A Surprise FOR Miss Judy – Part 6


It had been more than a month since she’d seen Tim at Miss Judy’s, but she hadn’t seen him since despite keeping a keen eye out for him as she walked the campus to and from her classes. She didn’t have any idea what she would say to him if she did manage to find him but hoped that if nothing else, she’d find a kindred spirit with whom she could share these most secret desires. She had no close girlfriends with whom she shared any secrets, in fact, she had no good friends at school at all including her roommate, her only such friend back home whom she’d grown up with.In the interest of getting to know more people at school, she attended a dorm party; something she’d avoided so far since she didn’t do well in large groups of people, especially those she hardly knew. She talked for a while with her roommate, probably more than they’d talked the entire school year so far, but it started getting strained and they separated to mix with the others.Sara wandered around the large community room looking for friendly faces, classmates, and anybody who wasn’t a complete stranger and was having no luck. She was about to leave totally frustrated with the whole process when she spotted a familiar face sitting in a row of chairs in a remote corner. Is that Tim? It is!She started walking his way cognizant of the effect seeing her would likely have on him. Within speaking distance, she slowed her eager pace noticing he seemed uncomfortable already, looking around the room as though he was lost and needed a lifeline. She approached cautiously but when just a few yards away he saw her and recognized her, he almost immediately got up to leave.“Please don’t leave, Tim!?” she pleaded. “Please?” Still looking apprehensive, he stopped and seemed to look at Sara differently, taking more notice of her, maybe even interest.Could it be any more embarrassing, he thought, to meet the person who’d seen him grab his cock after just having been spanked two hundred times over Miss Judy’s knee. The one person who may know his secret; that he loves getting spanked. ‘Maybe this is not a bad thing’ he thought to himself and that is what kept him from running.A lifelong spanko, Tim had been spanked by his mother many times, an experience that was occasionally more than the punishment it was meant to be. He too was spanked when he’d gotten bad grades and as these were given with disappointment rather than anger, they had the potential to be somewhat pleasurable. The last two times before he left for college, he’d gone to the bathroom afterward to take care of his arousal. When his mother suggested the arrangement with Miss Judy, he had to consciously hide his excitement at the prospect of a professional giving him a spanking, a real spanking in his mind.He had stood up when he was about to bolt and now remained standing as Sara approached. He noticed her subtle charm, what he’d once heard described as a girl-next-door look. She had a cute, Sex hikayeleri friendly face with shoulder-length light brown hair. Her body was slim, but attractive again in a sort of innocent way, but when she turned a little his eyes fixed on her cute, round bottom, an obvious object of his desires given his love of spanking. He still found it difficult to make eye contact, given what she’d seen but he did look briefly into her green/gold eyes and motioned to a chair, inviting her to sit.Sara could see how apprehensive he was and totally understood. She would have felt the same way had her roommate wandered in that first time she’d fingered her wet pussy to the memory of the paddling she’s just received leading to several orgasms. She decided she had to put his mind at ease as quickly as possible if they were to connect in any meaningful way.“Tim? There’s no reason to be embarrassed,” she started in a voice just above a whisper, and, seeing his eyes questioning ‘why?’ she added, “I like it too! … getting spanked! I like it!”“Really?” he asked, not believing her yet.“Yes. Really,” she replied, but still seeing doubt in his eyes added, “When I left Miss Judy’s that day after getting the hairbrush, I went straight to my dorm room and … and, you know … touched myself till I came … several times!”“You got the brush?” he asked as though it were something to be proud of.“Yes, and oh-my-god it hurt! … down to the last swat! But it also felt so good after! I was so wet I was afraid Miss Judy might notice,” she confided. She saw him visibly relax and got a small smile as well.“I just got spanked,” he said like it was nothing compared to her punishment. “I got a B on my essay, so I got …”“Two hundred spanks,” Sara finished for him. “Over her knee, on your bare bottom!” she added as though the image of it was turning her on again. “I’m Sara, by the way,” she said realizing he didn’t know her name.“Tim, but I guess you know that but how?”“I walked in just as you were entering the room and heard Miss Judy welcome you.”“So, you heard the whole …” he stopped, his eyes widening and embarrassment returning.“… the whole spanking,” she finished for him again, “and it was so hot! I couldn’t stop listening and anticipating what I would get next! Tim, when you came out of the room and … you know … it made me realize that I could like it! … enjoy having my bottom spanked!” she admitted trying to set him at ease again, which seemed to work.“Sara, I can’t believe you’re telling me this! Maybe we should go somewhere we can talk more freely?”“I’d love to, Tim! A cup of coffee in the dining hall? It should be pretty empty at this time on a Friday.”So, they left together and had several cups of coffee as they compared notes on their spanking experiences gradually getting more detailed in their stories. Though Sara had only recently discovered her interest while Tim seemed to have known his whole life, they decided Sikiş hikayeleri their current interests were very much the same.Over the following weeks, they met often and though they occasionally asked about classes and other school experiences, the topic of spanking monopolized their conversation. While they shared some very intimate details concerning spanking, it surprisingly never led to them doing anything more than kissing each other, and that was usually just when they’d meet or separate.While they hadn’t discussed their sexual experiences yet, and truthfully there wasn’t much to discuss, they did conclude without saying as such that they were both very inexperienced and therefore rather naïve about sexual pleasures.When it came to spanking, however, they were united in their lust and desire to get spanked again, both wanting that to happen as soon as possible. Whether it was just being such ‘good’ kids or the fact that they both wanted to be spanked, the thought of them spanking each other never entered the conversation, or even their minds. Instead, they started scheming for a way to get spanked again by Miss Judy.Comparing notes, they shared their initial meetings with Miss Judy and how much emphasis was placed on them being adults and responsible enough to know when they needed to be punished and therefore should arrange for that to happen on their own based on the ‘honor system’. Realizing that they’d both had to tell her what assignment and grade had earned them their punishment, they concluded that Miss Judy didn’t actually know the specifics and relied on their honesty to determine first, that they needed to be punished and second, what kind of punishment it would be.“So, what if we weren’t so honest about it,” Tim suggested.“What do you mean,” she asked as though this was a totally foreign concept.“Well, why couldn’t we make an appointment without having a bad grade?”“So, we just make an appointment and tell Miss Judy about a fictitious assignment we’d gotten a bad grade on and … and get spanked!?” Such devious ideas never occurred to such well-behaved kids before and they both smiled at their newfound naughtiness. Going back to Sara’s dorm, they logged into Miss Judy’s system to make an appointment.“Just spankings, okay? No hairbrush or paddle!” Sara suggested remembering the intense pain hairbrush spanking she’d gotten and the next would be fifty swats.“Agreed and we’ll make the times together so we can listen in on each other and leave together!” Tim contributed.“Good idea! I should go first though so you can listen to mine since I listened to yours last. Tim, I just thought of something. I’m gonna get two hundred and you’re gonna get three this time. If we do this again, it’ll be three for me and four for you!”“Let’s worry about the next time later. By that time, we may want the hairbrush or paddle,” he reasoned.Their appointments were made for the following Erotik hikaye day after classes, they then worked on what they would tell Miss Judy, what they would wear, and what they’d do afterward. Now they just had to wait, but it didn’t take long given how nervous they were about the whole scheme. Neither had done anything this deceptive and were having second thoughts, but as there was no way to cancel an appointment, they had to go through with it.Arriving at Miss Judy’s, Sara went in first while Tim waited to hear her announced on the intercom after which he’d go in. They agreed to speak a little louder and clearer so the other could hear the dialog leading up to their punishment. A few minutes later he heard his cue and went in just in time to hear the beginning.“Why are you here today, Sara?” Miss Judy asked, secretly delighted to have her favorite ‘little girl’ over her knee for another spanking. She preferred using her hand over the hairbrush Sara had gotten last time since she loved the feeling of having her firm, round bottom in her hands.“I got a B on a pop quiz in American History. I guess I should know this stuff and I’m gonna get spanked, but that class is really boring, Miss Judy,” she confessed.“Boring or not, Sara, you need good grades in all your classes to have the kind of overall average I know you want when your schooling is done. Now tell me how you should be punished.”“Yes, Miss Judy. I got a B so it’s a spanking this time and it’s my third, so I get two hundred, right?” She was already wet when she entered the room, but she could feel her panties getting wetter, especially knowing that Tim was listening to every word.“Correct. Get up and take your pants and panties down.” Having worn skirts previously Sara wore pants this time, wanting to feel what it was like to have her legs covered and her bottom the only exposed flesh. Judy took the seat Sara had been sitting in and patting her thigh said, “Come, over my knee.”Sara expected the spanking to begin as soon as she was in position, but Judy was enjoying the feeling of her perfect bottom. The hesitation was noticeable, but not long, and, soon enough, she was squirming on Miss Judy’s lap, getting a painful but also pleasurable spanking. She also liked the feeling of a hand on her tender bottom but recognized the pain was different from the hairbrush; not better, just different.Again, the thought of Tim just outside hearing the sound of her bottom being smacked along with her gasps and groans, was exciting and she played it up a bit for his benefit. She recognized the pattern of spanks as the same as her first spanking but doubled so twenty followed by forty and when she got to sixty, it was ten at a time on one cheek. The pain was getting intense but also giving her a similar numbing sensation as with the hairbrush, which allowed her to enjoy it a bit.The next round of eighty meant twenty on each side which elicited genuine cries of pain, with thrilling internal feelings that went right to her crotch. She both wanted it to end and to go on much longer, but as the much harder final twenty on each side were crashing down on her sore buns the end nearing was a welcomed conclusion.

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