A Surprise After His Football Match


We’d been apart for a few weeks and it was driving me crazy. We’d sent pictures and sex texts but it was nowhere near enough. I had to have you, and I refused to spend another night alone without your company.

So I’d made sure you had no plans after your daytime football match. I’d found out from your team mate what time you’d be home, and I’d hidden my car round the corner from your house as I pulled up.

It was dark, and I saw the welcoming amber glow of your bedroom light as I approached the house, my legs shaking as I walked. It was a hot night and I had on a short black dress that showed a lot of cleavage and had a zip in the middle of the cleavage so you could have easy access. Underneath, I hadn’t worn a bra. I only had on a black pair of crotchless knickers, and I felt wet at the anticipation of you.

I took out my phone as I arrived at your door. There was a message from you, saying you were horny and wanted a dirty picture. Smiling, I texted you back. Open your front door.

I saw the light come on, and there you were.

Your jaw dropped as you looked at me, then you smiled and pulled me into your arms.

“Can’t believe you’re here baby,” you whispered.

“I couldn’t stay away any longer,” I replied.

I pulled you into a soft kiss, and moaned as our lips met. I placed my hand on your beautiful caramel colour cheek and you slid your hand up my dress, squeezing my backside and pulling me closer.

Eventually we broke away and walked up to your bedroom. I watched your sexy bum as you walked in front of me, and we finally arrived in your room and lay down on your bed. The tv was on, and I turned it off. We began Kıbrıs Escort kissing again, you half on top of me, stroking my hips and thighs and I moaned beneath you, feeling my wetness drip from my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together and you grinned knowingly, then pushed my thighs apart. You pulled up my dress and kissed my stomach. But you weren’t wasting time. Pulling off my knickers you threw them to the floor and dived into my pussy as though you were a dying man and it was your oxygen. Your tongue licked me gently, circling my clit and then you pushed it up into me, fucking me with it and I grabbed my breasts in my state of raw lust for you. Seeing this your eyes glazed and you spank my pussy hard. I pull my breasts from my dress and squeeze my nipples and you spank me there again and thrust a finger up inside me. I moan loudly, on the verge of coming.

But I want you so much.

I wriggle away from you and push you down on the bed. Your erection is straining against your tracksuit bottoms, and I pull them and your boxers down. Your dick springs free and I gasp at its size. Its always bigger than I think.

I grab hold of it and kiss it all over as you groan, then I lick your head, pressing my tongue into the hole and then finally begin to suck. One hand wrapped round it I suck you hard then slow and soft then hard as your moans get louder.

Grabbing my head you pull me up and lead me to the corner of your bedroom and roughly shove me against the wall, bending me so my bum sticks up in the air and then you thrust into me so hard without warning that I scream and my pussy clamps around you. You grab my hair and yank it back. You spank me hard Kıbrıs Escort Bayan six times, fucking me completely with all your strength. Grabbing my hair again you spin me round and force me on my knees. You stand in front of me rubbing your dick over my face and breasts, then you slap my face with it and tell me I’m a naughty little slut. I moan against you, and take you into my mouth once more.

You sit down on a chair in the corner and guide me on to your lap and on to your penis. I bounce up and down as you hold my breasts, moaning in my ear. I jump off you, lie on the floor in front of you and open my legs wide for you.

You lick your lips before joining me, sliding in to me and slamming me once again. I’m getting carpet burns but its so amazing I don’t care and all of a sudden I tense and feel you do the same, then we’re coming together there on your floor.

We hold each other for a while, just panting.

“I love you baby,” you say eventually and I say it back. We get up, I get into bed and you go to get us some water.

We lie together and chat about our days. You’re tired, and I stroke your hair as you close your eyes. We begin a gentle kiss, gently running our hands over each others bodies. And then the atmosphere changes again. Its suddenly electric. Our breathing is deeper and I feel your hardness press against me. I gently stroke it through your boxers and you do the same to me. You slide my knickers down and gently begin to finger me with two long fingers. I begin to touch you, to wank you and your fingers feel so good I feel dizzy. I moan louder as I feel you push a third finger into me harder and I can hear my juices Escort Kıbrıs sloshing about appreciating your fingers. You push my knickers into my mouth and you finger me even deeper. Then you stop, pull my knickers out and stick your fingers inside my mouth. Moaning I suck them as though I’m sucking your cock. You moan back then put your fingers in your own mouth.

We go to the wall again and you fuck me hard. Gently you insert a finger into my ass and I moan and buck against you. Its so intense and so amazing. I kneel in front of you again, and you place your cock between my breasts. I push them together as you push up and down and lick your head. I slide a finger into your ass and you moan loudly, humping my finger and spill your hot cum all over my boobs. I moan and rub it into my chest and you smile, knowing how freaky I can get when I want your cum.

Exhausted we head back to bed. You kiss my head and we cuddle up all fall asleep.

I wake a while later and check my phone. It’s 4am. I turn to you, and watch you sleep a while. Then I shut my eyes again. But with a thrill, I feel your hand creep to my pussy and begin massaging me. I do nothing for a while but I can’t help my moans and I kiss you. Gently you guide me on top of your already rock hard shaft and I push down. You enter me and soon I can’t help but ride you as hard as I can. You moan and spank me, then push a finger into my ass. I rise off you, turn around and pull my ass cheeks apart for you. You wink at me, and gently guide your cock into my ass. The pain makes me whimper and shake but soon as you stretch me I love it. Your fingers enter my pussy and soon you’re fucking me hard, moaning my name, your bed springs are so loud and its so good then we’re coming hard, so hard, cum drips down my thighs and I feel you fill my ass up. Well and truly fucked, we get back to bed and fall asleep, dreaming of what will happen in the morning.

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