A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 2)


A surprise quickie at the ladies room (Part 2)By Dina PetroContinued from part 1 of same storyI gave him my cell phone saying save your number for me and save mines in your phone, and leave me here, but expect a phone call from me any minute or just an SMS message, if I call you, just listen to my phone, I may do it without her knowledge, clear?” he saved our numbers on our phones, smiled and shook his head, kissed me on the lips and walked out.It was only a few minutes later when what I have expected happened, Tina, Damien’s mother walked into the ladies room, she looked very angry, her whole body was almost trembling, I looked at her through the corner of my eye in the mirror reflection as I was putting some lipstick on.She walked to me saying “what the hell are you doing miss?” I turned around saying “doing what? I am fixing my makeup, do you mind?” She said “that is not what I meant, I meant with my son?” I smiled, acted naughty by shaking my ass right and left and saying “oh, that, I wish he was still doing what he was, oh god, he is not only a gorgeous boy, he is the best pussy eater on earth and he fucks real good too”Her face turned all read and she said almost shouting “how dare you do that with him?” I turned around slowly, leaned my ass on the counter, placed both hands on my waist saying “why not? He is a very handsome boy, I like him and he seemed to fall in lust with my body, besides, I thought you were his wife or GF first, and I refused to allow him any closer to me, till he said you were his mother”She relaxed a little; a smile escaped her lips as if she liked what I have said, she must have taken it as a compliment of me thinking she was his wife or GF, older ladies In general like being treated as they are still young and attractive, then I continued saying “you are a gorgeous woman too, you look too young and sexy, to be his mother, but why would a woman deprive her son of a good fuck if he enjoyed it?”She seemed to have lost words, she smiled again saying “thank you for the sweet words, it is not like that, I was surprised how fast would he like a girl, and has sex with her in the ladies room?” I smiled again saying “you guys seem rich, and you have the right to be protective, but I am not interested in him as a lover or BF for your information, he has just fucked me and paid for it”Her eyes widened and her lower jaw dropped saying “what? What do you mean?” I smiled saying “yes baby, I am a prostitute, and whoever pays the price gets between my legs, I would not say no, if you wanted to do it too, as I am a bisexual one, on a second thought, I would do it with you for free, you are a wonderful, great looking woman” I was battering her up again, trying to cool her down, it seemed to have almost worked.She smiled again, almost giggled of a laughter saying “you are crazy, I am not like that, and I am not interested in girls at all” I smiled saying “what a waste, I would have enjoyed your gorgeous body, besides you would have indulged the total odor and smell of your son all over my body, he did not leave an inch of my body without touching it, kissing it, licking it or fucking it, he even fucked me in the ass”I was flirting with her by all means and trying to go deeper, especially when I lifted my skirt up revealing my bare pussy and saying “did you know that your son kept my panties and he would not let me have them back, making me go home pantie less, he walked out of here sniffing them then placed them in his pocket, you could check his pockets and find my panties if you want?”She was giggling louder this time, but she was looking at my pussy, did not even move her eye sight away, she said “you are a naughty girl, but a good looking one, did you say he fucked you good, how much did he pay you for that?” I smiled saying “yes he sure did, I would let him do it over and over again for free, and I am not sure how much, as he slipped the money in my purse, I am willing canlı bahis şirketleri to return them back to you if you want, as I really enjoyed him very much”I started unzipping my purse to get the money out when she put her hand over mine and stopped me saying “no, please don’t, and I did not mean to insult you by saying so, I really like you Dana, please forgive me” she must have felt guilty for being rude with me earlier, she got closer to me, hugged me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, looking me deep in the eyes whispering “was he really good at it, did he cum in you?”That was my chance, I felt she was loosening up as her looks into my eyes were full of passion, I whispered back “he was the best I have ever had Tina, he came in my mouth, but I am sure some of his pre-cum had dropped into my pussy” that was when I placed my finger in my pussy, rubbed a little with a naughty moan, then pulled my finger out, lifted it up in front of her eyes, put it into my mouth sucked it a little, brought my finger out saying “mm he really tastes excellent, his cum taste is still there Tina”As of a sudden I got enough courage by bringing my finger closer to her lips saying “common, have a taste and decide by yourself” I really thought she would slap me on the face, but she shocked me by closing her eyes, moaning a little and brought her lips closer to my finger, I slipped it in her mouth and she started sucking it slowly.That was my only chance, I had to act, had to be smart, quick and brave, I got much closer to her body, pulled my finger slowly out of her mouth, wrapped my hands around her waist, hugged her very close, placed my lips over here’s and started a very long passionate kiss, she kept her eyes closed, she participated and reacted fully, she was kissing me back, I let my tongue circle her mouth, she did the same.I lowered both of my hands over her lovely ass, which was fully round, stuck out a little, I was rubbing her ass cheeks over the light material of her dress when she shocked me by inserting her hand under my skirt and rubbed my bare, wet pussy, she moaned louder as I felt her finger deep inside my pussy while her thump was rubbing my hard clit.She whispered in my ear “you are so wet, do you really like what we are doing?” I nodded with a moan, she pulled her finger out of my pussy, lifted it up to her face, moved her head away from mine, looked me in the eyes and sucked her fingers again saying “mm yes my son tastes real good” then she smiled, winked an eye and said “so does your sweet pussy”That was like a trigger for me, it made my whole body shake and tremble, she gave me the biggest hint of dying to have her own son, I knew it, but all I was looking for was the proof which I have just got.I placed both of my hands under her dress, lifted it up, placing my fingers under the waist band of her panties, on one quick move I got her panties down to the floor, she moved her feet letting it out, I started kissing my way down till I was over her crotch, her pussy lips were so swelled, filled with her honey juices, I helped her up till she sat over the counter, the same way her son got me a little while ago, when he licked my pussy and fucked me.I spread her legs, placing the tip of my tongue over her outer pussy lips, which were fully swelled and shiny wet of her flowing pussy juices; I looked her in the eyes with a smile whispering “I don’t seem to be the only slut who is very wet and horny here?” she giggled nodding and moaning, I was licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow, she was flying to the outer space, shaking and trembling mumbling some dirty words, the dirtier the better, till she was shaking of her extra ordinary orgasm during a few minutes.As soon as she stopped shaking and Cumming, she held my head with both hands, pulled me up to her face again; we kissed on the lips till we both shared her own pussy taste, while kissing she moved me around canlı kaçak iddaa till we switched places, I was leaning on the counter, she started kissing her way downwards, looking me in the eyes and whispering “it is time for me to return the favor sweetie” she lifted my skirt all the way up to my waist, helped me up till I was sitting on the counter.She spread my legs wide open, lowered her head between my legs, stuck her tongue out, and passed its tip over my outer pussy lips, she did not seem to be experienced with pussy licking process, I knew for sure, it was her first, but she was doing great as a start, I was all shaking, but I managed to grab my phone from my purse and dial Damien’s number, till I made sure he is on line, I lay the phone over my purse and said in trembling voice “Tina, what are you doing near my pussy, you know you do not have to do that, have you ever done it before?”She was moaning answering in trembling and shaky voice “I have never been that close to another woman’s pussy, never even thought about it, but I want to lick your pussy Dana” I asked “why? Why me and why now” She said “I want to taste Damien’s cum and odors in your pussy honey, I know my son’s cock was in your pussy a little while ago, it still smells like his dick, I am dying to smell and taste his cock” I was still moaning and winding when I said in a very soft, sexy voice “are you sure darling? But he is your son” She said “so what, I want him so bad, I have always wanted him to fuck me Dana” I said “you mean you would suck his dick and let him fuck you if he walked in here again?” She was sticking her fingers into my cunt, while sucking my clit when she managed to say “Yes baby, I would love to suck his cock and fuck him if he would go for it, nothing in the whole world would feel better than my son’s dick in my pussy” then she continued in a very sexy moaning sound “Dana, make him fuck me please, would you?”As of a sudden, I heard the bathroom door crank open, Damien let his head only pass through the door crack, the phone was on his ear, it seems like as soon as I called him, he started walking towards us, while listening to our sexy conversation, I am sure his mother’s words of dirty talk about him fucking her, had turned him on.I waved for him to be silent and come closer without her noticing him, he locked the door behind him, walked till he stood near me, I unzipped his pants and got his already hard dick out and started sucking it while Tina was licking my pussy, making all the noises, her eyes fully closed, I put my hands over her head, my thumps closing her eyes, pushed her head closer to my pussy, while I used my head waving to Damien to get behind her.He did not need much convincing to get on his knees behind his sexy mother, bent over and started licking her leaking cunt; she almost jumped, trying to look behind saying “what is going on? Who is that?” I held her head fixing it straight, looking at me saying “Tina, just trust me, you will not regret this, shut up and lick my pussy, I know you will like it”By this time, Damien stood behind his mother, holding his rock hard cock in his hand, rubbing it to her outer pussy lips, trying to push it in, he did not need to push any harder as her pussy was soaking wet, very slippery as well, making his cock slides in her, inch by inch till it was balls deep in her juicy cunt.She tried to look back again saying “Tina, I am being fucked, I want to know who is fucking me, please, I am not that much of a slut, I told you no one is allowed to fuck me except one person” I said “baby, I will tell you right now, but first tell me please, do you like it, and how does his cock feel in you?” But she seemed to be enjoying it much more than thinking to slip out at that moment, the dick was already in her pussy, no matter who he was, a super horny woman like Tina’s case, whose pussy was leaking wet, and she was licking another woman’s pussy, canlı kaçak bahis would never ever say no to a cock sliding into her cunt, even if it was against her rules or the society rules.She said “it is heaven on earth, I love it baby, please tell me who is it?”I pulled her head up to my face, kissed her on the lips saying “he is someone you have been dying to have him fuck you, it is your son Damien, please do not panic, you may hate me for it, but please, just go with it right now” She said “you can’t be serious, you are joking aren’t you?” by this time Damien started rocking his monster dick very deep and hard inside his mom’s pussy, enjoying each and every lap of it, the smile was the widest over his face, but she was silent and seemed worried for a moment.He placed both of his hands under her body, he was fucking her doggy, he held both of her tits, fondling them, pinching her nipples and fucking her, as hard as he could, he started shouting, yes mom, it is me, I have been dying to feel the precious insides of your precious pussy”That was when she had the widest smile over her face, closed her eyes and screamed “Yes baby, fuck me please, I want you to fuck mama so hard, and so deep, I have been dying for your dick for ages too” Damien was screaming louder “I am ready to cum mom, where should I cum please?”She screamed back “in my pussy baby, in your mother’s cunt, fill me with your sweet, precious juices by all means, don’t you dare waste a single drop” she started trembling and shaking, Cumming the same time with her son, they both started screaming and shaking, then started calming down step by step, returning to earth.I jumped off the counter, waited for Damien to pull his cock out of his mother’s pussy, I held it in my hand, wrapped my lips around it, started sucking on it, enjoying the taste of their mixed sex juices till it was dry and clean again, then I let go of it, moving to his mother’s pussy, started licking all the thick, white cock cream seeping out of her pussy, while doing so, I seemed to have triggered her pussy again making her shake of a new orgasm right into my mouth.All the time we were all getting dressed, straightening our clothes, both of them avoided looking each other in the eyes, and were looking away from each other, being embarrassed I guess.I leaned over the counter by the mirror, extended my arms to both of them, they came to me, I was in the middle, I pulled them together till we formed a triangle and we all kissed on the lips together same time, we hugged so close till we all started laughing so loud, that was when Tina held Damien between her arms, hugged and kissed him on the lips.Damien returned the kisses and they opened up saying, from now on, they would never part, and should be so close together day and night, I looked both of them in the eyes, smiled making a baby face, that was when they both wrapped their arms around me together saying together “we meant to say, in a nonstop threesome forever”When Damien looked me in the eyes, I got his hint, I turned to Tina saying “Tina, we both have to admit that Damien could shop around for girls, he could pick up any pussy he wants, to eat it and fuck it all he wants, as long as, at the end of the day he could come back and fuck us both whenever we want him to fuck us” She nodded saying “of course he is free to fuck anyone he wants” I said “then it is our deal from now on?” we all nodded laughing and walking to the bar again for a celebration drink which was all Tina’s treat this time.Tina was proposing a toast, shocked us by saying “Dana, if my son Damien proposes to marry you, no matter what you have been doing or continue doing, I personally have no objections to that, I am in full support of it as of now, but under one condition, he has to fuck me all the time while fucking you”We all laughed and I said “I wish, but too bad, I am married, if he was my husband, I would not mind him fucking you baby, or even fucking any other woman he wants, even with me around watching and participating” Tina hugged and kissed me saying “that is the kind of a daughter in law I want to have”THE END Wishing you all the bestDina PetroDina.petro25@gmail.com

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