A Tasty Asian Treat

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A Tasty Treat

I met her on the net. She was Asian and absolutely beautiful. Long black hair that hung down just below her knees… I had never seen hair that long before. A perfect body…34 28 32. A nice tidy little arse that really showed itself when she wore her tight jeans. Her manner was quite exquisite. Traditional Chinese, she wanted to make me happy… in all areas of life! At first, I thought it was a bit over the top but on thinking about it a bit more, I decided, that, yes… after 48 years of hard slog…it was my time to have fun and relax. After all, hadn’t I dreamed of this? Yes…and how many of us have.

When she had first arrived in the country, and we had talked of various life issues…she just came straight out and said,

”I have come here for you and only you. You are my man, my master. I am yours. I give myself to you in mind and body. My spirit is mine but it agrees with my mind and body.”

I thought for a minute that this was an Asian thing, so I said,

”That’s really nice, Rong, and I am yours, too. We will be…”

Before I finished she cut in and said,

”No, no..You no understand. I give myself to YOU. You do as you please with me; I am your slave, you my master. I look after you, cook, clean, you use me; my body belongs to you, now. You understand? I your slave in all areas of life. I only ask you not to make marks on body like scars.”

Well…this shook me to the core…but as I say…its my time.

I said to her,

”Rong, I’m sorry, I understand, now. Yes, I will look after my slave. I will not beat you but I will be rough at times, and I will discipline you when I think you need it. You will always dress in nice dresses but you may not wear any bras or panties ever again…is that understood?”

“Yes my master”, she answered sweetly.

I was going to dispense with the “My master” thing but decided to think on that one, just for the time being.

I decided to take her out and buy her some really nice dresses, some really sexy ones and a few toys. As much as I enjoy a naked woman, like every other man…I happen to really enjoy the sight of a beautiful woman dressed up, in high heels and ready for fun. I was going to transform this little lady of mine into a high-class slut. My mind was working overtime already!!! In total, I think I spent something like $32,000. A lot, I know but I was going to enjoy myself, and she was going to learn to enjoy herself and be a well looked after litter slut slave. There were some beautiful gowns, and real slutty type dresses…but all pretty high-class threads.

My home is a large place. It has six bedrooms, a huge double lounge, a dinning room that could seat 60 easy, a games room with the full size pool table, a sauna, a swimming pool and spa. I’m not sure why it was built so big, but I liked it. It was certainly going to be getting good use now.

We arrived back from our shopping excursion, and I told Rong to put the clothes away, and to get dressed in one of the cream gowns. This gown fit like a glove, with small spaghetti type straps and a low cut in front and a lower cut at the back, going right down to the beginning of her arse crack. She had put on the white lace up stilettos and topped the whole ensemble off with a pearl necklace and teardrop earrings. Her hair hung down over her shoulders and down her back and she had put little flowers all through it. Her sweet little arse looked a pretty picture as it moved under that gown. It took a lot of effort not to fuck her there and then. She looked like a high-class bride ready to be thrown on the banquet table and fucked hard. And she walked like a proud little bride, not knowing what was in store for her. But I was going to eat her first!!!

Rong came up to me and asked me if I wanted her to make anything for tea. Well…my mind was racing. I had to think hard…and as hard as my cock. . I had always fantasized of messy sex and here was my first and greatest opportunity.

I asked her,

”Can you prepare a salad, with salad dressing in a bowl, include some tomatoes, avocado, cucumber and don’t peel or cut the cucumber, grate some carrot, and also peel two whole carrots and put them on a plate on there own. Also, add some pea sprouts mixed in the salad. I will get some chicken and some prawns from town, I wont be long.”

She answered,

”Yes my master, would you like me to prepare some drinks?”

”Yes, Rong, just get a bottle or two of the red in the lounge. I’ll open it when we’re ready to eat.’’ I answered.

So, I jumped in the car and raced to the supermarket, bought a precooked chook, some prawns… and then decided to think about dessert. I added some runny chocolate sauce, treacle, strawberries, grapes and watermelon. This was going to be fun.

On arriving back home, Rong had set the table and added a couple of candles to set the scene. Looking at Rong, I decided to have her change into something shorter and slightly sluttier.

”Rong, go and change into the gold satin dress with the bow in front.”

”Yes, my master”, and off she went.

This dress was a cocktail dress, strapless with the top riding low barely covering her tits. It came down just to within a couple of inches below her cunt. The bow was wrapped under the bust line, with the rest of the satin hanging loose down to the length of the dress. An important addition as you will soon discover.

Well, down she came, gliding smoothly down the stairs. And looking quite the beautiful Asian slut. Added to the ensemble she had added Sex hikayeleri a satin bow to her hair, which made her look innocent. I loved it.

”Rong, you look perfect. Have a seat and I will cut the chicken.”

After serving the food, I opened the wine and poured her a drink. She had arranged the seats to be opposite each other, but I grabbed a chair and sat next to her. She was a little surprised but said nothing.

”I have organized a bit of dessert, Rong, I think you will like it, in fact I know you will.’’ I said to her

I must have caught her by surprise, as she was taking a mouthful of salad. A drop of salad dressing dropped from her mouth and onto the gap between her tits. She moved quickly to pick up her napkin to wipe it off but I stopped her.

”No Rong, allow me.” I suggested.

And with that I got up end licked it off her, taking my time and making sure my tongue covered more than it should have. At first I felt Rong stiffen but within seconds she relaxed and I could hear her breath become shorter, more excited.
My tongue ran over her tits, up and down her neck and finally ended with a passionate kiss. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. Rong was responding and I could hear her warming to this beginning. Just as suddenly, I broke off the kiss, sat down and carried on eating.
I could see the question in her eyes. I ignored her.
It took her about 3 minutes to recover and then, slowly began to chew on a bit of salad again.

I looked at her and asked,

”How did you like that, Rong?”

”Mmmm…I like if you like, master”, she replied.

”Good”, I answered, ”Are you wet, are you feeling horny, my sweet little slut?

She was looking a bit confused…but she replied,

”Y-yes master, I am wet and if you want more, I here for you.”

“God, what an angel.” I thought.

I pick up a chicken drumstick and started to chew on it and suddenly had a thought… Looking at Rong, I handed her the drumstick and said,

“Rong, I want taste your cunt juices on this chicken. Do me the honor of rubbing this all over your cunt, will you?”

Without a second glance she took the drumstick, pulled up her dress and started to rub it all over her cunt. She pulled her cunt lips apart and shoved that lucky piece of meat up against them, making sure it got a good coating. But I wasn’t happy with it so I decided to help.
I walked around behind her and put my arms around her taking the chicken from her and making her stretch her cunt lips wide. With that, I buried the drumstick as hard as I could, into her cunt. She gave a gasp of surprise but moved in her chair to accommodate the intrusion. Slowly, I moved that drumstick in and out of her. Rong started to moan in pleasure. Her head lay back against my shoulder, her hair falling down the back of the chair. Her hips began to move in rhythm to my ministrations. The drumstick would disappear up to my fingers and then out again. I did this a number of times then pulled it out and went back to my seat. I put the sodden drumstick on my plate and looked at Rong.

”Thanks, Rong, would you like some on your chicken?”

Rong looked at me, through glazed eyes. She was as randy as anything and the fact that I had just stopped the action frustrated her.

She answered,

”Yes master, I would like that. With lots of my cunt juices on it.”

So once again, I took a drumstick off her plate and while she held herself, I fucked her tight little cunt with it. She was right into it. She moved further down the chair to make more room for me. So to reward her, I moved that piece of chook harder and faster into her. She started to rub her clit and moved to the rhythm. I moved my other hand to her tits and found a hard erect nipple waiting for me. I rolled it between my fingers, squeezing it and teasing it hard. I could hear Rong breathing deeper and heavier, so I pulled on her nipple, knowing that the pressure I was exerting was going to hurt her intensely. Sure enough she gave out a quiet squeal of pain and she moved to try to release her tit from my grasp, but I had a tight hold and she couldn’t get away. She was caught between pleasure and pain
Just as suddenly as before, I retrieved the chicken, released her tit, placed the chicken on her plate and started to devour my morsel.

She looked at me with frustration, and I said to her,

“Eat up Rong, this is just the beginning of the meal. Wait till you see what I have for dessert.”

She was still breathing hard but with as much dignity as she could, she started on her cunt-covered drumstick.

I watched her while she nibbled at it and said,

”You make this chicken taste great Rong. I must find some more that you can do for us.”

She answered, somewhat hesitantly,

”Y-yes m-master, it is my pleasure to do this for you. My body is yours.”

”Good, and next time we will make sure you will come so we can taste that too.” I said

“Yes, master, it will be good”

I took a large bite from my chicken, chewed to a pulp and went to Rong. I covered her mouth with mine to kiss her and pushed the pulped chicken into her mouth. While doing this my hand went down to her cunt, where I inserted two fingers and started pumping. My mouth left hers and wandered down her neck, leaving a mess of chicken bits on its way. Finally I got to her tits and started to suck, bite and tease them. Rong was again beginning to moan and shift in her seat. She was wet!!!! I inserted another finger into her cunt and allowed them Sikiş hikayeleri to search the depths of her cunt. I looked at Rong as I did this and her head was now hung back and her eyes closed tight, her mouth open and tongue licking her lips.

“Aaaarrrrrr, fuck me master, please, I want you to put your cock in my cunt and fuck me hard. Hurt me, please. I want to be abused. Please abuse me master…do as you please…. I want you please.” She moaned

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and went and sat down again. I looked over at her and said,

“Rong, did I hear you say you want me to abuse you?”

She answered, “Yes master…this is my service to you and I like to be abused. I want you to use and abuse me whenever you wish. I am so hot now. I want to cum and I want you to cum inside me. Fill me with your cum…”

“Rong, do you want me to fuck your arse?” I asked

“Oh yes master.” She answered, “Fill my arse with you, cum into my arse and fill me.”

I could see she was having a bit of trouble composing herself just after the last effort, so I went to the freezer and got a glass of ice. I took it to her and was going to fill it with water when she took hold of a piece of ice and rubbed it all over her tits and neck. I could see the affect it was having on her and wanted to fuck her hard right then, but I had more for her before that was going to happen. And I still hadn’t finished my meal yet!

“Rong.” I said, “I want you to put that piece of ice into your cunt and let it melt while you are sitting there. I feel you need cooling down a bit.”

Yes master” she answered.

She obediently inserted the ice into her cunt and leaned back into the chair to relax a bit. I didn’t have a problem with this. It was a turn on looking at her cunt and watching water mixed with her juices oozing out of her cunt.
While this was happening I decided to make things a little bit messier for my little slut slave. Reaching over to her hair I took off the bow and undid the knot. The satin material was about 4 feet long so it was plenty for what I had in mind. I stood up and told Rong to put her hands behind her, as I wanted to tie her up. She obediently did this and I made an excellent job of trussing up her hands so she couldn’t use them. I looked down and saw she was still oozing out of her cunt. I told her to stand up. She did this and I removed the chair from under her.

“Rong, you are to eat the rest of your dinner standing up. You can’t use your hands so you have to use your mouth only. You are making a mess on the chair and I don’t want that.”

“Yes master, I am sorry for the mess, I will clean it up if you desire,” she answered.

“No Rong, just do as I say, now!” I reiterated sternly

So she bent over her dinner and started to eat what she could get into her mouth. It was obviously difficult but fun watching. Her tits hung tantalizingly onto the table still encased in the dress, the dress hung out from her legs and rose up at the back. Her arse was now nearly visible. I pondered fucking her arse as she had asked… but I decided against this just yet. On the table were the two carrots that she had pealed and washed beforehand. So I took one of these and dipped it into some salad dressing making it slimy and slippery. Then I took the bowl of salad dressing and carefully dribbled it onto her arse, I watched it as it dribbled down her arse crack and down her legs. I could see her stiffen as I was doing this.

I looked at her again and saw how much of a mess she was becoming. Her face was becoming covered in salad dressing and her hair was mixing in with her food. Every now and again she would hold her head up to swallow and the dressing would dribble down her front covering her tits and top of the dress. What a sight.

I rubbed my hand over her sweet little arse and smooth some of the salad dressing into her crack, then inserted my finger into her arse. She grunted and spread her legs a bit further. I took that carrot and started to push it into her arse. Her legs stiffened to take up the pressure and I pushed more of it inside her. Moving it in and out, I could sense she was getting even more turned on by this. I pushed hard and watched a 7-inch carrot almost disappear up her arse. I stood back to appraise my handiwork and decided to leave it there a while. My hands were a bit messy so I dried them off on her hair.

I went back to my dinner and started to eat again. Turning to her I asked,

“Rong, are you feeling ok? Do you like what I have done to you so far?

“Yes my master, I like. I like more.” She answered.

“Good Rong, I will abuse you however I like and you will like it. I want you to turn around and sit on the table.” I demanded

“Yes master” she obeyed

She turned around and tried to sit on the table and I could see it was difficult for her as the carrot was posing a definite problem. I got up and helped her to adjust to the situation. I stood back and viewed my little Asian slut. Food covered her face, her hair and the top half of her beautiful dress. She was a mess.
I walked to her, grabbed her hair and forcefully kissed her. Licking her face and neck, going down to her tits and biting her nipples. I ran my hands over her body, lifting her dress and rubbing her cunt. She was moving to this with considerable agility and seemed to be wanting more…so I inserted two fingers into her cunt and started to finger fuck her. She was obviously getting off on this treatment so I put another finger inside and eventually another. She was beginning Erotik hikaye to go wild shaking her hair and body, moaning she said,

“Fuck me master, fuck me hard. Put your hand inside me. Feel me from the inside. Pleeeeeeeze”

Who was I to argue? So I balled up my hand and started to work my whole fist into her.

“Arrrrrgghh…. It hurt” she complained, but she was too late to argue.
I figured she wanted it before…she’s gonna get it now, so I pushed even harder. I covered her mouth with mine allowing my tongue to take a tour of her mouth. Our tongues danced together. We slurped at each other’s saliva. She was going wild. I pushed my hand further and she moved her body to allow the invasion of my fist. I pushed with a fair amount of energy and suddenly in it went. Rong grunted and let out a sigh of pain. I could feel her muscles enveloping my hand and wondered if I would ever get it out. I started to pump my hand in and out, slowly at first and then began to pick up speed. Rong was throwing herself into this trying to push more of me into her. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her head back roughly; this made her stop moving partially and it pushed her cunt out more. I spread my fingers in her cunt and encountered the walls of her cunt. Moving my hand around I could get to feel more inside her. Rong was going absolutely wild

At the top of her voice she yelled

“Fuck me Fuck me…harder. Hurt me. Huuuuuurt me!!!”

I pushed my other hand in behind her arse and started to manipulate the carrot in and out of her arse so she was being fucked in both holes by reasonably foreign objects. This was turning me on so much I knew that if I didn’t stop soon I was going to explode.

I removed the carrot and started to remove my hand fro m her cunt. Rong started to complain, saying

“Master, please don’t stop. I want fuck I need cum…. please don’t stop”

She tried to stop me from removing my hand. I took a handful of her hair again and pulled hard making her lean right back and compliant with my wishes. She was going to regret this.

Once we had disengaged, her with her hands either side of her steadying herself on the table and me standing back looking at her, I said to her

“Rong, you didn’t do as I wanted and you are going to be disciplined for this. I will do as I please and I will not allow you to tell me what you will or will not do. Bend over the table now!!!”

“ I sorry master,” she cried, “I no do again. I forget my place….”

“Yeh…you forgot alright…now bend over bitch,” I yelled

She bent over the table her hair mixing in with some of the food that was on it and her face close to the prawns mixed in tar tare sauce.

”How ironic,” I thought, “She wants cum and her face is almost in fish cum sauce”

I grabbed her hair and forced her face into the bowl of prawns and really rubbed it in hard. Then I grabbed her dress and lifted it up from behind. I smeared her arse with a liberal covering of oil then got the crop I bought this afternoon. I gave her arse a whack with the crop. Not hard but just hard enough to sting her arse. She squealed in pain but I got the general idea that she enjoyed it so I gave her another harder one. She squealed louder and began to cry. I rubbed the crop over her sloppy cunt and gave it a flick, which in turn smacked against her clit. Again she squealed in pain. I rubbed the crop over her cunt again, rubbing a bit harder so to stimulate her clit and I could, once again, see that she was getting turned on by this. Determined to settle this I gave her arse another two whacks with my full force. The welts came up almost straight away, a pleasant sight but not for her. She was crying into the prawn bowl and really making a mess of things.

I put the crop away and pulled her up. I said to her,

“Rong, have you learnt your lesson? I don’t want to have to do this again.”

“Yes master,” she replied, “I will not argue with you. I remind myself that my body is yours and you can do as you please. But, master, I needed to cum. Forgive me for I was impatient.”

“Rong, I forgive you, but don’t do this again.” I told her

Then I grabbed her and gave her a deep kiss on the mouth. I took hold of the bow on the front of her dress and tied her hands up again, so that they were behind her but up high on her back. It cant have been comfortable but I didn’t care.

Then I pushed her back against the table again, reached down and spread her legs as far apart as they would go. I went down and started to kiss her cunt. Running my tongue around her cunt lips, sucking them and biting lightly. Once they had had attention I started to suck and bite her clit. She was beginning to rock again. Her breath was getting shorter and I could hear little noises coming from her throat. I ran my hands up her arse and inserted a finger into her arse. Working it around and making it go deeper. Her hips started to rock and move to my finger. Again my mouth started its onslaught , and my tongue buried itself into her cunt. Trying my best to lick the insides of her…but never quite reaching the objective, but I was in my element having fun. I shoved my thumb into her cunt and started pinching my finger up her arse and my thumb together. She squirmed and squealed loudly and I know she was going to climax soon. I didnt want her to yet, so I stood up and removed my hand from her legs. She just looked at me with amazement and disappointment in her eyes.

“Rong’” I said, “I am not going to let you cum yet. I’m really enjoying this and we still haven’t had dessert so just sit down and relax. I promise you, when you cum, the ground will shake and I will be fucking you so fuckin’ hard you will think you are splitting in two, ok?”

Dessert will be served in Part two

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