A Ticklish Encounter


You are at your house, about to lie down for the night, wearing a small white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. As you slowly drift off to sleep, you feel a small cold item hit your back. You brush it off, thinking it is only the cold plastic eye of a stuffed animal, and quickly fall into a deep sleep.

A few hours later, you awake and open your eyes, but can’t see. Something is covering your eyes, and you attempt to reach over and pull it off. As you make this attempt, you realize your hands are taught to the bed, stretched out and attached to the top corners, as are your feet to the bottom two corners. You are stretched out so tight that you can barely wiggle, let alone move an arm or leg. At this moment in time, all you can do is lie and wait for whatever is going to happen.

A short while later, you hear the door creak open and quickly shut. You ask who it is, a small nervousness creeping in your voice. There is no reply, only the quiet footsteps of the person in the room with you. A moment after the footsteps cease, you feel a heavy hot breath on your neck, moving toward your ear. The man whispers into your ear, “Don’t be afraid honey; I’m not going to hurt you. We’re just going to have a little fun tonight. And go ahead, be as loud as you want—no one is going to hear you but me.”

Now at this time, you are quite nervous, and a million questions are running through your mind, yet you can’t manage to get one past the lump in your throat. You feel a small cold point on your navel, just below the bottom of your t-shirt. The man asks you not to move, even though you really can’t. The point slides up, and your t-shirt is cut in half, and removed so your topless body glistens in the moonlight. The man then takes the knife and does the same with your shorts, leaving you naked and defenseless. The moonlight strikes your body, and a cold breeze sweeps across the room, sending a chill down your spine. You have no idea what is going to happen next. The only thing that you know is that you can be as loud as you want, and that this man doesn’t plan on hurting you.

You hear a zipper from the other side of the room, and the sound of a jacket hitting the carpet. A second later, you feel two fingers on your hips. The man is standing by your head, arms over your body, and you can feel the heat from his breathing. He slowly drags his hands up your sides, using a light touch. As he moves up closer to your underarms, you try and stifle a giggle from the tickling touch. He continues and his hands enter the soft skin of your underarms. He stops his ascent and spends a second tickling you lightly, as you try not to laugh. He mentions to you that no one is going to hear, and that you can scream if you’d like. Embarrassed, you continue to try to hold in the laughter. He continues his route, making his way slowly over your arms, past your elbows, and up to your wrists. When he reaches that spot, he places his hands back at your hips and begins again, stopping once again at your silky underarms. This routine goes on for a few minutes, and you are wondering, while trying not to burst out with laughter, when this will end.

After the man decides to stop that little pattern, you feel his hands slide down to your breasts, where your nipples are erect from the playing that has been occurring. Both he and you are surprised that they are standing tall—neither of you knew that tickling would arouse you. He pinches and pulls at your nipples, making small circles around them with his fingers, and this feels great to you. As soon as you get comfortable with this, his hands slide up to your neck and shivers rocket down your spine. He places his hands back on your breasts, and begins playing again. Once again, as you get comfortable, he slides his hands into your armpits and tickles you for a moment, then returns. This switch between the two pleasures heightens your senses, and things begin to feel better and his fingers also tickle more. The blindfold across your eyes also makes every touch feel like more, and it also makes it so you don’t know what is coming next. This small game continues until you feel nothing on you, and complete silence.

After a few minutes of quiet, your body has calmed down a bit. You are still nervously anticipating what is going to happen next, and have no way of finding out who this man is, and why he is doing this to you. Suddenly, the bed creaks as the man climbs on. He places his legs over you, with his rear resting above your pelvic bone. You can move even less than you could anal seks hikayeleri before. The weight of the man on your midsection takes away almost all mobility, leaving you even more helpless to his intentions.

The man once again reminds you that you can be as loud as you want, and he takes his hands and begins wiggling his fingers in your armpits. The touch makes you want to laugh, but you are embarrassed about laughing uncontrollably. You beg for him to stop, but he won’t. His fingers just keep rotating in your armpits, the light touch sending you closer to the brink of laughter. After what seems like a lifetime, he slides his hands down to your sides, and begins making a path from your armpit to your hips, his fingers moving even quicker and more lightly. When he reaches your hips, he moves his hands inward toward your stomach, and then back out to the sides and up to your armpits. This sends you into hysterics, and you can’t manage to hold back the laughter any more. You let loose a laugh that soon multiplies into laughter. The man doesn’t stop; in fact he goes even quicker and lighter. You continue to laugh, unable to defend yourself, and only able to lie and take the torture he has planned.

The man takes pleasure in tickling you and watching your beautiful body wiggle and try to get away. You feel an erection start to build in the man’s shorts, pushing against your bare stomach. This makes you both nervous and excited, but this thought quickly leaves your brain as the laughter enters. Suddenly, the man stops tickling you and lets you breathe for a second. You breathe very shallowly, tired from the abuse just put on you. When your breathing stabilizes, the man tells you to open your mouth, or he will tickle you even harder than he just did. He tells you to be gentle, and to take this as a little break.

You open your mouth and the man inserts his fully erect penis. He unsnaps your arms so you can gauge it, and you take the rock solid penis into your mouth. You give him the best blowjob you can, thinking that if he gets off, maybe he will let you go finally. You take the entire member into your mouth, letting your tongue swirl around the head, and then take it out. You slide your hands up and down his powerful shaft, and you can feel his legs tighten. You continue this routine until the man pulls away, obviously close to orgasm. The man reconnects your straps, and you are once again helpless.

You hear the door open again, this time lighter footsteps cross the room. A woman’s voice is heard, speaking in whispers to the man. Once again, a zipper is heard as the woman removes her coat. The man tells her she can begin when she is ready, and that the girl already knows she can be loud.

The girl climbs up onto the bed, straddling your naked body. She takes her hands and places them on your stomach, telling you that she hopes you enjoy the time the two of you spend together. Immeadietly after she says this, you feel long nails glide across your stomach to your sides. She keeps her touch light, and glides around your sides and stomach, sending you once again into hysterics. When she approaches your underarms, she applies more pressure and the nails drag across your skin, sending you even deeper into laughter. Then you feel a finger on each of your soles. The man is at the foot of the bed, dragging his fingers up and down your feet lightly. The woman doesn’t stop tickling your upper body, and the man slowly picks up speed as he tickles your wiggling feet. You know that your feet are the most ticklish spot on your body, and there’s nothing you can do to get away. You are stretched to the limit and cannot get away from the two people in control. They keep tickling you, hands moving across your feet and in an out of your underarms. You laugh and laugh and laugh, unable to do anything but take it. When the man says stop, the woman climbs off the bed and the tickling stops.

They let you take a small breather, and undo your hands and give you a glass of water, filled to the top with ice cubes. After you drink and stabilize your breathing they reattach your arms and whisper to each other, not loud enough for you to hear.

The woman makes her way to the head of the bed, and you can feel her hot breath on your head and neck. The man places himself between your legs on the bed, and begins to apply lubrication to your pussy. He slides his fingers across your clitoris, sending sparks of joy to your brain, and then he slowly enters your vagina. He puts in two fingers and makes a beckoning motion, slowly hitting the g-spot. He then removes his hand and runs it over your clit again, then goes back in and slides across the g-spot. Your body is still incredibly sensitive, and this feels amazing. Your breathing starts to change and get heavier as you start the approach to orgasm. After a minute of teasing you with nice feelings, the woman reaches down to your waist and starts making small circles on your stomach. She lets her hands wander down and slowly slides a hand over your pubic region, a nail gliding over your clitoris. You are kind of freaked out because it’s a girl touching you, but you soon realize there’s nothing you can do, and the nervousness subsides. As the woman rubs your clit slowly, the man takes his fingers and rubs the g-spot. The two feelings together send your senses high into the air, and your breathing gets incredibly heavy.

Right as you are about to orgasm, the touching stops. Quite annoyed, you let out a sigh, asking that they let you finish. There is no reply from either of the people, only a small laugh from the woman. The woman takes her hands and slides them right up into your underarms, tickling you again. At the same time, the man slides his hands down your legs to your feet, and begins to tickle them rapidly. This abrupt change in feelings intensifies the tickling, and you are launched from near-orgasm to hysterical laughter. A moment later, the man begins to rub your g-spot, and the woman slides her hands to your breasts and plays with your nipples. Once again, the change intensifies the feelings and you start the build toward orgasm. When you begin to get close, they switch to tickling, not letting you come. You can feel the orgasm building inside, only to be pushed aside by the wiggling fingers on your body.

This time, as you start on the ride towards an orgasm, they don’t stop. The woman slides her hands across your chest while the man glides across your g-spot with a good amount of pressure. When you are at the top of the orgasm rollercoaster, the man goes even harder, pushing you over the edge. You let loose a screaming orgasm, a moan so loud that even you are impressed at the amount of sound. Every muscle in your body tightens and orgasmic bliss sets in. The man and woman stop touching you, letting you absorb the entire orgasm. Your breathing is very heavy, your body is tired, and you are still stuck in the bondage that has allowed these two to torment you with pleasure.

The couple gets on opposite sides of the bed, and you hear the woman’s voice for the first time. She has a deep voice that is slightly scratchy, yet still sexy. She tells you that she knows that a woman’s body is incredibly sensitive after the first orgasm, which is why the second is almost always better. She also mentions that it’s also more ticklish. As the word “ticklish” escapes from her mouth, you feel two hands on each side of you, fingers wiggling up and down. The couple coordinates their hands to move at the same speed, going up and down your sides, ranging from your hips to your wrists. The touches send you into laughter once again, this time even more due to the sensitivity from the orgasm. When the couple gets to your underarms, they pause one hand, and let the other wander across your naked flesh. You are screaming now, laughter pouring out of your mouth. Your mind is reeling, your arms trying to escape, but you find buried back of your mind that you secretly love it. You want to escape, but you also want it to continue. Being completely helpless to a person has effects on you, and apparently it makes you horny.

This tickling continues for a few minutes, then it slides down to your feet. Ten fingers tickle your toes and soles, as your feet thrash about, trying to escape from the straps. You are laughing so loud now that you can barely hear yourself think. As the tickling continues, you feel something wet slip between your toes as a finger drags down your unprotected sole. The woman is slipping her tongue quickly between your toes, giving a new ticklish feeling that you haven’t ever experienced. The man quickly picks up on this as well, and soon you have both tongues and fingers tickling your feet. You are frantically trying to get them to stop, yet they won’t. The tickling continues for what feels like days, and then ceases.

You try to regain your composure, but they give you no time to rest. You hear a buzzing sound, as though something is vibrating. Soon after you hear this sound, you know exactly what it is: a vibrator of some sort. The man takes the vibrator and places it on your clit, sending vibrations up your body. This is a feeling that you haven’t ever experienced. After all the tickling, your body doesn’t know how to react to the huge amount of pleasure being caused by this vibrator. You let out a moan, and let the feeling overtake your senses. The man turns up the speed, and even more pleasure washes over you. You quickly come to near orgasm state, and the man slows the speed of the vibrator down. The woman whispers into your ear, “Now it’s time to see what wins out: tickling or the vibrator. Have fun!” As she finishes her sentence, she places her long nails in your armpits, tickling you without mercy. The man manipulates the vibrator to hit your clit even better, and your mind starts to spin.

The two differing sensations make your brain confused. You want to laugh from the tickling, yet you also want to moan from the immense pleasure you feel. What happens is a mix between the two. You start to laugh from the woman’s skilled tickling, and then let out a moan as you zone in on the vibrations. Just a second later your mind comes back to the tickling, and you let out a river of laughter. The vibrator speed is turned up, and you let loose an animalistic moan of pleasure.

The two sensations cancel each other out—you are unable to orgasm, and unable to focus completely on the tickling. The man asks you which you prefer, and you are unable to decide. The man tells you they can play this game as long as you want. The tickling increases, as does the speed of the vibrations. You set your mind to focus on the vibration, and within seconds a huge orgasm rockets through your body. Your muscles tighten and all thought of the tickling are gone. You let loose a deafening moan as your body clenches and releases from the orgasm. The man doesn’t remove the vibrator though. He keeps it placed on your clit, the vibrations sending even more pleasure into you. It gets to a point where it’s essentially too much pleasure, and you ask for him to stop. He says the only way he’s going to stop is if you choose the tickling. You are exhausted and don’t want to go through that again, but the sensations from the vibrator are making you go crazy. You yell for them to tickle you again so the vibrator will be removed, and the couple obliges. You feel four hands glide across your sweat drenched body, hitting every spot that makes you go crazy. No spot is missed—they hit your armpits, sides, hips, feet, neck, and legs with the vigor of a starving wolf.

You beg that they stop and do something else to you, that you can’t take any more tickling. The man pulls out a large purple vibrator, and tells you that this might be the last one of the night. He takes the vibrator and inserts it into you, and turns it on. The man slides it in and out of you slowly, letting the vibrations travel everywhere. He speeds up his pumping, and soon you are on the brink of the biggest orgasm you have ever felt. The vibrator fills you up and hits spots you didn’t know you had, the vibrations travel into you and stimulate your clitoris again. The woman takes her hands and rubs your breasts, increasing the pleasure. She then reaches her head down and places her lips on yours. You are so fully into the amazing feelings that you return the kiss. Your tongues intertwine; you let the passion overcome you. Your back arches as you pull against your bondage. You come so strong that your muscles cramp and tighten, you moan in ecstasy.

You are completely exhausted, and lie on the bed, still tied to the corners. The man and woman look at your naked body in the moonlight and marvel at how much you took tonight. They unhook your arms and legs and you fall into a deep sleep, clearly spent from the night.

You awake in the morning, wrapped in your covers, still naked from the night before. The sunlight glints through the open window and hits the door across the room. You see a note attached to it, with a message scrawled in pen. You get up to go read the message, wrapping yourself in the covers, to see this written:

“We hope you had a good experience. We sure enjoyed it. If you ever want to join us, call the following number. Welcome to the club, member.”

At the bottom of the note, the words “le petit morte” are written. You think this must be the name of the “club”. After all, in French, an orgasm is called a little death.

You look on your table, and see your cell phone. You want to call and participate in the tickling and orgasms of the next “victim”, but don’t know if you should. Looks like you have a decision to make.


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