A Very Deep Dive


The day had been started by the sounds of the distant market place, the salty sea breeze softly coming into the room, the French window pane double door placed ajar and the sheer curtains flowing with the breeze. As I arouse that morning feeling the pleasant ache between my legs, I had known I had made love to him the night before and fell fast asleep.

The sheets still had the scent of loving making in them and I treasured the aroma of him and I. I noticed he was not in the room but did not worry; instead I rose from the bed and noticed your diving equipment was gone; so I knew where he was.

When I looked out from the veranda a peaceful commitment came over me. The sun was warm to my unclothed body and the thoughts of the love making the night before made it feel as if he was still holding me close. I looked upon the room and I still wanted to feel the passion I felt hours ago, the juices of us started to trickle down my inner thighs, so I went to shower. On my return the passion still wore deep inside of me. I knew you would be gone for hours, so I decided to pleasure myself.

I looked upon my body now glistening from the coconut oils that I had lotion into my golden caramel skin and stroking the outer frame of my body and the cupping of my ass, I admired myself and was pleased even more of the fact that you loved it. I noticed that I still had a hand print on my ass cheek and giggled with the thought of how I received it. The thought made me hot inside…. the wanting of him inside of me the fullness Bostancı Escort of his cock and the heat that comes from his body. The shear thought of him made my nipples got hard and there was no cool breeze to cause such an effect…..it was the shear thought of him sucking them. I glide my hand towards my furry place and stroked what we both enjoyed. With every stroke my body became warm I watched my coloring in my body change and the perspiration rise, I knew I wanted you even more, the ache rose in such a way that if someone came in I wouldn’t notice. I stroked myself harder and longer. I walked to the bed and laid myself down on the cool sheets, I cupped my breast and squeezed them together as if he was sucking and licking them. I firmly grabbed the right nipple and sucked while I stroked myself. The warmth and the ache between my legs and the taste of my passion was divine. Arching my back I wanted him even more, I thought I heard something and I still continued, my clit wanted all the attention and I gave it all I had.

The passion rose so high that I moaned out loud, called out your name and he appeared. He startled me at first and then he took over where my fingers were. His tongue was hot and the tip was tantalizing my clit I grab his shoulders and dug in with my nails and told him that I wanted him to take me hard and deep as if you were not caring of my feelings at this time. He rose up from below and said that he would; once he had his sugar for the day.

I laid my head back down and Ümraniye Escort let it be. I couldn’t stand it though I wanted him deep; so deep inside me I could just die, so instead I begged you, please—all of a sudden he flipped me over and separated my cheeks and the breeze stroked right in between them having my ass all arched up, please put it in me. He denied me for he said that my ass is for him and he will do of it as he wanted…..how could I reject him.

His fingers played with me in such a way I thought I would cum then and now. He had to have it and I gave it all to him. He bit, sucked, spanked, and grab me so tightly that I felt what I wanted to have all along. He called me a tease and I thought of him that way. He wanted to give it to me from behind so he could hear my ass pump up against his loins. He was smacking all up in my ass and the pussy juices sounding so nice. He grabbed my ass tight to get a better grip and I arched it to make it easier to get all of it.

One arm around my waist and he bent over me and the other hand squeezing my breast like hand full of a mango; firm but yet soft. We didn’t miss a stroke, I was getting out of breath but when he dove in it seems to give him more energy so I knew then I was in for a ride of my life. He turned me over again and he laid on his back and told me to ride that pole which was throbbing and bouncing about. I took it slow at first and little by little and then he grabbed my hips and made me thrust down on him. The moan that came Kartal Escort from him was so deep and loud that I thought for sure the people of the market would hear. Our bodies were ever so wet and the smacking sound that he loved was even louder. He pulled at my breast to make me lower them into your mouth so you could suck while he pumped inside of me.

I kissed your neck and wanted to tongue him so hard and suck his tongue for I knew I would make him cum, but he refused me because he also knew what it would do to him. I pouted and tried to pull off him and he grabbed me and spanked my hips with both hands to let me know I could not go. I looked deep into his eyes and I felt the tears build in my eyes, I so wanted you to be pleased. I arched my back to expose my torso and my clit to him to make him stroke it as I rode him. The pleasure was so great that I knew that I was getting ready to cum.

I remember saying, “no, I can’t stand it! Take it , just take it, and give me what I want yes, yes take me , take me!” All of a sudden I felt him rise up and the moan was deep inside of him. I was begging him, “Oh baby no, no, no not now no, no stop, stop what are you doing to me, stop, no I won’t let you.” He was so where I wanted him to be. I got him just where I liked him to be.

I knew he was pleased for he let out this scream I never heard before, but I didn’t stop I made him cum and he came deep and long. The aroma in the room was obvious to anyone that love making had been experienced there. We laid in the bed for awhile with our bodies wet and smiling at each other for the pleasure we both shared. We showered, changed and I put on a gauzy pants outfit he liked so he could see my thong and my ass cheeks as we walked through the market place and shop for more diving equipment.

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