A Summer Too Brief


Hi… I am Dave… a 48-year-old man leading a comfortable middle aged existence. I run my own business, a TV production company with regular contracts with local channels. With a house in the suburbs, two cars in the driveway, an intelligent, beautiful wife who has her own interesting career, and a pretty daughter studying in college, I am a person who is considered to have made it in life… all in all, a pretty nice life with no complications.

Well…until a couple of weeks ago when things started going crazy. And life has not been quite the same ever since. I cannot say that things have taken a turn for the worse. Just that life has taken a rather unexpected twist. And frankly, I don’t know whether I am upset, anxious or excited over this change.

Anyway, I don’t want to keep you in suspense. Let me unfold what has been happening.

About a month ago, one of my friends asked me whether his daughter could intern with me during her summer vacation. She was going to major in Communications in her undergraduate program, and wanted to get a head start on things by getting some practical experience. I had known Nikki since she was a little girl. Very smart, perky and full of beans; someone who was expected to do well in life.

“Sure,” I said, “no problems. Just send her over.”

The next day, Nikki came over to my office promptly at 9.00 am. She was dressed in a simple linen dress, just a hint of make up, black shoes and stockings – very prim and professional.

“Hello, Uncle Dave. Good to see you,” she said, throwing her arms around me and giving me an affectionate hug. I could smell her perfume. A subtle dab of White Linen.

“Same here Nikki…. Gosh, you have really grown up.” She was no longer the little girl I used to josh around with. She had become a very pretty young woman, filled out in all the right places. Suddenly, I felt a bit old and unconsciously I pulled in my stomach.

She laughed. A pearly spontaneous laugh filled with sunshine. “Well, what did you expect, Uncle Dave. I am going to be a sophomore next year.”

For the next hour we discussed her work schedule and what she wanted to do. I told her she could come in every day by noon, when our daily routine would have slowed down a bit. And then she could sit with me or with our production head and get to know the ropes. I promised her that I would also involve her in some actual shoots.

I could see that she had a practical head on her shoulders from the way she was picking up on things – asking the right questions, an eye for detail etc. I suddenly realized that I was quite enjoying talking to her. Maybe, it was because it was something out of the daily routine for me, or maybe it was that Nikki was attractive and charming, or maybe being with a such a vivacious young girl was a refreshing experience for a middle aged guy like me.

After about an hour, Nikki got up to leave. “Thank you very much Uncle Dave. I am sure I’ll enjoy working with you.”

“Sure Nikki. I’m also excited. It will be something new for me too,” I replied. “And you don’t have to call me Uncle. Dave will be fine.”

“Okay…cool,” she replied, with the insouciance of youth. “And what is the dress code in this place? Do you want me to dress very professionally, or is it okay to be casual?”

“Casuals are fine normally,” I replied. ” Jeans, shorts are okay. We dress formal only when we go for client meetings or presentations. So just be yourself.”

“Okay, Dave.” She looked at me mischievously. “It’s okay to call you Dave isn’t it? She gave me a firm handshake and left the room.

“Ah, sweet bird of youth,” I thought. So confident and so full of life. I felt charged up as though some of those youthful hormones had passed on to me.

The next few days were busy ones for me, and I wasn’t able to pay any special attention to Nikki. But she was the perfect intern. Came in on time every day, and got along famously with the rest of the office staff. Every day when she came in she would come into my office and give me quick hug. “Okay, what have you got for me today, Dave,” would be her first question. She was a quick learner and had a natural flair for the media business. I was beginning to enjoy having her around the office.

The next Friday, I got a call from her in the morning. “Hi Dave, this is Nikki. Can I come in a bit late this afternoon? The Varsity cheerleading squad is having its tryouts and I have to be there. I will come in after that. Hope its okay by you.”

“Sure Nikki, ” I replied, “today is going to be a slow day anyway. So take your time.”

The day passed by quickly. Since it was a weekend, most of the staff had left by early afternoon, and I was the only person left in the office by the time Nikki strolled in by about 4.pm. I was viewing the rushes of some material we had shot for a corporate film.

“Oh hello Nikki. How did the cheerleading tryouts go?”

“Guess what? Yours truly made it into the squad,” she replied, pirouetting before me, her face sparkling with excitement. ” I made it Dave. I feel so excited.” She walked over and gave me a warm hug. ” But escort levent I’m really bushed. It is so warm out there.”

“Well… grab a cold drink and catch your breath. And then tell me all about it.” I could see that she was in a mood to chat. Her excitement was infectious.

Nikki walked over to the refrigerator that I keep in one corner of my office. She was in her cheerleading costume. A real perky number. A short pleated skirt in white and green with matching green lycra bikini briefs. Complementing it was a short sleeveless halter top in white with green trim. It was more a sports bra than a halter-top and it fitted her like a glove. She was all flushed and pink and looked absolutely smashing.

She opened the door of the refrigerator and bent down to look inside, giving me a perfect view of her smooth legs and her luscious backside clad in tight lycra.

“Dave,” she said, turning to me, “is it okay for me to have a beer?” She raised her right eyebrow in a look that was partly conspiratorial and partly pleading. “You know I’m 19.”

“Oh sure,” I replied. “I guess you are now old enough to have a beer. Will you get me one as well?”

She picked up two cold cans of Bud and walked over to the console where I was seated. She handed one can to me, and perched herself on a corner of the table with one leg stretched out and the other dangling about a foot off the floor. She was wearing white sneakers with a green swoosh and white gym socks with tiny pom poms around the ankles. With a contended sigh she rubbed the cold can over her face and neck before popping the tab and taking a sip.

‘That feels really good. You are a sport, Dave.” She leaned forward and touched my cheek. With the back of her hand she rubbed the droplets of beer from her lips before tilting her head back to take another swallow. Her legs were glistening with tiny beads of perspiration.

‘Where is everyone?” she asked. “The office seems empty.”

“Today is Friday, my dear” I replied. “Only the boss has to stay back, and that too because he has to. I have to preview these rushes and have them ready for editing on Monday. Want to help me?”

“Sure,” she replied. Getting off her perch she pulled a chair and sat down facing me. “But first, let me catch my breath. I still cannot believe that I made it into the squad. It was killer competition this year. But I nailed it with my final routine. Oh Dave, it felt so good.”

She placed the can of beer on the floor beside her chair and stretched her arms out behind her, her eyes closed shut in happiness and her legs spread slightly open. I could see she was absolutely turned on with excitement. Her nipples were clearly visible, and I could even see the outlines of her dark aureoles though the damp halter-top. She had a tiny tattoo of a dove near her navel and also a belly ring. Her skirt had ridden up her legs and I could see between them…. A plump green mound of lycra with a darker line of moisture running through the middle. I was beginning to feel a little hot and uncomfortable.

“So, you have a belly ring, I notice,” I said, trying to hide my discomfort and make some small talk.

“Pretty cool, huh?” she replied. “You like it? All my friends have it. We did it for a lark at the beginning of summer.”

“Does it hurt?” I asked, trying to keep my eyes away from the dark space between her legs.

“Oh no, there’s no pain at all.” She got up from her chair and walked over to me. “Here, you can touch it. No need to feel squeamish.” She stood next to me, her waist level with my face. She smelled nice. Like fresh oranges.

She took my right hand and placed it on the belly ring. “Go ahead…feel it. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

Her stomach felt smooth and taut. I ran my fingers over the silver ring feeling its smooth curves. The metal felt cool against my feverish fingers. I noticed she had a patina of fine blonde hair trailing down from her navel. My other hand went around her backside, drawing her closer to me.

“You smell very nice Nikki,” I almost stuttered.

“You like it? It’s a new body splash. Orange Blossom.” She looked down at me, her eyes turning a shade smoky.

With my index finger I stoked the insides of her belly button tracing the indentation where the ring had punctured the flesh. And then tugged gently on the belly ring.

“Hmmm… that feels good, Dave” she murmured.

“You’re sure it doesn’t hurt?” I asked. This time my voice was just a whisper.

“No…. it feels good. Please don’t stop.”

I drew her closer, her body just inches from my face. I looked up. Her eyes were closed and I could see the pink tip of her tongue running slowly over her lips. I leaned my face forward and blew softly on her navel, and then slowly stuck my tongue out and moved it gently over her belly ring. A slight saltiness mixed with the metallic taste of silver.

I lowered the hand I had on her backside till it came below her skirt and made contact with her flesh. I let is stay there a while, not certain of her reactions. She shifted on her feet, slightly parting her legs, and put one hand on escort bayan istanbul my chair to support herself. She looked down at me with a mixture of doubt and desire.

At that juncture she was no longer a young girl my daughter’s age. She was all woman; in charge of the moment. I felt an imperceptible movement as she shifted closer, her legs touching mine. Her lips curved – a hint of a smile, her eyes conveying an electric message of consent.

My hands moved up, feeling the silken skin on the back of her thighs and then the smooth curves of her ass cheeks.

“Hmmm. Dave …go on….” she whispered. She drew my face into her belly and started running her fingers through my hair.

I slipped my hand under the elastic bands of lycra and started caressing the smooth curves of her ass. I felt lightheaded, almost giddy with desire. My throat was parched and my tongue was dry. I pushed my fingers into the cleft between her ass cheeks. It felt damp and slippery; hot and steamy. I rubbed the slick, coating my fingers with her stickiness. My index finger moved forward, probing at the puckered ring of her asshole.

“Oh my God.” Her voice was tinge with urgency.

I moved my head down and rubbed my face against her bulging mound. The gusset of her panties was dark with her juices and the material clung to her undulating mons. The aroma of a woman in heat met m nostrils as I moved in closer. Nikki began to groan and started making whimpering noises from her throat. In one deft movement she unfastened her skirt. It slid down, lying pooled over her shoes. Grabbing my head with both hands, she started to grind her wet crotch against my face, smearing my cheeks with her juices.

I pushed the gusset of her panties to one side to reveal her slippery wet gash, pink and swollen. Strands of blonde hair were plastered to the sides of her glistening pussy. I pushed my head forward and kissed the wet lips, inhaling her musk and aroma. Again, I began to feel lightheaded. With the tip of my tongue, I began to trace the outline of her sensitive pussy lips.

“Lick me honey,” Nikki cried out, thrusting her hips forward so that her pussy lips parted to reveal the raw pink inner flesh shining pearly with her juices. She used the fingers of both her hands to separate her sticky labial lips. Her clitoris stuck out like a shiny red button.

I then began to lick her with thick wide strokes. With each stroke she started groaning with pleasure. Little mewling noises emerged from her throat. I pushed my tongue deeper inside her hole, savoring her juices. She tasted wonderful. Like lemon juice; tart and sharp.

Meanwhile, my index finger was busy exploring her nether hole. I managed to slip the finger in upto my knuckle. It was tight and hot inside and I slowly wriggled my finger, feeling the satiny inner walls of her bum. It felt buttery and gelatinous. With every wriggle of my finger, I could feel Nikki’s pussy bucking against my hungry lips.

“Oh Dave,” she moaned, “eat me. Please don’t stop baby.” Her voice was hoarse with urgency.

I moved my mouth down and started tickling her asshole with the tip of my tongue. She began to writhe with pleasure.

“Oh yes…oh yes,” a raw cry escaped her lips. A fine film of perspiration covered her delicate features. The tips of her breasts were pushing out against the damp halter-top and her chest was heaving with quick breaths.

I returned my tongue to the slippery warmth of her weeping pussy. Her hands moved to the back of my neck, more insistent, guiding my head to the sensitive spots as her agitation grew to boiling point. I moved my head up and own, my tongue rasping on the elastic edges of her lycra panties. I was in heaven, deliciously squeezing the pliant flesh of her bum, and savoring the tender succulence of cunt and ass. She was spending copiously, filling my mouth with her salty tart juices.

“Stop,” she whispered urgently. “I’m very hot. I want to fuck now. Get undressed,” she ordered.

I got up from the chair and with fumbling fingers removed my clothes and shoes. I was literally on fire, shaking with desire.

When I looked up, Nikki had removed her halter-top and had her hands on the waistband of her panties, which were caught in the cleft of her bottom. Her breasts were not too large, adolescent mounds just budding into womanhood. They were the color of ripe wheat. She had large aureoles, a dark pink, and her nipples were long and hard, a ruby red in color.

“You like what you see, Dave?” she asked with a teasing smile. She then began tugging the gusset of her panties free from the damp blond curls of her pussy, a long strand of viscous fluid trailing from it. I snatched the garment from her hands and pressed it to my face.

“You smell hot honey,” I said, running my tongue over the damp material and savoring her juices. “Leave your shoes and socks on, it makes you look sexier.”

Cupping her breasts in her hands with a wanton look, she walked over to me and pushed me down on the chair before kneeling down in front of me. Reaching up, she took my face in her hands and looked escort bağcılar deep into my eyes and kissed me, licking my lips with her tongue. I parted my lips open for her, and let her tongue flutter into my mouth. I felt the tip of her tongue rub against mine, an electric eel touch. My cock throbbed to life, rubbing against the warm flesh of her belly. I bit her tongue, releasing a flood of sweet saliva into my mouth.

Nikki released my face from her hands and moved her head down, her long blond hair flowing down my neck – a trail of gossamer softness. There was the smell of honeysuckle in her hair. Her moist lips fluttered over my nipples grazing them. She took the cold can of beer from the floor and rubbed it against my sensitive nipples. My nipples puckered in response. Her lips parted and her tongue – pink, wet and utterly lascivious – snaked out and started licking one nipple.

“Oh God, ” I groaned, as she started squeezing the other nipple with her fingers. My cock was now twitching and a dull ache was flooding my loins. She settled herself down straddling one of my legs and slowly began to rub her wet pussy against the burning flesh of my protruding knee. I could feel her warm juices spreading in a slippery stain over my knee. She took one nipple into her mouth and started sucking on it. Her fingers started kneading my other nipple, pinching and squeezing it alternately. The pain was exquisite.

And then Nikki moved her mouth moved down, tracing a wet path to my groin. She stopped for a brief moment at my navel, sticking her tongue into my belly button and coating it with saliva. Finally her golden head settled between my legs, her hair descending like a silken wrap over my groin. Her warm breath caressed my turgid cock and heavy balls. She sniffed deeply, taking in the musk arising like a heat wave from between my legs.

‘Hmmm…. I love your smell,” she murmured, nuzzling her face deeper between my legs like a baby calf suckling up to its mother.

My cock was now standing up like a proud shaft, shooting up from the thicket of dark brown curls at its base. The velvety skin had a golden glow, and the thick veins on it were pulsing with life.

Nikki took my cock in her hand, softly squeezing it, and then rubbing it, running her fingers down to the base and slowly stroking the heavy balls. Her touch was incredibly soft, like velvet, and sent shivers down my spine. Her fingers fluttered up and down the throbbing length, lightly tracing the sensitive veins on the underside of the shaft. She bent her head down and kissed the knob. A drop of precum pearled up on the velvety tip and she stuck her tongue to catch it as it rolled down. She then licked the foreskin and sucked the head, moving her head up and down the whole length. I could feel my knob touching her soft palate. I held her head with both my hands as I guided my cock in and out of the warm, wet cavern of her mouth. I was in heaven.

Then suddenly Nikki removed my cock from her mouth and once again encircled the shaft with both hands, peeling back the foreskin till my knob stuck out like a rampant purple lollipop. Bending her head down, she fluttered her eyelashes over the knob. The sensation was incredible. With one hand, she cupped the sack of my testicles, squeezing it gently.

I must be in a dream, I thought. My God, this was fantastic.

Once again, Nikki started licking the knob, laving it with saliva and gently nibbling on the folds of foreskin that lay settled like a crumpled velvet sheath around the ring of my cock. She kissed the shaft, murmuring sweet nothings and rubbed it all around her face, smearing her cheeks and neck with my saliva and my juices.

“I love your cock, Dave,” she murmured, sucking on it like a lollipop. Meanwhile, she had positioned her wet sloppy pussy against my leg and was furiously her slippery crack up and down my ankle. One of her hands had crept down between her legs and was stroking her clitoris. I could feel her fingers scrabbling like an eager crab in the slippery space between my ankle and her pussy lips. Her breathing had become uneven and heavy. Her breasts were covered with a fine film of sweat and her eyes were looking glazed.

“Oh, my God, Nikki,” I cried, as my cock disappeared once again between her red lips into the fiery cauldron of her mouth. I felt a dull pain building up at the base of my cock, and I could sense the sap rising from the very roots of my being.

I quickly pulled out my cock from my mouth. There was a loud wet popping noise and Nikki opened her eyes in surprise, as if searching for something sweet that she had lost.

“Get up,” I ordered her. ” I want you know.” I pulled her on her feet, and made her bend her over and grasp the arms of the chair so that her ass jutted out invitingly. Her pink flushed quim stuck out like a wide, open maw, wet and shining, and the cheeks of her ass were glistening with her honey. I stepped in behind her, and squeezed the globes of her ass, gently massaging the juices into her smooth skin. Grasping her round plump hips with both my hands, I eased my hot throbbing dick into her slippery hole. I held it there for a few moments, lasciviously enjoying the sight of the purple head rubbing against the wet, pink folds of her labia, before driving it in with a heavy thrust. I could feel the inflamed lips of her pussy closing over my thick shaft as it sank in wetly.

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