A Story


This is a true story. Names and some locations have been changed to protect the innocent. I write this as much as a catharsis for myself as for the entertainment of those who may choose to read it. It is the story of an affair which occurred 20 years ago. It is about me, a 50 year old American, and a beautiful 35 year old very funny and beautiful British woman, Denise. We were both married at the time. She is a woman I will never forget. The story.

Chapter 1 — The Conference

It was 1991 and I was Chair of the Organizing Committee for a large international technical conference that was to be held for one week in Washington, D.C. We hired a British conference production company to help us put on this major event to be attended by approximately 1,000 people from around the world. The company assigned Denise, who was based in London, to be the assistant project manager. She and I would work together, mostly by telephone and email with occasional trips by her to D.C. for the year prior to the meeting. As we got to know each other, it became apparent that we shared the same work ethic and sense of humor. We both used humor to deal with the stress, but stayed focused on the work at hand. At times, we’d find ourselves alone in an office somewhere, just laughing together so much it hurt. But a sense of mutual respect also developed over these months. She was very good at what she did; no nonsense, get things done now and I was her fairly demanding client.

The sexual tension began fairly early in the project, being exhibited through the humor, but as we were both married, we kept the relationship plutonic. I found myself thinking of her often and she later confessed the same for me. I never thought this would lead to anything nor did she, but it turns out we were both bad judges of the power of male/female attraction.

Nothing happened for months as we worked tirelessly on the details of the conference, but the tension continued to build. As I look back on it, I don’t think either of us fully understood what was happening.

The time for the conference came and for several days prior to the attendees’ arrivals we were buried with last minute details working late into the night at the luxury hotel where the meeting was to be held. As conference Chair, I was given a luxury suite on the top floor with a beautiful cityscape. The day just prior to the arrivals was long and stressful, but late that night we were satisfied that all was in order. As we headed to the elevators to go to our rooms and get some much needed rest, glances were exchanged with nervous banalities between us. Once in the elevator and the door closed, the dam broke! We could no longer deny the feelings and quickly wound up kissing and touching each other, tentatively at first, but quickly with passion and shortly thereafter we were in my suite.

As bahçelievler escort I closed the room door, we looked at each other as if to say, “What is happening? We’re married!” Well, as I said, we didn’t understand and therefore were helpless to control our passion. That may be a cop out to some, but you could have cut the sexual tension in that room with a knife and we were both emotionally helpless to stop the flood. At the time, both of our marriages were going through “issues” and there was a huge need for release of stress from the intense work over the past year and the need for closeness that was not then present in our respective lives.

Clothes dropped to the floor and onto the furniture and we were quickly in the very large bed naked as the day we entered the world. Denise is a slender sensuous small woman with a body designed for love. She lay on her back, with me on my side taking in her beauty. Her aroused nipples were like dark cherries on her small breasts. My erect cock brushed her leg as I gently massaged her breasts and flat stomach. She was such a sight of beauty to me, I dimmed, but refused to turn out the lights. I had to drink this vision in. She stroked my cock slowly smiling at me with the unspoken question of what was happening and where was this going? There was no turning back.

As we had never been together, we experimented with each other somewhat tentatively, but quickly determined there would be no significant taboos in this relationship. Denise was quickly wet and wanted my cock right then. Like I said she’s a no nonsense woman who knows what she wants and usually gets it. I was not about to deny her. She pushed me on my back, straddled me and slid slowly down until she could go no further. We stared into each other’s eyes as she slowly tightened her vaginal muscles and ground her clit against me closing her eyes and lifting her head slowly to the ceiling. I thrust up meeting her downward pressure and quickly felt myself coming to a point of no return. I tried to slow down, but to no avail and an intense orgasm beyond my control quickly pulsed over and over into her supple wet vagina. She squeezed me tightly with her young vaginal muscles and ground her clit as hard as she could as an orgasmic wave overtook her. I thought for a minute she might pass out. Neither of us had ever experienced anything like it.

She fell forward on me and we kissed tongue in tongue with me slowly softening in our mixed fluids and stroking her back. We stayed this way for a long time just focused on our pleasure. Even though we were both drained, it became apparent that there was to be no sleep this night. We stroked and kissed as our bodies became fully aroused again. This hadn’t happened to either of us in years. It was wonderful!

After bakırköy escort a time, she sat up, but not allowing me to pull out. I took one of her rock hard nipples in my mouth, sucked it while flicking it with my tongue. She began to move and I was once again as stiff as a 16 year old boy. I slid down kissing her erect nipples, licking her stomach and finally drinking from the fountain that was her vagina wet with her own juice and my semen. The smells and tastes were intoxicating. I licked and sucked her clit as it swelled ever larger and she began to writhe and moan. When I thought she was about to cum again, I’d back off and kept this up until she was about to explode. While she was still completely aroused I rolled on my side and encouraged her to take me in her mouth which she did with enthusiasm while I continued too drink from the fountain. We reveled in each other’s bodies until intense orgasms overtook us both. This continued, but at a somewhat slower pace until the sun rose the next morning and we had to get ready to welcome conference attendees. We showered together, dressed just like an old married couple went forth into the day to greet the conference delegates.

I don’t remember much about that day. For the rest of the conference we were so busy we did not get together again in that hotel.

As a post log to this chapter, let me say that I was 50 at the time and she was 35. I thought my days of sexual competence were long past. Denise proved to me that I was wrong; something I am grateful to her for to this day as I enter my 70th year.

Chapter 2 — The Day After

The day after the conference closing left us all drained. The following morning, the team that had “pulled off” this most successful meeting were sitting around nursing coffee reliving events. I decided that a few of us needed to get out of town to clear our heads and so it was agreed we’d go to my country home in Vermont. Denise her boss Jim and his wife Clara and I soon found ourselves on the interstate in my Saab rolling north on a beautiful sunny fall morning. Jim took the front passenger seat with Denise directly behind me and Clara behind Jim. Damn!, how bourgeois; men in front in control; women in back. This is not what I had in mind.

As it turned out, it wasn’t all bad. Denise and I bantered back and forth in a light flirtatious way, but not so much as to raise suspicions about our true feelings. Who am I kidding? I’m fairly certain that Jim sensed it immediately, but Clara was clueless. (“Clara was clueless”; like the alliteration I digress..) We drove the two hours to Vermont talking and reliving events of the past week. Upon arrival in what I consider a rural paradise on earth, we sat out in the sun just letting the stress drain from our bodies başakşehir escort not feeling the need to talk. I took a photographs to memorialize the day a, but one series in particular was of Denise facing the warm fall sun, resting back on her arms, legs outstretched with her skirt raised slightly, sensuous beasts tight against her blouse, eyes closed. Drinking her beauty in through the lens left me weak in the knees.. God, she was beautiful and I was in love. To not put the camera down and kiss her parted beautiful lips before she opened her eyes took all the willpower I could muster even if Jim and Clara were there.

Time for some lunch, so soon the four of went to a small riverside restaurant choosing to sit out on a lovely idyllic terrace We sipped nicely chilled French white wine and ate finger food; breads, cheeses, grapes, various meats and sticky sweet things. As this extended languorous time passed, Denise and I sitting beside each other exchanged furtive glances allowing our legs and bare feet to touch under the table. The tension was building, but all we could do was to quietly allow the soft arousal to expand into our bodies. By this time, I think even Clara suspected there was something going on between Denise and me, but she never acknowledged it.

Soon it was early evening and time to return to Boston; something none of us wanted to do, but Denise, Jim and Clara were scheduled on next afternoon’s flight to London and had to return to the hotel to pack. So we got back into the car; men in front, women in back …damn! Denise was sitting directly behind me as we drove through the increasing darkness south to Boston. The Saab had bucket seats and as I often did, I let my left arm fall to my side beside the seat as I drove. Soon I felt Denise’s bare foot exploring my hand. She had slumped down into her seat enough to be able to get her foot surreptitiously beside the seat. I gently held her soft small ankle and began a slow massage of her ankle and foot. She stirred pushing forward as much as she could pretending to be asleep. I continued the one-handed slow foot massage for most of the two hour trip and as we neared Boston, Denise whimpered softly as her foot stiffened in my hand. Hopefully Jim and Clara would just assume she was whimpering in her sleep. I was fully aroused being restrained by the shorts I was wearing and knew that the whimper was an orgasm that she could no longer prevent. When I parked the car and all got out, she pretended to just be waking up and gave me a smile I will never forget.

Jim and Clara said their good-byes to me and headed in to the hotel. Denise stayed back. We stood by the car staring at each other wondering silently when if ever we would be together again or was this just a brief passing of two people at a difficult time in both our lives. I kissed her gently and hugged her tightly; tears being shed by both of us. Looking into each others’ eyes we said goodbye and she turned to go back into the hotel. I drove off realizing something beautiful had probably just ended, but I was wrong,

Chapter 3 — Montreal (To be written.)

Chapter 4 — Geneva (To be written.)

Chapter 5 — London (To be written.)

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