itself within ten years, if Jack had his way. Jack asked me to join the sales staff and sell condos, town homes and single family dwellings for him. I was certainly interested as there was the opportunity to triple my income. My intention was to go to the site and do a little preliminary checking of the area.

I mentioned my plans to Flash and asked him if he’d like to take a ride with me. I didn’t expect to be gone more than a couple of hours. The property was in the north end of the county, perhaps twenty minutes away. Flash said he had a date but he would bring her along. We agreed to meet a half hour after shift change in the police department parking lot. I had no idea who Flash’s “date” was and didn’t ask. He always had something going. We finished our breakfast and ordered a couple of coffees to go. The rest of the shift was pretty uneventful, considering the pace at the beginning. I had one more minor auto accident to investigate, but that was it. I met Flash at the gas pump and reaffirmed the plan to meet in a half hour behind headquarters.

I changed into jeans and a madras sport shirt in the locker room. I wore my off-duty weapon in an ankle holster so I didn’t have to wear a jacket all the time to conceal it. But, it was early on a spring day, so I wore a light weight jacket as I left the building. I had a half hour to kill, so I decided I would take a ride down to the Pantry, a favored local deli, and have another cup of coffee before returning to meet Flash. The Pantry was usually mobbed at lunch time, but at this time of day, there were only a few customers. I always went in the back door, directly into the kitchen, where there was a flurry of activity in preparation for the day’s activity. Even though it was Sunday, the Pantry would likely do a land-office business.

I had been patronizing the Pantry for many years. The food was good and the prices reasonable. The owners and staff were always very pleasant and happy to have the business of the local cops. One of them in particular always interested me. Her name was Carla. She was in her mid-30’s, never married and appeared to be devoted to her kitchen job at the Pantry. Carla was the tidiest person I ever knew. She would wear a wool tweed business suit to work in the kitchen and never spilled a drop of anything on herself. I would see her mixing gallons of macaroni salad with her hands and she never wound up wearing a drop of it. Carla was as sweet a person as one could imagine. She was trim and shapely, though not blessed with a beautiful face. Nevertheless, she was always smiling and friendly. On this particular Sunday morning, she was off and I figured she was home doing the crossword puzzle in the New York Times. I poker oyna drank my coffee, ate a jelly donut and discussed sports with the owner’s son, Benny, until it was time to meet Flash.

I pulled into a parking place and waited about five minutes until I saw Flash pulling into the lot. I could see that he had somebody with him, but couldn’t recognize her from a distance. To my great surprise, when he pulled his car into the spot next to mine, I realized that Flash’s date was Carla from the Pantry! Flash was always full of surprises.

I had always known Carla to be Miss Prim and Proper, whereas Flash was a horn dog of the first order. Something did not compute. Anyway, we piled into my car and headed down the road. Flash and Carla sat in the back seat, leaving the front passenger seat empty. Flash had his arm around her as we drove the fourteen miles to the site. Carla sat there beaming.

“So, how long have you two been seeing each other?”

“A couple of months now,” Flash answered. “But, we’ve been discrete about it.”

“I’ll say, I had no clue.”

Flash shocked me when he said, “Carla sure does make my dick hard. She knows how to take care of a man.”

Carla blushed and pretended to swat Flash with her purse. “Flash, don’t go telling all our secrets.”

“Well, baby, you know it’s true. My cock is hard right now and it sure wasn’t Curt who made it that way.”

“I guess the secret is out now. Curt, you are sworn to secrecy about anything you may see or hear today,” Carla implored.

“Your secret is safe with me, Carla.”

I continued to drive over the hilly roads that would take us where we were going. I heard Flash and Carla laughing and giggling in the back seat like a couple of teenagers on a first date. From what I could hear, Flash was trying to talk Carla into taking his cock out and giving him a handjob as we drove. Carla resisted, but the tone in her voice suggested she was actually putting up little resistance. The issue did not appear to be whether his cock was coming out, but, rather, who was going to take it out. As I watched in the rearview mirror, I saw Flash undo his belt and unzip his pants. Then, he reached in and pulled out his stiff cock, which Carla immediately took in her hand. She noticed me watching in the mirror.

“Curt, no fair peaking!”, she admonished me. But, I simply could not stop watching as she stroked his cock expertly. Flash had leaned back in the seat almost diagonally to the configuration of the seat. He closed his eyes after winking at me, relaxed and let Carla pleasure his rather massive cock. She pulled his trousers down to his knees to gain access to his balls, which she teased lightly with her left hand as she stroked his cock with her right.

I continued to look in the mirror to enjoy this very unexpected show. “Looks like you two are having fun,” I said with a chuckle. “Just be sure you don’t make a mess on my car seat.”

Flash replied by saying, “Don’t worry, Curt, Carla uses her tongue as a cum catcher. And she never lets a drop spill.”

The Carla piped in with a promise to keep everything neat and tidy. I had every confidence in her.

As we drove on a single lane road we passed roadside farm stores and stands as well as open fields with cows grazing. We were about halfway there and Old Flash was still enjoying his handjob and Carla administered to him while staring directly at her creation. She seemed almost transfixed with what she was doing. Pre cum was pouring out of Flash’s cock and she never broke her rhythm as she removed it with her thumb before rubbing the clear lubricant into that most sensitive part of him, just under the head of his cock.

Flash was no where near cumming, despite the obvious pleasure that he wore on his face. I decided to see if I could get the ball rolling a bit faster.

“Carla, looks like Flash is ready to have you suck him off. How ‘bout giving the poor guy a blow job?”

“I think you’re peaking again, Curt. But I also think you are right. He does seem to need a bit of moist stimulation. Now, keep your eyes on the road and let me take care of Flash.”

We were driving through the sleepy little village of Shupesville, when I saw Carla bend down and take Flash’s cock in her mouth. His cock was both long and thick but she handled her task with ease. She bobbed up and down on him and when she felt him getting near an orgasm, she took her mouth off his cock and took one of his balls gently into it, while continuing to stroke his cock with her left hand. I had known this girl for over ten years and never once did I think of her as anything but a goody canlı poker oyna two-shoes. To see that she was an expert in cockology was a very pleasant surprise to me.

“Curt,” Flash called from the back seat. “How about taking a little side trip out to the viewpoint on the Interstate where Carla and I can go into the woods to finish this job?”

The viewpoint was an exit off the Interstate highway which ran parallel to the country road we were on. To get there I had to drive about four miles north from where we were and get on the highway. The viewpoint was just a mile or so west. The roadway to the viewpoint was like a long, winding driveway leading to a parking lot capable of holding fifty cars. There were picnic tables and pay-per-view binoculars similar to those at the top of the Empire State Building. The view out to the western valley below was pleasant, if not spectacular. On a clear day, you could see perhaps ten miles. This was one of those days. On the right side of the parking area, there was a bit of a hill leading to a wooded area. Flash had somehow managed to cram his cock back in his pants and he got out of the car and assisted Carla as she followed him. He winked at me again and began to walk up the hill with her following close behind.

I sat in the car, quite comfortably reading the morning newspaper, while drinking my final cup of coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. I carried my police walkie-talkie 24 hours a day and while I was perusing last night’s ball scores, I got a call from headquarters. The sergeant was looking for Flash. He had some kind of domestic emergency and needed to call home right away. I told the Sarge that Flash was not with me, but I expected to see him shortly and would relay the message.

Flash had been in the woods with Carla for 15-20 minutes and the call sounded urgent, so I walked up the hill looking for them. I got to the top and straight ahead of me, perhaps fifty feet in the distance was Flash and Carla. Carla was seated on a tree stump, fully dressed, and Flash stood directly in front of her with his pants at his ankles. Carla was sucking his cock and working it with her hand simultaneously. I have to admit, the sight was relatively exciting and I watched her do her thing for a couple of minutes. I was hidden from view by a bush but eventually I had to find a way to get Flash’s attention.

“Pssst, Flash” I almost whispered to no response from Flash, who was understandably pre-occupied at the moment.

I finally decided I had to make my presence known and risk embarrassing poor Carla. I came out from behind the bush, into the clearing where they were cavorting. This time I called out to Flash, who waved in acknowledgement, while Carla just kept on sucking. I walked toward them and eventually got to where I was standing no more than two feet from Flash. I gave him the message I had received for him and he looked concerned as he took his cock out of Carla’s cock hungry mouth. He pulled up his pants and again crammed his huge hardon into them.

“I got to go take this radio call, darlin’. While I’m gone, why don’t you take care of my buddy here?”

I was stunned. Flash hustled back to the car to resolve his other problem, leaving me alone with Carla, who continued sitting on the tree stump.

“Carla, you certainly don’t have to give me a blow job, just because Flash suggested it.” I felt kind of bad that Flash had put her in that position and wanted to give her an out.

“Curt, I know I don’t have to blow you but, I don’t know whether you know this or not, but I have wanted to ever since the first time you came into the deli over ten years ago. So, if you are willing, I’d love to suck you off.”

“I have to admit I am surprised. I never knew you were interested.”

“When we first met, we were little more than kids and, frankly, I was a prude. I never met guys and never had a boyfriend. I’d go home and masturbate with my vibrator. You were in those fantasies pretty often. About three years ago I decided I was going to have some fun and began to be more aggressive with men. That’s how I met Flash. Now, why don’t we get you satisfied before Flash comes back. Drop your pants and let me have that cock of yours.”

I dropped my jeans and boxers and stood before her just as Flash had just minutes ago. She grabbed my semi-hard cock and admired it as she stroked and fondled me to a full erection.

“I always knew you would have a beautiful cock. Now step a bit closer and let mama do all the work. Whenever you are ready, just let go in my mouth. I love the taste of cum and the feel of a cock exploding in my mouth.”

The internet casino tree stump was the perfect height as my cock and Carla’s mouth were perfectly lined up. She worked the head of my cock with her tongue for several minutes, without taking the full length into her mouth. She was almost able to make her tongue vibrate as she took more and more of me into her mouth. She looked me in the eye as she sucked and stroked, much the same as she was doing to Flash when I hid behind the Bush. I reached into her blouse and fondled one of her smallish tits, playing with the nipple until it was erect. Then, that pleasurable point of no return arrived. Carla had developed a rhythm that ascended bit by bit until it was no longer possible to fend off the oncoming orgasm. Her soft, pink tongue ravaged the underside of my cock. Release was moments away. I looked down and saw her looking me in the eye, almost as if to say; “C’mon big boy, give me all you’ve got.”

And, I did. My orgasm came in waves, very powerful waves that rocked me to my core. Spasm followed spasm as I shot a tremendous load of semen into Carla’s waiting mouth. She never stopped sucking until the final shot had been fired. Then she slowly began to slow the pace of her sucking until, finally, she just stopped sucking altogether and just held my now deflated cock in her mouth. I looked to my right and saw Flash in the bushes enjoying the show. Carla finally released my dick and she gave it a couple more pulls to extract the final bit of cum from it, whereupon she licked it off and kissed my cock good-bye. I thanked her for one of the better blow jobs of my life and was pulling my jeans up when Flash returned to the clearing. He was sporting that toothy grin of his and had apparently taken his cock out again while he was watching Carla blow me. He was stroking it casually as he walked up to us.

“How was your blow job, Curt?”

“It was great, Flash. Carla is quite a good cock sucker.”

“I loved doing it, Curt. As I told you, I have wanted to do it to you for years. I’m glad I finally had the opportunity. Your cock is a beauty and your juice is sweet. Now, Flash, it looks like you are ready to be finished off, if I am any judge of hardons.”

I figured I would be in the way so I announced my intention to return to the car to await them.

“No, no, Curt. You have to stay. Flash promised to give me a facial today. I’ll bet you would enjoy watching.”

“You okay with that, Flash?”

“Sure, stick around, this will be fun.”

Flash resumed his earlier position, standing in front of Carla, who remained seated on the tree stump. She had gone into her purse and retrieved a couple of paper towels, just in case there was unexpected spillage. Carla was always tidy, no matter what she was doing. She took a moment to remove her blouse and bra and folded them neatly, placing them on the ground out of the range of fire.

I found a vantage point just a few feet away on another tree stump. Carla went right to work as soon as everyone was situated. This girl may have gotten off to a slow start in life, sexually speaking, but was making a real run for it as she approached middle age. She took Flash’s cock in her mouth and quickly got him near the edge of ecstasy. I remained incredulous that this girl that I had known as prude for all those years was now half naked and giving my friend a blow job in the woods while I watched.

Carla brought Flash to that same point of no return that I experienced just moments earlier. Flash grunted and Carla correctly saw that as the moment of his climax. She removed his cock from her mouth and continued wanking it until he shot his first part of the load in her direction. Carla aimed his cock at her face, but the first shot missed and hit her in the throat. She re-adjusted the cock and took the second blast right between her eyes. The third hit her in the nose. Then she lowered his cock and allowed him to finish up by coming all over her tits and abdomen. When she was done, Carla had a face full of cum, dripping ever downward. She took some of it on her finger and licked it off. Ultimately she wiped the remainder off her face with the paper towels while rubbing in the cream that had collected on her body, mostly on her tits and brown little nipples.

This was quite a sight and even though I had cum myself not fifteen minutes earlier, my cock got hard again, just watching the two of them. Flash pulled up his pants for the final time and turned to face me, grinning as always. Carla got up from the stump and fetched her clothes and got dressed and the three of us began heading down the hill again to the car.

Flash had to return home to take care of the problem that awaited him there, so we never did get to see the property on that day. But, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the ride in the country with my partner and Carla.

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