A Week with the Randalls Pt. 01


“So, he has been with her for two years now, and now he wants me to come home,” Brittany told me with a concerned expression on her face. “I think he is going to propose to her. I mean, why would he insists that much that I come this week? I bet he is going to throw a huge party with all of his business partners and all of our family… That’s how my dad does everything – lavish and over the top. And that woman…”

Brittany let out a loud sigh. We were sitting at our table, eating breakfast. Brittany wasn’t so much eating, as just pushing cereal around the bowl, complaining about her dad. We have been roommates for a year and a half, since we both were 20 years old, and from the very beginning I’ve been hearing about the woman her dad has been dating.

“But maybe she really loves him, Britt? I mean she might like the money, but really love him?” I wanted to bright her up.

“Please Lilly. You should see her, you’d understand everything. She worked in his company and left her job as soon they started dating. I mean – a secretary and the CEO? How cliche is that? He showers her with expensive clothes, but she makes it all look so tacky, just being who she is.”

Brittany looked at me pleadingly. “So that’s why I need my best friend with me this week. Pleeeease? I’m gonna go crazy, just me and them. He told me he wants me to get to know her better this week. I need you as reinforcement.”

I started laughing. “Okay, fine. We’ll go together.” She jumped and hugged me, and with her spirits up, we started planning what clothes we’ll take.


Next morning we got on the plane and an hour later landed in Britt’s hometown. Her father sent his private chauffeur for us. Her parents separated when Brittany was very young, and her mother now lived in Europe. Her dad was very rich and had a huge property outside of town.

I peeked through the car window as we came closer to the huge gate. We entered the property and the car drove us to the mansion where we were to stay that week. Her dad and his girlfriend were waiting for us. The car stopped and we got out. Brittany hugged her father as the help took our luggage to the house.

“Lilly, I heard so much about you,” Brittany’s father said and hugged me. He was in his fifties, but still very handsome and charming.

“I heard so much about you too, Mr Randall, Britt talks about you all the time,” I replied.

” And this is Amber,” Mr Randall introduced his girlfriend and I saw immediately what Britt meant when she called her tacky – Amber was definitely very much aware of herself and the impression she made. She was in her early thirties, in a tight pencil skirt that and a blouse that was unbuttoned two buttons too low, allowing me or anyone in front of her to see very deeply into her ample cleavage. Her strawberry blonde hair fell over her shoulders in big, loose waves, framing her breasts.

I was so distracted with that sight that it took me a second or two to look at her face, what she obviously noticed because she was smiling slightly when I finally looked at her. Her face was very pretty, and her lips plump and fleshy. She had an air about her, I completely understood why any man would want to take her to bed and enjoy everything that I just saw in front of me. I took her extended hand and shook it.

“I’m Lilly.”

“Well, hi Lilly,” she said seductively.

“Let’s go inside, I hope you girls are hungry – we have a big brunch prepared all for you,” Mr Randall said while leading us in.

The house was as magnificent inside as it was on the outside. We sat around the long dining room table where all kinds of food were set up. Amber was obviously feeling very much at home, telling the help what to do and Brittany was watching it all with a displeased look on her face.

“I didn’t know you two were already living together”, Britt said to her dad.

He looked at her, obviously choosing his words carefully. “Yes, we are. We felt like that was the right move for our relationship…” he said and Brittany cut him off.

“Oh I’m sure you were.”

“…and I wanted you to come and get to know Amber a little bit better now that we…” Mr Randall paused and took Amber’s hand.

“Oh fuck. See? I knew it!” Brittany looked at me with anger.

Mr Randall said calmly but firmly, “Honey, I understand that you’re upset, but I’m not going to tolerate that behaviour. I love Amber, and she loves me.”

“She loves your money, that’s all that she loves besides herself!” Brittany stood up furiously and went out the door. We were left in an awkward silence and I excused myself, saying that I better go after her to calm her down.

I went out the dining room and through the hallway and saw the door leading Acıbadem Escort to the backyard open. I stepped into the beautiful garden that had a luxurious swimming pool in the middle, with deck chairs around it. I looked around the huge garden and saw Britt sitting on a bench far away from me. As I came closer, I saw that she wasn’t crying but was still upset. I sat next to her and we were quiet for a few minutes.

“Let’s just go around the town today. I’ll show you around and you’ll meet my high school friends. I don’t want to be in the house with them,” Brittany said firmly.

“Sounds great”, I said and we both smiled.

We spent the day having fun and Britt was in a great mood by the time we got to the house. It was quite late in the evening and her father and Amber were already asleep, so we decided to go to sleep to. She showed me the room where I was staying and we chatted about our day while sitting on the bed.

“Britt… I completely get that you’re upset…” I started carefully. “But you know, it’s still your dad. I know how much you love him. And he’s not dumb. So just give it a chance, not because of her, but because of him.”

She looked away, knowing that I was right. “I know,” she finally said. “I promise I’ll behave tomorrow.”


I got up later than I expected, and when I got down to the dining room, I saw Britt sitting by the table with her dad and Amber, with the table again filled with food.

“Morning! Are you all already done with breakfast?” I asked.

“No, we were taking our time, enjoying each other’s company,” Mr Randall said. “We are planning our activities for today. I was thinking that we could go to the country club and play tennis? Like Brittany and I used to do every Saturday,” he said smilingly.

“Yes! I haven’t played in ages!” Brittany said excitedly. I myself was a lot less excited because I didn’t enjoy those kinds of physical activities. Britt saw the lack of excitement on my face, “Oh but Lilly doesn’t really like sports.”

“No, no, I’ll go!” I said, scared that I might ruin the first happy moment between Britt and her dad since we got here.

“Well, actually, I’m not a fan either,” Amber chimed in.

I saw Britt rolling her eyes and before the conversation got even worse, Mr Randall suggested, “Well how about you girls stay here, while Brittany and I spend a little time together? The weather is beautiful today, why don’t you go and have a swim in the pool?”

We all went silent for a second. “What do you say Lilly? Swimming, sunbathing… Better than running around and waving a racket?” Amber laughed. I smiled politely and realised that it’s better to say yes and spend an awkward afternoon with Amber, than being in the way of Britt spending quality time with her dad.

“Sounds great!” I said.

“Okay, I’ll get dressed and will be waiting for you to join me in the pool,” Amber said while she and Mr Randall were leaving the dining room.

“Lilly I’m so sorry! I’ll make something up, you don’t have to be with her all afternoon!” Brittany said.

“No, you just go and spend time with your dad, and I’ll be okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t worry. You know, this is actually good, this way I’ll be able to see what she is like, you know? I’ll tell you everything,” I assured her and she smiled.

“I knew it was a great idea to take you with me!” Britt said with a big smile.

I went to my room and got into my bathing suit, wondering what today will be like. At least I’ll spend some time in the sun, I thought, walking through the house towards the garden. As I walked into the garden, I saw Amber already in the pool, watching me as I was approaching.

I couldn’t get why, but I was getting nervous. The look on her face and the slight smile, she was keeping herself afloat and her breasts were gently going up and then under the surface of the water, and the water drops made them glisten under the sun. I got in the water and started swimming slowly.

“You wanna race?” she said with a smile.

“Okay,” I laughed, happy that there is something to break the tension. I was a little faster than her and when we reached the shallow end pool after swimming a few lapses, Amber stopped, trying to catch her breath.

“You’re fast!” she said, laughing. “I thought you hated sports!”

“Oh no, I don’t like tennis, soccer and stuff like that,” I stopped too and grabbed the edge of the pool to rest. “But I love exercising. Pilates is my favourite.”

“Well it’s clear you do something. Your body is really beautiful”, she said, running her fingers gently across my arm. I felt a knot back in my stomach. Even a simple gesture like that felt overly Acıbadem Escort Bayan sexual when it was done by her.

I was waiting for her to stop, but she didn’t, so I moved away a little, pretending I was stretching. She laughed a little, seeing I was nervous, and moved closer.

“I saw the way you looked at me when you got out of the car.” She was so close now that her breasts were touching my arm. She moved behind me and pressed them against my back. I was paralysed but my mind was racing, because even though this was so crazy and inappropriate, I could feel my blood flowing through my body and my pussy swelling.

She put her hands over mine, which were resting on the edge of the pool, and started rubbing her breasts firmly against me. She leaned to my ear and licked it gently, then traced my arms with her hands, going up to my shoulders and down to my breasts.

“Mmmmm”, she purred and pulled my bikini cups to the sides, and started to massage my breasts. My back arched as I threw my head back.

“I wanna suck your nipples,” she said under her breath and tried to turn me around to her. The lust was driving me insane, I wanted nothing more than to have her head buried between my thighs, but the reality was that this was someone who Britt hated, her father’s girlfriend none the less, and I had to put the stop to this.

“No, no”, I pushed her. “I can’t do this.” She wasn’t convinced and just pulled her cups down to let her huge breasts spill out. She took them and pushed them together as if she was offering them to me. They looked unbelievably big and soft, drooping slightly under the weight. Her areolas were large and pink.

I shook my head, trying to shake the thoughts of me sucking her nipples till they were raw. She let them go and they plopped on the water surface. She put each of her hands on the pool edge, while my back was pressed against the wall and inched forwards until her breasts were touching mine. It felt so good that I couldn’t break away and she used that to come closer and kiss me.

Her lips felt wonderful and I felt I couldn’t fight her anymore. My head was spinning while she was kissing my neck and grabbing my ass and thighs. Her kisses moved downwards and my breath became shallow as she reached my breasts. Her pillowy lips kissed my nipples, then she licked them. I moaned hard when she sucked on my nipple.

She smiled and kissed my neck and then whispered into my ear, “Just wait ’till I get to your pussy.”

I was dizzy from arousal and felt her hand going down. She cupped my pussy gently through my bikini bottom and I started rubbing against her hand. She pushed the bikini to the side and pushed her middle fingers between my pussy lips. Never in my life did I want so hard for someone to fuck me, but she just rubbed gently until she suddenly pushed a little harder and got her finger inside me.

I let out a sharp breath. She smiled and kissed me deeply while finger fucking me with a rhythm that drove me crazy – she pulled her finger out of my pussy gently and slowly but then rammed it back fast and kept on doing that until I was close to cumming.

“Now I’m gonna fuck you like a big girl,” she said while kissing me, and pushed another two fingers inside of me and started fucking me fast. I was trying to catch my breath as I started cumming.

The orgasm was so intense that I let out a little scream in the end, carried away by her whispering to me, “You are so fucking tight, it feels so good to feel you cum”. She slowed down to gently caressing my pussy as I finished and continued to kiss my face and neck.

“I bet you taste really good too,” she said softly. “How about we get out of the pool and…”

“Miss Amber!” a voice from inside the house interrupted her. “Miss Amber!”

We barely had time to pull out tops back when the maid entered the garden from inside the house.

“Yes?” asked Amber, trying to sound normal.

“The delivery truck is here, they brought the furniture you ordered.”

“Okay, thank you, I’ll be right there!” Amber said, and when the maid left she turned back to me and gave me a little kiss and said, “I can’t wait to taste your pussy.”

She got out of the pool, put her robe on and gave me a seductive look while walking to the house, leaving me to catch my breath and try to understand what just happened.

After a few minutes, a got out and went to my bathroom to take a shower, then laid in the bed, hearing the noises of furniture being carried in and rearranged downstairs. I stayed in my room until Brittany and Mr Randall came back from tennis, thinking about what I could say to Britt when she asked me how my day with Amber was. I had no idea how Escort Acıbadem I was going to lie. Britt was my best friend and she knew me so well, she knew when I tried to hide something. And seeing that, I had no idea how I’m going to hide the thought of her soon-to-be stepmother fucking me in their pool.

What drove me crazy even more was the thought of what would happen if the delivery truck didn’t come. I imagined Amber’s lips kissing my pussy and her soft tongue making me cum, and felt my pussy swell and flood with juices over and over again. Just as I slid my hand down my underwear and felt my wetness under the covers, there was a knock on the door and Brittany entered my room. She was dressed in her tennis dress and had her visor on, and was in high spirits.

“Hey! Oh, did I wake you?” she asked when she saw me twitch in surprise as I wasn’t expecting anyone. Well anyone except maybe Amber, to come in and eat me out until I came all over her beautiful face. I had to stop thinking about that and concentrate on what I was going to say to Britt.

“No, I was just resting.”

Brittany laughed, “Was your afternoon with Amber so bad that you needed a rest?”

I laughed too. “No, it was… good. But we didn’t talk much.”

“So what did you do?”

I paused. “We swam. Pretty much all the time.”

“Oh. Okay. I really hoped you’d feel her out, see what she was like as a person.”

“Yeah. Well, what can you do? Tell me about your day!” I tried to swerve the conversation.

“It was great. Honestly, Lilly, it was so nice, just like when I was little.” I could see that she was genuinely happy, which made me feel even more horrible.

“We talked a little about Amber, not too much, but I agreed with him to give her a chance. So four of us will be having dinner tonight, and some family friends will be joining us, so that will be fun”. Brittany was so upbeat, but thinking about facing her father and Amber made my stomach turn.

When the evening came and the guests arrived, Brittany and I went downstairs to greet them. As we sat at the table, Amber was seated right across me, wearing a low cut slip dress. Giving me little smiles throughout the evening, she caressed her decolletage subtly. I felt so guilty, thinking about my friendship with Brittany and the fact that her father was planning on marrying the woman I had sex with. The feeling of guilt overwhelmed me and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.

I splashed my face with cold water to make myself feel better and as I was drying my face, the door opened and Amber came in. She approached me and started kissing my neck.

“Amber stop it, this is horrible, I can’t.”

“Mmmmm, I bet I can make you feel good again,” she said while caressing my thigh.

“No!” I pushed her away. “I’m gonna tell Brittany everything that happened.”

“Oh, please!” she started laughing. “I know where you two live. Like a student could ever just afford that neighbourhood. You think I’m not aware that she must be paying for pretty much everything?’

She was right. What I made with my student job was next to nothing. If I wanted to keep up with my studies, I couldn’t pick up another job. Britt knew this and she paid for almost everything, never making me feel guilty for that. I couldn’t imagine her face if I told her what happened. That made me so sad and so furious at the same time.

“You are a slut,” I said furiously. I could feel my face becoming warm and red with anger. Amber laughed and started caressing me again.

“You’re not angry that I’m a slut. You’re angry ’cause you know you can’t wait for me to fuck you again.” She kissed my neck gently. “And your pussy is dripping when you think how I’m gonna fuck you every way possible for the next few days.” She rubbed her crotch against my thigh. “And so is mine.”

She kissed my lips and such a mix of fury and lust came over me, I pushed her to the sink and pulled her dress up over her ass. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and she was right, her juices were dripping down her thighs. I pushed her legs apart and kissed her roughly while grabbing her thick thighs. The thought of anyone coming through that door and seeing us made me push two fingers right inside her pussy and they slipped right in.

I fucked her so hard with my fingers that her tits bounced up and down. I muffled her screams by kissing her as she clenched her fists against the sink. She came in minutes and I didn’t stop until her pussy stopped convulsing and her body became limp. I pushed my fingers inside of her gently a few more times, feeling how hot she was inside, and as she was catching her breath I put my fingers covered with her juices in her opened mouth.

With her eyes closed, she sucked them clean. Her tongue worked them and she sucked so vigorously that I thought how good she must suck Mr Randall’s cock. I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and left the bathroom to return to the table. Amber took a few minutes and sat across me with a slight flush on her skin that only I could notice.

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