A Winters Tale Ch. 02


I slept fitfully and woke with a start as the predawn light filtered softly through the curtains.

My sleep addled brain took a few moments to adjust as to where I was, whom I was with, and what had happened. My heart pounded with the memory of the night before. Turning; I gazed upon Elle, beautiful in sleep, her lips; slightly pouted as she breathed gently and evenly.

Not wishing to wake her, not daring to wake her; I eased myself gently from the bed and padded, naked, to the bathroom, Quietly dressing I slipped silently from the room and took a long walk.

I don’t now how long I walked; it was as if I was in a dream, my mind kept returning to the night before, reliving every moment. Any guilt I may have had about my infidelity was replaced by the deep burning hunger that I felt for Elle.

The insistent ring of my cell phone shattered my revere.

“Hello!” My tone was one of shock and irritation.

“What’s up sweetie? You sound grumpy?”

“Oh, Hi Honey, I’m sorry, I was miles away and the phone took me by surprise”

“How is everything? I’m missing you, is everything OK?

My heart was heavy in my chest, I love my wife dearly, but my mind was aflame with lurid images of her daughter and I locked together in an intense sexual embrace.

Clearing my throat trying to sound upbeat. ” It’s perfect, just perfect, better than I had expected, Its great to be here”

“Do you miss me?”

“Sure I do Honey, I’m just sorry that you’re not here with me.” My hollow words opened a cavity in my heart, creating a void of confusion. Inwardly I groaned.

“How’s Elle? Is she OK? She’s not getting in your way, stopping you from enjoying yourself?”

“No, no honey, she just fine, just fine, were getting along together just fine”

“I’m so pleased, that’s wonderful, that you two have got the opportunity to bond. Say hi to her for me”

” Sure honey, I will”

“I love you sweetie”

“I love you too” ringing off; I grimaced, loathing myself, determining then to go no further with Elle. To leave the pleasurable past in the past, what happened; happened, it was fun, but no more.

My resolve melted as soon as I entered the room. Elle was still asleep, curled on her side, the covers loosely draped over her hips. Her breasts; baring the residue of our earlier activities, moved gently with her steady breath.

Lowering myself onto my haunches; I silently drank in her beauty. I don’t know how long I stared at her, It seemed like an eternity. I wanted to wake her, not daring to.

Closing my eyes I shook my head and sighed.

“What time is it?” she murmured dreamily.

“Wh,, what?” her voice had startled me

“You’re up,, dressed?” she sounded disappointed

Clearing my throat to compose myself “Its nearly eight thirty” I replied.


“Why????,,,,Why what?

“Why did you get up so early?”

“Ah, to see the sun rise,,,,, to smell the air,,,,” trailing off, I felt lame.

“It would’ve been nice to wake up with you next to me” Elle smiled dreamily as her fingers softly caressed my arm.

“It would’ve been nice,,,,,,, I didn’t want to disturb you”

“Thank you for last night,,,,, it was wonderful” she whispered

Taking her hand I kissed her fingertips.

“It was for me too,,, for me too” I whispered, gazing longingly at her.

My thumb drifted absently across the back of her hand. For a long time nothing further was said. Our eyes plumbed the depths of our reflected souls.

“Get into bed” she murmured, ” get into bed,,,, I want,,, I want to make love to you,,,, with you”

My heart leaped and sank at the same time as my desire and resolve jostled for ascendancy.

Standing; I moved toward the bathroom.

“No here, get undressed here, I want to see you, I want to watch you,”

Feeling exposed and very aware of myself, I stripped my sweatshirt up over my head. My cock surged to full erection, straining against the fabric of my shorts as I eased my jeans to the floor.

Kicking my shoes off, I reached for the covers

“No, no I want you to take everything off,,,, I want to see you,,,, I want to look at you”

Turning from her, I slid my shorts down to my knees, they slipped silently to the floor.

Elle’s fingers trailed lightly, backwards and forwards across my exposed buttocks and down the inside of my thighs.

¡®Turn around, I want to see all of you”

Her hand flowed across my hip as I turned, briefly caressing my midriff before descending to encircle my throbbing member.

“It’s so beautiful” she whispered, in admiration “So hard,,,, so smooth,,,,,, so,,,,, so hot” her hand drifted effortlessly over the pulsating length of my enormity, I was lost to her touch as she was lost in her touch.

Raising herself onto her elbow, Elle drew my turgid, dome to her impressive breasts. An involuntary groan escaped my open mouth as she circled each of her proud nipples in turn, anointing them with some precum that had oozed up from within. Trembling with her delicate caress, my knees buckled, I sagged poker oyna for a moment before recovering my balance.

Looking up, Elle smiled at the result of her handiwork.

“Its beautiful,,,,,, so beautiful,,,,,, and its all for me” she murmured.

Pulling me closer, taking my swollen knob into her warm wet mouth she sucking softly, tormenting me with her agile tongue. Her free hand cupped and gently squeezed my aching balls as they rose within my sac.

“God, I love what you do” I groaned; barely able to talk

Encouraged, Elle continued her skilful oral progress, sucking noisily. Her tongue moved constantly against me as she took my distended phallus deep into her mouth.

Pausing, Elle circled her lips and cheeks with my glistening tool, smiling impishly as she held my gaze,

” I love doing this to you,,,, I love being with you” she purred.

Taking her breasts in my hands, she shivered as I thumbed and plucked at her sensitive nipples.

Rising to her knees, Elle’s arms enveloped me, drawing me to her. Pressing herself against me, her breasts were crushed against my chest as our lips met in a long; wet; lingering; penetrating kiss. Our ragged breath and grasping hands signaled our growing need. The world was lost to our lust.

Breaking; our eyes met; glazed with desire, Elle’s voice, hoarse; barely coherent, whispered her demands

” I want to fuck you,,,,,, I want you to fuck me with your big, hot, hard, cock,,, I want your cock inside me now”.

The bed squeaked in protested as we collapsed onto it, pawing; gripping; kneading each other in a flurry of activity. Rolling and wrestling, we fell in a tangled heap onto the floor, breaking the tension. Elle; burst out laughing, and straddled my hips, her breasts bouncing and swaying with her movement. The swollen shaft of my rampant tool was trapped, pressed against her moist nether lips, its crimson dome reared up from between her legs like an inflamed dildo.

“Look! I have a cock!” Elle laughed, rolling her hips, massaging her gaping pussy down its length. Her fingers gripped and then pinched my nipples as she ground herself down upon me.


” You deserve that” she chided. “You get me so hot.”

As if to make her point, she tweaked me again, all the time rubbing her pussy up and down the engorged length of my pole.

Seeking protection, I reached up and seized her pendulous breasts, crushing them together, I presented them to my open mouth.

Lacing her fingers through my hair Elle pulled my head toward her, burying my face in her breasts; holding me to her as my lashing tongue and active lips laved and suckled her sensitive nipples. Her movement and constant moaning signaled her pleasure.

Using her free hand, Elle gripped the base of my cock and wetted its bulbous dome across the lips of her gapping entrance. Slowly she eased herself down upon me; rising up every now and then to moisten and ease the way. Her impalement continued until finally; I was lodged deep within her tender folds. The muscles of her pussy were in constant motion, squeezing, milking, and savoring my hot hard cock’s deep penetration.

Forcing me onto my back, Elle braced her hands on my chest. Raising her-self, the steaming length of my pole slowly re-emerged, glistening with her juices. At the point of separation; she slid slowly back down, rotating her hips all the way, until she was once again fully impaled with her ass resting gently on my balls.

Repeating the process time and again; Elle was quickly lost within herself; her furrowed brow and vacant eyes reflected her self-absorbed efforts. Our eyes met, there was a flicker of recognition and she attempted to smile.

Taking the initiative; grasping the cheeks of her beautifully rounded ass in my hands; I directed and controlled; shortening and lengthening the strokes and rhythm of our sexual union, as we plunged headlong towards our inevitable conclusion.

Slapping my hands away, Elle was eager to conduct her own orchestration. Leaning forward on her arms, she rode her warm wet pussy frantically up and down upon me. Her breast, rocking in unison, bumped; and brushed against my chest. Loud grunts and moans accompanied the rhythmic slapping of her buttocks against my thighs.

Gritting my teeth I grabbed her hips seeking control. I slapped her ass once, it had no effect, I slapped harder, and it seemed only to spur her on. She began to wail continuously. Glowing with her efforts, beads of sweet formed on her upper lips and brow.

The onset of my release was upon me as I wrapped my arms around her waist, gripping her to me, replacing her movements with my own. Starting in the soles of my feet, it quickly gathered pace up my legs. My balls tightened, arching my back, I thrust myself into her and exploded deep within her sopping pussy. It all embracing; earth shattering. My mouth was agape; I was unable to speak as I continued to erupt again and again. Through the fog it heard Elle, crying out.

“Give it to me,,, give me all of it,,,, Oh god ,,,Oh god, I love to feel canlı poker oyna you come”

With that, she shook as her own orgasm rose up and took control, robbing her of her strength and coordination. Falling forward, gasping, panting, her fingers sought out her clit; tightly trapped between us, to complete her body’s insistent demand.

Gradually, our orgasmic tremors subsided, in the process; air trapped between our wet bodies escaped with soft wet squeaks. It was enough to start us both giggling like a couple of school kids..

As Elle slid to the floor alongside me, my semi tumescent cock reluctantly slipped from within her tender grasp.

We lay close; caressing; kissing, touching and stroking each other, not saying a word. There was nothing that needed to be said.

The spell was finally broken by the soft wet sound of trapped air escaping from her sated pussy.

“That’s it, I’m outa here!” Elle protested in mock embarrassment, struggling to her feet. Evading my grasp she disappeared into the bathroom, in a while I could hear the shower running. I lay for a moment basking in the afterglow before following her into the shower.

“I was hoping you would join me” she murmured smiling as I entered, her wet hair was plastered down over her neck and shoulders making her look as young as her years.

The high-pressure heads of the shower massaged our sated bodies as I pulled her to me; we kissed; she melted in my arms and sighed softly.

“Elle you’re full of surprises,,, so many surprises”

“You’re not so bad yourself,,, Mom’s a lucky girl”

My heart skipped a beat; I grimaced, it was not lost on her.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,, I didn’t mean,,, Man, how dumb can a blond be”

“That’s OK, you don’t have to apologize,,, it’s me that’s lucky, lucky to be with your mom. Lucky to be with you,,,,,, lucky to be with you,,,,, here,,,,,, now, enjoying you,,,,, enjoying myself”

“You’re so sweet.”

Elle kissed me tenderly and continued.

“I’ve dreamed of being with you for so long,,, and now I have,,, Its so much better than the dream.”

Enveloped in the showers soothing embrace, we fondled each other. Elle lathered my cock and balls, as my hands flowed constantly over her naked perfection.

“Whew,,,, this is going to have to stop,,, if we keep this up” My voice trailed off as I gazed into her adoring eyes.

Smiling, she laughed softly. “If we keep this up what?,,,,, we’ll fuck again?,,,,, would that be so bad?,,,, you surprise me,,,, you surprise me”

Breaking away from her tender ministrations I leaped from the shower grabbing a towel to conceal my slowly inflating erection.

It was Elle’s turn to follow me, not bothering to take a towel she pursued me into the bedroom.

“Let me see, let me see” she teased “You’re getting a hard on,, you’re getting a hard on,,, I can see ,,, I can see it”

Looking down, she was right; I could see the telltale bulge that had given me away.

We laughed.

“You’re mad, Elle. Beautiful, cock hungry, and insatiably”

“Do you want to?,,, do you want to do it again?,,,,,Here?,,,,,, Now?”

I laughed again; it was forced, unnatural.

“Elle I would love to make love to you again, and again and again but, for the moment, I need a break”

Elle pouted feigning disappointment.

“That’s OK,,, I understand,,, spurn me,,, I’ll get over it,, in due course,,, one day,,, maybe,,, Just give me a kiss”

I fell into her trap, as I leaned forward, in one single motion, she wrenched the towel from me and pushed me back onto the bed. My semi erect cock slapped and lolled against my midriff. She pounced upon me.

“Just lie there, you don’t have to fuck me,,, just lie there,,, don’t say anything,, don’t do anything,, and I promise I’ll let you go in a minute”

Taking her at her work I relaxed back on my elbows as Elle slipped to the floor between my legs. Nestling her cheek against my balls she took my stiffening cock in her hands, purring with her success. Opening her mouth she sucked each of my ball in turn into her mouth tickling them with her tongue, stroking my now rampant tool in her hand.

“Why, why are you tormenting me?”

“Don’t you like it?,,, don’t you like what I’m doing?,,,,, Your cock seems to”

“Elle, I love it, I love what you do,,, what you’re doing,,, I’m just not ready for you yet”

“Just a moment longer, and I’ll be done”

With that she rose up to her knees; kissing and licking her way up my shaft. Taking my mushroom shaped dome between her hands, as if in prayer, she gave it a final lingering kiss.

Strangely I was expecting more, hoping for more, hoping that she would at least take me into her sweet mouth, my disappointment must have been apparent.

” If you want me to suck your cock, You’re going to have to wait, I want you to think about it, think about your cock in my mouth, think about me sucking your hard cock until you come”

Her description hit home, the imagery would haunt me all day, until the next time.

Elle continued. “I’ll be thinking internet casino of you all day,,, thinking what might have been,,,, here,,, now,,, I’m so wet and hot for you, and will be,,,. Fuck it, I’m so turned on and,,, and frustrated.”

With that she disappeared back into the bathroom.

I had dressed when she reappeared all bright and breezy.

“If its OK with you, I’m going to take time out today to catch on some sun and some sleep. I will also be thinking about you and your big cock.,,,,, Making plans,” she added with a wicked smile.

After a full breakfast I prepared for a day on the water, to explore all my old favorite fishing haunts.

The morning passed slowly, it was not as though the fishing was unproductive, I just could shake Elle from my mind, by lunchtime I wanted her, I could wait no longer, I was hungry for her, there was a deep aching need in my loins.

Packing up I headed for home and paradise.

When I arrived there was no one about. I could see June relaxing on a deck chair, taking in some winter sun, clad in a skimpy bikini. If I didn’t have anything else on my mind I would have taken more time to appreciate her; she was plenty of woman, voluptuous in every sense. Boasting a generous cleavage and, from what I could see, a well-rounded ass.

As if reading my mind she rose up and turned over, releasing the clasp of her top as she did so, liberating her breast to fall forward beneath her. Catching a quick glimpse of her nipples, I turned, heading for my room. Elle was nowhere to be seen. Disappointed and slightly concerned I approached June still lying face down on the deck chair.

“Hey, June how’s it going?”

June rose up onto her elbows, I had to tear my eyes from her breasts, she seemed unaffected.

“Hi Greg, did you have any luck?”

“I got my share and then some, isn’t it great just to be here?”

“It heaven, so romantic, a perfect place to be, good for the soul”

“Have you seen Elle?” I tried to sound casual; I tried to tear my eyes from her alluring body.

“Sure, she and Wes went to do some fishing a little while ago”

“Oh?” I was surprised, apprehensive, remembering their attraction for each other. “I didn’t see them which way did they go?”

“They didn’t go far, I saw them row just around that headland.” June eased herself up exposing her bounty to my gaze and pointed with her hand. She caught me staring at her and smiled.

“Be careful Greg, you looks will give you away, you might just give a woman ideas” she laughed easily not attempting to cover herself; her eyes never left mine.

“Sounds like fun” I countered winking and turned to leave.

“Phew, that was close, I almost weakened” I murmured to myself as I strode off. Hoping that I would soon be reunited with Elle, making love to her, taking advantage of her glorious, taut, youthful body.

Within ten minutes I was on the ridge above the headland scanning the water for Elle and Wes. They were nowhere to be seen.

It was her laughter that drew them to my attention, I immediately dropped to my knees and then onto my stomach. Wriggling forward I saw them not forty feet away, my heart was pounding so loudly I though that they would hear me. I should not have been surprised, but I was. My heart sank.

Wes, was lounging back on his arms facing toward me, eyes closed against the sun, his pants down around his ankles. Elle was between his legs, on her knees, naked from the waist up, in her hand she held the largest cocks I had ever seen. I felt puny by comparison, and I had never considered myself to be small. Wes was at least ten to twelve inches long, it was not the length so much that made his cock impressive it was the girth. In a word, he was “huge”.

The sound of their voices carried to me, as I lay concealed behind some Scotch broom. Elle, delighting in the experience, massaged his length between her breasts. An easy banter accompanied their intimate exploration of each other.

Shaking her head with pleasure, Elle strained forward to kiss his lips; as they touched, she opened her mouth lewdly, seeking to secure his tongue with her own. Wes steadied her head in his hands; as his long tongue snaked into her mouth, she sucked on it, sucking it as if it were his cock; her throaty laugh complimented the obvious imagery.

Her breast rolled against his midriff and over his massive cock as she nibbling her way back down his chest. Arriving at her chosen destination Elle engulfed him in her mouth. Using both her hands she pumped his weapon, trying to take as much as possible into her mouth. Wes threw back his head basking in her oral attention.

“Yeah,, that’s it baby suck it, suck it good,,, Ah, use your tongue just there,, yeah, oh oh yeah that’s it ” He trailed off shaking and groaning.

“Oh baby you’re too much,,, my cocks on fire,,,, I want to put my cock in your sweet little pussy”

Releasing him from her mouth Elle spat a gob of saliva onto his engorged glistening dome and massaged it into him.

Holding him with her eyes, she purred wantonly “I want your cock, I want your wonderful cock inside me. I want to feel you big hot hard cock sliding in and out of my tight wet pussy”. With a deep throaty chuckle she licked her lips and took him back into her mouth for some further intimate attention.

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