A Train Car Named Desire Ch. 01


Love at first sight, a virginal, 18-year-old, young man has his wicked, sexual way with his sexually experienced, 18-year-old prom date.

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Author’s Note:

For readers who are unfamiliar with my stories, I write erotica. Sorry, but I don’t write pornography. I write real stories. I write stories that have plot, character development, internal monologue, character description, imagery, background, dialogue, build up, suspense, and tension. If you’re looking for a story that doesn’t describe their characters or even name them, but has headless and nameless people having sex, please read another story.

Touching upon ten different categories, this story is about first time sex, romance, erotic couplings, gangbangs, group sex, incest, non-consensual reluctant sex, sexual fetishes, lesbian sex, and toys and masturbation. A multiple chapter, novel length work, this story is about lots of masturbation and blowjobs with lots of cum. If you like any of the above, then, you’re going to enjoy reading this story.

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Making you part of the story, I write stories that not only will make you think, imagine, and actually see the characters but also will make you feel and bond with the characters. Even though this is a true story, think of this story as biographical fiction. I write mostly true stories that are embellished to arouse your sexual interest and lustful desires. I write stories that not only will want to make you masturbate yourself but also, I write stories that will make you feel good about yourself after reading a story with a happy ending.

I like calling my stories reality fiction. Even though most of my stories are true, most of my stories have contrived happy endings. Unlike real life that have way too many sadly, tragic, and traumatic endings, with me able to alter the outcomes of my stories, call me unrealistic and a dreamer but, for me to suspend my sense of disbelief and encourage my imagination, I like stories with happy endings. Writing true and albeit fictional stories, allows me to take a break from the cruel and evil world.

“…And they lived happily ever after. The End.”

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In the beginning…

Eighteen-year-old Matthew is in love with his thirty-nine-year mother, Aileen. Every son loves their mother, of course, but Matthew loved her in the way that a man loved a woman and not in the way that a son should love his mother. His dream come true, he would sleep with her in her bed, and hold her, hug her, cuddle her, and spoon her, if she invited him to sleep with her in her bed.

In the realization of his sexual fantasy, he’d make out with her and French kiss her while touching and feeling her everywhere through her clothes. He’d even strip her naked and have sex with her if she encouraged him. Yet, alas, seemingly, his mother wasn’t sexually attracted to him in the way that he was incestuously attracted to her. He didn’t have to be a mind reader to know that his MILF of a mother would never have sex with him, her own, flesh and blood son.

Troubled by his incestuous lust for his mother and her lack of sexual interest in him, instead of forcing himself on her, he did the next, best thing. He found a woman who looked like a younger version of her. Without even looking very hard or very far, he found her sitting in his homeroom class. With her long, red, lush hair, big blue eyes, and freckles, right down to her big breasts, a clone of his mother, Matthew’s senior prom date, Mary Elizabeth, could have been his mother’s daughter.

Even though the first chapter of this story is about Mathew with his senior prom date, this story is much more than that. Spanning the course of nearly twenty-years, it shows the sexual development of a man who was denied the sexual love of his mother. Instead of having incestuous sex with her, his sexual idiosyncrasies and erotic abnormalities turned more perverse when he developed an uncontrollable, sexual urge for having sex with a woman’s underarms. Of course, he’d have sex with the rest of her, yet as much as her naked breasts played an important sexual role, her naked underarms did as well.

Love at first sight, this story is about a married man meeting a single woman on a commuter train and instantly falling in love without seeing her face or her body, just her arm and underarm. Yet, even though I write erotica and not pornography, the gist of the story is sex, lots of sex. There is plenty of sex in this story but not for the sake of sex. Woven into the story carefully and sexually seductively, unlike pornography, sex is part of the story but not all of the story.

Consequently, instead of writing about sex, sex, and more sex, the first chapter of this story is more about introducing Matthew’s character, the star of the story. The story begins with 18-year-old, Matthew, a virgin, attending his senior prom with Mary Elizabeth, the love of his life, an 18-year-old, promiscuous, sexually experienced whore. Only, thinking that she’s much like him, sexually inexperienced, güvenilir bahis and as sexually moral and modest as his mother, he thinks that Mary Elizabeth is a virgin, too, when she’s not.

# # #

Years later, the second chapter of this story is about 35-year-old Matthew, a married man, meeting a 35-year-old, single woman, named Susan, on their way to work aboard a commuter train. In the way that he wanted to have passionate sex with his mother, without even knowing one another’s names, the story shows Matthew having depraved, wicked sex on a train platform with Susan. Giving her a sexual orgasm with his fingers, Matthew masturbates Susan and she blows him, allows him to cum in her mouth, and swallows.

As if it was meant to be, love at first sight, the story shows Matthew already in love with Susan and Susan soon falling in love with Matthew. During her illicit love affair with a married man, with him encouraging her to expand her sexual horizons, she explores having group sex, gangbangs non-consensual reluctant sex, sexual fetishes, lesbian sex, and toys and masturbation. Indeed, even though it’s not, this story sometimes reads more like a porn story than an erotic one.

The third chapter of this story is about Susan having sex with Matthew’s three, friends while he watched and masturbated himself. Only, not the typical gangbang sex, Matthew has specific, sexual needs and certain erotic requirements that he wants to be addressed when his three friends are having gangbang sex with Susan. Going along with whatever Matthew wants, she’s keen to sexually satisfy him, emotionally soothe him, and erotically please him to keep their sexual relationship not only alive but exciting.

This is a true story as told to me by Mathew about Susan, the love of his life, and his partner in sexual crimes, fetishes, and abnormalities. Trust me, after I finish introducing the characters and show the reader the plot, there will be plenty of sex, more than enough sex for everyone who has a sexual fetish and a wanton desire for anything sexual and/or erotic. With Matthew very sexual, unlike his wife, he couldn’t have found a better sensual partner than Susan.

# # #

A Train Car Named Desire

Nearly twenty-years ago, 18-year-old, Matthew couldn’t believe that his 18-year-old, dream woman, Mary Elizabeth, agreed to accompany him to their senior prom. With her long and lush, red hair, big, blue eyes, and freckles, he loved women with red hair and freckles, she was his romantic Goddess. With her having his mother’s red hair, blue eyes, freckles, and big tits, sometimes, he wondered if he was in love with Mary Elizabeth because she looked so much like his mother.

Yet, now, with his sights on her, Mary Elizabeth was his sexual fantasy. A taller, bustier, and younger version of Amy Adams, love at first sight, he had been sexually lusting over her and her big tits since the first time he laid eyes on her as an 18-year-old high school senior. Psychologically and incestuously enough, with his mother having big tits that he imagined seeing, feeling, and touching while masturbating over the forbidden thoughts of having sex with her, he was sexually attracted to women with big tits. Now, instead of masturbating over his mother, he masturbated over Mary Elizabeth.

Still on Cloud 9 that she said yes when he asked her to the senior prom, Mary Elizabeth was so beautiful. She was so sexy. She was so personable, lovable, and funny. After the prom, while parked at Lovers’ Lane, he couldn’t wait to be alone with her in his car to talk to her and to breathe the same air. Daring himself to do so, he couldn’t wait to kiss her. Double daring himself to do so, he couldn’t wait to feel her big tits through her pink, glittering prom dress while kissing her.

‘If she had wings, a wand, and a crown, and was blonde instead of a redhead, albeit with Mary Elizabeth taller and bustier, she’d look like Billie Burke as Glinda, the good witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz,’ he thought.

Wholesome, kind, and innocent, Mary Elizabeth was everything that he could ever want in a woman. Without a shred of doubt, knowing it as soon as he saw her that very, first time, in homeroom in school, she was definitely the one. Already head over heels in love with her, she was the one that he wanted to marry. He imagined them buying a house, having two children, a boy and a girl, a dog named, Buster, and living happily together forever.

‘Taking me forever to build the courage to ask her, I can’t believe that she said yes to my invitation to accompany me to the senior prom. I can’t believe that I’m taking Mary Elizabeth to the prom,’ he thought. ‘Wow. I love you, Mary Elizabeth.’

Replacing his mother’s name, Aileen, and no longer writing her name, he must have written Mary Elizabeth in his notebook a thousand times. Mary Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Elizabeth… Whenever he had a paper and pen, he wrote Mary Elizabeth.

# # #

Now, that the prom was over and he was finally alone with her in his türkçe bahis car at Lovers’ Lane, he was so nervous. A first time for everything and with this his first time, he had never been alone with a woman before who wasn’t a relative. Except for his mother, his aunt, and his grandmother, and kissing them only on the cheek, he had never kissed a woman on the lips before. Yet, as much as he dreamt about kissing his mother, French kissing her, he had dreamt about French kissing Mary Elizabeth.

His hands were sweaty, his pulse was racing, and his heart was thumping. This was it. This was really it. This was the moment he had been sexually fantasizing about while masturbating when alone in his room. He was finally going to kiss her. He was finally going to kiss Mary Elizabeth. If all went well, he was finally going to make out with her while, hopefully, feeling her big tits through her prom dress.

‘Kiss her. What are you waiting for,’ he thought? ‘Kiss her. Just kiss her already. Look how she’s looking at you. Look at those blue eyes, those red lips, and those tits. She’s expecting you to kiss her. She wants you to kiss her. Kiss her, you fool. Kiss her.’

It took him a while to make his move but after enough small talk that he didn’t hear and didn’t know what he was saying, he finally worked up the courage to put his arm around her. As if he was at a movie and his movie screen was his view out of his windshield, he gently pulled her to him, leaned into her, looked in her big, beautiful, blue eyes, and kissed her. The first woman he had ever kissed on the lips, he kissed her lips. He couldn’t believe he kissed her. He kissed Mary Elizabeth. When he kissed Mary Elizabeth, unable to prevent the image, with them looking so very much alike, he imagined kissing his mother.

‘I kissed her,’ he thought. ‘I really kissed her. I kissed Mary Elizabeth.’

He couldn’t believe he kissed Mary Elizabeth. His heart was thumping harder and his pulse was racing faster. More excited than seeing his mother naked, when barging in her bedroom without knocking, never had he been as sexually excited as he was now. He’ll remember this kiss for the rest of his life. On their twenty-fifth, wedding anniversary, he imagined telling everyone about this special night, his senior prom night. He imagined telling everyone about their first kiss.

“It was at our prom more than thirty-years ago when I first kissed my beautiful wife, Mary Elizabeth. Having never kissed a woman before, I practiced kissing my hand the night before the prom. Finally, building up the courage after making nonsensical small talk, I finally kissed her. I kissed my Mary Elizabeth and, returning my kiss with her kiss, she kissed me.”

Only, failing to tell them the whole story. He failed to tell everyone that he was initially sexually attracted to Mary Elizabeth because she looked so very much like his mother. Further, he left out the good part, the sexual part.

He failed to tell everyone what happened after the love of his life French kissed him. Perhaps, if he had told them what happened next, they may not have believed him. Perhaps, if he had told them what happened next, they’d think her a whore and him a fool for dumping her. No man in his right mind dumps someone as beautiful, as sexy, and as horny as her. One of a kind, every man wants a wife who’s a sexpot in bed.

‘Maybe everyone wants a whore for a wife, one who would be a nympho in bed, but I don’t,’ he thought. ‘I’d rather have a woman who loves me, only me. I’d rather have a woman that I can trust.’

# # #

Then, surprising him, as if she was the man and he was the woman, when she returned his kiss with her kiss, she parted his lips, stuck her tongue in his mouth, and French kissed him. He couldn’t believe she French kissed him. His first, real kiss and his first, French kiss combined into one, he was swooning by the softness of her lips, the sexual excitement of her tongue, and the fragrance of her perfume.

‘I can’t believe that Mary Elizabeth not only returned my kiss with her kiss but also, she French kissed me,’ he thought. ‘She kissed me. She French kissed me.’

Sexually exciting him, she moved her tongue in and around the inside of his mouth as if she had French kissed someone before. Where he had no clue what he was doing and how to French kiss a woman, she seemed to know what she was doing when he had no idea how to return her French kiss with his French kiss. Yet, somehow, by faking it and copying the movements of her tongue, he muddled his way through it without embarrassing himself too much.

‘She’s French kissing me. I can’t believe she’s French kissing me,’ he thought.

Seemingly, now, with them both on the same romantic page and wanting the same, sexual thing, progressing so very fast, they were making out. He couldn’t believe that he was making out with her. As if she was already his steady girlfriend, instead of just his prom date, he couldn’t believe that he was making out with Mary frigging Elizabeth.

His dreams güvenilir bahis siteleri come true, he couldn’t believe that Mary Elizabeth was making out with him and French kissing him. His sexual fantasy come true; while hoping his mother catches him stroking his prick and cumming again, he’ll be masturbating over all that happened tonight as soon as he returned home later. No doubt, horny and sexually frustrated from his prom date with Mary Elizabeth, he’d look to his mother, an up-skirt or a down-blouse, for some passive, sexual satisfaction with an up-skirt, up-nightgown, a down-blouse, or a down-nightgown to masturbate over later.

Showing him a lot of her breasts, her prom dress was so very low-cut that every time she moved, he could see the tops of her jiggling breasts. Every time she leaned forward, he could see her long, line of sexy cleavage. As if her breasts were beckoning to him and daring him to touch them, feel them, fondle them, and grope them, he already had an erection with the sexual anticipation of feeling her big breasts through her clothes.

Ever since he masturbated over imagining seeing, touching, and feeling his mother’s big breasts, he always wanted to date and marry a woman with big tits. Now, no doubt, expecting too much, with her having breasts as big as his mother’s breasts, he couldn’t wait to see, touch, and feel Mary Elizabeth’s big breasts. Having already seen his mother’s naked tits when she dressed and undressed with her bedroom door opened enough for him to see, he’d love to compare his mother’s naked tits to Mary Elizabeth’s naked tits.

Then, taking a chance, not wanting to ruin things by rushing things, and while continuing to make out with her, expecting her to recoil, slap his face, and push his horny hand away, he felt her breast through her dress. When she didn’t slap him, push his hand away, and/or stop him from feeling her breast, he felt her other breast. His first breasts that he ever felt, albeit a fully clothed breasts, he couldn’t believe he was feeling Mary Elizabeth’s big tits through her clothes while French kissing her.

Without a doubt, he’ll be masturbating over this later tonight while imagining feeling his mother’s big tits, too. With her looking so very much like his mother, kissing her was like kissing his mother. French kissing her was like French kissing his mother. With their breasts about the same size, feeling her breasts must feel like feeling his mother’s big tits.

‘My God, she has such big tits. They take up my entire, horny hand. They feel so very firm, yet soft at the same time. I only wish I could see them. I only wish I could suck them,’ he thought. ‘As if doing an Irish Spring commercial of old, with her big, naked tits bouncing up and down while swaying side to side, I only wish she’d run to me through a field of heather while topless.’

Then, not stopping his sexual fantasy there, he imagined his mother doing the same Irish Spring commercial while topless. Drunk and naked at a college frat party, his mother wasn’t the modestly moral woman then that she seemingly is now. With her pregnant at 18-years-old and having him at 19-years-old, raising him as a single mother, she had no idea who the father was.

# # #

Attending church every Sunday, obviously, with her such a morally modest and religious woman, he couldn’t believe that Mary Elizabeth allowed him to feel her big tits. Yet, when it came to promiscuous sex, the Catholic women that he knew were sluts. The sluttiest women of the lot were those who attended a Catholic high school and college. Educated and disciplined by Nuns, on the weekends, they couldn’t wait to get drunk, naked, and have sex.

As if he was a safecracker stealthily trying to find the combination to unlock her sexual passion, while still expecting her to slap his horny hand away, he felt her erect nipples through her pink prom dress and through her bra. With her nipples so big and so erect, they felt as if she had buttons on her bra. He felt one nipple and, then, going from one to the other and back again while still French kissing her, he felt her other nipple.

‘She has such big nipples. I love her big nipples,’ he thought while reminding him of his mother’s nipples. ‘My mother has big nipples, too. When she stands in front of the opened refrigerator door without turning on the kitchen light, as if she’s standing there topless, I’ve seen her nearly, naked breasts. Erecting themselves from the cold air of the refrigerator, I’ve seen her erect nipples pushing against her sheer and nearly see-through nightgown. As if standing in front of a TSA machine, the light from the refrigerator lights up my mother as if she’s standing there naked.’

While continuing to French kiss her, he continued feeling her hard, erect nipples through her dress. Unable to stop fingering her nipples, he was enamored with her big, erect nipples. As much as he was enamored with her red, full lips, and her big dress and bra clad breasts, he was enamored with her big, erect nipples that pushed out through her dress and bra. When she made no move to stop him from having his wicked, sexual way with her dress and bra clad breasts and nipples, he pulled, turned, and twisted her nipples through her dress and bra.

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