A Subs First Journal Entry Pt. 02

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Dear Journal:

Day two with Sir…

I wake alone, but the bed is still warm with note on the pillow “Pet, clean yourself dress in something comfortable, meet me in the restaurant. Tell the hostess the room number, they know what to do”.

I have a quick shower, put my hair up in a tidy roll, dress in soft slacks and a conservative blouse, with a pair of flats to complete the outfit. Sir likes it when I do not wear undergarments. I head down to the café. The hostess takes my room number and gives a sweet smile leading me to a booth by the back window over looking a court yard filled with spring flowers, then bringing me a wonderful smelling decaf café mocha. But no menu.

Miss, your breakfast has already been ordered and will be ready when the other guest arrives. I am slightly put out by this, sir agreed that food choices will always be mine for myself. As I sit and drink my mocha and enjoy the view a feel someone next to me suddenly. I look up and it is Sir standing there watching me with a not happy look in his eyes.

Pet your hair, this will require a conversation after breakfast. I look down at my coffee remembering that when in public my hair must be down. Sir sits across from me, signals to the server, our breakfasts arrive a few minutes later. For both of us poached eggs on toast with tomatoes and melon, and a fresh mocha for me. I look down as I start to eat. Look up pet you know I want to see what you’re thinking and your emotions, I look up at him.

Tell me pet your upset, why?

Sir, food choice was to be mine we agreed. Pet do you not like your meal is it not what you would have ordered for your self? Sir, it’s not that I don’t like it it’s that I did not get to choose it for myself. Alright pet from this point forward, food choice is yours. But, pet your hair is my choice you will be discussing this further much later, for now it my remain as it is as. It fits better for my plans to keep it that way. Now finish your meal.

After our meal we return to the room, so that sir can change in to something as casual as I am wearing. We leave the hotel, Sir takes my hand, walking on the street side of me like a true gentleman. Leading me to a small market area and to a plain building with a bright white door and green shutters on the windows. The door opens as if they new when we would arrive.

A lovely young woman users us inside, to a sitting room set out for guests. I sit and Sir waits by the window. A small man comes in quietly, without looking at me he says, your room is ready and waiting for you, please follow me, I stand and follow with Sir directly behind me. Up a flight of stairs kaynarca escort and down a long hall we come to a big oak door that is open and waiting. The small man hands sir a set of keys, and says it’s yours as long as you feel the need, it has and outside entrance for your convenience. Enjoy your time with us. He refuses to look at me.

Sir, puts his hand on my lower back, in you go pet. I step into a very open space but it’s warm and rather inviting soft leather couches and a great big bed. Wait position pet, I start taking of my clothing and stand with eyes straight forward hands behind my back and wait while sir moves about the room. I can hear and see him gather items and take them to a table behind one of the couches. Come to me pet.

I move across the room and around the couch. Stand arms in front you, I comply, Sir takes my wrists in his warm hands and starts to bind them together, With a well worked soft jute, now sit legs out in front of you, he helps me to the floor. And puts a spreader bar between my ankles, using the soft jute ends from my wrists to braid my ankles to the bar, then lopping it back through my wrist binding tying my wrist to the ring on the center of the bar.

Look at me pet. How do you feel right now? Shall we continue? I am wonderful I purr, Sir more please. He takes the remote from the table a presses a button this lowers a set of rigging chains from the ceiling. Do a V up pet, I obey raising my legs. Sir then uses carabineers’ to attach the spreader bar to the chained rigging, pushing another button I start to rise from the floor.

Relax into it pet, I drop my head back and allow the euphoria to take over. Tell me pet how do you feel? Loved Sir, cause Sir knows my needs. Close your eyes pet, enjoy the feeling. I do this and revel in the suspension with my eyes closed. I feel soft tender touches of fur play over the skin of my legs and arse, traveling around my sides and over my stomach. Is my sweet pet happy? Mmmm yes Sir. Float pet, he gives me slight push so that I am swinging freely. I hear the shutter of a camera and see through my closed lids the flash going off.

After a few minutes of suspension Sir stills my body. Shall we continue pet? Yes Sir I am ready for more. I feel the wondrous warmth of hot wax dribbling over my upper chest, then again over my stomach, over and over. Sir knows me so well and what I need. As the wax cools to my body temperature Sir again takes the camera in hand, snapping several shots of me. I feel the sound cancelling head phones go over my ears and the lovely sound of classical piano play into my ears.

Soon I feel the pins being küçükyalı escort removed from my hair for it to fall in soft cascades from my hanging head, Sir’s hands are in my hair lightly tugging at the root, he places his palm to the back of my neck to raise my head. The headphones are removed, and I feel his cock brush my lips. I open my mouth, Sir enters slowly and with great care fucks my face. Using his hands in my hair and on my neck to move me to the rhythm he needs. I feel his balls tighten just as he pulls out and sprays my face with his cum.

I then feel myself being lowered to the floor again where a very soft blanket is waiting, Sir unbinds me, bundles me in the blanket and wraps his arms around me holding me. What do you need pet you did well, the longest you have lasted in suspension, as he cleans my face? Water and to cum if you allow it Sir.

Before your reward for doing so well in suspension, we must discuss your breaking the rule of your hair down in public. Tell me pet why did you put your hair up rather than wear like your expected?

I cast my eyes down. I didn’t think about it sir I just wanted to get ready quickly, I did not want to have to dry it fully, so that I would not keep you waiting. Ah… but pet I was not waiting, you had the time you needed.

So what should be your punishment for not following my rules, and look at me while you answer. I should not get a reward Sir, I know your rules my hair should have been down, I should have taken the time to be presentable in the manner that pleases you.

That is the correct answer pet, but not the one you should have given, now the punishment is mine to give. Now go drink some water and clean the wax off and come back for inspection. I go into the bathroom run very hot water and soak a cloth to reheat the wax adhering to my skin and then peel each wax droplet of, my skin is soft underneath and very pink, I look speckled. I give myself a quick wash and personal inspection to be sure I am smooth and hairless in all the correct places. Brush out my hair and present myself to Sir out in the room. Hands on the arm of the couch legs spayed head down.

Sir, walks around me hands roaming my body, this excites me but I must not move. I feel the wetness start to leak out of me. I feel the first swat on my arse, and count out one Sir, cause I know that is another rule I must always count them out, after ten very well placed hard swats, my Sir rubs a soothing lotion into my hot red skin. Sir gets on his knees behind me spreads my cheeks apart and licks me from clit to bud feeling me tremble at the electric tingle feeling of is tongue. sancaktepe escort Pet you may not cum until I tell you.

I am right on the edge as Sir rims me and runs his fingers over my clit repeatedly. Suddenly all attention is gone. Sir has stopped cause I am too close to the edge. Turn over pet, lay back over the arm of the couch. I obey and Sir as he puts a hand on the inside of each knee opening me wide. Sir is still full clothed as runs his hands up my thighs until his thumbs reach my dripping wet pussy, Ah my pet always so wet and ready. Sir doesn’t touch me other than a feather light touch as his hand moves over my stomach to my breasts cupping them and pinching my nipples to hardness. He takes one hand away and reaches into his pocket pulling out a set of nipple clamps pinching each nipple again to full hardness he attaches them and tightens them just to the point of sweet pain, then gives a little tug. Then tells me to stand and undress him, I obey. I remove his clothing folding it like I have been taught and placing it on the table, the nipple clamps creating wonderful sensations as they pull and catch on the clothing. Once Sir is nude he orders me to the wall, I assume he means that I should assume the wall position, but he tells me back to the wall pet. I do not see that as Sir approaches he has something in his hand, it a we vibe, he turns it on to the alternating thump and inserts it, just this touch almost sets me to cumming. I have to count in my head to concentrate on not having an orgasm.

With the vibe in place sir raises one of my legs over his hip and enters me swiftly with one deep hard thrust, pushing me into the wall and then holding me pressed between him and the wall and the vibe pressing on my clit driving me insane that I start breathing faster and beg to cum. Please Sir I need this, please let me cum. Sir lifts the chain on the nipple clamps to him mouth tugging my nipples up and out increasing my need, as he starts thrusting hard against the vibe and deep into me.

Between the vibe, the clamps and Sir’s cock. I have difficulty waiting and holding back, I bite my lip and drop my head to Sir’s shoulder. Sir please I need to cum so badly. With a hard tug with his teeth on the nipple clamp chain he drives deep into me allowing to chain to drop. Cum for you Sir Pet cum for me. At the sound of permission my climax over takes me I cum so hard that the strain and lack of oxygen cause me to pass out. I do not feel Sir climax. I wake to with Sir carrying me to the large bed, He gently lays me down. Stroking my hair, Pet your amazing. Sir curls around me holding me close.

When we wake, the small man is in the room setting it up for a meal. He doesn’t look at us while he finishes. I expect him to leave, but instead he comes to the side of the bed presents me with a menu. Sir whispers in my ear, a present for my pet, order your lunch and we will talk about your present…

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