A Sissies Tale….The Neighbor p2

A Sissies Tale….The Neighbor p2I walked over to him and stood between his legs.He reached up and placed both hands on my hips and ass,slowly moving them up and down.He said “I’ve never been with a ummm… man? before” I looked down to him and run my fingers around his thick cock and said “Im more of a sissy girl”.I lowered down onto my knees and took a hold of his cock and said “Let me show you”.I lowered my head and wrapped my warm lips around his throbbing mushroom head.I slowly stroked as i glided his cock in and out of my mouth,Up and down my head moved with my hand.I felt him place a hand on the back of my head,holding my long hair back so he could see.I hear a moan of pleasure and he speaks ” That’s feels good” I popped his cock from my mouth and replied ” Mmm you like that?” and went back to running my tongue up and down his veiny shaft and sliding it back in my mouth like a meaty lollipop.I started sucking raising and lowing my head more faster stroking him in tandem with the motions of my slutty mouth.After a few moments he stops my actions and said”Stand up….let me see that ass”.I was happy to do so.I stood up and turned around.I felt him with both hands take hold of my ass and start to massage.he said in a breathy voice”That is a nice smooth ass” and gave a quick smack.I gave a small laugh and replied “Mhmm its all yours,..what you wanna do to it?” he said “Hmmm” and took a hold of the sides of my panties and pulled them down to my ankles.I kicked them off on the floor and turned to face him.My small hard dicklette was pointing out at him.He reaches out and softly strokes.He then pulls me closer kocaeli escort and said “I’ve never done this…but” and kisses the tip of my tiny hard-on.I give a small giggle and say in a joking way”That is my little sissy clitty”. He laughs a little and says” Your clitty needs a licking” and sticks his tongue out and start flicking and licking my small head.My little cocklette bounced around as he tongue lashed it and i gave a moan of pleasure and said”You wanna try my sissy pussy next?”He stop licking and replied”Thought you’d never ask” and layed down on the bed and stroked his cock a couple times and said”Here’s a nice spot to sit little girl”.I smiled and opened my night stand and grabbed a bottle of slippery stuff and with a girly stance i said “Where gonna need this big boy” as i looked as his thick meat.I squirted a nice amount in my hand and rubbed and stroked all over his cock then rubbed the remaining on my tight sissy hole.I turned around and backed up to him putting his legs between mine so he could have a nice view of my round shaved ass.I took a hold of his whopper and pulled it towards me as i lowered myself to it.He said in a heavy voice “Thats so hott,Love the reverse cowgirl.I pressed his throbbing mushroom head against my sissy hole and slowly i felt it slide in.I took a quick breath and waited for the small bit of pleasing pain to stop as my tight hole loosened around his this head. I lowered down more feeling him slide in further.I raised up a small bit and back down to loosen up and get the lube mixed in.A few more times and he slid all the way in.I felt his meaty balls against escort kocaeli mine. I started to raise and lower my self on his thick shaft.Feeling every inch of his meaty goodness slide into my sissy pussy.He opened his legs,spreading mine further open.I leaned back placing my hands on the bed rocking my hips up and down,riding his hard cock.I slowly moved my hips and ass faster,feeling my pussy glide up and down his throbbing cock.My hard sissy clitty started to bounce up and down as i rode this mighty bull.He was running his hand up and down my body and said ” Damn you feel so good” i said in a breathy voice “Your cock feels go good” I started bucking my hips and ass even faster.My dicklette started slapping my lower tummy with each bounce.We were both breathing heavier enjoying our selves when he stopped me from moving and leaned me over onto the bed.He started to get up on his knees and i followed like good little girl with his cock still in my fuck hole.I positioned my self in from of him ass up/face down.He took a firm grip om my hips and ass and started moving back and forth,pulling me to him.I said in a soft skipping voice” Fuck.. me ..like a …..dirty girl”I could barely talk from him slamming his hips against me.He increased his pace, thrusting his throbbing hard cock deep inside me.I could hear his balls slapping against me as he fucked me.He let out a moan of pleasure and smacked my ass cheek.I reached back and rubbed my ass and asked for more.He was more than happy to do it.He spanked me and fucked me like a slut.(I don’t know how long..fuck the time). My little cock was leaking kocaeli escort bayan little cummies every where.I reached between my legs and rubbed my sissy clitty as he still pounded away on my sissy pussy.I rubbed a few more times and i felt my self about to cum.I said in a moaning voice “Im gonna cum baby…keep fucking me”.I barely got the words out and i started squirting cum onto my bed.With each pulse i felt my sissy hole tighten up around his thrusting cock. I said in a heavy breath voice” that feels soooo goood”.After a few moments and some awesome fucking. I felt his start to tighten up and say” Im…gonna….cum” I said quickly ” Cum deep inside me…cum in my sissy pussy”. and a couple slow yet hard thrusts later he pulled me to him going deep inside me and started to cum. With each pulse i felt his hot load dump into me,it felt so amazing.I felt his meat pulse like eight times.He loosened his tight grip on my hips and ass and slowly started to rub my red cheeks. I could hear him catching his breath as i was catching mine.Still in the moment i slowly leaned forward and back,sliding his quivering tender cock in and out of my pussy. I said” that felt so good” I got up to be on my hands and knees and he slowly pulled out of me. I reached for a towel to wipe off with and cleaned up the cum still leaking from my tender sissy hole. After cleaning up I took off the rest of the outfit and we both started to get dressed. I heard him stutter for a sec and ask “Ummm would you mind if this was a on going thing?” I looked at him with a smile and said ” I wouldn’t mind at all…any time you want”This happened not long ago. and he still comes by or i go to his place next door for some nice fuck fests. Which is much easier due to roommates. He’ll even go and buy me cute little outfits to wear. I love being a Sissy Slut.. I know my place is to serve cock…..

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