ABC Party Store – First Job


ABC Party Store – First JobSorry for the poor autocorrect on the first post. But again it’s 100% true. And looking back there was a couple of older “students” that would pop in every so often for a visit. Too bad I couldn’t have gotten in on that visit. In high school I went to the guidance counselor to see about getting a job outside for some extra money. I didn’t have a license yet so I had to be dropped off and picked up. There was a guy that owned a party rental supply house. You know the kind they write wedding supplies they set up tents they have set up tables. He was an older guy tall and skinny always wore mechanic uniforms he was pleasant kind of an Andy Taylor from Mayberry looking guy. I’ll never forget he wore gray uniform pants mechanic uniform pants and the smell of the cleaner that they were cleaned with but always make me aroused.He was always very nice to me and one day he struck up a conversation it was out of the norm he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said no I don’t he said well a big guy like you must get pretty horny I bet you jerk off a lot. I was ashamed and shrugged my head down because he knew it was true he said oh it’s OK we all do it . So that kind of relieved my tension a little bit. He asked me how often I did it I didn’t answer he said he did it all the time and even at work. So he said if I need to relieve some pressure it’s OK if I did it at work. Was I hearing he wanted me to jerk off at work? Damn this is going to be great! So if that point the customer came in and we had to stop our conversations and get back to work.Couple days later the situation comes up again in a conversation starts about me being in the locker room and him asking do I watch other boys or do I just like girls I told him I really didn’t know as I was still pretty much a virgin. He said well I’m getting kind of excited and I’m going to go jerk off why don’t you jerk off too? I said reluctantly I don’t sinop escort think so he said well I’m going to and he pulled out his cock. It was bigger than any I had seen in my life and he stroked it slowly and intently as a curved over the top of this vest like a snake coming out of a hole as he went back and forth with it is here. Hand . He said awe come on it’s OK you can jerk off too we won’t tell anyone he said aren’t you ready to relieve some pressure and relax. I was like OK so I take my cock out and I start jerking off looking at his cock and him jerking it. We both are moaning and grunting under her breath his cock is hanging out of his pants zipper and his balls are also out here straight pubic hair and just a hot daddy package overall I mean this guy looks like Andy Taylor but with gray hair and he’s telling me how hot I am jerking my cock off in front of him. Well we both start to come and I shoot it and he gets on his pants leg and he shoots and I’m out right on the concrete floor in front of me I look down I see his gray pants and his shoes and that cock leaking all that come on the floor and I start to get hard again. So I keep jerking and he says boy you are one horny mother fucker aren’t you? He said go ahead stroke that hot cock and I did and I was having trouble getting off the second time so he said here why don’t you hold my cock while you do it? I took hold of that trophy it was warm thick fat with a nice knob head on it I close my eyes tilted my head back and stroke it slowly while I furiously jerked off my cock. I finally jerked off the second load while holding his man meat sausage. I scurried off ashamed and I went and cleaned up and he was cleaning up the floor from our hot time. Little did I know he went up to unlock the front door to the store because he had locked it so we were on interrupted. A couple of customers filed in and he acted like nothing ever şırnak escort happened.Couple of days later I was horny as usual and now I walked into his office and said I was moving the tables around and my cock rubbed up against one of the tables and it made me super horny so I want to relieve some pressure . He said OK go ahead and do it I said right here in your office as you’re sitting in your chair doing paperwork? He said yeah let’s see a jerk that fat cock so I unzipped and pulled it out as he sat there watching me jerk off he leaned in closer and took it in his mouth it started to blow me I thought I was going to pass out! He stopped and said wow that tastes good, he said ok go ahead you can jerk off now. So I jerked off and he asked me if I had a towel and he handed me a napkin for his desk to blow my load in. I blew my load and he said OK I’ll get back to work and I scurried off and leaving him at his office.A few more weeks later we had another encounter in his office same as last time but he got out of the chair and took his cock out and asked me if I have ever gotten fucked before or had my asshole played with I said no! He said will lead over on my desk and let me just play with you at that point he started to lick his finger and put play with my asshole I got it admit it felt pretty good. But it just didn’t seem right he pulled his cock closer to my asshole and rub the head on it but he went soft I don’t know why so he started jerking off and told me to turn around and jerk off together. He said why don’t you try blowing me? By this time I was like sure why not! I got on my knees in front of him and put that giant knob in my high school mouth and stuck my tongue out and let that slip slide into my mouth all the way to the back of my throat there was still some hanging out that I couldn’t get. I stroked up and down I completely use my mouth he was moaning and loving escort bayan it. I got to a point where it was all I could do to have 3/4 of it in my mouth. Then he grabs the back of my head and pushed and all of a sudden that giant cock head pops through the ring in the back of my throat and with fully impaled in my throat I gagged my eyes teared and I coughed but he held it there motionless deep in my throat with his balls smashed on my chin. I was proud that I did get it all the way down, but also was unsure of what to do next, kind a like a deer in the headlights. So he slowly pulled it out I coughed and gagged some more tears running down my cheeks and he pushed it back down my throat slowly this time so I could get accustomed to it. Then he pulled out again and started moaning they pushed it back down my throat I was on my knees with my cock hanging out with this monster lodged in my throat and I was happy and proud! He was getting off and he couldn’t control himself doing short strokes just as it would come out of the bottom of my throat and push it back in keeping his cock deep in my mouth the whole time. He starts moaning and pumping his ass into by face and he shoots a huge load right down my throat I didn’t have a chance to taste it went directly down my gullet deep in my belly. That giant cock in my mouth and throat just sat there throbbing, I could feel it all in my throat throbbing and swelling as it shot ropes of jizm deep in my stomach. I was almost afraid when he pulled it out that I would choke again. But that wasn’t the case it was fully lubricated with his cum and so was my throat as he pulled it out it felt like it made a popping sound coming out of my throat into the back of my mouth I looked up at him with tears in my eyes streaming down my cheeks he looked at me smiling with that beautiful piece of meat hanging in his hand dripping of my saliva and his cum. He said that was incredible and I was still in shock tears streaming down my face he said you’re going to be my favorite employee.We cleaned up then five minutes later my father showed up at the front door to pick me up as I had no car of my own. Talk about ashamed of what I had done and given into.

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