A Trip To England


The airport was a bustling mob of moving bodies as Randy and Mary waited for the ticket counter.

Randy reflected that they weren’t moving at all at the moment. Mary heard him sigh heavily behind her and poked an elbow back into his stomach, asking “what’s the matter with you?”

“I just hate this part of waiting in line.” Randy replied checking out the notice board for the hundredth time, their flight was still leaving for England in an hour, hopefully no delays. “You think they would have like a T.V. or something to entertain people while waiting a thousand years.”

“Don’t be such a grumpy ass,” Mary stated with a grin. Randy had to admit that being in line with her made the wait a whole lot more endurable. They had been joking around the entire time and really staring at her ass for the past 15 minutes hadn’t hurt either.

“My ass is not grumpy,” Randy said with a grin and then poked her butt. “Your ass is grumpy!”

“Hey, watch those hands.”

“It wasn’t a hand, it was a finger.”

“Then quit fingering me!”

Randy burst out laughing and checked the people around him. They were all either pretending not to notice them or just blatantly laughing at their antics.

Randy and Mary went well together in everyway; they were both avid readers, who liked the same music, dirty jokes and anything involving sex. Recently Randy had separated from his wife and Mary had helped him get through a tough time of adjustment. As a thank you Randy was taking her to England to meet an old msn friend of hers.

Mary always thought the marriage was a bad idea. Of course most of it was Randy’s fault with his ramped cheating. Mary never judged him for it though and saw him like she saw herself, as someone who was Mersin Escort probably just not right for marriage to one person and only to be with one person.

Their relationship had grown very close over the last four of months. The first two spent just seeing Randy through his divorce and the pain that followed. It was probably best it happened this way because they had been able to really talk and get to know everything about each other. Mary found herself opening up and telling Randy everything about her life and everything she had been through. She found him a good listener and someone who gives comfort as easily as she did.

Eventually it moved from just talking. They had always had a strong connecting that had a lot to do with lust that only increased the more they didn’t indulge in it. Mary remembered the night when they had just been talking and suddenly found Randy between her legs, an enormous erection pressing against her. She groaned when he pressed down on her lightly. Through two layers of clothes her clit could feel the underside of his shaft burning a line across it.

They had been watching T.V. but he turned it off and in the semi darkness she could seem him smile down at her. Nothing was said for a second as they just laid there, one on the other, bodies pulsing.

Slowly he leaned down to spoke into the cup of her ear. “You know I lie here beside you and all I can think about is, ‘is her pussy really as tight as she says? Can I stuff my hot, throbbing black dick into her without splitting her apart?’ Tell me Mary, do you think that little slutty pussy of yours can take it?”

Mary all but came from these words, it had been the topic of their discussions many times how much she loved Mersin Escort Bayan dirty talk and being called a slut and a whore. She ground her now very wet pussy up against him, her juices nearly soaking through her jeans as moths of pent up tension started to uncoil inside her, gushing out like a river.

Mary’s voice rasped out as she replied, “yeah, I think my pussy can handle you, Randy. I can take it into my tight, hot, wet little pussy all the way to the base.”

At her words Randy actually growled in her ear, grinding himself against her. He lifted up slightly he tore her shirt over her head leaving her in her bra. She thanked the lord she had one an old one because Randy grasped the front of it and tore it off her body, leaving her naked from the waist up. Mary could almost feel the pent up lust breaking free inside of him as he attacked her breasts, sucking, nibbling and biting her nipples. They ground against each other while her moans and gasps filled the room. He was so intense she almost cried out in pain a few times only to have to melt into a moan of pleasure as he worked her.

It all became a blur as somewhere along the way they lost the rest of their clothes. Randy said “bend over the arm rest.” They were on the couch of the living room so, knowing what he wanted, she got on her knees and rested her arms on the rest, her ass sticking up into the air, hot drops of pussy juice trailing down her thighs as she waited and felt two fingers sink themselves inside her.

“Look how fucking wet you are,” He said in suppressed awe. Her hips rolled with the fucking of his fingers. His thumb came into play and as it became to rub between the cheeks of her ass over the pucker of her hole he Escort Mersin filled the air with wicked words.

“Your slutty little pussy is so wet inside. Your cunt feels like all it wants is a nice hard cock fuck it long and hard while this asshole I’m rubbing gets a couple of pussy juice soaked fingers stuck into it. Do you want that? Do you want to be fucked like a little whore while your ass gets reamed? Answer me, slut.”

“Yeah,” Mary gasped as the fingers fucked her harder and she felt the thumb start to sink its way inside her ass. ” I want you to fuck me like the little slut I am.”

Next thing she knew she was having her pussy filled in one hard stroke to the very depths of her cunt. She literally screamed as he furiously started to fuck her, her orgasm closing in fast when her actually fucking stopped.

She heard a maddening chuckle behind her and squeezed her pussy tight around him and tried to resume his fucking but he stayed still.

“Please,” she begged her flooded pussy needing so little to finally cum.

“Please what?” Randy asked. She felt two slick fingers playing around her ass. His two digits that had been playing with her pussy gently prodded her opening as he waited.

“Please fuck me!” she nearly screamed all the idle stimulation making her shake. She could feel every pulse of his hard cock inside of her.

“I think I need to hear more,” he mused. While she could have killed him, I t only made her wetter.

“I want to feel that thick black cock ramming my cunt so hard I feel it in my throat, fuck my tight horny pussy like I was a whore. Make me your whore!”

Mary screamed in pleasure when his fingers sunk into hr ass and he resumed pounding her pussy making her cum over and over.

“Are you moving any time soon or are we setting up camp?” came Randy voice.

Mary was jolted out of her daydream as she realized that the line was moving and they were next at the counter.

“Sorry,” she said, grabbing her bags. “Just thinking about the trip.”

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