A Shock at the Adult Theatre

Cock Worship

A Shock at the Adult TheatreI am very often thursdays in the adult theatre, because stylde crossdresser have free entrance at this day. I used to go there by public transportations, because I have no car. In the rear area of the shop we are able to change our clothes and to style up and storing our bags in a locker. About an hour I have been there, have had done only one blowjob to a nice and big cock and was sitting on a sofa and chatting with all the other crossdresser. We know each other since a few years, so we meet every week there and are talking about our lates experiences and news. Some of the other crossdresser just arrived a half hour ago, or just a quarter hour ago, when we heard some moaning out of a very near booth. It sounds like someone has a pinnacle and we thought that this person has had great sex. In this cinema there are often 2 boothes together with a glory hole. So like in this booth, too. In this booth there was a around the glory hole a transparent safty glass, so we was able to have a look in the booth, where the moaning is comming out. This person have not had sex, he was laying in the booth, his face pressed agains the safty glass and moaned, when he tried to breath. I guess this man was about 4O to 55 years old and was unconcious at this moment. First of all, I thought he has had an epileptic attack. One of the men was running sarıyer escort to the shop clerk and ask him for help. He came, tried to open the door, but it was not possible because sick man is blocking the door with his body. So the shop clerk called the ambulance, while some other men knocked at the booth and safty glass, to wake up this man. Many of the visitors of this adult theatre are gay and one of this gays told me, that he is leaving, because he is expecting also the police comming and he was right!All the crossdresser and gays, which are smoking, left the adult theatre and was standing on the street and enjoyed a cigarette. When I heard the siren of the amulance, I gone with an older crossdresser to a bigger booth, which was not so closed to the booth with the sick man. I have met this older crossdresser a few times, he was wearing a pvc top and skirt with nylons. He has own long grey hair, so he was not wearing a wig and he was not using Make up. We was sitting in the booth talked low and planned to wait there till the ambulance brought the sick man into hospital.The ambulance men entered the adult theatre and shooed all visitors away, then the fire brigade came and opened the door with axes. After a while I heard the piep-piep of a heart monitor, the writsh of a bloodpreasure cuff. After a while the esenyurt escort shop clerk knocked at our booth and told us to leave the cinema area. The fire brigade and the ambulance team left the place, but there been about a half dozen policemen. So I removed the make up and changed my clothes, when I recognised, that my knitted jacket is still laying at this sofa, near to the booth with the sick man. I asked the shopkeeper to bring me my jacket, but a policeman said, he will bring it to me. The policeman brought came back, wearing a glove at this hand he holds my jacked with an expression on his face, like this is something very dirty or nasty. So I left the adult theatre and met my other 2 crossdresser friends standing on the street and smoking a cigarette. Sissy was totally dressed female, because she is using all the public transportation in Munich also dressed. We was just talking about what happened and I was surpriesed when they told me, that the ambulance didn’t brought the sick man into hospital. This and the presence of the police convinced me, that this man died in the adult theatre. We crossdresser determined to go by Taxi to the home of Cindy, my very good crossdresser friend. Arrived at Cindies place I dressed up again and we are sitting in her linving room, talking about what happend, but also about avrupa yakası escort cristmas and what to do then. We eated a few snacks and me, I drunk some beer and together some shoots of liqueur. After a while Cindy took some pictures, so Sissy and me started playing. First I encircled her asspussy with one finger, then I penetrated her ass with my finger and fucked her this way. Sissy didn’t needed long finding a glove and as soon, I was wearing it, she putted lubricant on it. She laid back, hold her legs straight upwarts and presenting me her fisting hole. I pointed the finger of my hand and put it on her asshole. Slowly and carefully I penetrated her with all my fingers, till my whole hand was inside her and I felt her assmuskle around my wrist. With short foreward and backward moves I fucked her asspussy with my fist. I know, she enjoyed it, but she prefer women fisting her, because they have smaller hands.When it was time to leave, I thought, I would not change my clothes and will go home by the underground full feminine styled. I drunk some beers this eveningm, but I was not drunken. Me and Sissy was walking down the street, took some more pictures on the street, on the escalator and even in the underground. It was my first time using the public transportation stayled, but together with Sissy I felt safe. When I arrived at my station I left the underground walked back empty streets and a empty park about 2O minutes back home. It was a longer walk in High Heels and my feet was aking, but I arrived home safly. I am not sure, if I would used the underground without drinking, but now I am not afraid using public transportation anymore.

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