A rising star.


A rising star…. The three black thugs used my white bubble butt in turn. Each ramming their huge black meat deep inside. I had to use all my experience to make sure they got their money’s worth. They took me hard, and my ass muscles worked overtime. Milking them dry. One after the other could not withstand my ass for long though. Filling their XXL condoms with loads of spunk …Let me tell you how it came about that I was on a call-out with the 3 black thugs. It all started a couple of weeks earlier after Cliff and Tony had used Robby and me in ‘The Three Brothers’. I got a phone call from Robby. He asked me if I did escort work yet. I hadn’t given it much thought. My programming work had kept me very busy on the teamster’s website. Robby told me he wanted to give his boyfriend an escort surprise on his birthday. And he thought that a tough leather guy like me would be the perfect gift for his ass. He did not dare to go to a website and book someone from there. He’d rather contact someone familiar. And I was the first thing that came to mind, told Robby.”What do you think Erik-Jan would like?”, I asked intrigued. “Is he into kinky, vanilla or rough sex?”.Robby’s answer was clear as mud. “He likes a bit of everything… I guess… If it was up to me I’d like you to do him as a hardcore leather master. Yet fuck him very gently at first.”I had to laugh. “Sorry,… that was very unprofessional of me… But by the sound of it, this is more for you than for him… Isn’t it Robby?”.Robby now laughed too. “Yeah,… I guess I would love to join in at some point… What do you think? What will this cost me?”, he asked.I named my starting price and the price for every hour extra. Robby gasped but quickly agreed to book me for 2 full hours anyway. We discussed the location and the setup. I was to grab EJ in the dungeon of ‘The Three Brothers’. Where Robby would lure him too for his birthday. Tying him up and ripping his street clothes off. Dressing him up in some kinky leather gear and teasing him before plowing his ass. Robby would join the fuck fest at a later point without EJ knowing it was him. The instructions were very elaborate, but I could see how this could work.Tony had overheard my phone call with Robby. “No way you’re doing that! You are selling your services way to cheap Peety!”, he warned sternly. “Mhmm, now Tony dearest you have to understand 3 things!…”, I told him annoyed at his unhelpful comment. “1. this was a private call with a personal friend. 2. I am still finding out if I would even like doing stuff like that. And 3. it’s none of your fucking business what I charge for this. Now, is it? And it’s not like I have your level of experience or expertise being a whore!”, I answered angrily.That had ruined the mood properly. Not awaiting Tony’s reply, I got up and left for a walk around the grounds. I wanted to find a quiet spot to think things over. But what I found was the gardener. The black stud was working half-naked behind the pool house of Tony’s mansion. What he lacked in body length, he made more than up for with muscle tone. Wearing not much more than a pair of ripped jeans, work boots, and leather gloves. On his head, he wore a baseball cap and huge headphones. Dancing more then he was weeding the flower beds. He was very graceful in his lusty moves. Every now and then grabbing his crotch, and shouting “Oh-Yeah!”, in time with the song.I had stood there watching him a while before he noticed me. Smiling from ear-to-ear he greeted me. He gestured for me to come closer. And I grabbed my crotch and shouted; “Oh-Yeah!”, in reply. He laughed even harder now. After introducing myself he looked me up and down. Judging my leather-clad twink looks. I wore my leather jeans over my Sendra cowboy boots and a very skin-tight shirt. My erect nipples pierced through the fabric.His leather-gloved fingers pinched one of them as he was looking intently at my reaction to his touch. “Dang man… your a hottie!”, he proclaimed aroused. His cock had worked itself free. And started to show its swollen cockhead completely out of the ripped jeans.”Shit… Look at that!”, I said amazed at the sight. “What the hell do you feed that thing?”. Stroking a flat hand over the full length of his 11-inch rod. Than cupping the full sack.”Man,… Twink bubble butt mainly”, he laughed. “But I guess your boss won’t like you playing with the help.”.”He ain’t my boss… just my boyfriend… And I fucking play with whomever I like!”. I could see he was looking for an excuse to drain his plump black sack. “Follow me!”, he ordered and I complied. He took me to a garden shed. Pushing me inside he slapped my leather ass hard and closed the door behind us. He threw me against the wall. Pressing his full body weight to mine. I grabbed him behind his head and stuck my tongue roughly between his full lips. Moaning to him; “I want to feel that monster explode in my ass, NOW!”. With one hand I unbuttoned his jeans. And he whipped the cock out. I squatted down and admired the tool. Smelling and licking the pre-cum dripping cockhead. Spitting on it. Rubbing the juice over it slicking it up for my asshole. Sucking and jerking it off. Before swallowing the black sausage all the way to his balls down my throat. Causing a loud gasp and a deep rumbling growl. He launched forward trapping my head over it. Only releasing it once I started to gag and cough after a while.”Fucking hell… Where did you learn that, boy!… I know niggers that can’t even do that.”, gasped the black gardener. I said nothing. Just looked up at him and repeated it a couple more times. My saliva got him fully lubed. The spit was dripping down his balls.”Are you ready for an ass whooping? Boy…”, he shouted hornily. I got up and was bent over by him on the armrest of an old leather couch in the shed. My pants were already down my ankles. Looking back at him I told him to rim me first. And handed him a condom. “Aww man, I don’t need this, now do I?”.”Do you want to tap that ass or not, fucker?”, I asked strictly.He crawled on his knees behind me and spit on my butt hole. Rubbing the spit over it with two fingers. Those quickly disappeared deeply inside. I screamed at the onslaught. But he had expected that. He even enjoyed it. Burying his face deep in my butt crack, he rimmed me wide open. Twirling his tongue deep inside. He tongue fucked me a while like that. Drooling in my asshole and lubing it up good. Ready for his next party trick. He reluctantly put the condom on. Then his 11 inches plowed all the way to the balls inside me in one go. Filling my gut to its full capacity. This was the biggest thing I had inside me to date. And my screams would have been heard in the next city over, was it not that he had placed his hands on my mouth and my lower back. Making me unable to escape the black attack. Not that I wanted to. I love the feeling of getting dicked-down by him.”Take that cock boy!…”, he shouted at me. His breathing got very heavy. “Man,… I am not going to stop until I shot my load or this rubber rips!… Fuck man, your hole is so tight… I am going to stretch it good… You’ll not want anything else then black cock after this!… Take it… Oh, fucking hell… I am going to rip your ass in two.”.”Oh god… Slowly… You’re too big… Man, that cock is too big for me… You are going to hurt me… Ouch, Ah umpff… Hell… Stop… No… Oh good god, NO don’t!… That thing is so fucking big… Oh… God… Mmm… Yes, Like that… Ouch… Oh Hell… Fuck me, Nigger… Use your Bitch!… Ah… Yes… Fuck… Fuck me harder!”, I screamed playfully. I was used to Tony’s 10 inches ripping me apart. So the extra inch wasn’t really that big of a deal anymore. But what I had learned was to let the ‘client’ know what a good job he was doing. And this worked on the gardener as well. He was proud of himself, slamming the ‘helpless little twink’. Once he got into a steady rhythm I was able to milk his meat with my cunt muscles. Making him cum in no time. Letting him pile-drive his rubber full in my ass. I took him hard.Fully exhausted he dropped on top of me. I looked up at him and grabbed his face. “See now,… nice fucker,… Seeding my garden wasn’t so much work. Now, was it?”, I panted with a dirty grin.”Holy shit…”, he said out of breath. “I didn’t think you could take all of that!… Most guys can’t… Heck, even my wife won’t let me near her ass! And I so do love to fuck a tight ass. Your tight hole is amazing. Certifiable crazy fucker! Man,… I wish I could seed you bare…”.”Sorry, stud… That’s the property of Master Tony. You don’t want to mess with that…”, I said to him. Sticking my tongue once more in his mouth. He slowly pulled out his cock and got off me. I had a little difficulty getting up, but I don’t think he noticed. Standing in front of him I asked. “Haven’t you forgotten anything?”. “Man… I am not going to pay you for that!… Fucker, you wanted illegal bahis it yourself.”, he said worriedly.”That’s not what I meant. This one was on the house. Call it your bonus. But a good gardener always cleans his tools after use!… Now get to work, boy! Your twink master needs to dump a load down your throat!”.He laughed and kissed me. I placed a hand on top of his head and pressed him to his knees. And his fat lips started to clean my cock. I twisted around and made him rim my gaping asshole clean as well. Before shoving my cock in his mouth again. He wanted to jerk me off. But I pushed his hands away. Instead, I grabbed him under his chin and on top of his head. Face fucking the black face blue. Once he started to gurgle and choke I really set to work. Pounding a huge load deep down his throat. Letting all the pent-up frustration shoot out my balls. “And that… fucker… Is how real white men do that!…”. I laughed at the sight of him. Cum dripping out his mouth, him laying coughing and gurgling on the floor. Now we were even. And we both had released our hot seed in a way neither of us thought possible. Meanly laughing I walked away. Buttoning up my leather jeans while I walked toward the house. Tony saw me coming. “Where the hell have you been, boy!… We have unfinished business!”, he shouted from afar.I walked past him without stopping. “Just doing some seeding with the gardener. Gardening always helps me clear my mind!”, I joked. Tony walked behind me. Inside he grabbed me and hit me in my face. “What the hell boy… You don’t get to talk to your master like that! You are my bitch!… I have set up an escort account for you with James’s escort club. He will call you for your intake talk shortly… And I will tell you what to do, where to go and what to charge!… And don’t you forget it!”, he said furiously.”Really?… Oh jolly… I get to do something I am not ready for… Now that’s really looking out for your ‘boyfriend’. And Master Tony will tell me what to do… I don’t fucking think so. If you weren’t my friend I would… “, I stammered angrily. Having my first fight with my boyfriend.I walked away. Leaving Tony standing there contemplating his words. I went straight up to the bedroom, packed my clothes and personal belongings, and walked out the front door. Leaving Tony this way was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But it was the only way for him to realize his shortcomings.Tony ran after me shouting he was sorry. I texted him while I walked on. “See you in a couple of weeks. I won’t deal with you in this state. I need a friend. Not a master. This is all on you. You work it out. Once you have figured it out, call me.”.By train, I traveled back to my own place. The boss of James’ escort service called me. “Hello boy, T. set up an account for you. And I need you to come over here to go over the details. And see that you’re ready for our club, boy. So prepare your asshole. And dress in something nice so we can take some porn pictures as well. Make sure you bring your medic…”, he started to say with a heavy Jamaican accent. I interrupted him.”Thank you for calling, but Tony had no right doing that!”, I said annoyed. “You can send your escort business details to my email address. I will take a look at it once I get around to it.””Look here boy!”, said the manager angry. “Tony wants the best for you! So get your fucking boy cunt over here so we can take a look at it. NOW!”.I said nothing. Just hung up the phone after a while. The people around me on the train looked very odd at me. They must have overheard a good portion of the phone call. Normally I would like to sink through the floor, in these kinds of situations. But after everything that had happened to me in recent months, I didn’t care anymore.At home, I finally got time to get my thoughts around things. I started to get my life back on track. I worked from home on the porn sites. Getting them to make loads of cash, without distracting the viewers with too many banner-adds. The work was fun. The changes I made to the websites attracted many more views. Quickly out doing the competitors. And that got noticed by the whole community. They even tried to copy some of my idea’s.Later in the week, I got contacted by Cliff and Jeff about the whole situation with Tony. Even Cody called me a few times. We had dirty phone sex after we talked shop. Heck, even some other porn stars called to add their ‘work’ to our site. I manage to help them all. The interaction brought me great satisfaction and a little fame. Everyone called and mailed me. That is everyone but Tony. And I was not about to give in and be the one to make the first move either.It was time for Erik-Jan’s birthday surprise. Robby had mailed me some pictures of him. He would get EJ down to the dungeon for a kinky snug. And I would then grab him from behind and blindfold him. Before taking him into the scene of the crime.Robby had EJ to himself in the main club of ‘The Three Brothers’. They had fooled around here before. Having kinky sex with some of their friends. So to Erik-Jan, this was nothing odd. And seeing that it was his birthday he was ready for his man to treat him good. There were a few staff members around, but the club was still closed for business. Tonight Robby and EJ had planned to celebrate his Birthday here with some more friends. But for now, they just wanted to celebrate by themselves.I snuck upstairs, as Robby distracted EJ I pulled a bag over his head. Slapped Robby as planned on his body for the sound effect. He acted his part brilliantly. He fell to the ground. I grabbed Erik-Jan roughly threatening him. He started to tremble uncontrollably and obediently did everything I told him to do. Sobbing and whimpering, I dragged him to the dungeon. All the while talking dirty to him. Threatening him with all the things I was going to do to him, and his boy, if he did not comply. I had prepared a fuck-chair with some leather cuffs and ropes to tie him up with. The very dimly lit room made it hard for EJ to understand what was going on. He could not see me anyway because of my leather face mask. I had embellished my leather outfit with chains and metal handcuffs. Whips, paddles and fisting dildo’s stood next to the fuck chair. I push and kicked EJ around a bit. Making him cry even harder for help. That stopped quickly once he realized that no one was coming to his aid. And it only led to more severe punishment from me. After blindfolding him, I made him lick me. I calmed him down a bit stroking his bulge. But I made him fear me again once I flicked open a knife next to his face. I ripped his pants button open. And forced a hand down it. Pressing the knife to his throat. He could barely stand. His legs trembled too much. I got him to reveal his cock for me willingly. And made him jerk himself off. That did not calm him down much. Because I cut off his t-shirt. Letting his nipples feel the sharp edge of the blade. After cutting the pants off his ass, I pushed him onto the fuck chair. Tying him to it. He started to beg, scream and shout in terror again. Fearing for his life and his well being. I shot him up with a ball gag and the dirty jockstrap I had cut from his ass. He sat down relatively calmly in the chair now. I had strategically placed a pair of chaps and a harness on the back of the chair. So I could dress him in leather as Robby had wanted me to do. I played with the 7-inch cock of this beautifully muscled swimmers body. He tried to resist it but I got him fully hard. And he even started to moan slightly once I fingered the boy’s star. First only one dry finger. Then 2 wet fingers. Then a little lube. I finger fucked the cunt open. All the while whipping and hitting him. Pinching his nipples hard. Then roughly sliding a thin but very long dildo up his now well-lubed hole. I climbed on the chair and rested my leather posing-pouch in his face. Letting Erik-Jan smell the leather and my cock scent. Taking off the blindfold he looked around. His eyes were as big as a deer caught in the headlights of a truck. He saw the huge rubber fisting dildos and the other menacing BDSM stuff. That gave him the fright of his life. I had displayed it for him for just this moment. As expected he screamed again. Trying to escape my onslaught. This time the ball-gag did not help me. So I stuffed my cock down his throat instead. And grabbing him by the balls. He moaned, more in pleasure than pain this time. I hit his face a couple of times and punched him in the upper torso. He took it well. I pulled the harness, I had placed behind him earlier, over his body. And fastened the belts tightly around his torso. Pulled out a butt plug and forced it inside him. It was double so big as the dildo he had before. But with some extra lube, his bum sucked it inside. And EJ started to breathe heavy. He was liking this. I placed some nipple clamps on him. And fucked him with the butt plug. Talking illegal bahis siteleri dirty to my new slut boy and cunt whore. Taking some compromising pictures of him and me. And making a live video of me pressing a 10-inch fat rubber dong in his ass. Making him scream in pleasure. Whipping him a few times as well. He fully gave himself to me. And I forced him to say it on camera. What Erik-Jan did not know was that Robby was watching it live on a big screen TV in the club with the rest of the staff. I had placed the camera on a tripod and fucked my new boy a little. Pulling out roughly. Then zipped-up the leather chaps over his legs. He had been sitting on them the whole time. EJ was now fully dressed in leather. I placed a slave collar and a leash on him. He begged me to take him once more. I nailed the boy cunt with force. Faster and harder I took the helpless tied-up leather twink. And he begged for even more. He wanted it deeper, harder, and rougher. He rolled his eyes as I fucked the cum out of him. Pulled my cock out and jumped on the chair again. Stuffing my throbbing cock in his mouth. My hands blinded him from his surroundings. At that moment Robby rushed in and he fucked his man’s ass harder then I had done. Erik-Jan did not know what was happening. His whole world collapsed. At the same time, Robby and I unloaded our balls in him. Filling Erik-Jan with our cum. I stepped off EJ’s face. Letting him finally see who was railing his cum filled ass. It was Robby. He now grinned from ear-to-ear. Realizing now this had been a setup. Robby bent forward to kiss him as he said; “Happy Birthday EJ… I love you! Master Peter was my gift to you.”.All Erik-Jan could say was; “Oh god… Yes… I am cumming… Please keep fucking me, Robert… Use me… Take me… I am so close… God… I’m cumming again… Oh yeah… Here it cums…”, he screamed it off the top of his lungs. His huge load landed on his body and on Robby’s leather jacket. I lent over and started to lick it all up. Going from his cock, via his chest, to his face. His whole body was drenched in his hot and sticky cum. I kissed him dearly. Then I kissed Robby. “Happy birthday boys!… I hope you like your surprise gift EJ…”, I panted. He nodded and kissed me again. I stood behind Robby and said; “That was wild…”. He was still fucking EJ’s ass roughly. He reached behind him and guided my prick in his ass. Riding himself in EJ at the same time as sliding his butt over my shaft. I lovingly rubbed my hands over both their leather-clad bodies, as we slowly ground to yet another climax.Robby and I untied EJ from the fuck chair and I got a sweet kiss from Erik-Jan. From the bottom of his heart, he thanked me for the service. The two hours had flown by. And I got rewarded handsomely by Robby. When we came back to the main club the staff members, Carl, and Robby’s brother, David gave us a standing ovation. We had forgotten to turn off the cameras. The staff had followed our endeavors on the TV screens in the club. And all of it got recorded. As we set down at the bar the guys started singing happy birthday to EJ. The birthday cake got served together with some well deserved strong liquor.Suddenly Erik-Jan asked me if I could make a nice porn movie from the footage so he and Robby could relive the events. Robby even suggested selling the sex-tape without thinking of the consequences. And Erik-Jan surprisingly went along with the idea. Carl and David liked the idea as well. Because this could be good for their business too. I said my goodbye’s to the guys. Carl gave me a 1000 dollar gift from the club as its owner. And he thanked me for our friendship. Tired, but happy, I left for the train station. David saw me walking away an offered me a ride home. I accepted and when we arrived he boldly asked what it would cost for me to blow him. I did not name a price. Just kissed him and blew him half an hour long. Until he could not hold back any longer. I swallowed his spunk like a dirty little whore. Kissed him again and thanked him for the ride. He too paid me handsomely. Happy, we both went our separate ways.After a long shower, I went straight to bed. It wasn’t even 9 pm. But I was completely done for the day. At 11 pm I got a text message from EJ and Robby. “Money well spend! You were amazing! Top-class work. We want to do this again sometime. Another place, different setting. But we will book you again for sure!”. Half asleep I texted them back. Thanking them as well. Sending a link to my review page on an escort site I subscribed to. They both wrote warm reviews on it, praising me to high heaven. An hour later my mailbox was full. All I could think, “It was hard, but it was well worth it.”.The next day I edited the video. Send a raw cut to Jeff’s production firm for Jeff to see. He called me after emailing a dick pick. His stomach was full of his cream. “Good edit, Peety. Fucking hot work too! I bet these guys loved the experience?”, he asked excitedly.”yeah, that they did. I got paid some good money for it as well. And they even wanted to see if we could release the video…”.It went quiet on the other side of the line. I could hear Jeff jerking off on the idea. “Oh, hell yeah! I’ll send over some forms for you three to sign and I’ll put you in touch with my editors, Peter. But your directors cut is more than good enough as is. Man, you got some talent!”.”Okay, Jeff… It was all in a day’s work. But that’s very nice to hear. Especially from a guy as talented as you…”, I said happily.”Kiss ass…”, joked Jeff.”Yes please…”, I answered. Jeff nearly rolled off his chair laughing.”Okay let me send the business jet over to pick you up. See you in a bit.”, he said jokingly.Not long after that call, I talked to Jeff’s production people. I let them take a look at the raw footage. And they suggested some minor changes. To make my first porn movie edit a bit faster and hornier still. They send me some audio and music files to complete the video. And even suggested some changes to the title screens. So as to promote Carl’s gay club and our websites even better. When I was done with it I called Robby and EJ. We met up in ‘The Three Brothers’ for a first private screening of the porn movie we had made. It was scary and exciting to see us going so hard at it on the big screen. But we all agreed that the release of this movie would be okay. The guys signed the paperwork. We would get a big portion of the earnings from it. Erik-Jan and Robby got so excited that the night ended up on a large leather mattress. We fucked the crap out off each other in a strange mix of brutal hardcore sex and tender lovemaking. And it took us the whole night. We left as friends.The master tape was sent to Jeff. And within a couple of weeks, a large box arrived at my doorstep. It had the first copies of the movie. All packaged up nicely, like a high-quality porn movie should be. The box of DVD’s I got were give-away copies. They were signed by Jeff personally. The first copies I gave to EJ, Robby, and Carl. Together with the staff of ‘The Three Brothers’, we watched the movie premiere. Later that day a big premiere porn party was held. And all the boxes with the DVD’s were sold out in no time. We even auctioned off a signed copy of it for a good cause. And with it, I also promoted it on our website. The amount of paying visitors doubled overnight.The next day Cody dropped by unexpectedly. We talked about the whole situation with Tony again. And he agreed I had done well by giving our relationship a cool-down period. “But buddy, that’s not the only reason why I dropped by”, said the porn star. He unzipped his pants and made me pull out his huge prick. To my surprise, he had tied a red ribbon around it in a bow. On it dangled a set of car keys. I looked at Cody and stroked the meaty cock. It got hard quickly and that loosened the ribbon. I nibbled at the pulsating cockhead and untied the monster. Meanwhile, I had dropped my sweatpants to the floor and sat on his lap. Taking him lovingly inside after quickly snapping a condom over his pole. I rode him softly whilst thanking him for the gift. “Ha ha ha,…”, he laughed. “You don’t even know what the gift is…”.”Whatever it is… It must be good if you take the time to deliver it yourself, Cody!”, I said. Took a deep breath in and let my self slide all the way down the huge cock. Cody grunted loudly and pushed up as I pressed down. Taking the dong all the way inside. Riding him wilder and harder I made sure he got ‘thanked’ for the gift properly. He threw me off him onto the floor. Ripped the rubber off, and stuffed his squirting cock in my mouth. Feeding me 6 or 7 hot streams of spunk. Moaning and breathing heavy he lay on top of me for a while. We kissed and I thanked him again. That snapped him out of the adrenaline-rush. “Fuck… That was very nice, boy. You do know how to treat a guy right, Peter!”, he sighed. “Let’s go take canlı bahis siteleri a look at your gift, Peety! It’s from all of us.”, he said, congratulating me on my first porn movie. And thanking me for all my hard work on their website’s.We got dressed and walked outside. There it stood. A brand spanking new boy-racer Subaru. Completely pimped out, with a tuned-up engine, air-scoop, back spoiler, and a classy custom paint job. I hugged Cody tightly. And together we made our first ride in it. It handled perfectly. And the interior got all the gadgets one could wish. Full leather seats with 5 point harness, a nice stereo, and build-in navigation system and phone.Cody took me for a portfolio photo-shoot. It was a good thing that my time away from Tony was mostly spend in the gym and the tanning salon. My body was nicely shaping up. And a discrete six-pack was starting to appear. Well, it turned out into a kinky leather fuck with Cody and the photographer. And needless to say, with some very hot photos. None of us had expected that. But the outcome was a completely new look for ‘master Peter’. I used the photo’s on my personal profile, on the escort forum, and on our own websites. The whirlwind week ended with me getting booked for my first real escort session as ‘master Peter’. The messages I got from this older black twink on the escort forum sort of intrigued me. He wanted a kinky date with a stern top. Telling me that he was heavy into leather and some soft bondage. It made me send him my escort phone number. The phone rang 20 minutes after I had posted it. He told me that he’d like me to take him hard, and very nasty. He would be dressed in full leather gear, with his naked ass waiting for me in his motel room. The door would be unlocked. I was to go in without knocking and then do with him as I saw fit. Punishing his ass roughly. And if I made him cum whilst doing that, he would pay me triple.He sent me a photo of himself together with the hotel location and room number. It was a sleazy motel somewhere on the outskirts of a larger city. My suspicions grew, once I saw that. The things he had texted me and told me did not quite add up. And his photo was too professional. It wasn’t what he wrote, but the way that he wrote it. I thought I recognized the language from somewhere. But could not really put my finger on it. So I took the necessary precautions. I even told some friends where I would be going. That made me feel much happier about the situation.I jumped in my new car and raced to the location. I had put on a pair of old jeans and wore a harness under my leather jacket. A pair of biker boots and leather baseball cap completed the look.The door to the motel room hallway was indeed left open. But in the actual hotel room, everything was dark and deserted. I knocked on the door. It swung open and I got grabbed by a black burly thug with a mask covering his mouth and nose. He pulled me inside. The light got switched on and I saw that he was with two other thugs. Wearing jogging pants and hoodies. The guy that had grabbed me wore kinky leather pants with a zipper from front to back. They pushed me around and beat me up a little. And once I sat on the floor, the guy in leather pants unleashed his 12-inch cock from it. Opening the zip up all the way to the back of his pants. It gave him free access to his junk.”Open your fucking mouth boy!”, he said stern. “We’re going to teach you what it’s really like to be a first-class whore… You like to play dirty? Well so do we!… Suck this… Suck it good… And if you bite, it will be the last thing you do!”, he said meanly. Acting as if they were proper gangsters. He hit my face a couple of times. Meanwhile, his buddies had joined in the fun. Whipping their huge fat prick’s out their pants as well. Both wore cock rings and were high as a kite on something or other. I looked up at the ringleader. And realized that I had seen his tattooed body on the website of James’s escort club. The penny dropped. This was a ‘test’ from James to see what I was capable of. Or a way to get back at me. For brushing him off so rudely on the phone the other day. I smiled at the thought. Opened my mouth wide. And sucked the 12-inch monster down my throat in one long push. Grabbing his buddies next to him roughly by their nuts. The three of them screamed at the sight, in awe, and in pain. They had not expected that. Setting to work I quickly got Bobby, the ring leader hard. His cock started to leak pre-cum onto the floor. I pulled off him and took care of the other two thugs. Jimmy had a very fat 10-inch curved ass-buster. The other, Cliff, was with 9 inches the smallest of the 3. But his cock had a freaky big helmet. They moaned heavy as I took care of all of them.They manhandled me onto the bed. Rudely tearing the bottom from my jeans open. And I got penetrated raw and dry by Bobby’s 12-inch fat throbbing anaconda-dong. He rammed that thing all the way in my tight hole in a split second. Not caring if he would hurt me. He fucked me roughly like a madman.After a short while, his buddies tag-teamed him. Railing my gaping asshole even wider open. First 9-inch Cliff. He sc****d the inside of my gut good. Then the fat curved black banana of Jimmy. He slammed me so hard that it actually got me worried a bit. All 3 of them smacked my ass. Turning the twink bubble butt bright red. But I was taking them. It did take all my skills to enjoy it myself. And to make sure they got their money’s worth. They were sort of impressed by this white twink. Taking their onslaught as good as I did.And once the initial rough-housing was over, they started to pound me in a much more regular tempo. Giving me the opportunity to use my boy pussy to milk them. That did the trick. One by one I pushed them over the edge. Draining their balls and sucking all the testosterone-fueled energy out of their bodies.The three of them lay panting and groaning on the floor. I quickly and smoothly got up. I demanded to get paid. They were not able to respond. So I put on Bobby’s kinky leather pants. Since he was the one that had ripped my jeans. Picked up the wallets from the other guys and took my hourly wages. Angrily throwing their empty wallets back in their faces. Out of one of the hoodie pockets dropped a loaded gun. I picked it up and put it in my biker jacket. After putting my boots back on I shouted to them; “Tell James, I will be dropping by to collect the rest! You so-called gangsters are pathetic. Can’t even last 3 minutes on my ass. It’s time James gave you some acting lessons. You were terrible. I haven’t even broken a sweat. Pathetic!”.Angrily I raced to the offices of James’s escort club. I pushed my way past the reception and confronted him directly. I showed him the photo’s I took off his three goons laying drained on the floor. Placing the loaded gun on his desk in front of him. And said; “Since your boys were lightweights and broke, I am here to collect the rest of my pay!”.James looked at me in full surprise. “Oh, God!… So everything Tony said was… Shit… Boy… What the hell… How did… How?…”, he stammered surprised. This was the last thing he had expected to happen.I told him I would need payment for 3 hours for 3 guys. Plus traveling fee, interest, and a rough-housing bonus. Flabbergasted and a little scared he paid me. And shouted that I needed to leave the building. Cursing and screaming all kinds of nastiness about me and Tony. I got up and left. Giving him the finger. He picked up a chair and threw it in my direction. Only to smash his own glass office door. I walked out the door laughing. With my well-earned bundle off cash in hand and the gun in the other.Because I was closer to Tony’s house than to my own, I decided to go there. It was still early in the evening. Around 9 pm I pulled up at the gates to his mansion. Tony quickly let me in and met me on the steps in front of his home.”Oh god, Peter… I missed you so much!…”, he said with teary eyes. “I am so sorry… Please forgive me… I was a fool… I am so sorry… I should not have…”.I interrupted my stud. “Come here, Tony… No indeed,… you should not have interfered with my business. But I forgive you.”. I gave Tony a firm hug and together we walked over to my car.”Nice wheels man! When did you get that?”, he said, admiring my car.”It was a gift from Cody and Jeff…”, I told him. “It was for all my hard work and my first porn movie…”.Tony looked at me in disbelieve. But then saw my well-filled money clip. I took a gift-wrapped version of the DVD out of the glove compartment. And handed it to my surprised boyfriend. He unwrapped it with wide eyes. Looked at me and grinned… “I guess the pupil outdid the master!”, he said. Hugging me. When we walked inside I was glad to be held tight once more by Tony.”I am glad your happy for me.”, I said to Tony. “I was scared you’d take it hard.”.”You’re the only thing I like to take hard!”, he joked. And that he did that night. He got turned on watching my first porn movie. Nailing me good. Then giving himself fully to master Peter. In the space of half a year. From nerdy twink, to a Leather-clad porn star.Sincerely yours… Peter.

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