Abducting Mom Ch. 06


Let’s just say my mom, thanks to me, has had a helluva a summer. She was kidnapped and fucked by a buddy and I for nearly 3 days. She was the “victim” of a home break in and fucked all night by the same buddy and I. We’ve fucked on the patio and been caught by the neighbor, who happens to be a pastor. Then we went to his church and I convinced her to fuck his brains out — right there in the church.

We’ve been fucking every day, multiple times a day, for most of the summer. She always acts like she doesn’t want to and it’s wrong because she’s my mom. But, by the end of our fuck sessions, she’s begging for more of my fat cock. I tell her she’s nothing but a cock loving slut. She won’t admit to it, but she knows it’s true.

She’s a natural beauty, with a 5′ 10″ frame, long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, incredible legs, and 38D-24-36 curves. Every man turns his head when she walks into the room. She’s always dressed in something that accentuates her curves and usually shows plenty of skin. She hasn’t always been a cock loving slut. She’s my cock loving slut in training.

I was only a couple of weeks away from heading back to college. Mom would mention she’s going to miss me so much when I go back. I usually responding by telling her she can always come visit me and the cock she loves. She’d tell me that wasn’t it, she’d miss having her one and only child at home. That was probably true. But we also knew she’d be missing my fat cock fucking her, too, whether she’d admit or not.

I found out Mom’s baby sister Chrissy was coming to visit for a few days. I’d always liked Chrissy a lot. She was 10 years younger than Mom and way more outgoing than Mom, always the life of the party. She was also stunning like Mom, but had a completely different build. She was around 5′ 6″ with long, brown hair, a round face, big brown eyes, and 36C-24-36 curves. Like Mom, she wasn’t afraid to show off her curves. It was always fun having Aunt Chrissy around.

When Aunt Chrissy got to our house, I instantly got a hard on. She was wearing a white t-shirt that said “Eyes Up Here” with an arrow pointing up across her chest. Along with that she wore a pair of cut off jeans and a pair of white wedge sandals. The shorts and the t-shirt looked like they were two sizes too small. The shirt did nothing to hide her silver dollar size pink areolas and gumdrop-sized nipples. The shorts barely covered her sweet little ass.

She came through the door and, after hugging Mom, came to me. “Wow! Look at you! What a handsome young man you’ve grown up to be!” she said before she wrapped me in her arms. Man, she smelled good! And felt good in my arms. I tried to imagine what it might feel like with her arms wrapped around me in bed while I fucked her. I wondered if she could feel my boner through my basketball shorts pressing against her taut stomach.

We spent the rest of the day visiting and catching up on everybody’s lives.

The next morning I woke up with my usual morning wood. As usual, Dad was out of town, so I went in Mom’s bedroom. I walked to the side of the bed. I pulled out my stiffy and rubbed it on Mom’s sleeping lips. She quickly woke up and pushed me away.

“What’re you doing?!” she asked almost in a panic.

I smiled at her and waved my wand at her. “It’s time for my morning blowjob.”

“Not today! Not while Chrissy’s here. What if she caught us?!”

“What? You think she’s never seen someone sucking dick? Hell, I’ll bet she’s sucked more dick than you could ever imagine.”

“That may be! But I don’t want her seeing me sucking my own son’s…dick!”

I continued to wave it at her. “C’mon, Mom, you know you want to. You know you want to suck my fat cock. You know you love swallowing my cum.”

“That’s not true!” Who am I kidding? He’s right! she thought to herself. She peeked around me at the door. “Fine! But make it quick.”

She swung around and sat on the edge of the bed. I lifted her night shirt over her head and tossed it to the side. “I’ll never get tired of looking at these fucking tits,” I said as I grabbed a handful, bringing a slight gasp from her. She wrapped her long fingers around my throbbing shaft and gently stroked it. “If you want this to be a quickie you’d better get started,” I said with a sneer.

She peeked around my hips at the door again and looked up at me. “A quickie,” she stated firmly. I simply nodded my head.

Skipping the usual kissing, licking, and caressing, she took me into her mouth. She’d become quite the pro at giving head. On her second bob she had taken all 9″ of me into her throat. Even considering how many times as she’d done it this summer, the feeling of going down her throat made me moan every time.

“Jesus Christ, Mom! You suck dick like a high price hooker! Ohmagawd!” I moaned.

I had my hands on the back of her head. I was driving into her face hard and fast almost immediately. Knowing that this was going to be a quickie, there was no need to draw it out. Soon I had a tight grip on the back of her head, pulling her into me tight. I was poker oyna driving my rod down her throat hard and fast.

“Oh, fuck yeah! That’s it, Mom! Suck my cock! Suck my fat cock! You want me to cum, don’t you? You want me to fill your face with cum, don’t you?!”

She nodded her head as best as she could and moaned, “Mmmmmhmmm! Mmmmhmmmm!” Her vocal cords vibrated on my shaft with each hum.

“Okay! Ready? Here it cums! Here it cums! Here…it…gggggaaaaaa!”

The thick, salty liquid quickly filled her mouth and throat. She gulped as fast as she could but still couldn’t keep pace with the volume. She coughed and gagged. Streaks of white oozed from the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

I gave one last hard stab down her throat and pulled out. A strand followed the tip out and finally snapped, falling down across her chin. I shook my rod at her, sending the few remaining droplets through the part in her sleep touseled hair and down the bridge of her nose.

“C’mon, open wide. Let’s see,” I said with a grin.

She opened her mouth. It revealed a spiderweb of white. She closed her mouth and gulped. Looking up at me with her fuck-me eyes, she opened her mouth again, revealing her sexy red tongue and empty mouth.

I nodded my head. “Nice.”

Mom came back to reality. She wanted me to fuck her good and hard but she couldn’t risk it. She swiped a finger across her chin and tucked the excess cum back into her mouth. “Go on, get out of here before Chrissy sees us.”

As I walked down the hallway, Aunt Chrissy was coming out of her room.

“Is everything okay down there? Is your mom okay? I thought I heard gagging or something, and moans.”

I waved a dismissive hand at her. “Yeah, I heard the same thing. She’s fine.”

Mom nearly came out of her skin when Chrissy came into the room. “You okay?”

Mom was swiping her forearm across her chin. “Holy shit!” She took a deep breath. “Fuck! Don’t you knock?”

“The door was open! And I thought I heard you moaning and coughing. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. Jesus!”

Now Mom felt bad. “Oh! Well. Thank you. Yes, I’m fine.”

“What’s that on your chin? And your nose?”

Mom turned three shades of red. “Oh! That! Well, uh, oh yeah! That’s the coughing you heard. Yes, um, sometimes I wake up with, you know, stuff in my throat. I wake up coughing and, you know, it gets everywhere.” She ran her hand down the bridge of her nose.

“I just saw Mark leave your room. You always naked around your son?” she asked sarcastically.

Mom forgot she didn’t have a stitch of clothing on. “Oh! Uh, no, no, I was, uh, under the covers when he came in.”

Chrissy looked at her with an I-don’t-believe-you look. “Yeah, okay.” She turned and started to walk away. Then, over her shoulder, she said “Nice shaved cunt there, Sis.” Mom gasped and turned an even deeper shade of red.

Later that day, Mom left to run some errands, leaving Aunt Chrissy and I at the house. I was outside mowing the yard under the hot summer sun which left Chrissy to do what bratty little sisters do — go through big sister’s stuff.

Chrissy went back into Mom’s bedroom. “Hmmmm, I wonder if she still keeps a diary. She used to keep it right here,” she said as she opened Mom’s nightstand drawer. “Son of a bitch! She still keeps a diary!” she chuckled as she pulled the booklet out of the drawer. She sat down on the edge of the bed and started to flip through the pages. “Let’s see what sis is really up to these days.”

Chrissy began to flip through the pages. “Bob’s out of town again…Mark hit a homerun…I talked to Mother today…blah blah blah, boooooring.” She continued to flip through the dog eared pages. Then abruptly stopped. Her eyes grew wide. She brought the book closer, as if to make sure she was correctly seeing what she thought she was seeing. “Tuesday I was kidnapped at gunpoint! Two masked men took me somewhere and raped me! Raped me for almost 3 days!” “Whaaaaaaat?!” She said to herself out loud in a shrill, shocked voice

She continued to read the entries much more intently now, as if she was reading a classic novel. “They called me a slut. A cunt. I begged them to fuck my ass and my pussy with their big, fat cocks. I wanted to swallow their cum.” “I’d forgotten how good it felt to have a big, fat, young cock fuck me good and hard. I can’t stop thinking about it! Where can I get more? I’m getting wet just thinking about a fat cock in my ass.” “We had a break in at the house last night! It was one of the men who kidnapped me two weeks ago! Not the one with the huge dick though. Maybe I wouldn’t have minded it so much if it had been him.” “I can’t believe how big Mark’s cock is! He’s so much bigger than his father.” “I can’t stop thinking about Mark’s huge cock fucking me! He fucked every hole I have!”

It went on to describe, page after page, in varying degrees of detail, how big my cock was, how much she loved it, how she couldn’t let me know, and our many encounters over the past few weeks. Chrissy was floored. canlı poker oyna She stared at the book, not in horror, but in shock that her big sister was such a slut. Her mind was racing. She’s fucking her own son! she thought. It goes on page after page about how big and thick his cock is! She paused for a moment. Chrissy, unlike Mom, was no stranger to cock. Make that many cocks. It was no secret that she was a bit of a wild child in her early years. Her wild side had tamed down as an adult, but not by much. I’ve got to see it for myself!

She heard the door open as I walked in from outside. Chrissy jumped off the bed, quickly put the diary back into the drawer, and raced down the hallway to her bedroom. When she heard me coming down the same hallway, she stepped out of her bedroom, slightly startling me.

“Oh! Fuck! Whew. Sorry. Didn’t expect to see you there,” I said. She was dressed in a white cotton t-shirt that made it quite obvious she was sans bra and light blue running shorts.

Her eyes roamed across my tan body. It glistened with sweat. All I had on were my basketball shorts and grass stained tennis shoes, giving her a full view of my toned body. I wasn’t ripped by any stretch of the imagination, but I had good definition.

She giggled. “Yeah, sorry ’bout that. All done in the yard? It looks great.”

“Yup, thanks. I’m gonna go jump in the shower.”

“Mmmmm, good idea,” she whirred.

She waited for the bathroom door to close before she came back into the hallway. She heard the shower turn on. Then the shower door close. She giggled when she heard me singing one of my favorite tunes. The water turned off. The shower door opened and closed again.

1 Mississsippi…2 Mississippi…3 Mississippi…4 Mississippi…

The bathroom door swung open. Suddenly, Aunt Chrissy was standing in front of me.

“Oh FUCK!” I yelled in shock. I lost the grip on the towel I was wiping myself down with. I made several attempts to pick it up but, in my shock, my muscles wouldn’t function properly. I finally gave up and tried to cover myself with my hands.

Chrissy gasped and raised a hand to her mouth in mock horror, but made no effort to leave. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! I…I…I thought you were done in here!” She couldn’t take her eyes off of my groin. She’d already gotten a clear view of it. Even flaccid, my cock was larger than the average man’s was rock hard. Her mind raced at the thought of it rock hard and buried inside her.

“Yeah, well, uh, obviously I’m not,” I said in embarrassment.

She took a step towards me. “Awwww, honey, are you embarrassed to be naked in front of your auntie? That’s so cute,” she said with a sly grin. She came closer. “Are you shy?” she said in a mocking voice.

She caught me off guard. “Uh, shy? Um, hardly,” I chuckled.

She was standing in front of me. “Mmmmm, that’s good,” she purred. “Your auntie’s not shy either.” She gently grabbed my hand and started to pull. “Why don’t you show auntie what you’re hiding down there?” Blood was already racing to my little head at this sudden turn of events. She pulled one hand away, then the other. She watched as my board stiffened. “Oh my,” she said breathily. She tenderly grabbed the shaft. She felt it widened in her grip. She began to slowly stroke it. She looked into my eyes. “Wow. That’s, uh, that’s impressive.”

My lips curled into a wicked grin. “You like that?”

“Ohhhhh yes. I like it a lot.” She continued to stroke it.

“Oh yeah? Why don’t you show me how much you like it?”

“Mmmmm, aren’t you a naughty boy?”

“I’m not the one with their nephew’s cock in their hand.”

“Fair enough.”

She slowly dropped to her knees. My fully erect member was pointing straight at her face. She grabbed it with her warm, soft hands and pointed it skyward. She leaned in and licked the underside of the shaft from ballsack to tip twice.

“Oh fuuuuuuck,” I groaned. She grinned at my reaction.

Still pointing it straight up, she slowly stroked it. She leaned in and took a nut into her mouth. She rolled it around in her mouth and sucked it. Then she spit it out and did the same to the other nut.

I loudly moaned again. Oh yeah, she’s done this once or twice before I thought to myself.

She finally pointed it back to her face and stared at it while she continued to stroke it. Her hot breath rushed across the tip. She flicked her tongue at the hole, then rolled her tongue around it’s purple head. She looked up at me with those sexy eyes as she opened her mouth and rocked forward. The swollen head slowly slipped past her lips. Then she stopped. Her eyes twinkled while she watched my facial expression. Her mouth was still open. Her lips so close to clamping around my tool. I could feel the warm moisture of her mouth roll around me. It was torture!

Finally, mercifully, she slowly moved forward until I touched the back of her mouth. Her lips clamped down on my throbbing shaft. Her head began to bob to and fro. Her hand had a tight grip and followed internet casino her face. It felt like she was giving me a blowjob and a hand job at the same time.

She would pause and press forward each time my swollen head smacked against the back of her mouth. Then, finally…

“Oh FUCK!” I barked when the head slid into her throat, followed quickly by the thick shaft.

The balls that only moments ago were in her mouth were now slapping against her chin. I saw her hand slip under her shorts. She moaned at the first flick of her own hand to her raised clit. The more she moaned, the harder and faster she smoked my pole. My hands were on the back of her head, holding it tightly so my thrusts into her face didn’t snap it off her shoulders.

I grabbed the back of her t-shirt and pulled. For just a split second she released me from her mouth and raised her arms. I got a fleeting glimpse of her fabulous breasts. Her nipples were pointed and at full attention. I took a hand off the back of her head and slowed my thrusts so I could get a handful of her fleshy mound. It was firm and warm. She gave a muffled squeal the first time I pinched her erect nipple.

Her moans grew louder. The suction on my muscle increased. Her muscles tensed.

“Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmmmhmmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmmffffffgggggg!”

I watched her body tremble while the orgasm rolled through incredibly sexy body. She moaned and whimpered while she frantically stabbed her slit with two fingers.

She finally pulled her hand out from under her stained shorts. She could feel my muscle violently throb in her mouth. She removed me from her mouth and replaced her lips with both hands. With a firm grip, she stroked me hard and fast.

She looked up at my sweating face with a wicked look. “C’mon, Mark, c’mon. You want to cum on my fat titties? Huh? You want to cum on your auntie’s fat titties?” she cooed.

My eyes turned to slits. The corners of my lips curled. “Oh fuck yeah! I’m gonna cover your tits with fuckin’ cum! I’m gonna cum all over those fuckers!”

“Oh yeah? You are? Mmmmmm, yeah! C’mon, baby, let’s see it! I wanna see you cum! C’mon! I wanna see you paint my big, fat titties!”

My hips stuttered. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Here it cums! Here it cums! Cumming! Cumming! Gggaaaaaa!”

A thick rope of white gushed out and crashed into her chest. It splashed across the top of her breasts and into her cleavage.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she cried out. “Yeah, baby! Oh yeah!”

Her long, hard strokes coaxed several more streams to shoot out and crash into her fleshy globes, covering them even more. My body jerked with each spurt and she cheered with each splat.

When my spurts finally became dribbles she took me back into her mouth. She sucked on the head while she stroked the pulsing shaft. She wanted to make sure the thick vein was bone dry before she was finished.

She finally, sadly, released me from her grips. We both looked down and surveyed the damage. Her once pale blue shorts had a large dark blue, damp spot in the middle. From the neck down she was covered with thick, sticky cum. It ran down her cleavage and onto her taut, tan stomach. Droplets fell from the tips of her nipples onto her thighs and floor.

She scooped a fingerful of the white spunk off the top of one of her globes and slipped it between her red lips. “Mmmmmm, yummy,” she sighed while she looked up at me. “Well, that was fun,” she smiled.

“That was fucking awesome!” I said entirely too enthusiastically.

Aunt Chrissy giggled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it.” She scooped another load off her breast and sucked her finger dry. “You made a helluva mess. Now I need a shower!”

I helped her to her feet. “Oh, I dunno. You could always just stay like that for a while. I wouldn’t mind,” I said with a mischievous grin.

“Mmmmm, it’s tempting. I think your mother might mind though.” We both laughed. Then, suddenly, she grabbed me behind my neck and pulled me down. Before I knew it our tongues were dancing in each other’s mouths. It was a long, passionate, hot kiss. She finally broke off the kiss and stepped back. She looked at me and giggled. “Oops.” She ran her finger across my chest and slipped it between her lips. She had pressed her cum covered tits into my chest, leaving an imprint of white.

I chuckled. “Oops. Guess I need another shower now.”

“Yeah, well, me first.”

“Need any help?” I asked with a sly grin.

“Uh, no. If you did we may never get clean!”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I’m okay with that if you are.”

She laughed. “Oh, I’d have no problem with it. But, again, your mother.”

“Yeah, I know. Okay.” I grabbed a towel, wiped off my chest, and left the room still naked. No need to cover up now.

I wonder who gives a better blowjob, me or his mom? she thought to herself as she watched me leave.

The next day, Mom and Aunt Chrissy were out by the pool catching some rays. I watched from my bedroom window on the second floor rubbing the growing bulge in my shorts. If I had a choice, who would I fuck first? Hmmmm, Aunt Chrissy. Definitely Aunt Chrissy. I can fuck Mom anytime I want. But Aunt Chrissy… I wonder if Aunt Chrissy fucks like she sucks dick? I wonder if her cunt is as tight as Mom’s?

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