A visit to Sir


A visit to SirA Visit to SirI arrive at Sir’s house at the appointed time and ring the doorbell. As usual, after a brief pause, he opens the door, sees that it is me , turns around and walks back into the living room leaving me to close the door and follow him.When I enter the living room he is seated in his favourite chair and I stand in front of him, awaiting my instructions.He orders me to remove my shoes and socks and when I have done so he gets up, blindfolds me and orders me to put my hands on my head and spread my legs. He then runs his hands over my body, roughly groping my crotch and squeezing and slapping my buttocks. He finds my nipples through the material of my shirt and pinches them both, increasing the pressure till the pain makes me gasp. He holds the pressure for a little longer then releases his grip and unbuttons my shirt.He orders me to lower my arms, removes my shirt and orders me to put my hands back on my head. He begins to work on my nipples again, pinching, pulling and twisting them, enjoying the little gasps of pain he elicits from me.After a few minutes of this treatment, he sits down with me standing in front of him and starts to remove my jeans. He pulls them down to my ankles and orders me to step out of them. He roughly gropes and kneads my crotch again, squeezing my cock and balls through the thin material of my underwear. Then orders me to turn round.He pulls the back of my underpants down and exposes my buttocks. He runs his hands over them, then spends a few minutes squeezing, needing and slapping them. He then pulls my underpants down to my ankles and orders me to step out of them. Now naked, I wait for the inevitable command that will leave me facing him, fully exposed and with my erect cock betraying my state of sexual arousal, which is the essence of his control over me, submission makes me aroused, arousal makes me submissive. In this condition canlı bahis I will allow him to sexually torment and torture me, and freely use me for his sexual gratification.He orders me to turn round.I stand before him naked, fully exposed with my hands on my head and legs apart. My erection a clear signal that he has me under his control.He ties a cord around my scrotum, above my balls and on the other end of the cord he ties a weight, which he sets swinging, as it starts to slow down he orders me to keep it swinging and I obediently move my hips back and forth. Then he takes my cock in one hand and starts to slowly masturbate me while, with his other hand, he begins to pinch, pull and twist my nipples again. working on each one in turn. Next, still masturbating me, he delivers several hard slaps to my buttocks. This pain/pleasure treatment continues for some time, Sir alternating between torturing my nipples and slapping my buttocks, all the while playing with my cock while I continue to swing the weight attached to my balls.Then he starts to slap my cock, gently at first, but getting progressively harder. He slaps it from above, from the left, from the right and from below. He particularly enjoys slapping it from below, he likes the way it slaps against my stomach.After he’s given my cock a good working over, and is confident it is quite sore, he decides to give it some time to recover before the next torment so he orders me to kneel down, and I hear him sit down. He reaches out and takes hold of the cord attached to my balls then orders me to move forward as he begins to pull. I shuffle forward on my knees till I’m ordered to stop. I am aware that his legs are on either side of me as I hear the sound of his trousers being unfastened. Then his hands are on my head pulling me forward and down, guiding my mouth to his cock. I automatically open my mouth as I feel the tip against my lips and, bahis siteleri without having to be told , I start to lick and suck his cock, moving my head up and down and using my tongue on the underside of his shaft, just behind the glans.He relaxes, and enjoys my ministrations for some time, but stops me before he reaches climax, he is saving it that for later.He orders me to stand up and step back. He inspects my cock, it’s a little red from the slapping it’s had, but he’s sure it’s ready for something else.He begins to attach pegs to my genitals. The first one goes on my frenulum, and he takes care to ensure that it is as close to my glans as possible, where it will be most uncomfortable. Then he takes his time attaching pegs all over my cock and scrotum, and attaches two to my nipples for good measure.After admiring his handiwork he orders me to kneel down again, and this time stands up, puts his cock to my lips and orders me to lick him.I start to lick all over his cock and balls, working up and down his shaft, occasionally taking the end in to my mouth and sucking it. He allows me to service him this way for some time, (no doubt enjoying the fact that his cock is receiving pleasure while mine is being tormented by the pegs), before taking hold of my head and thrusting his hips back and forth, fucking my mouth.Yet again he declines to climax. He orders me to stand up, and starts to remove the pegs one at a time, pulling each one before releasing it, leaving the one on my frenulum till last. Then he gives my cock a few more slaps before ordering me to lie down with my legs spread on either side of his so that he can rub the rough sole of his shoe up and down my cock for a while.Then he kneels at the side of me and I hear the sound of a striking match and I correctly guess that he is lighting a candle. After a waiting a while for the wax of the candle to melt he takes my cock in one güvenilir bahis hand and begins to masturbate me, while he drips hot wax onto my balls. When my balls are covered he slowly works his way up my shaft, pausing briefly at the frenulum before carrying on to cover my glans in hot wax.Having covered the underside of my cock, he then works the wax along the upper surface, starting at the root and slowly working his way up to the glans again. Then he holds my cock so that it is pointing straight up and drops hot wax on the tip. The wax runs down my glans and onto the shaft , thankfully cooling as it goes.After the hot wax torture he orders me up onto my knees while he sits down, again he uses the cord attached to my balls to pull me to him, then, once again, takes my head in his hands and guides my mouth to his cock. I set to work again, sucking and licking the hard flesh tasting the precum oozing out of his urethra. Occasionally he takes my head in his hands and pulls me right down till my nose is against his hairy groin, holds me there for a few seconds, pushes me back up and then releases me to carry on with my work.Eventually he can’t hold back, and, taking my head in his hands, he pumps my mouth up and down on his shaft till he reaches climax, pumping his juice into my mouth. I have been trained not to swallow until ordered and so I hold his semen in my mouth. “Open” he says and I obediently open my mouth so that he can see what he has deposited in there. Then he orders me to swallow and, after I have complied, he orders me to open my mouth again so that he can see that it has gone.When he has recovered from his climax, he orders me to lie down on the floor. Then, after peeling the wax from my cock, he starts to masturbate me. My reward for being a good slave. But the candle is still lit, and as he senses that I am about to climax he pulls my foreskin back hard and pours hot wax on my frenulum and glans. The pain of the wax brings on my climax, and as I ejaculate onto my stomach he continues to pour the melted wax onto my cock end, treating me to the ultimate pain/pleasure cocktail.

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