A Trip to the Bathroom

Asian Doll

A Trip to the BathroomWrong Time for a Trip to the BathroomStrong hands pulled mine behind me, and I felt and heard the unmistakable sensations of a nylon tie-wrap locking my wrists securely behind me. A deep brown voice whispered into my ear, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Looks like I got myself a little piece of white meat to play with”.A very large black hand clasped tightly over my mouth prevented me from responding, protesting, or finding out what the fuck was going on, the voice continued: “I tell you what Whitey, we’re going to try a little experiment. I’m going to outline what your future could hold, and if your reaction is as I suspect it will be, we will see what we can do about making it all come true.”What the fuck was he on about? My thoughts were interrupted by his right hand which began easing itself under my belt, past my fly and into the confines of my underwear. It continued its exploration, oblivious of my pathetic attempts to gain my liberty until I felt his fingers encircle my flaccid member.”Not very big down here are you Whitey?” he teased, before slowly squeezing my penis and continuing, “OK, let’s get started. What I see for you is a life time spent serving me as my personal little white sissy boy slave.”Once again, I frantically struggled to break his grip on me, kicking out and thrashing around inside his powerfully muscled arms, but again, to no avail.”Yes Sirree, I see you dressed up ever so pretty in really slutty clothes, you know the type of tiny skirts, very tight little dresses and teetering heels that only whores, sluts and little white boy sissy slaves ever wear. I see your pretty face smothered in way too much brightly colored makeup, loads of cheap jewelry just dripping from your ears, fingers, wrists, neck and ankles as you lovingly wrap your lips around me and suck on my big black dick… Ah, I see this idea appears to agree with you!”No! As much as I loathed the scenario he was so graphically outlining, I could not deny that my penis was involuntarily beginning to stir under his gentle stroking.”See, I was right about you Whitey, I knew the second I laid my eyes on you that you would make the ideal little sissy cocksucking whore slave. I knew you’d love the idea of being dressed up as a little sissy slut, with hormones padding your ass and making your little titties swell until you need a bra to stop them from jiggling when ever you move to do my bidding.” He continued, totally ignoring my moans of protestation, probably interpreting them as moans of arousal as my damned penis continued to grow hard under his hand. My inadequate writhing, as I continued to try and break free, was probably also misinterpreted as my constant squirming and wriggling within his powerful arms inevitably bought my ass cheeks into repeated contact with his own growing bulge. By forcing me to bend over at my waist, he was able to hold me still and grind his considerably large feeling, denim covered, erection up against my defenseless ass.”You’ll be so pretty after we spend a little time and money on some cosmetic surgery. You know, fill out your cheek bones, give you a sexy little nose, puff up those cock sucking lips of yours, and give you a bust to be real proud of. We want to make absolutely sure you are as pretty as can be when you get to entertain my homies and me. We can even see about getting what little body hair you have permanently removed by electrolysis.”Tears began to drop from my eyes as he outlined the life he had planned for me, and still I could neither break free nor prevent my penis from stiffening under his continuing gentle ministrations. A fact my assailant was not oblivious too.”I see that my suggestions excite you my little soon-to-be-cocksucker, well that’s good. We want you to enjoy your new life as my little sissy slave.”I redoubled my efforts to break free of his powerful encompassing arms and writhed and twisted within his grasp.”I tell you what little Sissy, if you orgasm as I continue to spell out the future I have planned for you, that means you obviously like what I am proposing and will completely accept my terms. In that case, from this day forth you will be my personal property. Everything you own becomes mine. In future you will dress, speak, walk, think, and act exactly as I dictate. You will be mine to do with exactly as I please, your body and mind will belong entirely to me, for me to use however I choose. However, should you fail to be swayed by my words and not come in your pants, then I will release you and you will be free to leave. Is that clear?”What choice did I have? He was way too powerful for me to fight off; Lord knows I was nearly exhausted from trying. At least the way he presented it, there was a very good chance I could extricate myself from this mess I had somehow gotten into. I nodded my reluctant agreement.Immediately his fingers resumed their caress of my member. “Good, just think my sweet little sissy how pretty you will be with your newly enlarged feminine butt encased in a pair of tight fitting delicate silk panties. The sensual feeling of silk stockings gliding up your denuded silken legs, we’ll make sure you have a perfect tan, complete with oh so feminine bikini lines. I can’t wait to see your swollen breasts nestling gently in a warm silken brassier, your nipples jutting little tents through the filmy material.”His fingers were now gently karabük rus escort rubbing the sensitive underside of my glans as my penis continued to swell despite my fervent attempts to distract myself by thinking of anything remotely unattractive. I tried desperately conjuring up an image of Maggie Thatcher, but even she could not overcome the power of his words.”Just consider yourself in a tight little miniskirt, your suspenders and thong panty line clearly visible through the tightly stretched fabric, barely long enough to cover your stocking tops. I can’t wait to see you in a tight fitting white blouse, transparent enough for your slutty red demi-bra to be clearly visible, with a goodly part of your new cleavage displayed through the top buttons always being undone. Imagine your feet tightly encased in a pair of patent black sandals, towering atop five inch stiletto heels, your toe nails painted some gaudy pink or red visible through your slutty stockings, proclaiming for all to see what a little hot tramp you are. I’ll have you fitted with an irremovable slave bracelet, telling everyone that you are my sissy slut slave. Your fingers will sport talons, nails a full inch beyond your fingers, painted the same slovenly color as your toes. Loads of rings will adorn your fingers and your pretty wrists will be covered in loads of loudly jangling bracelets, their noise, along with that from your large chandelier earrings will proclaim to everyone that a proper little sissy is coming their way…”No, this couldn’t be happening to me, my penis, far from subsiding was now fully erect, and his words served not to disgust me as they should, but instead kept pushing me ever closer to the point of no return. Again, I redoubled my efforts to reclaim my life by pushing horrid thoughts in the way of his onslaught.Sensing his victory was near my assailant redoubled his own efforts. “Don’t fight it little one, you know you want it. Come on, let yourself shoot your little load into your panties, try and pretend they’re a tiny pair of startlingly bright pink silky thong panties. Imagine you can feel them constricting your tiny little balls and caressing your tight little sphincter. Just think, as soon as you cum your new life can begin. You can start by taking my real dick into that pretty little mouth of yours and giving me your best blowjob. I even have a lipstick you can wear, providing you ask me real nice to let you put it on before taking my dick into your hot little mouth. Just imagine the creamy pink of your little virginal sissy lips engulfing my throbbing nine inch cock, letting my meat slide all the way down your tight little throat before I shoot a full manly load of hot white cum into your belly. Imagine how it will be in the very near future when your face is fully made up, your eyebrows tweezed back, huge false eyelashes framing your pretty blue eyes, your cheeks smothered in a very pretty dusky rose blusher, giving you that permanent feminine blush.”“We’ll visit a friend of mine at a beauty salon and get your hair colored, get you a perm and tricked out. I think a slut like you should have a big, wild, untamed hairdo. Maybe we’ll see about getting you some permanent makeup, you know, a little red lip liner and thick black eyeliner tattooed on. We can even see about getting a few pretty tattoos for your breasts, and how about a lovely ring of roses circling your ankle. And I love the idea of having my name tattooed all over your body, that way everyone will know for sure that you are definitely my property. Just picture your collagen filled lips wrapped around my engorged dick as I face fuck you full force. Contemplate your swollen breasts jiggling and your freshly pierced earrings jangling as I slam my cock repeatedly down into your gullet before pulling out and splattering my load of hot cum all over your delicious face and ample breasts. Imagine the sensations of a series of butt plugs stretching your virginal little ass until you are stretched wide enough for me to take your anal cherry. Picture my dick sliding painfully between your horrendously stretched sphincter, pillaging your ass. Oh it will hurt at first, but pretty soon you’ll learn to love the feeling of my big cock sliding up your shitter. You’ll learn to beg me to fuck you up your sissy pussy…”I could hold back no more. His words revealed a previously unknown dark side of my psyche, and the ministrations of his giant hands finally served to push me to orgasm. As my apparently inadequate penis jetted the first spurt of cum, my assailant cooed in my ear, “That’s it my pretty, you’re mine now. You know you want it. We’ll leave here, stop by your place to pick up anything of value, you can write your resignation there, and then it’s off to start your new life as my slave. We’ll stop at the mall and get you a new slutty wardrobe, more befitting your new role, as well as some garish cosmetics, a load of cheap and slutty jewelry then it will be time to get you settled into my house.”I could only sob pathetically as I completely surrendered to my new role. I was his to do with as he pleased a fact he celebrated by pulling me to him and pressing his lips over mine. His tongue finding its way between my lips with no resistance offered. He released me, carefully feeding me my own semen, which I dutifully licked from his fingers, before karabük rus escort bayan having me get down on my knees.”All right bitch, now it’s time for you to start by begging me, your master, to let you put on some lipstick before you can blow me.”Fighting the urge to cry, and hence make myself look even more pathetic, I lowered my eyes to the dirty ground as I heard myself whisper “Please…”He loudly interrupted me, “Louder bitch. And be sure you call me Master!”I swallowed loudly, as if trying to swallow down the humiliation I was being forced to endure. “Please… please Master, lend me a…”Again he interrupted me. “From now on, you must always refer to yourself as Sissy… what is your name Whitey?””Um, Alan Master, Alan Borne.””Ok then, from now on you must always, and I do mean always, no matter who you are talking to, you must always refer to yourself as Sissy Alan. Is that clear? And look at my crotch whenever you speak to me, and make sure you lick your lips like you can’t wait to get your hands, lips and other sissy parts on it. Is that all clear Sissy Alan?”Pathetically, I did as instructed, dutifully raising my gaze to stare at his swollen crotch. There was little doubt that his jeans were straining to contain the monster within. Sliding my tongue around my lips in my best impression of a wanton slut, I said loudly “Thank you Master” lick “Can you please lend Sissy Alan a lipstick so that he…””She, always refer to yourself as feminine.””… So she can put it on her lips and suck Master’s cock?””Well since you asked so pretty…” he reached into his tight jeans and produced a lipstick tube and handed it to me.Pathetically I applied the preferred lipstick, a vivid pink in a hideous impression of a whore’s worst day. Failing to notice that I now required no more than a gentle verbal prodding, I meekly undid his zipper, gently removed his monster cock from the hot confines of his pants, before obediently lowering my gaudily painted mouth to kiss the enormous glans.”That’s it Sissy, kiss your new Master, worship his cock. You are going to learn to be very, very, very attentive to my cock. Now why don’t you get busy. I want to see you take me all the way down that tight little throat of you. I don’t want to know if you have any teeth, if I feel them, you might not have them for long. Is that clear?”I nodded and answered dutifully, my gaze locked upon his monstrous schlong before me. “Yes Master, Sissy Alan understands. All the way down… her throat and no teeth.””There’s a good girl, now get busy and make sure you don’t gag too badly.”In mortal fear of the monster before me, I opened my bright pink lips as far as they would go and slowly lowered my head over the quickly awakening b**st. Even fully stretched wide, his glans completely filled my mouth. Slowly I pushed on, taking more and more into my mouth. God, how had it come to this? Not twenty minutes ago I was minding my own business, a perfectly happy single heterosexual guy, and now here I am, my lips painted a garish pink while I am slowly taking more and more enormous black cock into my mouth?Obviously not content that I was being made to suffer enough, Master ordered me. “Come on girl, let’s hear you enjoying yourself down there. It’s not every little sissy who gets a new life and a chance to suck on such a lovely piece of solid man meat. Let’s hear a little appreciation!”Even though his monster cock was now beginning to force its way down my throat, I docilely began moaning as if this was the best thing to ever happen to me.Placing his hands on the back of my head, Master held me still as he took over. Now I had no choice but to accept his cock fully home. Inch by dreadful inch, his dick was forced down my throat. I could feel my throat muscles crying out in torture as they were stretched well beyond their normal range. And still it came. I was glad I had had a chance to at least wet it a little as he continued to stuff it down my throat. Luckily my gag urge was well suppressed as he drove the final few inches home. I could not believe the way my throat was stretched, feeling like I had a neck splint preventing me from moving my head. My nose was finally buried in his musty pubic region. I had done it, taken his full length down my throat.If I thought the worse was over, I was very, sadly, mistaken. Still maintaining his grip on my head, he began a rhythmic pumping in and out of his monster cock. Again and again he would withdraw until only the tip was against my pink lips, and then slowly he would slide the b**st fully home down my gullet, until once more my nose was forced into his tightly curled jet black crotch hair. All the while I was forced to maintain a constant barrage of excited whelps, lusty groans and incredibly horny encouragement as he ****d my mouth. He liberated my head, but left me in no doubt that I was to voluntarily continue bobbing up and down his length.Finally, after easily more than ten minutes of me sliding up and down his cock, my hands, now ‘lovingly’ placed upon his naked buttocks, felt him stiffening. Any thoughts I might have harbored about getting the hell off this enormous black penis before it shot, were quickly dispelled by his hand returning to powerfully grab my head, preventing me from getting out of the way. A few more powerful thrusts and he let out a loud groan as the rus escort karabük first of his hot cum sprayed down my throat. Slowly lifting my mouth up his tool, he continued to send spurt after powerful spurt of cum into my mouth. I could not keep up and inevitably a stream of cum escaped around his cock to drip onto my black T-shirt. And still he came.As a final insult to my vanishing masculinity, he withdrew fully and shot the last few shots all over my face and hair, before using his glans to work it into my pores and make sure my face was evenly covered in his warm and congealing goo.I meekly knelt before him and continued to gaze at his cock submissively while licking my lips to recover what was left on my chin.I had surrendered, admitted defeat, I was his now, and he was my master.SIX MONTHS LATER…Despite the terrible tightness of the corset, I expectantly kneeled before the apartment door awaiting my Master’s return. I knelt with hands stretched out, holding the ice-cold beer in a frosty mug, my Master’s preferred drink upon arriving home.I was dressed to please him. Starting at the bottom, my toe nails were perfectly maintained through my weekly visits to a local salon operated by a colleague of my Master. There I would receive a full pedicure and manicure, a session upon their sun bed, always dressed in the skimpiest of bikinis, to ensure my groin and breasts maintained the perfectly feminine tan-lines, and a full facial, all topped off by the full-works on my hair.All hair had been removed from every part of my body, excluding that on my head, and above and around my eyes. Every single other hair had been painstakingly, and painfully, removed from my body by electrolysis. A thin but very strong chain is securely locked around my right ankle, from it hangs a one inch wide silver disk bearing the engraved inscription:SISSY ALANPERSONAL SEX SLAVE OF MASTER JOHNMy legs are encased in bright white back seamed stockings. The toes of the stockings are visible, as are my garish pink painted toenails, through the open toes of the hideous pink open toed, horrendously high-heeled, ankle strapped pumps. My surprisingly shapely legs disappear, eventually under the too short hemline of the tight little supple black leather mini I am forced to wear, the little skirt’s hem refusing to stay down far enough to cover the tops of my lacey stocking tops.My butt, now much enlarged and changed through the constant diet of powerful female hormones I am fed, strains the leather of the skirt, clearly revealing the outline of my red suspender belt and scarlet thong, which serves to trap my now pathetic excuse for a penis. My balls now remaining almost permanently forced back up their cavities and out of sight, leaving a very passable impression of a pouting female pussy through the tightly stretched nylon of my thong panties.A terrifically reduced waist, primarily through hormones, diet, and exercise, plus the effects of the ever present corset blooms upwards to where the eyes are immediately drawn to a very impressive, and one hundred percent feminine, pair of beautifully presented breasts. A filmy white blouse does very little to conceal their splendor below and behind the frothy white lace around the very open cleavage. Framed in a dark red low cut brassiere, a pair of very perky looking 36D breasts wobble and quiver with my every movement as I strain to remain holding the cold beer in my outstretched pose. My nipples are still clearly discernable, even through the thick lace of my bra cups, jutting forth a full inch when fully aroused: a condition Master likes to see me in the majority of the time.Nestling between my heavily perfumed and bountiful breasts, nestle five heavy gold chain necklaces. Each wrist is further encumbered by a loudly jangling assortment of equally cheap looking bracelets, and as many as thirteen rings adorn my fingers and thumbs. My nails, painted the same hideously bright and vivid pink as my toes, curl an appalling full inch and a half beyond my fingertips.My head is worse. Firstly, it is now covered on top by a horrid mass of long platinum blond curls piled high in that classic white trash look: ‘Big Hair’. My face is covered in a thick creamy coat of foundation, my cheeks a ceaseless parody of a female blush. The worst liberties have been taken with my eyes and lips. Both now sport permanent makeup, courtesy of a lengthy visit to Master’s friends tattoo parlor. Now thick black lines line each eye, finishing up with an exaggerated Egyptian tick. My lips are equally horrendously outlined in a dark red, serving to accentuate the ridiculous collagen inject lips I now sport. Even without another touch of makeup, the tattoos serve to render my face completely feminine and pretty, with a black love heart shaped beauty spot etched on to my face above and to the left of my top lip. My left ankle now sports a fetching circle of roses, daisies, and handcuffs. Both buttocks sport the same legend as the slave bracelet around my ankle, and immediately above my tiny penis, now devoid of a single hair, is a large red arrow. Above this are the words “Sissy Alan’s Tiny Peter Clit” My left arm now bears a pretty red rose under a banner bearing Master’s name.Enormous false eyelashes top and bottom, each smothered today in thick and glutinous blue mascara, serve to outline my bright blue eyes. Though the combination of three thick cream eyeshadow, each loaded with glitter in turquoise, lime green and pink, ensure there is no way of missing my eyes. An overdose of cheap perfume and three pairs of large ugly earrings complete my attire.And so I wait for him, in anticipation of the evening of degradation and public humiliation that awaits me upon his return.END

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