A Sunday Bus Ride


I watched her as she stepped onto the bus, my eyes drawn like a moth to flame as the man with her flashed a pair of passes to the bus driver. Like me, his eyes followed the swaying leash, suspended between his hand and the delicate looking leather collar she wore. It wasn’t the her most remarkable feature, but it was certainly the most out of the ordinary. She was a pretty little thing, and young. In fact, my gut reaction was that she was much too young for her companion. Although fit, there was little doubt that he was closer to 50 then 40. Rough around the edges, but still good looking, and tall, making her look even younger than my guess of early 20’s.I watched as he led her down the aisle, trying to get a better look while pretending to be engrossed in a suddenly unappetizing spy thriller. Finally, I was rewarded as he took a seat a handful of rows in front of me. Surprisingly, she remained standing, allowing me to drink in the details I’d missed before. Her hair hung in wavy curls, spilling over her shoulders, making her appear glamorous. Turned to one side, I admired her shape, a tightly clinging dress showing the silhouette of her slight frame, reinforcing the impression of a girl in her teens. Turned as she was, it was hard to ignore the way each breath lifted her perfectly shaped, if small, breasts, nor the obvious shape of her nipples. It being a warm night, it was easy to guess that she was in a state of arousal, reinforced by the rosy glow upon her cheeks and the way her lips hung open invitingly. Enjoying the view, I continued to watch, careful not to draw attention to myself.He spoke to her, his words too soft to decipher, and I watched from the corner of my eye as she glanced around the bus. Other then the driver and myself the vehicle was vacant, not such a rare occurrence on a Sunday afternoon. I saw her draw a sigh as she glanced back, one that seemingly caught in her throat when her gaze focused on me, staring at me until, finally, I left behind all pretense and lifted my head, acknowledging that this lovely creature had captured my full attention. Her smile was tenuous, born of resignation, if I judged right. I watched it fade from her lips, if not her emerald eyes, taking note Çekmeköy escort bayan of how her bangs accentuated her fine brows, and how her high cheek bones gave a fragile look to her face. Her cherry red lips held the soft sheen of gloss and I couldn’t help but think that she’d be a good kisser.Captivated, my paperback forgotten, I watched her watching me, curious at her seeming interest in me, no longer bothering to mask my regard except for a quick glance at her companion. He surprised me, catching my eye, a knowing smile turning the corners of his lips up as he nodded at the girl. It was as good as an invitation to openly ogle her was I was going to get, and I took advantage of it, making no secret of my gaze concentrating on how high the hem of her dress swayed on her otherwise bare thighs. She was wearing a pair of open toed sandals that lifted her heels about 3 inches off the floor of the moving vehicle, her feet spread slightly apart to help balance, one hand gripping the seat as the bus bumped gently over a small pot hole.This time when her companion spoke, purposefully letting his voice carry to where I was seated. “Kitten. Remember your instructions.”I watched her blush, thinking that it looked cute on her, shedding even more years from her face as she hid her eyes beneath lightly masacared lashes. She nodded, her gaze darting around the bus once again in a brief moment of panic, before falling shyly on my face. Curious, I leaned forward, staring intensely, the stirring of my cock making me glad that my lower half was blocked from her view as I watched her trembling fingers pinch the hem of her dress and lift, slowly exposing more and more of her bare thighs. My mouth went dry as she paused just below the point of indecency, and my imagination went wild. Just a few more inches and I might get a glimpse. Would she be wearing cute little cotton panties or something lacy and sheer. Or, perhaps she’d be bare and I’d get a glimpse of her naked cunt. I managed to lift my eyes to her face, her own eyes rising to met mine. I watched her close her eyes as she swallowed hard, my gaze quickly shifting between her thighs once more, just in time to watch Escort Gebze her reveal a pair of pink underwear, the front panel darker then the rest, obviously wet.Her thighs trembled, as did her hands, as she held her pose, obviously embarrassed by the view I was getting, and just as obviously aroused. Briefly, I wondered what the driver could see in the mirror, discarding the thought as movement drew my attention back to her hands. Still loosely clenching her hem, she traced the waistband of her panties with her fingertips. I caught her licking her lips, a look of bliss on her face as if she was only partially aware of my presence. From the way her breasts rose and fell, there was little doubt how good that simple little motion was making her feel, not that she stopped there.I’d have been unable to tear my eyes from her, even if I’d wanted to, my own breath growing ragged as she ran a single digit down and then up again, pushing the material between the pouting lips of her wet pussy, leaving very little to my imagination.”Oh, fuck.” I whispered, barely aware that I’d spoken, or if it had been audible. Not that I cared. My private little viewing was the only thing that mattered just then. Shifting in my seat, I adjusted myself, all too aware of how my swollen cock pressed against my jeans, begging to be freed. For a mad moment I considered doing just that, unzipping my Levi’s and pulling it out, knowing how good it would feel to stroke myself as I watched her. Good sense prevailed, and I kept my hands on the back of the seat in front of me, content for the moment, to simply watch this beautiful creature tease me, wondering how far she would go, my fevered imagination picturing her glossy lips engulfing my cock as she knelt at my feet on the floor of the bus, her leash wrapped around my wrist. This time I knew my soft groan was audible. It drew a smile from her, shy and yet full of hunger as I heard her voice for the first time. It fit her, I thought. Soft and almost innocent, at odds with her actions.”Do you like watching me? Do you want to see more?” she asked, and I nodded, somehow getting the words out that any other red blooded male would have in my position.”Show Şerifali escort me your cunt, baby.”Her giggle was as shy as her voice, drawing my attention once again to her face. Her eyes were no longer hidden behind lashes, nor did she look away as our gazes locked. She opened them wide, as if forcing herself not to look away, licking her lips slowly for my benefit. “Say please…””Show me your fucking cunt now.”I’m not sure what came over me, but instead of asking her nicely, I demanded it. She looked startled at first, and I wondered if I’d made a mistake, holding my breath, my dark eyes boring into hers. It became a battle of wills, one that I could see I was slowly winning. Finally, she lost, her head turning towards the man who still held her leash, as if in supplication, getting none.”You heard the man, Kitten. Show him your cunt.”I watched her mouth, trying to form a protest, unable to make a sound. Then, my attention was elsewhere, drinking in the hottest sight I’d ever imagined, her hands pushing into her little panties, obviously stroking her cunt slowly, hidden from my prying eyes. I felt a renewed surge of lust in my groin, and found myself rubbing the crotch of my jeans with one hand, knowing I should stop, but unable to, the feeling so amazing as I watched her masturbate for me, still holding her dress up so that I could enjoy every moment.”I’m so wet, Mister.” Her affectation of a little girl voice did little to quell my rising lust as her hand moved beneath her soaked panties, making it obvious when she slipped her fingers inside, her lusty whimper making her enjoyment clear.”I want to see your sweet little cunt.” I reminded her, having almost forgotten myself. Hesitantly, she stopped, drawing her fingers from her waistband. They glistened with her nectar. I longed to taste her,to take them in my mouth and suck her pussy juices from them, imagining how she would taste, the sweet aroma of peaches coming easily to mind for some reason. I held my breath, noting how her lower lip was clenched gently between her teeth as she lowered her hand, brushing her nipple through her thin dress, an audible gasp escaping her lips. Mesmerized, I followed her movement, feeling a stab of disappointment when she let go of her hem, her dress covering her delicious, panty clad, pussy.She hooked her thumbs in her cotton underwear, showing off her bare thighs once again, and began wiggling suggestively, obviously pushing them down her legs, her dress hiding her delights from my prying eyes.

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