A Thanksgiving to Remember Ch. 02


I had drifted off to sleep with Katie in my arms. I woke up after a while though, with Katie wiggling out of my arms. She squirmed out of our bed and crawled to the bed that Teddy shared with her little sister. My eyes had become accustomed to the darkness and I could just make out Katie’s image as she climbed up the side of the other bed. She hovered over Nikki and my baby brother. I could hear what sounded like kissing. I guessed that she was kissing Teddy, but I don’t know for sure. I heard Katie whispering very softly, but I couldn’t understand the words.

I could see the three of them moving around. Nikki climbed out of the bed, stood up and Katie crawled into bed with Teddy. Nikki stepped to my bed, leaned down and asked me, “Can I lay with you?”

“Sure, baby,” I answered as I pulled down the sheet for her. Nikki slipped in beside me. I wrapped my arm around her and she snuggled up to me, laying her arm across my naked waist. I kissed her forehead and she heaved a deep sigh.

The sounds of Teddy’s pants and Katie’s grunts were underscored by the sounds of their bed’s squeaks and groans. The feeling of Nikki’s tender body close to mine and the sounds of my brother fucking Katie was driving me wild. I wanted to just devour little Nicole, but I didn’t know how far I might go with her. I kissed Nikki’s lips softly. She kissed me back, gently and rather timidly. I held her close and tenderly ran my fingertips up and down her arm. We listened to the sounds of my brother fucking her sister.

Nikki’s breathing was getting deeper and faster as Katie and Teddy got more and more involved. I touched Nikki’s breast. She held her breath. I ran my finger to her nipple and she let out a tiny moan. I caressed her breast and she ran her nose up and down my neck. I gently massaged her breast. After several moments, I let my finger trace a path down across her stomach. Nikki pressed her lips against my neck. I reached the very edge of her pubic hair. It was thicker and more lush than that of her sister’s. I paused and Nikki held her breath again. I gently ran my fingers through the soft hair above her pussy and tenderly massaged her mons. We listened to Kate and Teddy as they panted and moaned. ikonbet giriş

Katie let out a squeal and Nikki parted her thighs slightly. I pushed my hand in farther. Nikki opened up a bit more and released a soft moan. I felt the warmth and moisture. I could hardly contain myself. Nikki opened up a little more, to let me press my hand against her pussy and hold it there. We both held our breath. I slowly pushed my middle finger upward and tried to gauge her reaction. As my finger slid into Nikki’s pussy, she kissed my neck.

Katie’s breathing was getting deeper and faster, punctuated with an occasional moan. Teddy was grunting with a very exhilarating rhythm. Nikki’s pussy was sloppy with her juices and Teddy’s. The idea that her pussy was full of my brother’s cum was such a turn on. I tried to match the motion of my finger to Teddy’s grunts as Nikki’s moan’s were echoing Katie’s. I wanted Nikki to touch me but I was content to satisfy sweet Nikki.

Katie rose to orgasm and Nikki followed. Katie squealed, moaned and sighed: Nikki sighed, bit my neck, and trembled in my arms. I held Nikki close to me and pressed my hand to her wet, sticky pussy.

Nikki must have drifted off to sleep. Her breathing became very slow and regular. I pulled my hand from her warm wet pussy. My hand was covered in the juices that ran from her twat. I brought my hand to my face. The smell was intoxicating. I inhaled the essence of Nikki and Teddy, with traces of Katie still lingering. I couldn’t resist the temptation to taste them all. I placed my finger to my tongue, then sucked the end of my finger. I reached my hand down to Nikki’s pussy for more of her luscious nectar, only to find Nikki’s own hand already there. She was fingering herself in her sleep. I pulled her hand away and replaced it with mine. I pulled Nikki’s hand to my face and whispered, “Let me taste it, baby.” Nikki let me slide my finger back into her pussy and wrap my lips around her finger. Nikki finger fucked my mouth as I fingered her cum filled pussy. I pulled my finger from her twat and raised it to her mouth. I touched her lips and they parted. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she sucked it, as she ikonbet yeni giriş kept fingering my mouth. We fell asleep sucking each others fingers.

I think I woke up again, sometime later. It seems like a dream though. It seems that the sisters were trading places again. I’m sure that Katie had crawled into bed beside me. Her body feels so much different than Nicole’s. Katie is stronger and more firm, where Nikki is softer, almost delicate. I’m sure too that Katie kissed me as she cuddled up to me. I haven’t known Katie’s kisses for long, but I know them well, and I love them. I’m certain that I pulled Katie close to me, and I believe I heard her whisper, “I love you.”

I was sure that I could see the other bed in the pale light that stole into the room. I watched as Nicole pulled the sheet down off Teddy and knelt between his legs. I could see her quite clearly, silhouetted against the faint glow of the window. I could see too, the silhouette of Teddy’s body, lying there on his back. I could easily make out the shape of my brother’s beautiful cock as Nikki held it and tenderly stroked it. I was familiar with the tender touch that Nikki was applying to Teddy’s cock. She had briefly graced me with that touch, just a short time before.

I found myself wishing that I had gotten to enjoy more of Nikki’s touch. I wanted to make love to her. I knew I would have to be content with the brief encounter that we had shared. I was pleased to remember that I had made her cum. That is a sweet memory that I will always cherish.

I watched as Nicole’s silhouette shook her hair back and leaned forward. She pulled Teddy’s dick straight up and gently placed her lips to the crown of my brother’s gorgeous cock. I shivered and drew a deep breath. As I inhaled, I took in the wonderful scent of Katie. My nose was filled with the aroma of my new lover, along with a faint hint of Teddy, and I realized that I held her in my arms. I squeezed her and she kissed my shoulder. Still, my eyes were locked on the shadow of her little sister as she prepared to go down on my brother. Katie rolled over to face the other bed. I cuddled up to her back and spooned with her. I wrapped my arms around ikonbet güvenilirmi Katie, pressed my breasts to her bare back and my pussy against her butt.

We both watched as Nikki lowered her mouth onto Teddy’s cock, taking in more and more until their shadows became one. My jealousy began to surge again, as I thought about how Nicole was tasting all the flavors of the sex that Teddy had enjoyed. Nikki was tasting her own juices as well as her sister’s and Teddy’s too. I wished that I could taste all that. I wished that my juices were mixed with all of them, and that Nikki was tasting me as well.

I thought of a story that Nikki had told us earlier that night. She told us of hiding and watching Teddy and Kate having sex when they were young. And how Teddy had discovered her afterwards as Katie took a shower. She told us how she and Teddy had kissed and how she ended up going down on Teddy that night, while her sister was in the next room, in the shower.

She told us how exciting it was to taste sex on Teddy’s cock, and how she loved it when he came in her mouth. She had thought that tiny little load of cum was typical, not realizing that he had shot most of load in her sister, but was still able to produce some more for her. That little story brought Teddy to the brink of humiliation, since he didn’t know how Katie might react. It brought out some anger and jealousy in Katie, as she had suspected that Nikki spied on them, but had no idea that Teddy was aware and had intimate contact with Nikki afterwards.

I found it extremely arousing, even though it elicited a fair amount of jealousy in me too. The thought of little Nikki licking and sucking Teddy’s cock only minutes after pulling out if her sister’s pussy, drove me wild. Teddy had shared that little secret with me already, but to hear sweet little Nikki tell it, was almost too much. I also knew that was only the first of many times.

Katie and I watched and listened to Nikki suck and slurp on Teddy’s cock as he moaned and grunted. I am still amazed that a man his age came one more time that night. I shouldn’t be surprised though. I can’t imagine a guy that wouldn’t cum if pretty little Nicole was sucking his cock. I heard that familiar grunt that Teddy makes when he cums. I bit Katie’s shoulder and she moaned as Nikki collapsed beside Teddy. I wished that I was kissing Nikki, tasting all the wonderful sex that she was tasting. I squeezed my new lover tight and drifted back to sleep.

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