Abused Stepdaughter – Part three


Abused Stepdaughter – Part threeThis Story is about a young teenage girl named Sandra, who hears her Stepdad and Mother having sex late one night, and decides to Spy on them. Sneaky John has lain a trap, he knows she is watching, and decides she’s ready to do more than observe… whether she wants to or not…DISCLAIMER: This story is a complete work of imagination, including all the incidents, characters, and places, it is intended for adults only; you must be 18 or over to read it. I am taking a break from my usual Family Love Story. This Story will be involving R(a)pe & Ped(o)philia, it will be Intensely Emotional. I do not condone any Forced Sexual Activity involving Young T(ee)nagers in real life. If you are offended, or disturbed by graphic depictions of sex with young girls… or any of the other Taboo activities that I’m going to be writing about in this story, then you should stop reading this Story Now!——— Chapter 5More time passed….January, 1987 to August, 1988Little Rock, ArkansasAs the time passed, and John became more controlling, manipulative, perverted, and more degenerate. While Sandra become introverted, skittish, she quit Cheerleading, and she began to wear frumpy clothes, hiding her stunning young body, also her school work suffered. But she kept what she did with her stepfather secrete…. she loved and hated the depravity they shared.*******One early Saturday in March, 1987, John took advantage of a perfect opportunity, Gail, his wife, had to work a weekend shift. At about 7:30am he crept to Sandra’s bedroom, and opened her door quietly, not wanting to wake her up.She was still asleep….He looked down at his lovely stepdaughter and his cock began to stiffen. Her blonde hair fanned about her face. Her nose was small, with a cute tilt on the tip, her supple lips were full, and she had high cheek bones with flawless skin, she looked beautiful with barely any need for makeup.He looked at her chest, watching it rise and fall beneath the frilly pink nightshirt she wore, they were growing nicely. But what drew his attention more than anything else, was her sl(ee)ping posture. She laid on her back, one leg was bent and rested on a pillow, propped there. She had kicked off her covers, and her other leg was spread out straight. Her nightshirt barely came to mid-thigh, he stepped into her room and leaned over a bit, he saw the crotch of her blue panties. John’s cock swelled to bone-hard, as he peered beneath her shirt. Sandra’s golden-tan legs were slim and long, and her body was petite.Suddenly a perverted idea came to him, reluctantly he went back out to the hallway and pulled the door almost closed. Then he went down to the laundry room and searched until he found some old clothesline. There was enough of it for his purpose.Being as careful as he could, his hands shaking, he gently pulled Sandra’s arms above her head, tying them at the wrists, then attached the clothesline to the posts of her bed. Sandra didn’t stirred, and he looked down at her sweetly sleeping form, she was tied at two points of her bed so far, he was pleased at what he had done.Then he cut the slim rope with a scissors, he was even more careful with her legs, he gently lifted and spread her legs about three feet apart. Carefully he tied an end to each of her ankles, and tied off the ends at the other two posts of her bed. Sandra moaned in her sleep, frightening him, but she didn’t move or wake.She was now spread eagled the way he wanted her. He removed his clothes, and stood at the end of her bed, rubbing his ball sac in one hand, his swollen cock in the other. His eyes gleamed with lust, as he lifted her nightshirt to above the waistband of her blue panties. Her panties were stretched tight over her puffy slit, forming a cameltoe, and they were so sheer, he could see the trimmed patch of her blonde pubic hair through them.He knew she couldn’t fight him, she was helpless, but he hoped she would make it fun by struggling. John’s cock throbbed in his hand. Trembling with excitement, he squatted on the bed at her feet, peering between her sexy young thighs, he moved closer and touched her inner thigh very lightly. Sandra made a soft whimpering sound, but didn’t wake up. Felling powerful, he placed his right hand on her crotch, feeling the heat of her cunt radiating through her stretched panties. The more he felt of her cunt, the hotter she seemed to be.Sandra’s hips moved a little, in a writhing motion, and John sighed with his pent-up desires. He slipped a finger into her right leg hole, slowly and very carefully. Pulling the gusset to one side, he stared at her bare cunt, the pink lips were puffy, and when he lightly touched them, he found they were moist.The tightly stretched gusset slipped from his finger, snapping back over her cunt….Sandra’s pale gray eyes flew open, “Daddy… what…!” she cried.John laughed heartedly.“What are you doing…. John?!” she groaned; it took her only a moment to realize she was tied to her bed. When she did, she began to struggle. “Why am I tied up… let me loose!”“You’re a stupid cunt, Sandy… but that’s why I love you.” John laughed. “I can do anything I want to you…”“NO… NO… no… You can’t, you’re Crazy!” Sandra shrieked. “Untie me right now!”With a laugh John got on her bed and kneeled between her spread legs, arching his hips forward, his cock straining out in full hardness, “You give me the greatest hard-ons!” he heartedly laughed.“Stop It… I don’t want to play your Perverted Games,” Sandra yelled, as she pulled and struggled with the thin ropes, closing her eyes so she didn’t have to look at him.“This isn’t a Game… your mom won’t be off work for several hours,” John said, as he pulled his belt from his pants and waved it around as he got to his feet between her spread legs. “You shut your fucking mouth, Sandy… or I’ll hit you with my belt!”Sandra opened her pale gray eyes wide, “You wouldn’t dare!” she shouted at him, as she struggled against the ropes.He just stared back at her….“Oooohh God… Please…,” she whimpered, seeing the fire in his eyes.He swung the belt about, staring down at her. The silky golden-tan skin of her inner-thighs was perfect, no matter how she wiggled, her night shirt stayed where it was at her waist, “You’re mine to do with as I please!” he laughed.“Crack… Crack…Crack…” Suddenly, he lashed at her with the belt, again and again…The sharp pain Sandra felt made her scream, “NO… No… Please Stop!”Standing before her naked made him feel so powerful, his cock throbbed, and the sound of the belt hitting her silky thighs, and her screams sent wild shivers up and down his spine. The belt left red marks on her pretty thighs, and he liked the way they looked.“Crack…” He swung the belt again, lashing across both of her thighs this time. Sandra screamed again, seeing her struggle and hearing her screams made his cock throb and jerk up and down.“OOOoooh God… don’t John!” Sandra yelled. “You’re hurting me…”“Yeah, and I’m gonna hurt you some more, Cunt!” he panted, as he gripped, and began to stroke on his raging hard-on.“Oooooohh… Please Don’t!” she begged.“Fuck You…. you fucking cock sucking cunt!” he groaned, as he dropped the belt on the floor. “I’m gonna tear your fucking panties off!” He grabbed the side of her panties with both of his hands and tugged hard with almost frantic lust.“Riiiiippp….!!!” her panties tore loudly. He roughly pulled again at the other side… “Riiiiippp….!!!” “Yeah… mmmmoooohh… Wow, lookie here!” he laughed wickedly, as he tossed her ripped panties across her room. “I found a soaking wet cunt, Sandra!”She made no reply. Her face was burning with shame and embarrassment, as tears streamed from her pale gray eyes… her almost 14-year-old pussy was burning with her arousal. She attempted again to pull on the ropes, but it was hopeless. She turned her head to one side and closed her eyes, she was afraid to look at him.He knelt down between her spread thighs, and slid his hand up and down her slit, feeling her silky wetness and the heat of her stimulation. He parted her puffy lips and peered deep into her slit. Her clit jutted forth, and he rubbed it roughly….Sandra’s hips jerked, and she squirmed her ass on her bed, “Don’t…” she screamed. “Don’t touch me… you Fucking Bastard!”“Yeah… yeah, say whatever… but your wet cunt says, Fuck Me!” he laughed, as he roughly rammed his two middle fingers into her cunt.“OOOOooowwww! That hurt… Please, don’t be so mean!” she begged.With a wicked smile on his face, he rammed his fingers in and out, fucking her hard and fast. He didn’t care if he hurt her, he hooked his fingers inside her cunt and lifted her ass off the bed. She cried out in pain, as she arched her hips up, trying to relieve some of the pain. But John pulled harder, until she was arching up to the limit.As her hips came up, he jerked her nightshirt up to expose more of her taut belly. He let her drop to the bed, the red marks on her thighs seemed to glow, he tenderly rubbed the redness with his cunt wet fingers. With his other hand, he slid his cockhead across her silky-smooth thigh, smearing her hot flesh with his seeping precum.Sandra felt his hot lube and her pussy quivered hard, she sobbed with shame and humiliation, she Hated his Perversions, but Loved his Hard Cock. She hadn’t dated sense John had begun to fuck her; he was her only Lover. She had learned a lot about pleasing him… she loved when he fucked her tenderly, but she hated when he would get kinky and wild.Now, being tied up, and exposed so blatantly, and beyond her will, she felt shame, humiliation, and she was Very Scared! Would he hit her more with the belt, she fearfully wondered? She decided to try a different tact, “John…” she whimpered in a shaking voice. “Why? Why… are you doing this to me… haven’t I been good to you?” She looked at him with wet puppy dog eyes.“You’re going to be a lot nicer from now on, Sandy,” he said, as he stroked her cunt. “Your cunt is Very Wet… you’re Loving this, aren’t you?”“NO… NO… No, I don’t like this!” she groaned, twisting her head from side to side. “I don’t like this at all… Please… I like when you make Love to me… Tenderly!”He leaned back, and looked at her pretty face and her blonde hair fanned around her head. He slapped her face as hard as he could…“AAAAaaannngggaaahh…” Sandra cried out from pain and surprise, tears streaming down her flushed cheeks…“Go ahead and cry… you cocksucking, Bitch!” he br(u)tally laughed. “I can slap you all, I want!”Her cunt was so vulnerable, as he looked down at it. The small patch of blonde pubic hair was matted with her seeping wetness. He slid his fingertips through the neatly-trimmed, wet patch of hair, he enjoyed the soft feel. Then he ran his fingers into her slit, she was so slick with her seeping juices… the fact that Sandy was sobbing and felt humiliated added to his delight.Slipping the fingers of his other hand along her thigh, he loved the feel of her silky hot flesh, especially the spot between her inner-thigh, and her puffy slit… he suddenly pinched her there HARD!“NO…No… Please Stop…” Sandra howled with pain, squirming her ass.His thumb and index finger left a deep red mark… she was going to have a nice bruise there, he wickedly thought. His attention was taken away from her cute squirming ass, by the jiggle of her tits. He leaned forward, and looked at the points poking through her nightshirt, he was delighted by the way her tits wiggled. Sandra had her face turned to one side, so humiliated she couldn’t look at his face. The bright red flush of her cheeks pleased him.“I’m gonna take a peek at how your cute tities are growing…” he laughed, as he pulled up her nightshirt, at nearly 14, her tits had taken on a very nice tear drop shape, and filled a B-cup. He loved to check on how well they were growing.Sandra breath caught, and she choked, crying. It was useless to try and talk with him…. when his perverse urges took him, he was impossible to deal with.Her lovely tits thrust up before his staring eyes, her candy-pink nipples were hard istanbul escort and pointy. With a wild jolt of lust surging through him, he reached out with both of his hand to feel her tits. He caressed them almost tenderly, he cupped them, squeezed, and rubbed her swollen nipples. Then, taking each nipple between his thumb and forefinger, John began pulling and twisting. Slowly at first, he stretched and twisted Sandra’s nipples to their limits.Oooohh John, please be good… mmmmmooohh, Let Me Gooooo!” she whimpered at first… but as the pain started to increase. “AAAAAAAaaahhooo…. UUUnnngggaa, Stop… Stop it you Bastard… OOOOoooohh, PLEASE STOP JOOOOHHHNN!!!” Sandra Screamed!The more she cried, whimpered, and begged, the harder he pulled, pinching at the same time. There was a wicked grin on his handsome face, as he watched how far he could pull her nipples. The sounds of her sobbing caused his raging cock to jerk up and down.He couldn’t wait any longer, or he would ejaculate all over her squirming body….Releasing her nipples, he moved between Sandra’s parted legs. Her little pussy looked redder and wetter than he’d ever seen it, her arousal was at the peak… his cock was throbbing and his ball sac was so tight it hurt. He didn’t stare very long, pressing the head of his cock to the slit of her cunt, he rubbed his shaft up and down through the folded lips, wetting his cock. The feel of her soft cunt on the sensitive head was exquisite, the heat of her pussy was intense, and the seeping juices….He drew his cockhead back to her tight fuck-hole….“Don’t Hurt Me, John…. Fuck Mmmeeee Nice” she panted with anticipation and dread.John pressed his swollen cockhead into the tight hole… he held himself just inside, the heat of her succulent cunt almost overwhelming his senses….“Yeah… yeah, fuck me nice…. aaaahhhooommuuunngg,” Sandra whimpered, her pale gray eyes staring at his face…. Pleading for tenderness, but knowing better….“AAAAAaaaaaahh… Your Cunt Feeeeelllsss so Gooood… AAAaaawwww, Fuuuccckkk,” he savagely moaned, as he stabbed into her hole…. Hard and Deep….“OOOOooohh… FUUUCCKK MMMEEEE, DAADDYYY….!” Sandra wailed, twisting her head back and forth, her petite body squirming. The feelings radiating from her pussy were complicated, Intense Pain, and Exquisite Blossoms of Pleasure, the feeling was electric and intense, surging up and down her spine, her mind swirled….“OOOOooooohh… mmmmMMOOOOOO, FUUUCCKK CCCOOOOMMMIIINNGGG, DDDAADDYY!!!” Sandra Screamed! Her orgasm was so intense, her pussy convulsed in pulsing waves, surging through her body. The multiple waves of her orgasm, surged and crashed like the waves coming on a beach…. she’d never felt a more intense orgasm… she felt Extreme Love, Shame, and Hate for John!John felt her convulsing cunt grip and flex on his cockshaft, it was like a wet velvet vise pulsing around his shaft, as he br(u)tally fucked into her. His eyes clamped shut, the sensations of ecstasy overcoming his mind. He fucked in and out, his ball sac so tight it couldn’t bounce.The wet heat of Sandra’s climaxing cunt clutched at his cock, and the more he fucked her, the better it felt. Leaning forward, he gripped her tits with both of his hands, digging his fingers into the firm flesh, squeezing hard, making Sandra cry out with pain and ecstasy.His cock swelled more, and with a grunt, “OOOOOHHHhhhhh FFFUUUCCCKK… COMING… Fuck Yeah… Your Cunt… God, Fuck!” His cum splattered deep into her satiny interior, one glob after another, until he was spent.Sandra could feel the deep throbs of his cock spraying his cum deep into her. Her pussy convulsed into another wave of orgasms, “OOOHHhhh… Fuck… I’m coming, Daddy… Yeah!” she cried with soft sobs of shame and ecstasy.Moments later, John stood by the bed, looking down at her cunt, watching his spent cum oozing from the puffy folds of her lips. Her eyes were closed, as she rested from her intense waves of climax… she looked so beautiful, and erotic.He turned and left her laying there, still tied to her bed….———————————– Mid Saturday morning….An hour and half passed…. during that time John dr(a)nk three Buds and watched a few Saturday morning cartoons. He turned off the TV and went up the stairs to Sandra’s bedroom, he stood in the doorway dressed only in a bathrobe, she was sl(ee)ping, having drift off some time ago. Her nightshirt was bunched above her perky tits, otherwise she was nude, and she was still tied to the four posts of her bed, his spent cum died and crusty on her upper-thighs. John wondered what he should do now…. what perverse thing could they act out next?Moments later, a wicked smile come over his face, and he quietly walked into the room. He untied both of her wrists, then he gently shook her awake. He helped her to sit up, as she blinked and shook her head, she refused to look at him, but he didn’t care.“Were not done yet, sweet one….” he softly said in her ear, as he roughly pulled her arms behind her back, tying them at her wrists. With more clothesline he tied her elbows at her back, until they were almost touching… he liked the way her perky tits thrust forward now. He was also pleased that she hadn’t struggled very much.“Okay… so what perverted game do you want to play now, John?” Sandra mumbled.“Well… let’s just say, it will be a learning experience for both of us, Bitch,” he laughed, as he untied her ankles.He stared down at her crotch, she was getting wet, her juices were running along her thighs, and he laughed, “It looks like you enjoy being tied up now.”Sandra blushed, she could feel it on her thighs, and being such a scrupulous young girl, she felt ashamed of her body’s reaction. Having John notice made her embarrassment more intense. She looked at the open door, thinking maybe she could run out. But John was standing too close to the bed, he could grab her before she got off it, she knew. She resigned herself to do as he wanted, she just hoped he wouldn’t use the belt again.He helped off her bed, then told her to kneel at the edge, her upper body laid on the mattress and her knees were on the carpeted floor. He spread her legs and tied the rope around her knees, then to separate bed posts. Moving from side to side, John looked at her ass, it was so taut and round, her crotch and her butt were the only pale white areas on her otherwise golden-tan, trim athletic body. He reached out his hand and caressed her ass, it was so silky smooth, his fingers slid into the crack, his cock began to swell. He cupped an ass-cheek in each hand, fondling the smooth flesh. He pulled her cheeks apart, and slid two fingers over her puckered asshole.“John, no don’t!” Sandra groaned in shame. “That’s… dirty!”John peered between her asscheeks, seeing her pretty little asshole. It was sweetly pinkish brown, he watched as it puckered and flexed, as her body squirmed from his touch. “You have a real pretty asshole, Sandy,” he sighed, as he rubbed his fingers over it. “Nice and tight… mmmm, so pretty.”Sandra’s hips twisted and arched, but she couldn’t get his fingers off her butt-hole. Her face flamed with intense shame. No one had ever touched her butt-hole except her, laying there on her bed, tears streaming from her pale gray eyes, her body trembling, she could do nothing but let him feel up her butt.“NO… no don’t do that!” she yelped.John was pressing his finger against her asshole, and it clenched against the invasion. But he pressed harder and harder, and he laughed when his finger slipped past the tight ring….“Oooohh God…. John,” she cried. “Please don’t… that’s so nasty!”“Is it… why?” he laughed wickedly, he bent forward and kissed one smooth cheek, then he nibbled at the tantalizing flesh. “Your ass is great…. not nasty at all.”He slid his finger in and out of her clenching hole, his eyes glassy, as he watched her sphincter stretching. Pulling his finger out, he watched her asshole close quickly.“What are you going to do to me?” she softly asked with a fearful tremble.Standing by the bed near her ass, he grinned, as he watched her body quiver with fear, goose bumps rippling on the cheeks of her ass. “You’ll see…” he mumbled, as he bent to pick up his belt and pulled a ball gag from the pocket of his bathrobe. He stuffed the bag gag into her mouth, she tried to fight him and groaned, but he pulled her hair with one hand, and with the other he forced the gag past her lips, and pulled the strap around her head. He swung the belt back and forth, his eyes glowing with anticipation. Sandra didn’t know what he was doing, she couldn’t see him, she was totally unaware and helpless. The belt lashed down and across her creamy pale asscheeks. Sandra’s head jerked, the ball gag effectively cutting off her scream. Her ass jerked as the belt came down again, the pain and humiliation surged through her mind and body.The more he struck her with the belt, the more excited John became. Seeing the red welts on her flawless ass, made his mind swirl, and his raging hard-on throb. He spanked her time and again, making her asscheeks red all over.Sandra felt her butt grow hot with pain; her moans muffled by the ball gag. Tears streamed from her beautiful eyes.John lashed at Sandra’s ass and thighs, leaving ugly red stripes on her tender, creamy pale flesh. Sandra tried to scream, but the gag made it sound like a strangled groan, she cried, hot tears streaming down her cheeks to puddle on her bed. Every inch of her ass flesh felt as if he had sliced it to ribbons. Her ass burned with the heat of her pain, it was horrible, and she didn’t think she could stand much more of it without fainting.“Mmmm…. your ass looks so good… beat red,” he laughed, as he lowered the belt, and caressed his hand over her fiery red asscheek. “Nice and hot, too. You really like being tied and spanked, Cunt. I can see your juices streaming down your thighs … so nasty!”John took off his bathrobe, his cock strained upright, the appearance of her ass and thighs caused his prick to throb and drip precum onto Sandra’s ass. “You make my cock so hard, Whore,” her grumbled. “I’m going to fuck you so hard… you’re a great fuck, do you know that, Cunt?”Getting onto his knees, John rubbed his cock about Sandra’s sweet ass, leaving trails of slime on her pale flesh, trails of wetness that she could feel through the burning pain. Her ass shivered in a way that caused John to think it was deliberate.“Yeah… shake that ass, it makes my cock throb,” he harshly laughed. “You want my cock bad, huh.” He slid his cock up and down the crack of her ass. He shoved his cock downward, leaning back to watch, he rubbed the head at the lips of her wet cunt. Poking the swollen head into her tight pussy gash.Sandra felt his cock slip into her slit…. she loved his cock and when he fucked her tenderly, she just wished he wouldn’t be so perverted with her, she didn’t like pain….John rammed his cock deep and hard into Sandra’s fuckhole, as he gripped her hips. He thrust his cock in and out a few times, his ball sac slapping her cunt with a wet sound. Then he yanked his prick out so suddenly, it surprised her. She hoped he wasn’t going to use the belt on her again. Then she felt him rubbing his wet cock into the crack of her butt, and a pitiful moan came from her when she realized his intentions. She felt the pressure of his swollen cockhead against her puckered asshole. She groaned into the ball gag, as he exerted more pressure. She felt her asshole stretching, she closed her eyes, as if to blot out the pain and shame from her mind.“My cock is so fucking hard…,” he mumbled in her ear. “I’m going to fuck it up your tight ass. I’m going to fuck my cock up your pretty asshole so far… you’ll taste it in your cocksucking mouth. I’m going to fuck you till I come deep in your ass!”Sandra’s eyes popped open with surprise as the pain increased. She could feel the head of his cock pressing harder, and felt the ring of her butt-hole giving. Moaning into the ball gag, she twisted avcılar escort her butt, but she couldn’t move very much, she tried to dislodge his cock from her butt-hole by clenching.John laughed, as he felt her clenching, and said, “You shit on my cock… and I’ll really beat your fucking ass raw, Cunt! Just relax and take it… you’ll find you love it… fighting it, will only make it Hurt a Lot.”Sandra clenched tightly again, and felt a searing pain, and that she was going to shit, she did as she was told… she relaxed. Shitting would be an embarrassment she couldn’t live with. The pain eased once she quit fighting, she felt his cockhead enter her butt-hole. Immediately her asshole flexed and clenched, her cry of pain and humiliation came through the ball gag, but was muffled.“Ooooohh Fuck, you’re so tight,” John grunted, as he paused for her to get used to the intrusion of his cockhead in her ass. “You’re going to love this… believe me!”Sandra felt grateful that he didn’t thrust more of his cock into her right away. The initial sharp pain was going away, but the lingering pain was still strong enough to make her cry. She was ashamed because her asshole seemed to be clenching and flexing around the head of his cock. She was afraid he would think she did it deliberately, afraid he would think she liked butt-fucking. But she couldn’t make herself stop clenching rhythmically. The more she tried, the harder her ring flexed on his cock.John moaned with pleasure, “Yeah… squeeze my cock, Bitch. I knew you’d love this… I’m gonna cum so deep in your little ass!” Digging his hands into her hips. He lunged forward, hard and fast, his cockshaft fucked balls deep into her asshole.Sandra screamed into the ball gag again, the pain flared hot and sharp….Again, John paused, his cock buried deep into the tightness of her bowels. His ball sac rested against her wet slit. She could hear him panting with excitement, and her body shivered with pain, and to her horror, her butt-hole was flexing at the base of his cock. She couldn’t make it stop. Tears streamed from her eyes, her face burning hot with shame and pain… she Loved and Hated her stepfather, why couldn’t he treat her tenderly more often, she hated the pain he was inflecting.She grunted into the ball gag, trying to tell him of her pain, that she hurt terribly. She knew it wouldn’t do any good, but she had to try. Then she thought of something else, could she make him come quicker, she wondered? She decided to help him come quickly, it would be over faster, and the faster she made him come, the less pain she would feel. Then when he took of the gag, she could tell him she loved him, but didn’t want the pain anymore, she’d tell him she was his forever if he didn’t hurt her anymore.With that in mind, Sandra wiggled her butt and body, as much as the clothesline allowed. John laughed wickedly, “Yeah… you’re ready for more… Damn, your ass feels so good!”Desperately, ignoring the pain, Sandra lifted her ass, and tried to wiggle more. John laughed again, and clutching her hips hard, he started fucking his cock in and out. The friction in her bowels helped soothe the pain oddly. She felt his ball sac slapping against her pussy, and to her surprise, she started to feel more than pain. It started as a slight tingle in her pussy and deep in her ass, it started to grow into a perverse feeling of pleasure.Sandra didn’t understand what was happening in her body, but the pleasure and pain were there now. As the pleasure grew, the pain receded, her tight butt ring flexed, and even her pussy was getting wetter, and quivered wildly, her clit was throbbing also. The deeper John stabbed his cock, the better it seemed to feel. Her butt ring burned with pain, but the burning also felt good in an odd way, too. She arched her butt up as high as she could, there was a rumbling of ecstasy in her lower body, and her tears turned into tears of delight. She was whimpering softly, surprised at the pleasurable pain that surged through her body, and swirled in her mind.John failed to recognize that he was giving Sandra pleasure now. He was only concentrating on fucking her tightly squeezing asshole. He pulled back a little and watched his cock fucking between her pretty asscheeks. He could see the flesh of her asshole drawing on his shaft, and he felt his ball sac slapping on her hot and wet pussy.The burning pain, and the erotic sensations in her pussy and asshole increased until she felt she would come….“Aaahh, you’re nice and hot, Bitch,” John growled, panting as he fucked his cock in and out of her tight asshole. “You’re a great piece of Hot Ass… maybe I should untie you… so you can really let your ass wiggle.”If only he would, she thought. If only he would untie her and not hurt her anymore, she would wiggle her ass tell it fell off for him. She arched her ass as high as she could, feeling the clothesline cut into her elbows and wrists. She felt his cock throbbing, as her tight butt ring flexed, she sensed that John was close to spurting his cum into her ass. She clamped her asshole as tight as she could, trying to make him come. Her pleasure was quickening fast, she hoped to come with him.“I’m going to fill your fucking ass, Sandy!” John yelped, as he plunged his prick brutally into her bowels. “I’m about to come, right up your Hot Ass!” He fucked into her fast, his ball sac beating at her wet slit. The throbs of his cock increased, and then his body went stiff, his cock deep as he could thrust it.When his thick creamy cum gushed up her ass, searing the tender interior, Sandra was afraid she would shit for sure. It felt almost like an enema, and she knew what an enema did. Believing she would shit and embarrass herself in front of John, she clenched her ass, her quickening orgasm faded away, and the pain returned.She relaxed her ass around his cock when he finished coming. She felt his weight on her back, as he gasped heavily with his cock still inside her butt-hole, but it was no longer hard. The pain had eased now. But when he pulled his limp cock out of her ass, her ass ring seemed to remain open and stretched, and the feeling of needing to shit was powerful. She managed to control the urge, and stated to relax just a little.And then she began to piss…She groaned with embarrassment, trying to stop. But all she managed to do was spurt piss in quick gushes on the carpet. Her whole body, turned red with shame, and her tears of humiliation flowed once more. John, kneeling still behind her, began to laugh wickedly, adding to her shame.“Yeah… piss away, Cunt” he yelled. “Piss all you want… you Dirty Little Bitch!”The hot, golden stream of piss spewed from her cunt, splashing onto his thighs. He jerked out of the way, yelling at her, “Piss on me, will you…. well, two can play at that game!” He strained and began to piss also, he aimed at her gaping asshole, filling it with his hot piss, and some sprayed over her butt and thighs. Sandra was mortified, as she felt his piss spraying on her butt, suddenly her pussy clenched as her orgasm erupted, she groaned around the ball gag, as her body quivered and wriggled wildly. She would have thought it impossible, but her pussy surged with the most pleasurable orgasm she had ever felt.——— Chapter 6More time passed….September, 1988 to June 1990Little Rock, ArkansasIt’s been over two-years sense John first r(a)ped Sandra, and she had come to be more accepting of John’s taste for perversions. She loved to be tied up now, and craved to be butt-fucked, or anything John asked. And her mother suspected nothing, she had no idea what was going on behind her back, at least that is what Sandra and John thought.Certainly, it took Gail a long time to notice things between John and her daughter, mostly because she had always been self-centered, if it didn’t affect her, she didn’t care, and sex with John was great. But finally, she had began to see things. Gail noticed her daughter was withdrawn from her friends and didn’t date, she seemed shyer, she shrank into herself, her shoulders slumped, and held her head low. Her daughter had a very sexy figure, but now, it looked to her, as if her daughter was doing everything, she could do to conceal the thrust of her young tits. And she noticed her daughter and John wouldn’t talk, or look at each other very much when she was around. But when they thought they were alone; they were flirty and talkative. And now, Sandra was shy and withdrawn with her also, she hadn’t been that way before John. Also, her school work was suffering.Gail began to watch them closer….———————————–It was mid-afternoon on Saturday, June 23, and she was almost 16; she came into the house thinking no one was home after spending a few hours at the library. She turned on the TV and sat on the couch and looked through the cable guide to find something on.A few minutes later, she heard a sound from the kitchen, and she turned her head. Her stepfather and his brother, Andy, were standing in the door way, both of them had a Bud in their hand. She smiled sweetly and greeted them, and that’s when she noticed their wicked grins. It suddenly came to her, John had told his brother about her, and now they were going to share her.Despite the sudden anger that flared up in her mind, she felt a throbbing sensation quickening in her pussy, she was turned on by the idea of fucking them both. But ashamed of her of her own desires. She stood up and faced them, her hands on her hips.“What’s going on here, John… uuumm, why is Andy here?” she asked trying to sound normal, but her voice quivered with excitement.“Ooohh, your mother went to visit your grandmother, she’ll be home tomorrow. So, Andy came over to watch the game with me… and now you’re home.” he said with a leering grin, his eyes moved over her young sexy body.“Cut the bullshit, John.” she laughed. “I can’t believe this. Do you honestly think I’ll go along with… with whatever you two have in mind?” she asked defiantly, she tried to keep her surging lust-filled emotions under control, she wasn’t just going to play along with John’s game.“Aaawwe, come on… Sandy!” Andy said angrily with a slurred drunk voice. “You… you know what we have… in mind. I want in on the fucking. And if you’re honest at all… you’ll admit that you want it, too.”Blushing hotly, and trying to fight her surging emotions, Sandra nervously wrung her hands, “I… I… no, that’s not true. I’m not a slut or a plaything,” she said, dropping her gaze to the floor. But then she felt a strange tingling sensation deep in her pussy, and she knew that she was like that. Her Uncle was absolutely right, she wanted both of their cocks at the same time. She wanted anything and everything they would do with her, and her horny almost 16-year-old pussy quivered wildly.She glanced up at her uncle, realizing, as if for the first time, that she had always found him as sexy, and handsome as John. He was younger by 3 years, she started to wonder what his cock looked like naked and hard. With that thought in mind, she offered little resistance when Andy moved closer and pulled her toward him.“Come on, we’ll go… up to your Dad’s roooooom… there’sss a huge king-sized bed. That’ll be great.” Andy murmured in his dr(u)nk voice. “You’re sure a sexy little girl… you know that?” He took her arm, his fingers caressing her soft young flesh sensually. “Mmmmm, nice and soft. Hey John, you’re lucky that you get to fuck her all you want.”Sandra allowed herself to led upstairs…. “Yeah… I’m lucky, too… he r(a)ped me the first few times, you know.” she mumbled.Both men laughed, and John said, “Well, you like fucking now don’t you, Bitch.”“Yeah… I do,” Sandra giggled and smiled sweetly.As they climbed the stairs toward the second-floor bedrooms, Andy reached out and brazenly cupped her left B-cup tit, squeezing it as he grinned down at her. Finding the nipple, he began rubbing it between his thumb and forefinger.“Wow… she’s really ready for us, John. Her nip’s are hard şirinevler escort as hell! Feel the other one,” Andy said to his brother. With a wide grin on his handsome face, John reached out and cupped her other tit, as the group continued to climb the stairs.With both of her nipples being pinched and teased into instant rigidity, Sandy felt her pussy getting wetter and hotter. The movement of her legs climbing the stairs made the lips of her pussy rub together teasingly. By the time they had reached the landing at the top of the stairs, she could no longer control herself, and she reached down to grasp Andy’s prick through his blue jeans. She glanced over to her stepfather and saw that he, too, had a raging hard-on bulging in the crotch of his cargo pants. Her breath quickened, and she needed no encouragement to quicken her steps toward the master bedroom.Once inside the bedroom, John closed the door and moved to his horny stepdaughter. Sandra swallowed hard when she saw her uncle’s cock jerking inside his blue jeans, throbbing with desire, and she let herself be pushed back onto the king-sized bed. Uncle Andy was on the bed beside her at once, his hand sliding up under her frilly knee-length skirt. His fingertips reached the wet heat of her pussy, and she could only groan and spread her legs apart, making it easier for him to rub her cunt.“Ooooohh, that feels good, Uncle Andy,” she softly whimpered. John laid down beside her on the other side, his hands moved to his stepdaughter’s firm tits, teasing and twisting her nipples into stiff, throbbing points of desire.Andy’s mouth covered his niece’s, and his tongue stabbed against hers. Sandra returned her uncle’s kiss eagerly, feeling a red-hot inc(e)stuous passion surge through her cunt. Andy slid his fingers under the waistband of her panties, and rubbed at her puffy cuntlips, smearing her wetness over her cunt.“Oooohh… aaaahhhoomm,” she groaned, and spread her legs still wider, as she felt her uncle’s fingers slipping into her pussy-slit. She arched her back slightly, as she felt his fingers fucking into her, and then Andy began a slow finger-fucking rhythm inside her quivering pussy. The man skillfully rubbed sensuously over her clit with his thumb, as he finger-fucked her, it was only a matter of minutes before Sandra was on the verge of an orgasm.Meanwhile, John had already unbuttoned her baggy plaid shirt, and was hungrily sucking away at her left tit, pulling as much of the firm tit-flesh into his mouth as he could. He sank his sharp teeth into her nipples, making Sandra cry out with painful pleasure. Uncle Andy fucked his fingers faster and harder into her cunt, as she wriggled and whimpered on the big bed. She reached out for their crotches, they were bulging and throbbing…. she was thrilled and extremely aroused, this would be the first she had two cocks at the same time.John reached down and quickly un-zipped his fly, releasing his raging hard-on, which sprang eagerly into his stepdaughter’s hand. She moaned with excitement, as she felt his hard cockshaft throbbing in the palm of her hand. She began to slowly stroke on his hard cock, as his brother continued to finger-fuck her pussy expertly, she was suddenly obsessed with the desire to jerk her stepfather off.Over and over, the bulbous head slid through her tight fist, the knobby head seeping his lube against her palm. As Andy continued to finger-fuck her, he f(o)rced her panties further down her thighs. At the same time, John was sucking harder on her tits, while she rubbed at Andy’s hard-on through his jeans.Then, Andy slowly moved himself over his niece, and shoved her skirt higher on her hips, while fucking his two fingers deeper and harder into her wet, slippery cunt….“Oooohh…. that feels soooo good Uncle Andy!” Sandra squealed, as she started to come, her hips squirming. “Yeah…. harder, I’m coming… Yeah!”He felt her pussy muscles grip his fingers in pulsing waves, as he heard her squeal in rapture, and increased the speed of his fingers fucking into her climaxing cunt, thrusting them as deeply into her cunt as he could….“Yeah…. Yeah… ooooohh, Fuck!” she sighed, as she thrust her hips upward, her face contorted with pleasure and pain, as John continued to nibble on her taut nipples with his teeth, and she continued to jack on his throbbing boner. “Harder…. harder, bite me harder John!”She was thrashing wildly about the bed, while Andy finger-fucked her faster and harder, his breath panting hard now. At the time, John moved up over her, until his cockhead was poised at her mouth. Then, she felt the head of John’s cock pressing against her lips, and she instinctively parted them, so he could ram his thick cock into her mouth.She moaned with lustful excitement, she loved to suck his cock, her pussy exploded into another wave of orgasm when she realized she could suck off Andy’s cock, too. She moaned as she took his cock into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the seeping head as he’d taught her, she moaned again, she loved the taste of his sweaty/musky cockmeat, her pussy spasmed into another wave of climax.John thrust more of his cock into her mouth, pushing aside her tongue with his pulsing cockhead. Now, her tongue pressed his cock up, flicking back and forth over the shaft. “Yeah…. Fuck, that’s the way…. yeah, you suck so great, Bitch!” he groaned. Sandra was a very eager pupil, when it came to leaning how to suck on his cock, once she was over her apprehension the first few times, she eagerly sucked him whenever he wanted.Sandra reached up and grasped John’s cockshaft, and squeezed it gently. He pulled back a little, letting his horny stepdaughter lick and suck at his cockhead a moment, then he slowly fucked half of his prick back into her mouth, “Oooohh Fuck…. Bitch, Yeah,” John groaned, as he put both of hands on the back of her head, and he fucked her pretty face with his cock. “She’s fucking awesome at sucking cock Andy…. you’re going to go nuts!”Her tongue slid over the head, flicking it at his pisshole, when John groaned in ecstasy, she repeated the move several times, it was her way of telling him she wanted his cum. Then she slid her tongue all around the sensitive head until he was fucking into her mouth in a frenzy.Andy sat nearby with a look of awe on his face, as he stroked on his throbbing cock….“Faster…. Yeah, suck it harder… oooohh yeah, just like that,” John groaned, his head thrown back, his neck muscles and veins pulsing, and his teeth clenched, his face contorted in ecstasy.Sandra licked and sucked at her stepfather’s cock faster and harder, while at the same time, she jacked on the shaft in rhythm with her swirling tongue. She grabbed his swinging ball sac, holding it gently in the palm of her hand. She moaned around the thickness of his cock, as she felt how heavy his balls were in her hand, her pussy quivered with anticipation, she could tell he had a big load of cum just waiting to shoot into her sucking mouth.From the way he was fucking his cock into her mouth, harder and harder with each thrust, Sandra knew he would shoot his load soon…. she was so hungry for his cum. For as much as she loved the sensation of his cock in her mouth, as she blew him, she loved the taste of his cum even more. She wondered if Andy’s cock was snipped also, she wondered if cum with sperm in it tasted different.“Yeah…. fuck her mouth John… Damn, this is fuck awesome!” Andy laughed from where he sat beside them on the bed. He was stroking his cock slowly, not wanting to come just yet, he wanted to give his cum to his pretty niece. Andy reached out with his other hand, and caressed her firm tits. The added excitement of feeling Andy mauling her tits, turned her on beyond belief, she could feel her pussy quickening, an orgasm was coming soon.“Awe… Shit… I’m gonna come, Babygirl!” John cried harshly, as he jabbed his stiff prick, as hard as possible into his almost 16-year-old stepdaughter’s sucking mouth… he Loved his Fucking Wild Life.Still holding his balls, Sandra felt them and his tant convulse spasmodically against the palm of her hand. At the same time, she squeezed his cockshaft with her fist, and felt his cum flowing through the shaft, heading for her mouth.“Yeah…. Fuck, Coming!” she heard John groan.“Uuummooofff… oooohhaaaa…,” she moaned around his cock, she began to flick her tongue at his pisshole. She was thrilled by all the sensations surging through her body, and was desperate to taste and swallow his cum. Finally, the first glob of her stepfather’s cum shot by her flicking tongue, and trickled lewdly down her throat. A split-second later a larger glob landed on her tongue. The tangy flavor washed over her taste buds, and she sighed with intense pleasure, she loved the taste of his cum so much.Her pussy was on fire now, her own orgasm quickening, Andy was still mauling her tits, while his bother shot wad after wad of creamy cum into her sucking mouth, then it happened…“Uuummooofff… oooohhaaaa… UUUurrrnnnooohh,” Sandra moaned around John’s cock, as squirts of cunt juice shot from her puffy pussylips, completely drenching a large spot on the bed, and oozing obscenely down the crack of her taut little ass.“Oooohh… Wow, that’s so hot, Baby… really hot!” Andy groaned, as he continued the caress her tits, and jack on his cock. What excited Andy so much, was not only the hot cock sucking action taking place right before his excited eyes, but the fact that, as Sandra eagerly swallowed her stepfather’s cum; her face wore an expression of utter innocence, she looked almost – angelic. The difference between her youthful expression, and her wanton behavior excited Andy. His cock stiffened even more, as he continued to watch the erotic scene unfolding before him.Unable to swallow fast enough, some of the creamy cum trickled down from the corners of her mouth, and was now lewdly coating her heaving breasts. She swallowed John’s cum as fast as she could, determined not to let any more of his creamy cum to escape her lips. There was something terribly exciting to her, about the lewd sensation of the thick globs of cum trickling down her throat, so warm, thick, and tasty. She almost wished that John could keep shooting his cum into her mouth for hours on end, even though her little pussy was quivering for attention now.As the last of his cum seeped from his cockhead and into her mouth, John tightened his grip on her head, trying desperately to force his prick farther into her eagerly sucking mouth. “Oooohh Sandy…. that was the best fuckin’ blow-job you’ve given…”Sandra grinned with pleasure, as John pulled his cock from her mouth. She was pleased by her stepfather’s words of praise. She loved to please him when he was respectful and gentle with her.“That was really hot!” Andy groaned, as he was still stroking his own erection. He grinned at the sight of his brother’s cum smeared all over the girl’s lips, chin, and tits. He watched excitedly as Sandra wiped the cum from her face with the back of her hand, and hurriedly licked it from her hand. She moaned with obscene pleasure, as she ate the last of John’s slimy cum.Sandra sighed happily, as she studied her stepfather, and her uncle. John was lying across the bed, resting but ginning contently. Andy, his eyes filled with unrelieved lust, continued to stroke his own raging hard-on.Andy stared at his niece’s long, slender legs, and up her skirt, which had ridden almost completely up to her panties; exposing the taut flesh of her inner-thigh. Sandra noticed, her uncle’s gaze and felt an erotic quiver deep in her pussy.Andy smiled at her, and said, “I’m gonna fuck you now… and when I’m done with you, your stepfather her is gonna fuck you. Yeah Baby, you’re gonna get it really good… you probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow!” Both John and Andy laughed heartedly….Part 4…. to come soon There is more action with John & Andy in the next part.Also, Gail comes home early from visiting her Mother….To Readers who like my stories…Thank You for reading, I hope you enjoyed another look into My Naughty Imagination. Please tell your Like-Minded Friends about my Stories and Page…. I want more Friends to share My Hot Stories with! My Stories can Only be Posted for Friends to read, so have them send me a Friend Request.Also, leave a Comment…. if you liked the Story, and You Want More!

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