A Student of Mine


The new school year had begun and I returned to the same teacher’s desk I had from last year. Sighing as I place the armful of text books on my desk, I approach the dirty windows and look out into the school grounds, lost in my own thoughts. I had enjoyed the summer break. It had been a great time of relaxation, partying and a great one night stand. I had tossed up at the time as to whether I was going to the party but after a few wines had relaxed a little and decided to go. The party had been a little slow going at first. I mainly sat and listened to music, changing the cd’s as needed. The alcohol had been flowing freely and knowing I could stay the night I drank a lot. Enjoying the music and watching the other people who danced.

I wandered off at one point to go to the ladies for a pee. Looking in the full length mirror, I ran my fingers through my touseled auburn hair, I keep it at shoulder length to frame my narrow face. I used my eyseshadow brush to touch up my eye makeup, ensuring that my green eyes stood out. “Not too bad.” I thought to myself. I have a fairly good figure, 38″ 24″ 34″ at last measurement, I work out at the gym everyday exercising myself hard to keep in great shape. I look in my early 20’s but I am 36. (Not that I let many people in on that secret!) I have inherited my more than generous breasts from my well endowed mother and am proud of my large cleavage. Many job interviews had gone well with the boss looking favourably down my unbuttoned blouse to see the creamy breasts with a low cut bra and a hint of aureola showing to entice.

I relieved myself, glad that I had worn no panties, it was so much easier and a little naughty. I am tempted to touch myself, but it was enough to know that I had no panties underneath my skirt. A little risque! No one else was in the bathroom so I pulled up my skirt to adjust my garter belt and stockings, checking in the mirror again to make sure they were straight. Pulling my skirt high, I saw a flash of my auburn pubic hair. Just a small amount of fluff, sometimes i shave my pussy just to tease myself with the buzz of my lady shave, and to admire the naked skin of my pussy. Just as it was when I was a pre teen, virgin, girl like. I smoothed my tight leather skirt over my slender hips, tucking my silk blouse in. I was now in the mood to dance, to party and maybe get lucky. I opened the bathroom door which swung wide. I heard a voice of protest. “Ow, watch what you’re doing!” “Sorry.” I automatically replied.

Turning to I saw a young man emerging from behind the door. He looked me up and down, grinning as if he liked what he saw. “It’s ok. No harm done.” “Are you sure you’re alright?” I asked him, sounding concerned. He was so handsome, sandy blond hair, worn with no care at all. He ran his hand through his hair frequently brushing it back out of his eyes. Well shaven, smelling of aftershave and alcohol. Light blue eyes, icy till he smiled and then they twinkled with mischief. Dressed in a bulky, overly large jersey and tight fitting leather pants, an obvoius bulge in his crotch area. I was sober enough to wonder if he would find me attractive but drunk enough to secretly want to know what is inside his pants. Was his prick really that large or was he just pleased to see me? He looked in his mid 20’s and was a spunk. (as my young students call a nice looking guy) “I’m fine. Do you come here often?” Laughing as he said it. I laughed too. “A little corny huh?” He asked shrugging his shoulders. “Im not much on small talk.” “Me neither.” I said to him.” And yes, I do come here often. It’s a friends party.” “Cool. Want to dance? You can make it up to me for smacking me one with the door.” “Sure. Why not?” He took my hand and led me away.

We moved to the middle of the room just as a new song started. “My name is Owen.” He whispered loudly in my ear. “I’m Trudi.” I whispered loudly back. “Nice to met you.” Owen shook my hand and twirled me around, we danced to the next few songs. I was a little breathless so we found a seat. Owen gots me a drink and we sat and made small talk. I drank the drink fast, thirsty, he got me another, I knocked that back too, loving the feeling of the warm alcohol flowing through me. Sending signals to my body, aware of all my senses. Smell. His maleness, mixed with the scent from his aftershave, the blend of his sweat. Touch. Feeling my pussy responding, tingling at his closeness, moist at the thought that he might touch me. Knowing I wore no panties and that he might try to feel me up and know too. Hearing his sexy voice, seeing his sexy body. He told me he was an artist, I told him I was a model, we sat close, touching occassionally. A little kiss as his hand reached under my skirt; I let him explore me, feeling his probing fingers part my thighs and reach my moist pussy. Owen gasped and smiled as he realised I wasn’t wearing panties.

“Can we go somewhere?” He asked. “Your place or mine?” I laughingly replied. “Mine.” He confidently said. I smiled at him. “Yours?” I said. “Sure.” I took his hand, trusting him, but excited by the risk I was taking, we left the party. Downstairs, in the apartment parking lot, he led me over to Anadolu Yakası Escort a new red Mustang. “Your’s?” I queried. “Yeah. It was a birthday present, my old man’s loaded.” He sounded offhand. He opened the door for me, I got into his car, he slid into the driver’s seat, not even bothering with his seatbelt. The tyres squealed as we took off, Owen handled his car at high speed with amazing confidence. I found myself excited by the speed we were traveling at and the slight danger. We speed through the city, arriving at the Hilton Hotel, screeching to a halt outside the front doors. The parking valet opens my door. I stand amazed at the splendour of the Beverly Hilton. “Good evening, Mr Malcolm.” The valet calls to Owen. “Yeah, Mark, park it in my space.” He throws the keys to him and the valet drives away.

“Shall we?” Owen offered me his arm and we entered the Hilton. Owen nodded as staff passed him, he ignored reception and we took the elevator. We got out at the penthouse suite, Owen took a swipe card from his pocket and passed it through the scanner to unlock the electronically controlled door. “Ladies first.” He said. I walked into the room. “Look around while I get us a drink.” Owen walked to the large bar on the far side of the room. I stared around, amazed at what I saw. The room was magnificent, decorated in a soft, soothing creamy colour. I was astounded by the elegance and Hollywood type glamour. Everything was so expensive, the cherry wood furniture, the chandelier in the dining room, a very large antique table set with fine glasses, silver candlesticks and silver cutlery. I went from room to room, almost speechless at the splendour, even the taps in the bathroom were gold . The beautiful canopy bed was huge and the silk quilt had been turned back to reveal the silver satin sheets. I heard a chiming sound and walked back into the main room to find staff placing vases of beautiful red roses around the room, they left and Owen tipped them one by one.

“For you.” Owen handed me a single red rose.”Thank you.” I said overwelmed by his thoughtfulness. “Drink?” He asked, I nodded. “Whatever you’ve got.” Owen laughs. “Champagne it is then .” Leaning on the bar I see him get a bottle of champagne from the bar fridge.Turning towards me he shows me the label. “Bollinger!” I gasp.”Yeah a 1985 to be precise, $750 a bottle.” Owen brags, smiling a little at the look on my face. “Something special for a beautiful lady.” Owen popped the cork, laughing as the expensive champagne ran onto the cream carpet. He grabbed two champagne flutes. “Shall we make ourselves more comfortable?” He asked as he walked toward the main bedroom. I joined him as he sat on the edge of the bed, he poured us a glass each and we toast to ourselves. I took a sip from my glass, the bubbly champagne sensational in my mouth. Owen leans closer to me, kissing my neck, undoing my blouse. He took my glass from my hand and holding it to my lips, encouraging me to drink. I tried to sip slowly but gulped as he poured the champagne fast, it spilled from my mouth, rivulets of champagne ran down my neck, down my body and onto my breasts.

Owen dropped the glass to the floor, laying me back on the bed, covering his body with mine. I feel his prick, already hard, against my thigh. He pulled my blouse off kissing and licking where the champagne has spilled. He undid my bra and my breasts leapt free, my nipples brushing against his chest aching for him to touch them, to take them in his mouth. He sats up and pulled his jersey over his head revealing his tanned torso, his tight stomach muscles. I reached for him running my hands over his sexy body. He pulled away from me and undid his leather pants, sliding them over his hips. He is naked beneath, his prick large and erect, with large balls hanging beneath. I tried not to stare at his long, large, stiff dick but I find myself wondering how he would feel inside me. He was so big the fit would be tight, my pussy moistened just at this thought. He helped me to stand, unzipping my tight skirt, his hands pulling the skirt from me.

Kneeling at my feet, he raised his head, nuzzling at my pussy, his tongue darts into my tight slit. Moaning I push his head closer to my hot, damp pussy, his wicked tongue inside me, making my legs weak and I feel lightheaded. His tongue thrusting into me, moving all around, sometimes plunging inside me or nuzzling his face into my sweet pussy, setting my body on fire. After just a short time his skillful tongue makes me want to cum, my body tingling, telling me it’s close to the edge of a climax. I arch my back, seeking to have him deeper inside me, my hips involuntarily thrusting .”Oh god yes yes god, god, yes.” I cum, feeling my warm juices as they run down my leg.

Owen stood up, his face wet with my juices. Grabbing the bottle of champagne he up ends the bottle over our bodies. I shrieked as the cold champagne ran down my body, Owen laughed and grabed me holding me close. He kissed me hard, passionately, thrusting his tongue in my mouth, I moaned as I imagined his stiff prick inside my mouth. All the while he was stroking me, running his hands over my Avrupa Yakası Escort wet body. I was covered in champagne from head to toe. He kissed me, licking the champagne from my skin. I respond to him licking the champagne from his body, easing myself down his body, marvelling at how tanned he is, how muscular his strong thighs are. Using my tongue I licked his hard throbbing prick, enjoying the taste of champagne on my tongue. I knelt at his feet, holding his prick in my hand, lifting it up. I lowered my head, licking at his balls, sucking the champagne from his skin. My hand barely reached around his prick, I slowly stroked him up and down, exciting myself at each stroke, imagining that we were screwing already, stretching my pussy wide with his big thick dick. I am fascinated as a drop of precum oozes from his tip, I flick my tongue across the head gathering the droplet into my mouth. The taste in my mouth is slightly salty mingled with champagne.

I take him into my mouth Owen groans quietly as I suck on his prick. Bobbing my head up and down on his huge shaft taking him deep into my mouth, all the way in, he is so big but I just manage. Sucking him hard, my tongue curling around the head, licking the juices as they came forth. One hand on his balls, massaging them, the other on the base of his prick squeezing him tight. Pushing his dick further into my mouth I sucked on him noisely, whimpering a little, giving a blowjob always turned me on. There seemed to me something slightly naughty about it but I enjoyed it so much. I was getting wet thinking of what I was doing in this expensive suite, naked, covered in champagne, giving a near stranger a blowjob. Owen began to jerk, groaning, encouraging me. “Yeah baby, that’s good. Suck it, yeah.” I sucked harder, stroking him faster with my mouth, waiting. He jerked again, he exploded into my mouth, I swallowed tasting his cum mixed with the slight hint of champagne.

Owen’s prick was still hard.. I was impressed! He helped me up kissing me. “Let’s have a spa bath and warm up a little.” Taking me by the hand he led me into the magnificent bathroom. The spa bath is already on Owen guided me in. The water was lovely and warm, the jets bubbling water into the spa. Owen went to a small cupboard in the corner and opening it, revealing a small refrigerator. He grabed a bottle of champagne and went into the bedroom returning with our glasses. He poured me a glass and then one for himself before joining me in the spa. Owen emptied his glass and placed it on the side of the spa, I did the same as he moved close to me. He took me in his arms, lifting me, pulling me to him, so my legs were around his waist. Owen kissed me his tongue slipping into my mouth. Supporting my weight with one strong arm around my waist the other disappeared under the water. I felt his hand travelling up my leg, brushing my inner thigh, sliding along my pussy lips, searching out my opening. I gasped as his fingers slipped easily inside me.

His fingers warmed up my pussy preparing it for the real thing. After a few quick strokes Owen took me in the spa bath, his large, thick erect prick thrusting into my very tight wet welcoming pussy. Embracing him with my tight pussy muscles, contracting, constricting his prick, tightening the grip on this shaft. My pussy was stretched to it’s limits accomodating his vast girth. My arms tightened around his neck, my legs wrapped around his waist, fighting against the resistance of the water. Thrusting my hips against his, impaling myself upon his dick, enjoying the movement of the water but restricted by it’s resistance. Owen stepped from the spa pool, lifting us both with his incredible strength, he used the wall to balance us, holding me so that he is still inside me, plunging his hard prick into my tight pussy. He stood legs spread, pinning me to the wall, his prick inside me thrusting back and forth hard and fast. He gasped as I held him inside me, squeezing as tight as I can, his prick trapped inside by my strong muscles. I relaxed and clenched again, constricting the flow of blood to his penis, milking him, rocking my hips against his pelvic bone driving us both to ecsatacy. “Oh my f***g god that feels so f***g good you f***g whore make me cum… yes god yes oh yes” I felt Owen shudder convulsively inside me as I came too

Owen carried me to the bed and slumped on top of me, I wriggled to the side, releasing our bodies. Owen was nearly asleep, I slide off the bed and onto the floor gathering my clothes. Owen curled up looking vulnerably but sexy. I found my purse leaving him my name and phone number tucked in his leather pants pocket. I kissed him on the cheek. “May we meet again.” Tiptoeing from the room with my high heels in my hands and opening the door I slipped away into the elevator. Downstairs the bellhop hailed me a cab and opened the door, I gave the driver my address and rode home. I got into my single bed thinking of Owen wondering wether we would meet again and what we could do to each other if we did.

The school bell rings, returning me from my thoughts to the school day before me, I walk back to the blackboard. I’m İstanbul Escort write my name on the board as the students start to wander in, talking loudly, quieting a little as they see me, a few of my students from last year greet me. I sit at my desk clearing my throat once,waiting for the chatter to die down. Still there is some whispering, but that I can tolerate. “Morning class. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me, I am Miss Innez. I’m your english teacher and if you respect me then we’ll get on fine. Come up to my desk a few at a time and get an itenerary from me. This has all the books you will need and the topics we will be covering this year.” The students walk to my desk a few at a time. Grabbing the paper and returning to their desks. “Now.” I say as I stand up.Walking to the back of the class my back turned to the classroom door I hear the door open and someone enter. “A great way for us all to get to know each other a little better is to stand, one at a time and tell us a little about youself and what you did during the summer break.” I turn back towards the blackboard seeing the person who has entered the classroom.

I almost stumble as I see Owen with a knapsack casually thrown over his shoulder, wearing baggy jeans and a wrinkled shirt. “Excuse me a minute.” I say to the class. I blush as I near Owen. Even far away I find myself drawn to him, he exudes sexuality. The girls point and whisper about him. “What are you doing here?” I ask him, my voice low. He shrugs his shoulders. “Enrolled this morning.” Surely he must be and adult student? The class starts to chatter. “Take a seat.” I say to him “And see me after class.” I am flustered by his arrival and strive to gain my composure . “Right.” I say as Owen finds a seat in the front row. Smiling at the girl next to him. My heart beats faster, angry at the way he can make me feel jealous with just a look.

“Who wants to go first and introduce themselves to us all?” Hands raise and I pick the first hand I see. I go back to my desk. “Hi, my name is Jackie. I’m 17 and I went to Los Angeles for Summer break. My folks own a house out there. And we went to the beach everyday and the beach parties at night. It was so cool.” I pick the next student and my thoughts wander. Seeing Owen sitting in front of me, excites me but frightens me also. So, we had a one night stand, casual sex. But what was he doing in my classroom? “Miss Innez. Miss Innez? I hear my name. “Yes? Of course, sorry. Let’s just carry on with the person on your left and go throught the remainder of the class that way.” I see Owen stand. “Hi, my name is Owen, I’m an Art major, I’m 18 and I had a fantastic summer break.” My heart flutters in my chest, a feeling of shame pervades my body.Owen was only 18 and I was 36! And now he was my student. I realise he is still talking.” I went to some great parties and met some cool babes.” He looks directly at me. “And I partied hard, you know what I mean?” The boys in the class laugh. I blush more under his stare. “I met this one really cool chick and we got busy.” I clear my throat. “Thank you Owen.” Next person please. Owen sits while the boys clap and cheer him.

The hour drags on and I fear my torment will never be over. Finally the bell rings, the class moves quickly, eager to go to lunch. Owen remains in his seat staring at me, the classroom empty now. “Owen why didn’t you tell me how old you were?” “You never asked.” “God, I can’t believe how young you are. I thought you were in your early 20’s.” I almost start to cry, I had worked hard to get this job in a good school. It was a hard area to get a job in and I needed to keep my reputation, any scandel and I would be fired. The rich parents of these kids would make sure I never worked anywhere else if they thought I slept with my students. Owen watched me carefully. “My family just moved into this area. My dad is the CEO of Compu Corp.” I stand in front of him shellshocked. His father runs the biggest computer company in America. He continued to talk. “My dad thinks I’m great. He wants me to follow in his footsteps.” Staring at me, licking his lips. “Yeah, I’ll follow alright but not the way he wants. He’s a ladies man and is always screwing different woman. I want to be just like him. Strong, powerful, in command. Dominant. To be in control and have people beneath me. Under my control.” Owen stares at me, his ice blue eyes cold, indifferent.

“That’s where you come in.” I start to cry knowing this was not going to be good. Whatever the rich kid wanted he knew he could make me do. I had to keep this job no matter what. But what exactly did he want from me? “I want you to do as I say. No matter what. I’m in charge. If not, I tell my father about us and he’ll make sure you don’t work again.” I nod. I have no choice. “Good.” He says. “Let’s go into the storage room. Im horny.” He goes before me I follow, knowing I must, I have a mortgage to pay and rely on my salary. I enter the small room packed with text books.He shuts the door behind me locking it with the small snip lock . “Take off your blouse.” He orders me in a gruff voice, commanding me to obey him. I undo my blouse, my fingers slipping on the small buttons, knowing I have no control. I slip my blouse off my shoulders letting it fall to the floor, my arms covering my breasts, now clad only in my bra. Wondering what he intends. “Now your skirt.” I shamefully take off my elastic waisted skirt, revealing the lack of panties.

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