A Sissies Tale {Pretty in Pink}

Anal Fingering

A Sissies Tale {Pretty in Pink}A long week and a half and i finally had the house to my self.I had no “personal” time or sexy adult meetings due to being busy or room mates were home (Bummer right?).I grabbed the chance for some much needed girl time.After a long shower and a date with my razor it felt sooo good to be sissy smooth again.From the bathroom i walked to my room completely naked,hair still dripping wet and my little cocklette bouncing as i walked.In my room i was deciding on what to wear (Takes awhile..girls gotta look cute).I went with a cute pink top with thin straps and sexy pink panties (open crotch) with white polka dots, Oh and a soft black bra with tiny little stars.I sat on the edge of my bed and put on the bra and top adjusting the straps and the way everything looked.I took the panties and slid them on, slowly up my calves…over my knees..and part way up my thighs then stood up and slid them all the way up adjusting them on my hips.My small cocklett and useless balls fell nicely out of the opening in the crotch.I stepped closer to my mirror and posed a few times and thought to my self “I look cute…This calls for a few pictures”(Added to my profile 🙂 ) I posed for a few photos and got a bit frisky at the same time.The first person i thought of was…..My neighbor! After our first encounter,my fault of course, we have gotten together several times since for sweaty fuck fests.My body trembled from the thought.I grabbed my phone and called him up and after a few rings it went to voice mail.I then opened my window curtain and peered out to see if he was in the side yard.No where to be seen..(I know…sad face).Feeling a bit disappointed i walked though the house to the back glass slide door to see if he may have been in the back yard.Knowing i had to be careful due to having rather rude judgmental neighbors house behind mine. I opened the long d****s just enough to look out and i didn’t see anyone about.I watched for a few seconds longer then i saw him.He was trimming back some privacy bushes that separated the back corners of our yards, not wearing a shirt just jeans and his boots.My heart fluttered and my tiny dicklette tingled as i watched him.Seeing him shirtless made me want him more but i needed to get his attention. Looking around again i saw çankırı escort no other neighbors out and i unlocked the glass door.Praying the rest of my neighbors were at work,i took a deep breath and opened the d****s then the glass door. I hesitated for a second but the thought of him and his meaty cock I stepped out onto the deck. With both hands covering my small package i took a few more steps out.My heart was racing not knowing if the wrong people could see me but the excitement was over whelming. I looked towards my sex neighbor and he hadn’t noticed me yet.I removed my hands covering my small package and placed them behind me,locking a couple fingers.I walked about another 5 feet out trying to look cute but scared at the same time He finally noticed me walking around.I gave him a cute small wave and turned fully around so he could see all of me.With a surprised look he threw his hands up and motioned (What are you doin?!?). I turned slightly so he could see my hip and ass.I bent over slightly and smacked my right cheek as an invitation.It didn’t take him long and he pointed inside the thicket of bushes.Looking at the area in question which was 40 feet way i thought “I had never paraded around outside my house like this before!”but holding up my hand with one finger i motioned (just one minute) and i trotted back to my room my little cock bouncing and i grabbed the small bottle of slippery lube from my night stand and made my way back.I took one more quick look around and stepped out and tip toed my way (Bare feet) towards the bushes. 35 ft…..20 ft….looking and listening as i moved…10 ft….5 ft…1…I made it! with a quick sigh of relief i saw a small opening and leaned down and made my way through.About half way in i saw him standing there with a pleased look that i made it.I stepped closer to him pressing my left side against his right then placing my right hand on his chest i said “I made it” He wrapped his right arm around me like a gentle hug he replied “I’m happy you did” and ran his hand down my back and smacked me on the ass followed by a nice squeeze.I glanced up at him and run my hand down his chest..past his stomach and gently grabbed his manly package.I could already feel his cock swelling and i said with a giggle çorum escort “Yes…you are happy to see me”Still pressed against him i released the button on his jeans and pulled down the zipper.I took hold of the waist of his jeans and boxers and started to push them down that’s when he helped with his free hand. Pulling them down i saw his pubic hair come into view then slowly his half hard cock comes sliding out in full viewOne more good push and his whole package was visible.I let go of his jeans and wrapped my hand and fingers around his swelling cock and slowly began to stroke the shaft.I started to stroked a little faster and it didn’t take long and his thick meat was fully hard.I said with a small voice “There we go…the way i love it” and slowly moved away from him and reversing my hand as i stepped in front of him still stroking his throbbing shaft.My neighbor quickly looked me up and down taking in the view and with a smile he said “You look pretty in pink” and with a coy smile i replied ” Let me give you another angle” and slowly dropped to my knees in front of him.Still working his thick cock i looked up at him and asked “Hows this… Better?” and opened my round mouth just inches from his swollen mushroom head.He moved his body forward and slid the head through my warm lips and into my waiting mouth and replied “Now…that’s better”.More than eager i started moving my head back and forth sliding his hard cock in and out of my warm mouth.I was so turned on my small cocklette was standing up.Realizing i still had the small bottle of lube in my left hand i laid it on the ground next to me and reached between my shaved sissy legs and gently started to rub my tiny hard on.As i rubbed my self i started to suck his throbbing meat more faster,still stroking with my right hand.I heard him give a groan of pleasure as his cock glided in and out of my mouth. Saliva dripped from my lips and ran was running down his thick shaft as i continued to worship his meaty lollipop.A few moments pasted and i heard him say in a breathy voice “You’re gonna make me cum doing that”.I looked up at him and slowly slid his cock from warm wet mouth and with a coy smile i replied “That’s what ‘im here for..my creamy treat” then taking his throbbing meat back into escort bayan my mouth.Another groan of pleasure came from him as i continued my lip service.I was still rubbing my sissy clitty and with my thumb and 2 fingers i gently began to stroke my small hard shaft.I started moving my head and stroking his cock more faster.My neighbor placed his hands on both sides of my head,holding my hair back as well and started moving his hips,face fucking me.I wrapped my lips tighter around his throbbing cock.Only a few moments later i let out some soft moans as my body started to tighten up cause i was about to cum.I stroked my cocklette faster and i let out a small squeal and my tiny boner started to pulse and squirt cum out the small swollen head and onto the ground.My neighbor looked down and saw the cum dripping from my dicklette and said “That’s a girl” with a heavy breathy voice.I continued to work my tiny cock ,milking all the cum out. After a bit with numb lips and both hands on the front of my neighbors hips i felt him begin to tighten up and i knew my milky treat was close.He slid his throbbing cock in and out of my wet saliva dripping mouth a couple more times and then he pulled it out,taking a hold of it and began to vigorously stoked the shaft.I tilted my head back with my mouth open waiting for my sissy treat. I felt the first squirt hit my forehead and stream down to my upper lip.As his cock pulsed i felt the warm cum hit my face and finally i felt some make its way into my mouth.He finished unloading his full balls and milked his quivering cock into my waiting mouth.I wrapped my lips around his tender head taking the remaining drops.I closed my slutty hole and savored then creamy load that it caught then swallowed.with a smile of a job well done I said “Mmmm love my treat” and gently kissed the head of his cock.I stood up and brushed the dirt from my knees I looked to him still with his heavy cum load on my face and as he pulled his pants up and fastened them he said “Such a sexy girl you are” and smiled at me.I quickly replied back “Hey…i earned it…i’ll wear it”.Then i looked back towards my house and remembered the distance.I heard my neighbor say “Good luck” and smacked me on the ass.I said “Geee….thanks” with a playful voice. after a brief moment of looking around i left the bushes and said “Fuck it” and walked through my yard with head held up,shaking my round ass as i walked back to my house..At that point i didn’t care who saw me And i wore his cum on my face like a dirty slut like a creamy trophy…{I Earned It}

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