A Visit to the Sex Doctor Ch. 03


An angel woke me up. A blonde one, with gorgeous Asian features. There was sunlight streaming golden beams through the windows. She was bent over me, gently shaking me awake.

She was wearing a powder blue mostly transparent nightgown, that was so light and flimsy the slightest eddy of air would blow it around. The giant tits heaved and moved about braless beneath, the nipples tracing indentions in the material. It was sleeveless with a strap on either side, that ended down just past her waist. And I mean just past her waist, maybe about 3 inches lower than her crotch. It often would swirl up, I knew from past observation, exposing everything between her legs.

The sun shone through it as well, making it almost 100% sheer. I could see was pantyless. She was wearing high heels, casual ones made of cork that she would wear around the house. But they did everything for her legs and ass that you’d want from 7 inches of ankle tilting lift. Why would she wear heels in the morning? At home? Well, we couldn’t put everything in the kitchen, or the rest of the house on the bottom shelves, could we?

Drinking in this big busted Asian blond leaning over me, my morning erection surged with electricity. Pain! The spiked cock cage of death took it’s vicious biting tearing toll.

“You have work soon, my honey.” She says to me.

She helped me up. I was able to stand this morning. She gave me my meds for the morning (at what point were my balls going to be just too full!) I walked weakly up the stairs, CJ astride me for support. My office clothes were in the bedroom, which is where I found Magnus.

He was still lying in my bed. The sheets were turned down on my girl’s side of the bed, too. And there was an indentation on her pillow from last night.

She saw what I saw, and understood immediately my realization.

“Oh, my love! When I climbed the steps last night, I fell onto the bed and just slipped away! I’m sorry.” She seemed sorry, accidentally spending the night nude and in bed with a nude Magnus. But I had seen how worn out she had been, and I believed that nothing had happened last night.

“Well, hello!” Magnus’s voice rumbled. He had opened his eyes, and caught sight of CJ in her blue nightie. “I really love this bed! I slept so well!”

“That’s because we drained that giant Anaconda of yours about three times last night. And did you know I was right beside you in bed all night? All naked and everything.” CJ had changed direction upon hearing his voice. She walked in those high cork heels, a little on the seductively side too, a little swing to the hips and shoulders. She had spoken as she moved and finished standing beside the bed. I could almost see the bounce of Magnus’s eyes as he watched her tits sway under the material.

Of course, as I guess I should have known would happen, the bed sheet tented at his groin, rising up monstrously.

CJ laughed happily, and mocked a surprised look. “What is that under the sheet?” With a flick of her wrist, she tossed down the bed sheet. The beastial cock sprang up, more than 12 inches of wide huge and thick meat. Clearly bigger than yesterday. Harder and pulsing with energy.

“You know baby, my first one of the day, after a good rest, is the strongest!” He said lustily. Calling my girl baby, again.

My fiancé’s awkwardness and shyness had melted away in a day’s time. At least toward Magnus. She hummed a little pop tune as she ran her finger around the crown of his cock. The cock throbbed, I mean I saw it’s pumping network of veins from across the room. Slippery pre cum seeped up out of it, covering the head.

CJ bit her lower lip, staring at the pulsing, oozing, phallus.

“Honey, look! It’s your other medicine! You haven’t had any of that today!” She said to me. The little Asian grabbed a hold low on the shaft and pumped. The pre cum emission increased, beginning to slide down the sides.

“My dear, I don’t know if there is time for this.”

“My betrothed, come right over here.” She pushed her chest out. “Don’t you want to see my boobies before work?” Yes, yes I did want to see her boobies. I found myself with her next to Magnus on the bed. I was staring at those big round tits.

“Can I see them now?”

“Well, right now you need to look at Magnus’s big dick.” It was hard to look away from her bosom. “And then you can see them and squeeze them, you really love that!”

I turned my head to the pole pointing to the ceiling. CJ’s other hand shot between her legs. She was still stroking Magnus, slowly and low near the base (more of it was being covered in ankara seks hikayeleri pre-cum and she retreated south accordingly).

CJ was flicking her clit, looking at my face pointed at the dick. She put a knee on the bed to open her legs more. The little girl was dripping girl lube as well. This whole thing was so hot for her, her breath was ragged and forced.

“See how when I pump, more of his juice comes out?” It occurred to me the purpose of that juice was to provide a smooth entry into a woman’s pussy. My sweetie’s pussy was dripping and practically sloshing as she played with herself.

“Take a hold of it with your hand dear.” She said to me. Didn’t know why. I glanced again at her smoking body, then took hold of it down low near the base. I didn’t want that goo on my hands. It was hot to the touch, and rock hard. I could feel his pulse beat along several strong veins.

Still rubbing herself, she moved her now free hand to the back of my head and began immediate pressure downward.

“Hurry, there is so much it is going to soak our sheets!” My head was pushed down to Magnus. The flow had slackened a bit when she had stopped pumping.

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Lick it, lick it up and swallow! It’s your medicine! Alna said so. Hurry, don’t lose any onto the bed!”

She quickened her own pace with her pussy as I stuck out my tongue and gathered up a big glob off the head. The cock shuddered at the touch of my tongue. I was able to clean the head quickly, three swallows worth. I ran my tongue along the sides, collecting the large amount of run off.

“Ok, got it.” It was time for me to play with her boobs, right?

“Squeeze it with your hand.” She moaned.

A big amount of pre cum surged out of the head when I did so. I stuck out my tongue.

“No, no, no. Like this.” I was a little off balance leaning forward, and when she pushed down on the back of my head, the dick speared right into my mouth. “There you go, suck the juice out.”

I sucked and swallowed again. “Pump it!” Cj was getting close, lust oozed from her pores. Her climax was approaching. When I pumped his cock the flow returned and I was busy sucking and swallowing.

“Both hands!” She screamed at me. It was that big after all. She rammed down on my head, really putting her weight onto me, and the dick went deep, pushing into my throat. She pulled me up by my hair, then rammed me back down, trying to push it deeper every time.

It was about halfway down my throat when Magnus said he was going to give it to me. I noticed his hand was around my girl, squeezing her ass. His other hand was inside her nightie, rubbing her tits.

“Eat that cum dear!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as she worked my face down on it fiercely.

They both came. Magnus nearly drowned me because my love wouldn’t let my head up. When she finally let me breath, it was more as an after thought. She fell over onto the bed. She had cum a huge load herself and the whole side of the bed was wet with her discharge.

They both lay there panting as I staggered back to catch my breath, and try to digest what had just happened. Magnus’s eyes were closed, his breathing returning slowly to normal in happy land. My sweet girl’s lids were nearly closed, but she was looking at me.

“You did good, boyfriend. When there is time you can play with my tits like I promised. You earned it.” It took her a while to say this between gasps of contentment.

It was getting very late for my work day. When I came out of the shower, I heard our bed shaking and squeaking on its springs. That could not mean…

I ran in to find my Asian flower lying on the bed (not in the wet spot) with her tight athletic legs handing over the edge, she still had her heels on (that was a good sign, right?). Magnus was over her, standing at the edge of the bed. His rock python was up between her tits, pumping away under her nightie. The cock head continually emerging from the neckline, thrusting toward her face. The slim girl was holding her giant globes from the sides, pushing them tight for the cock to fuck them.

Magnus noticed me first, dripping wet, short and naked with my tiny cock cage.

“You two got me worked up, talking about her tits so much. I had to have them!” He growled.

“It’s ok, right baby? It’s not real sex. We did this last night in the shower and you seemed ok with it.”

Magnus certainly wasn’t waiting for my answer. They had been at it for a bit already and he turned his attention to my girl again. He fucked harder, really using his hips. She was almost bouncing on the bed beneath him. She looked back at him too, into his eyes and gave him a smile. She hadn’t exactly awaited my answer either.

I dried off, watching them. I got me bothered and turned on, and the cock cage went to work on me. I struggled to dress, wincing from my cock pain, and not wanting to take my eyes of the high octane porn happening on my own bed.

The slinky fabric of her nightie had also been rubbing against his cock, and finally he climaxed. He roared loud enough for the neighbors to spill their morning coffee.

When my beloved stood up finally (he plopped onto the bed satisfied) she was soaked in his cum. Her neck covered in thick clumpy semen. The nightie was stuck to her skin, every curve. Her tight abs. The slight bulge of her pussy. Her nipples hard and upright. The material of the negligee couldn’t absorb the amount of cum. It was oozing all over her.

She stood there in her high heels, right in front of me. She was a little dizzy from the experience, and speechless. I stared at her, smelling the cum, hearing it slosh between her tits. My eyes on her hot body, I stared and stared, time had stopped. An eternal, amazing, beautiful, moment. The orchestra of pain from my cock cage stabbed into my pounding erection attempt, provided the sound track.

Five minutes later, it was time to go. My car was at the doctor’s office, so Magnus agreed to drop me at my work. I could taxi over later to get my car.

The amazing thing was that CJ walked us outside to the car. She was still wearing the sperm soaked sheer negligee pasted to her body. Stepping all the way across the lawn in those heels. Unbelievably sexy. For 9 a.m.

I think the whole world stopped and stared. We were parked on the curb. She leaned in the passenger window and kissed me. Then she walked around the car, into the street. Clop clop clop in those heels. My leggy babe was stopping traffic. I mean every car on my suburban street was stopped. The passing Fedex truck stopped, the driver staring. The guy two houses down watering his lawn just stood with slack jaw. The garden hose falling from his grasp.

Sweetie leaned in and kissed Magnus. Passionate, lustful, tongue wrestling kiss that went on and on. I looked at my watch. They were still kissing. I noticed Mr. Hansen had called his wife and she came out onto their porch across the street. They both stared. Everyone who lived on our block was taking it in. They were still kissing, and moaning now.

Traffic was building up in both directions. I cleared my throat and they finally separated.

“Call me.” She said.

“In a little while.” He replied earnestly.

As she stood from the car, CJ noticed that the whole world had focused on her. Staring faces from houses, and cars all around. She was smiling a beauty queen smile. My tiny, shy, dark tan Asian wasn’t so shy anymore.

She took one step, to the very center of the road, her heels standing on the double yellow line. She turned first in one direction, and of course this movement sent her big orbs in motion, gave a wave. Then turned the other way, and gave another wave to all the faces.

She walked, clop clop clop back to the side walk, across the lawn to our front door. Her tight athletic buttocks had the slightest sway. When she reached the door, she turned to give a final wave. Car horns sounded in a cacophony. She left us all, a genuine smile upon her face.

My work was going well. Cj would ball punch me for an hour during the evening, to give me the night to rest it off so I could keep up my job. She would tease me for an hour before the punching. She was getting better and better at both tasks.

She saw Magnus once a day. Usually at our home. She would dance for the both of us. After a strong ball session, I’d be on the downstairs couch, unable to move. My baby would service the monster in front of me, using her hands and tits. Sometimes things ended messily, but she had gotten the process down of bringing the meat to me near the end and hand churning his loads down my throat.

My fiancé got off constantly during the treatments. Her sexuality was really increasing. I mean sometimes her lust was downright powerful. She rubbed herself to orgasm whenever Magnus called on the phone. He’d call for the most mundane reason, but her hand went to her pussy as soon as she took his call. She’d keep up the conversation, with difficulty, but always climaxed to his voice. It was fun to watch.

She sometimes met him at his place of employ. A high rise downtown. They used a supply room, which luckily, contains plenty of paper towels. Sometimes he drops by the gym where she teaches her aerobic classes. They’d go into the men’s locker and take care of his needs. This is so popular with all the muscle workout guys who watch that she has open permission and invitation from all the body builders to use the men’s shower whenever she wants. I think more than a few of them have signed up for her classes.

I’m real popular with the neighbors now. They wave and say “Hey George” when I come home. The guy to my left has offered to help me finish cementing the back patio. It would be great for ‘sunbathing’ he says. CJ has taken to leaving the drapes open more often. Men are leaning on the property fence all the time, on one pretense or another. Resting between rounds of horseshoes or gardening or whatever. But the fence they are resting on is always near a window that sees in on my wife in the house.

She’s taken to wearing less around the house, on purpose. ‘Just giving a show’ she says, just fun. She says the farthest she’s gone so far (so far?) is going down to her bra. There were eight guys along the back fence, taking a break from barbequing (on a Tuesday?). As soon as she noticed them, she opened the drapes to my study which faces out that way, and absent mindedly unbuttoned her shirt slowly and took it off showing off her Victoria Secret bra. When they clapped, she feigned surprise that they were there, and with a smile pretended to scold them by shaking a finger at them. She’s invited to the next barbeque. There is a pool there, so she’s thinking of wearing a bikini.

If she takes my concern to mean she should close more drapes while I’m away at work, she suggests we open the drapes next time I’m sucking Magnus off. I’m suddenly cool with her being the neighborhood window flirt.

She went out with Magnus on a date at the beginning of the second week. He had two tickets to a concert, so they went. God she looked hot. An amazing dress and sexy heels. She gave me a ball punch session before she left. When they got back she gave us both an extended, hot strip tease and nude dance.

By now by dear could have me do whatever she wanted. By promise of reward of being allowed to see or touch her (sometimes as many as three days passed without me getting a feel of her body) or threat of extra ball punch sessions.

She made me kneel in front of him, with my mouth open. She leaned against the kitchen counter, fingering her clit. She raised a spiked red high heel into the air and placed it on the back of my head.

My love made me ask repeatedly, ‘please, may I suck Magnus’s cock’. She rubbed her heel along the back of my head.

“Hmmm, I don’t think so.”

So I would have to beg and beg for a few minutes until my pleas were sufficiently impassioned. Then I would feel the long spike of her heel pushing my head onto the cock.

She’d kick at the back of my head to have me pump my mouth up and down the shaft. Her kicks grew more violent as she neared climax. The spike threatening to puncture the back of my skull, she didn’t seem to notice that possibility.

Deeper and deeper she kicked me, I mean I was really getting a lot of it down my throat. Certainly deeper each time we did this. He came inside me like a fire hose, she screamed in climax behind me. I swallowed it all, even making sure to lick up what leaked out from along his shaft.

Then I noticed that my wife had indeed left the curtains open tonight. I had seen her turning on all the lights in the room earlier. I had not really understood why, and seeing her come home in that dress had me distracted anyway.

This room faced our neighbors to the right, who were hosting a celebration tonight. The street was crowded with cars, I remember now. The lights were so bright in here that I couldn’t see outside.

“Do you love to eat that cock?” She asked me gently from behind. I knew exactly what she wanted. They always had me saying out loud how much I loved that cock in my mouth. It turned CJ on to hear it. And with the window open to the throng of people watching from next door (how many, 30 or 40? How many had camera phones!) I knew what she meant me to do.

I yelled that I loved to eat that cock.

“Show me.” She kicked me in the back of the head.

I dove back in on it. Gobbling it in my mouth. Sucking and licking. It hardened again and I plunged my mouth down upon it. Above me, CJ and Magnus were embracing and kissing. There were kissing noisily, passionately.

After about ten minutes Magnus shot another series of loads into me.

“Good night.” She said to me, and lead Magnus by the hand upstairs to the bedroom. Her tone indicating that I was not to follow.

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