A Strange Compulsion Ch. 01



This is a work of fiction written solely to entertain.

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years or older.

The situations described in this story are for the sole purpose of entertaining the reader. Events and Characters in the story are completely fictional and any resemblance to real world persons or events are purely coincidental.


Jason walked towards the ice cream shop. There was a spark in his step. He was going to meet Janice, his girlfriend. She was a couple of months older than him and they had recently slept together for the first time. It was the first time for Jason. Janice had let him fuck her on his 18th birthday. She was his birthday present. That was a week ago.

For the past week, Janice had been distant from him. He thought it was because of the sex. Jason had finished very quickly. But it was his first time. He was very confident that next time, he would last a lot longer.

As soon as he entered the shop, he saw Janice at their booth. He beamed at her. She returned a painful smile.

He went over and hugged her. He then kissed her on the lips.

“Hi honey.”


“So, what do you want? Let’s order.”

“Jason, we need to talk.”

Uh — oh. No conversation that started with the words “We need to talk” ever ended well.

“Yeah. Go ahead, baby.”

“I think we should stop seeing each other.”

Jason felt like he had been punched in the gut. He looked at Janice. Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail. Her brown eyes bored into him with a determined look.

“Why? I mean, everything was going well. Can you at least tell me why?”

“Look, Jason, you’re a nice guy, but you’re just not the guy for me. I’m sure some day, you’ll make some other girl a very happy woman.”

Jason already knew that he wasn’t the guy for her. Janice was way out of his league. They both belonged to different worlds. Jason was thin and scrawny, while Janice was curvy and gorgeous. Jason already knew that things wouldn’t work out between them, because they were two very different people. But Janice had been the one to ask him out. He and Janice ended up doing a project together for physics class. At the end of the project Janice asked him out. Jason had asked her why she wanted to go out with him. She told him that she liked him because he was funny. Jason knew this was trouble, but he still went out with her because this was Janice, one of the most gorgeous girls at school. No man in his right mind would say no to her.

“Well, can you at least tell me why I’m not the guy for you?”

“Jason, please, let’s not do this. I don’t want to hurt your feelings.”

“No, just tell me why. I just want to understand.”

“It’s the sex.”

If Janice wanting to break up with him felt like a punch to the gut, then this felt like a knee to the head.

“Look, we just had sex once. It was my first time. Of course, I wasn’t going to be great.”

“Jason, after we had sex, you didn’t even want to do it a second time. You rolled over and started to sleep.”

“Well, yeah. The sex was draining.”

“You finished in less than 2 minutes! Also, your size is lacking.”

Jason looked down at his groin.

This felt like a kick in the balls.

“Jason, I still like you very much. You’re the funniest person I’ve met and you make me laugh. But I’m a very sexual person and sex is a very important part of any relationship for me. I can’t just pretend that it’s not a factor for me. I’m just attracted to guys with larger penises. You are a tall guy, so I thought you’d be big in that department, but…,” she trailed off.

Jason hung his head in shame. Janice talked a little more, but Jason was far away from that ice cream shop. After some time, she left. He stayed there. He had an ice cream. He had another. Then, he started to walk home.


A few days had passed since the breakup. Jason was depressed. His mother Sandy noticed it, but she chalked it up to his break up. Her daughter Vivian, Jason’s twin, had told her about the break up. She tried to talk to Jason, but he brushed her off. It wasn’t the break up that affected him that much, it was the reason that Janice had told to break up with him. He could improve anything, but how could he improve something that he was born with? As for the stamina part Jason was born with a frail body. Ever since he was a child, he had always been physically very weak.

On his way home from the school, Jason noticed an antique store. He had never seen that store before in that neighborhood. Something about the store piqued Jason’s curiosity. He entered the store. What he didn’t realize was that his life was never going to be the same from the moment he stepped into the store.

The shop looked like any other antique shop, filled with a lot of old and weird objects. There was no one behind the counter. He checked to see whether there was any sign that said “Don’t ring the travesti gaziantep bell.” There wasn’t, so Jason rang the bell.

An old man with scruffy beard and long white hair emerged from the room behind the counter.

“Ah, yes. Hello. How may I help you?”

“Yes. Sorry. It’s just that I’ve walked past this spot everyday on my way from home to school and from school to home and I’ve never seen this shop before. I just wanted to have a look. I’m not sure I even want to buy something.”

The old man chuckled.

“Oh, I’ve had this shop for ages. I just move around a lot.”

The old man looked at Jason from behind his spectacles. His gaze seemed to look right through him.

“OK. I think I’ve got just the thing for you.”

The old man went into the shop and returned with something in his hand. He put down the thing he had in his hand on the counter.

It was a ring. Not very flashy or good looking. It looked old.

“I know you’ve been down on your luck for some time, Jason. This ring can help you turn your life around.”

Something felt off to Jason. He had never told the old man his name. As soon as he had this realization, a strange calm spread over him. He felt as if nothing was wrong with the world. Everything was fine and will continue to be so.

“How much for the ring?”

“Three dollars,” the old man said with a mysterious smile.

Jason paid the man and took the ring. It looked too big for his finger.

“I don’t think this will fit me. It’s too big,” Jason said.

The old man laughed and said, “That’s what she’s gonna say.”


“Nothing. I think it’ll fit perfectly.”

He was about to put it on his finger when the old man spoke again.

“Don’t put it on now. Put it on tonight before you go to bed. That’ll give the ring time to work its magic.”

Jason felt that was a strange thing to say. But he felt so comfortable in the shop. He felt a strange compulsion to do as the old man said. He put the ring in his bag and made his way home.


Jason greeted his Mom as soon as he came home. He recognized the look of concern on her face that he had been seeing there recently. Ever since he broke up with Janice, as a matter of fact. She was concerned that he was acting depressed. He understood that. But this too will pass. Things will go back to normal. Jason had hope that they will. He then went to his room and started working on his school stuff.

He came back down for dinner. He, his mother and his father had dinner together. His sister had gone out with her boyfriend. Jason made some efforts to make small talk with his mother. He didn’t talk much with his father though, they weren’t very close. After dinner, he made his way to his room and got ready for bed.

He remembered the ring he had got at the antique shop today. He took the ring out of the bag and took another close look at it. It was a plain ring, no stones, no inscriptions. It was clean, no rust, but nothing special either. The ring was too big for his finger. Jason remembered the old man’s assurance and put the ring on. The ring immediately shrank to fit his finger. Jason was startled. He tried to get the ring off, but wasn’t able to. He went to the bathroom and tried loosening up the ring with soap, but it had no effect. He considered calling his mother, but something stopped him. He felt as if everything would be all right if he went to sleep. He decided to deal with the problem the next day and went to bed.


When he woke up the next morning, Jason felt very uncomfortable. He could feel that he had a raging erection, but something felt off. He loosened his shorts and took a peek at his penis. He was shocked. The penis was big, much bigger than it normally was. Normally, Jason had a four-inch penis, when erect, which was very thin, but this looked much larger. He went to desk and took his measuring tape. He measured the penis. It was nine inches long and the circumference was 8 inches. His balls were also much larger than before. Jason started getting scared. Was there something wrong with his penis and balls? He went into the bathroom and started jerking off. After about half an hour, he finally ejaculated. The sensation of orgasm was much more intense and gave more pleasure than ever before. He also realized that the amount of semen he had ejaculated was much more than what he normally did. The semen was also very thick.

After ejaculation, Jason measured the size of his penis. It was four inches long, as long as it was erect before that day.

Jason also started hearing weird noises in his head.

Stupid Jason. Why was he hogging the bathroom today? Now, we’re gonna be late to school because of him.

God, I hate my job. I just don’t wanna go to work anymore. But, I have to. The kids are gonna start gaziantep travesti college soon. Big expenses coming up.

Why are Jason and Vivian late for breakfast today?

Jason realized these were the voices of his family members. He was “reading” or rather “listening” to their minds.

He looked at his hand and realized that the ring was no longer there. But he did have a mark. The ring had left a mark on his skin as if he had been wearing it for years. The skin in the place where he had worn the ring was much paler than the rest of his body.

Jason went downstairs to the kitchen. As soon as he entered the kitchen, he felt a sharp sensation in his mind. He could sense that his mother was starting to get aroused… sexually.

She was holding on to the kitchen table, trying to control her impulses. Jason could listen to her thoughts.

Ohh! Why do I feel so horny so suddenly? I have to wait till Sam and the kids are out of the house. Then maybe I’ll have a little “me” time.

Vivian came down and sat on the dinner table.

As soon as Vivian sat dawn next to him, he felt that sensation again.

What is it with today? Why am I feeling so horny again? It happened when I was in the bathroom, I masturbated and then now. God, I need to go to school, but I’m too horny. I need to masturbated in the girl’s bathroom before classes start.

Jason was intrigued. What was happening? Why were mom and Vivian aroused? Then Jason realized that he had been in the bathroom before Vivian used it. Vivian was just now thinking about how she was suddenly feeling aroused as soon as she got into the bathroom. She masturbated in the bathroom. Then she entered the kitchen and she suddenly felt aroused again. The more he thought, Jason realized that his mother was also suddenly sexually aroused when he entered the kitchen. Was he the reason for this? Was this somehow because of him?

He looked at his hand again. All he could see was the pale mark left in the place of the ring. The sudden increase in his penis and ball size. The large amount of sperm ejaculated. His new ability to “read” minds. Now this. Was all this due to the ring?

Jason cleared his throat and said to his mother, “Mom, I can’t go to school today. I need you to take me to the doctor.”

“What happened, sweety?”

“It’s a guy problem. I’m a little embarrassed to share this with you. I’ll be more comfortable sharing this with the doctor.”

Sandy’s face showed worry and concern.

“Ok. I’ll call the doctor and make an appointment.”


Jason and his mother went to the doctor that afternoon. Jason explained his “large” situation to him. He obviously didn’t tell the doctor about his “mind reading” abilities. The doctor asked him to do some tests. He also asked Jason to do a semen test. He asked them to come back after 2 days for the test results.

Sandy told Jason to take 2 days off from school. She spoke to his teacher and informed her that Jason was working through some health issues.

The 2 days that Jason stayed at home, he noticed something very peculiar. His mother rarely spent time in the same room with him.

By this time, he had found a way to deal with his mind reading abilities. He wasn’t randomly “picking up thoughts” from others anymore. He had developed a level of control over the ability and can now block out the voices. He changed his mind reading ability from an unconscious and uncontrollable process to a conscious and targeted power.

As he realized that his mother was avoiding him, he used his mind reading power to find out the reason.

Why does this keep happening when he’s around? This is so wrong. Why am I getting aroused every time Jason is around? Am I sexually attracted to my son? I’m his mother for god’s sake. This is so wrong.

Jason was shocked. But this did confirm his theory that he was responsible for the sexual arousal of his mother and his sister.

He felt really weird about the fact that his mother was sexually aroused because of him. He listened to her thoughts again and found out that every time she was aroused, the arousal subsided only after she masturbated.

He decided not to disturb his mother as the fact that she was getting aroused by her son was causing her emotional turmoil. He decided to stay away from her as much as possible.

In addition to this, Jason was hard every day when he woke up from sleep. He waited till Vivian was out of the bathroom, so as to not inconvenience her. To add to his problems, he now took a long time to cum. Before his penis changed, he’d cum in thirty seconds. The longest he had lasted was two minutes. That was inside Janice and it took all his concentration. He had wanted to satisfy her. Now, every morning, it took him thirty to forty five minutes to cum.

Two days later, Jason and his mother went to gaziantep travestileri the doctor. The doctor informed them that the test results had come back and there was nothing wrong with Jason’s penis and balls.

“But we did find something a bit abnormal.”

“What is it doctor?” Sandy asked. Her worry was visible on her face.

“His sperm count. He has abnormally high sperm count, even for a young man of his age. His sperm count is about fifteen times the normal value.”

Jason didn’t really know what to feel about that information.

The doctor said there was nothing wrong with Jason. Jason and Sandy came home.


As soon as Jason and Sandy came home, Sandy told Jason that he should go back to school from the next day. Sandy then told Jason that she was going to her room.

Jason knew that she was aroused. She had spent a significant amount of time in his vicinity. She was definitely going to her room and masturbate.

After the medical examination, Jason was very sure that this situation with his penis and his mind reading powers were because of the ring.

He tried to read his mother’s mind. He was shocked to find that her mind was filled with only one feeling, lust. He tried to use his mind reading power in a new way. He tried to access the portion of the brain that was responsible for sight. As he had spent the past two days learning to control his powers so that he wouldn’t hear all the thoughts of everyone, he found out that he was able to use the power to his desire. As he accessed the part of her mind that was responsible for sight, he saw through her eyes.

Her blonde hair was up to her shoulders. She was already in her underwear. She wore a white bra and blue panties. She took her bra off. Her breasts were not too big, not too small. They were of a medium size. Her nipples were brown in colour. She took her blue panties off. Her hair down there was trimmed, but from what little was left, Jason could see that the curtains matched the rug. She had a little bit of flab around her stomach, but was not overweight.

To Jason’s surprise, his cock was starting to become hard. Even though the thought him masturbating to his mother was weird, he couldn’t help but be aroused by his mother’s body. Jason took his cock out and started to masturbate.

She went near her bed and kneeled down. She took out a box from under her bed. She kept the box on her bed and opened it. Jason was shocked to see what was inside. It was a pink vibrator and a pink dildo. Jason had always seen his mother as a parental figure. This was the first time he realized that she was a woman with sexual desires and needs of her own.

She lied down on the bed. He saw her place the vibrator between her legs. Her hand was furiously working her clit. He poked around her mind and accessed the part of her brain that was responsible for hearing. He heard what she heard, and what he heard was his mother’s moans.

Suddenly he couldn’t see anything. She must have closed her eyes. Judging by the increasing volume of her moans, Jason could deduce that she was nearing her climax and that was the reason why she closed her eyes. Soon, Jason heard his mother climax.

After she climaxed, Sandra opened her eyes and Jason regained is sight.

Jason did not see anything. He looked around in Sandra’s mind and found the part of the mind that caused sexual arousal. He “pushed” the part gently.

Sandra got aroused again. She was confused. Before today, whenever she had experienced arousal, it had subsided after she masturbated once. But this time, even after masturbating, she still felt aroused. She once again slid her hand inside her skirt and closed her eyes.

Jason did not want her to close her eyes. He had not seen anything last time. He instinctively ordered her, “Don’t close your eyes.”

Sandra kept her eyes open. She didn’t know why she did that. She just felt a strange force compelling her to keep her eyes open.

Jason didn’t know what he did. He mentally “ordered” her to keep her eyes open, and she did. He decided to try it again.

“Go and stand in front of a mirror.”

Once again, as if forced by an invisible hand, Sandra went and stood in front of the dressing mirror. It was a full length mirror.

In the mirror, Jason could see his mother’s striking blue eyes.

His mother put her index finger of her left hand in her mouth, she got it wet, took it out and then started to stimulate her left breast’s nipple with it. Jason could see in the mirror the saliva glistening on the left nipple. She then slapped her right tit. She then squeezed both her tits with her hands.

She spit some saliva on her left hand. Her left hand slowly crept towards her cunt. She started rubbing her clit with her left hand.

Jason was watching all of this, reflected in the mirror, through her eyes. He had mentally ordered her to not take her eyes away from her reflection in the mirror and she was bound to obey.

Her pussy was already releasing juices. She brought her left hand up to her mouth and tasted her pussy.

Sandra started simulating her clit again and with her right hand, she simultaneously started to squeeze her right tit.

She started to move her middle finger in and out of her slit, while at the same time stimulating the clit with her index finger.

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