A Week of Training Ch. 04


After the first real life day with my sub I was still on cloud 9. I positively bounced into the restaurant for breakfast; I would have another 4 days, at least, with Kitten. To say this was exciting for me would be an understatement. We had known each other for nearly 8 years. We first came into contact through work, she worked for a customer of my company and I worked on the support desk. She regularly contacted me for help on products and very soon we developed a friendship and occasionally things were flirty. We regularly spoke outside work as friends, but for a year or so that was all it was.

After about a year things got a little more interesting as the flirting got more and more serious until we were chatting very sexually but it was of a ‘vanilla’ nature. I knew nothing of her sub side and I had no idea about my hidden Dom side. We chatted on cam a few times but there is only so much you can do on cam and with words on a screen. We tried on a couple of occasions to get together but it never happened, for one reason or another. Then Kitten got frustrated with the fact that our relationship was purely non physical, she was getting all excited from our chats and was never able to touch me or I her. She called a halt to our cyber chats but we continued as friends, to say I was disappointed would be an understatement.

She then changed companies a couple of time and we lost touch. I then moved companies and lo and behold Kitten was working for a client company of my new company. We dropped into the friendly chat as though it had only been a weekend since we had chatted, not the 18 months it had actually been. We avoided the sexual chat for about 6 months, then the flirting started again but it was light-hearted. Then we started to discuss our sexual feelings and Kitten revealed her sub side. In the process of discussing the whole D/s relationship my Dom side started to surface. I started to give her instructions and tasks. Just silly things to start with, like spend the day commando under trousers and that sort of thing. She really enjoyed this and to my initial surprise so did I.

I started to research the D/s relationship more seriously and discovered a whole new world. A world I liked, not the darker relationships with extreme canings etc but the controlling, caring side of things. I started to get more daring in my tasks for her, for example, getting her to wear short skirts and no underwear, getting her to drive topless, to spend the day with a butt plug in etc.

When she disobeyed I would make her punish herself, sometimes it was physical, like pinching her nipples or spanking herself, sometimes it was mental, making her do something that was outside of her comfort zone, for example making an audio file for me, of her orgasming. Sometimes it was both, for example making an audio file of her spanking herself. But she thrived on this, she loved the fact that I was in control, and I thrived too.

I grew into my Dom role, and I cared for her greatly, I would never do anything that put her at risk, simply pushed her boundaries. The only thing missing was the physical side of our relationship. I missed the fact that I couldn’t touch her, discipline her myself, then soothe the pain and caress her. This situation continued for some time, with both of us growing within our respective roles, but all the time the frustration was growing, on both side, at the lack of physical contact. Unfortunately it was not possible for us to get together for various reasons within our personal and private lives.

It was getting towards the point where we were about to step back and go back to being friends, when this training course came up. Of course we both leapt at the opportunity.

The following morning I didn’t see my sub at breakfast, but the redhead waitress from the night before was there. She looked at me and smiled then looked around for my sub, then looked back at me with questioning eyes. I shook my head and gave her a masterful look she looked down and asked “would you like tea or coffee, sir?”

“Coffee please, Karen,” and she poured me a cup.

“Did you enjoy our gardens last night sir?” she enquired still not looking at me. I knew she was fishing and that she had heard my sub last night.

“Very much so, thank you Karen, that’s all I need for now I will beckon you if I need anything,” Phrasing it deliberately to suggest I was her Dom.

“Yes sir, I will be waiting to serve you,” she said, suggesting she was in fact a sub despite her actions last night toward my sub.

Arriving at the lecture theatre shortly before it began, I got myself a coffee and mingled. I found my sub and whispered to her “take a seat in the front row and wait for instruction.”

“Yes sir,” came a slightly nervous reply

I knew why she was feeling nervous, the outfit I had given her to wear today was quite revealing. She had on a red chiffon blouse over a black silk vest top and black lace bra, a black skirt suit with a mid thigh length skirt, red patterned hold up stockings and red Kartal escort bayan patent leather 6 inch heels and the collar. “You haven’t added to your outfit at all have you?”

“No sir, but I’m a little uncomfortable, people will see my tattoos and my, um, curves.”

“Yes kitten, they will and so will I, and I do so love your curves, and the fact you wear your art rather than hang it on a wall where only you can see it. You should show it off more.”

“Thank you sir,” she said blushing slightly at the compliment “Yes Sir, I will,” understanding the implied command

When we were asked to take our seats I took one directly behind my sub. I wanted to be able to whisper instructions to her and watch the reaction of the lecturer. This guy was so boring he could put insomniacs to sleep, and I wanted to spice up his lecture.

“I will give you instructions during the day I don’t want you to reply just carry them out immediately,” I told her.

As the morning began I put my plan into action. “Cross your legs slowly when he is looking your way.”

Sure enough as the lecturer looked our way I heard the rustle of stocking clad legs against each other. His reaction was comical, it was like the cartoon double take. The skirt wasn’t short enough to show the stocking tops but did show a good portion of thigh.

I waited 20 minutes to let him calm down then instructed “uncross your legs and open them slightly.”

She complied and he noticed. His eye kept flicking back to the expanse of thigh showing, it was pitiful. He obviously wasn’t getting a lot at home so was taking his kicks where he could. This guy was a total letch and I was going to play him mercilessly while showing the control over my sub.

20 minutes later I leant forward again “hike your skirt up a little, just enough to show you’re stocking tops.”

She wriggled in her seat as she lifted her skirt. This time, when he noticed he lost the thread of what he was saying and just looked at her for 10 seconds. I could hear my sub breathing quickly now, either from embarrassment or excitement or maybe a bit of both. I was getting aroused too, my control was total, and his discomfort amused me.

I left her like that until coffee break. At the break, I sent her to the ladies to remove the vest top. “But sir people will see my bra through this top, and my back piece,” she stammered out

“Yes kitten they will, and I hope they enjoy the view half as much as I do. However, if they don’t it’s not a problem, this isn’t about them, this is about you and me. Are you saying you won’t do it?”

“No sir,” she replied quickly “just making an observation,” and she rushed off to the ladies.

I admired the view as she came back with the patterned lace visible through the chiffon blouse; I also noticed 1 or 2 of the other men on the course were looking as well. I loved their reaction and knowing she was mine, filled me with pride.

A thought crossed my mind and I looked around for the failing salesman from last night. I saw him by the girl serving coffee obviously flirting with her. When he saw my sub coming back from the ladies he couldn’t help but stare. Then he remembered the conversation I had with him last night and looked around saw me and quickly looked away then moved away from the serving girl and hid himself in the middle of his group of mates. I couldn’t resist a smirk to myself.

As we filed back in to the lecture the lecturer kept his eyes down seemingly going over his notes for the next session and getting his power point sorted. We all took our seats and he looked up, saw my sub, that was it, he was transfixed. For a full minute there was silence as he stared and we all waited for him to start, then someone coughed which snapped him back to reality. Spluttering and stammering his way through his carefully prepared opening, he resumed the course.

10 minutes into the session I whispered “stretch your arms like you have a stiff back.”

She stretched her arms and arched her back her breasts pushing at her shirt. Poor guy lost his train of thought again, as did a couple of the guys at the far right of the 220 degree arc of the theatre, as they saw what was happening.

“Hike your skirt up again, there are a couple of other people watching and they missed it this morning,”

Again she wriggled as she hitched up her skirt to her stocking tops.

“Cross your legs slowly.”

She complied, flashing some naked thigh above the stocking tops and I could see guys at both ends of the arc now noticing and paying more attention to my sub than the lecture, and I loved it.

“You are starting to get a crowd of admirers now,” I told her deliberately pushing her comfort zone.

I left her twitching in her seat for 10 minutes.

“Uncross and open your legs.”

She did but I wasn’t satisfied.

“6 inches,” I told her.

With her knees 6 inches apart they could see bare thigh above the stockings, then the skirt created a dark shadow so they weren’t Escort Kartal able to see her pussy, but they were nudging their neighbours to tell them about something infinitely more interesting than the course.

“Undo 2 buttons on your blouse.”

She complied, exposing a very generous amount of her cleavage. The lecturer now was trying to avoid looking, and to keep his mind on the course. He was managing fairly well, but at least a dozen of the attendees no longer had any interest in the course.

“Undo another button and slip your hand inside.”

She inhaled deeply, stiffened slightly and didn’t move.

“Are you refusing to carry out an instruction?” I asked in a menacing voice.

She shook her head and slipped her hand inside her blouse.

“Stroke your breast, then remove your hand.”

She stroked her hand over breast causing her to gasp quietly then took her hand out and put it back on the desk. The whole course had pause for the 10 seconds that took. I was loving it, the control I had over both my sub and the course. I was also extremely turned on by this, but also filled with pride. Kitten was doing everything I asked, pretty much when I asked.

I let the rest of the morning session carry on undisturbed.

At lunch we sat together “Did you enjoy that kitten.”

“Mostly sir, I wasn’t sure about stroking myself.”

“I know, but you had better steel yourself as this afternoon will have you doing lots of naughty things in front of the course. Fortunately for you it is the breakout sessions so the group will be smaller, much more intimate. It’s a good thing I know the subject, as I don’t think there will be much on topic discussion in our group.”

When we had finished eating I told her “go to the ladies and remove your bra.”

“I can’t sir they will see my breasts and my nipples.”

“That’s 6” I said telling her she was going to get 6 strokes of punishment.

“But sir, they are just for you.”

“That’s 12; they are mine to do with as I please. If I want to show them to the world I will. Is that understood?”

“Yes, sir!” she replied with attitude

“That’s 20, loose the attitude,” I replied in an extremely stern voice

“But that was a jump of 10, you were going up in sixes,” she spat back petulantly

“I’m well aware of that, my maths is quiet good. I felt you needed a lesson in who is in control here and who is the sub.” I growled at her “that’s now 40, care to add some more?”

Her eyes grew wide as saucers and nearly bugged out of her head as she realised she had pushed me too far this time. Tonight’s punishment was going to hurt, the only thing she could hope was that she didn’t add any more, and by being good for the rest of the afternoon she might be able to mitigate it a little.

“No sir,” came the cowed reply

“Shame, I was hoping you would make it a nice round 50, but then we have the afternoon for you to rack up further misdemeanours and disobedience. Now go and take your bra off.”

“Yes sir, and I’ll be good I won’t need any further punishment,” she replied almost pleadingly

“We will see,” I replied to her departing back and she rushed off to the ladies to carry out my instructions.

As she came back into the canteen her tits could be easily seen, swaying delightfully under her blouse. Her sexy hard nipples and dark pink areola were clearly visible through the thin material. She was blushing profusely at this exposure but was pleased at the smile on my face, I was beaming at her, both in pride and pleasure but also to give her some reassurance. I was pleasantly surprised she had gone through with it, I thought she would lose her nerve in the ladies and this afternoons training was going to be very boring with only the thought of tonight’s punishment to get me through it.

She made her way back to our table and sat down. “Good girl, that wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“Yes sir, for me it was. I nearly didn’t go through with it. It was only the thought that you might dismiss me as your sub that helped me go through with it.”

“Oh kitten, I wouldn’t have dismissed you for that.” I said gently caressing her hair, suddenly aware of how much she meant to me. “I would have been greatly displeased and would have had to punish you severely. Please understand that I know what you need, I have come to know you very well over the years we have been together, if only in spirit and by electronic communication.”

“Oh sir, I do believe you know me but I’m very shy really.”

“I know kitten and that is why we need to push your boundaries. Now, the course is about to resume, let us take our seats and see how far we can really push them.”

We went back in sat back to our seats; I looked across and could see a commotion happening on both ends of the arc as the guys who were sat further back wanted a better seat. The lecturer came in and everyone went back to their original seats, the guys at the back doing so reluctantly. I waited 10 minutes, letting everyone Kartal Rus Escort look at my sub and admire her tits, allowing them to think that was the sum total of the excitement. “Hike your skirt up again, higher this time just keep your pussy covered for now.”

Again the wriggling and pulling drew attention towards her several of the guys actually leaning forward but still they were denied a view of her pussy. “Now wait until the lecturer is looking then do a Sharon Stone leg cross.” His eyes were drawn down to her plump thighs as the stockings whispered against each other and his eyes widened as he realised he could see her shaven mound and the top of her pussy and then the other leg came over blocking his view. He totally lost his concetration at that point and took several minutes to get himself back on track.

Getting his thoughts back together, he quickly arranged the breakout groups, and assigned the different groups to rooms, before dashing out of the room, his erection clearly noticeable. I suspect he was going to the gents for some relief. The guys and lady that were allocated to our room were all smiling to themselves. I was a little surprised the woman was smiling, I expected her to be scowling in disapproval of Kitten’s antics so far. The fact she was smiling made me more horny, if that was possible. There were definite prospects here, as the smile hinted at the fact she was either bi or lesbian.

We went to our breakout room and sat down with me sitting next to my sub, and I let the discussion of the topic begin. The group was very good and we quickly had several excellent points to bring to the main discussion when we all got back together.

I whispered to my sub, “undo your blouse.”

“All the way sir?” she asked


She slowly undid the buttons on her blouse slowly hoping no one would notice until she had done. Several of the men noticed but didn’t want her to stop so were watching out the corner of their eye. The other woman in the group wasn’t so subtle and just watched. My sub saw this and blushed, which earned her a smile from the woman.

“Open it.”

She pulled the 2 halves of the front of her blouse apart exposing her generous tits, all pretence of discussion abandoned now they guys were also staring openly at her. “You can look but don’t touch,” I told them. “This,” I said pointing at her collar “means she is mine, anyone tries to touch and it stops immediately. Is that understood?” they all nodded in agreement. It was so amusing, there were like a pack of nodding dogs, but I was pleased they all wanted more of Kitten but understood and accepted that I was in control, the Alpha male

“OK kitten stand up and move into the middle of the circle.”

She walked into the centre of the circle of chairs and turned to face me with pleading eyes

“Take you blouse off slowly.”

She slipped it off her shoulders and held it against her body doing a little strip tease gradually easing it down her body then letting it fall to the floor. The woman, who looked to be mid 20s, scooped it up held it to her nose and inhaled my subs scent then dropped it back on the floor.

I took a good look at her, she was short and very slim, almost no breasts, an athlete’s physique with strong looking calves under her knee length skirt. She had dirty blonde hair cut in a bob and blue eyes. Her arms were like sticks with delicate looking hands.

My sub stood there trying to cover hers breast with her arms

“Don’t be shy kitten, they have already seen them.”

She put her arms down and stood there

“Now hitch your skirt up.”

She started to pull it up

“Slowly and dance” I added

She started moving, dancing to a tune in her head, gradually easing her skirt higher and higher, showing her damp stocking tops and glistening thighs, she was clearly aroused. She paused just as it reached the level of her pussy

“Keep going,” I told her and she hitched it higher, exposing the fact she wasn’t wearing any panties, her wet lips, shaven mound and ample curvy ass on full view. I wanted to take her there and then but this wasn’t just about sex this was about control and protection. If anyone tried to touch they would feel the full power of my wrath.

I let her dance for a couple of minutes with her skirt up while I moved a couple of chairs out of the way and dragged a table into the gap.

“I think you may as well take it off now.”

She pushed the skirt back down, but only long enough to undo it, and then slid it down her legs.

“Come here, sit on the table.”

She did so perching on the edge.

“Play with your breasts, caress them for us.”

She lifted both hands to her tits massaging them, stroking them, squeezing them gently.

“No need to keep too quiet now we are all friends here, but we don’t want to disturb the other groups, so not too loud,” I told her and she started to groan quietly

“Pinch your nipples.” she did so gasping gently as she pinched each.

“Pinch them properly,” I said.

Reaching over I pinched them hard causing her to cry out.

“Now you do it,” and she reached up again pinch her own nipples hard causing them to go white between her fingers biting her lip and moaning. I was rock hard in my trousers.

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