Adventures in April Ch. 01: A Wedding


A Friend’s Wedding

April crashed out on the bed. It was late, she and Christian had been to a wedding, drinking all day, she was exhausted. She closed her eyes.

The wedding was one of Christian’s old friends. It was an informal, but very trendy affair. After leaving the church at about 1pm everybody walked across the village green to the local pub – even the bride and groom. Champagne and canapés greeted you on arrival at the pub, jazz band playing in the background. Speeches were held in the beer garden, no formal seating arrangements, just people gathering round to listen. The day was then taken over with drinking and chatting as the jazz music continued.

The combination of the mellow music, good conversation and drink had April in a totally relaxed mood. This had been fairly easy to achieve as she was pleased with how she looked. She felt great, her hair had turned out nice, she wore a light, summer dress that fitted tightly to her petite frame, emphasising her thin waist, ample breasts and pert ass cheeks, giving off an obvious sexuality, yet the cream colour and simple flower pattern of her dress somehow counter balanced this with an impression of innocence, purity. What April wore underneath continued this theme (though no-one could see) soft and pure, but clearly sexual – cream stockings, their lace tops held by suspenders, these themselves fitted to a cream and lace, front fastening bustier that helped give the emphasis to the important parts of her petite and very female frame and finally the smallest of silk and lace briefs concealing her well trimmed, most secret part. Her cream, high heeled, elegant, pointed shoes (killer heels they had once been called by a man who expressed a desire to have her walk across his chest in them) gave tautness to her legs. April felt fantastic – a feeling fully deserved from her appearance.

As the afternoon wore on, more food and alcohol was consumed as April and Christian circulated among the many guests, some old friends, some faces to recall but not friends and other new acquaintances. The groom was a keen footballer and many of the men present were from his team. The conversation was good, very humorous and often suggestive – as football lads do, but not in a vulgar way, perhaps in acknowledgement of the nature of the occasion.

Around 7pm more speeches took place and hot food was served, but still very informal. This gave a welcome break to the continuous consumption of alcohol. After about an hour, as the darkness of the evening drew in, the food and tables were cleared, a band started and the guests turned to dancing. In the heady atmosphere of old and new songs, fond memories were evoked as April, Christian and many friends danced and drank into the evening. At times the music was fast and upbeat, at others, as if to give the guests (and the band) a rest, the pace slowed, allowing partners to come close and hold each other. Christian took many of these opportunities to grab April and pull her close to him, stroking the tops of her thighs and clenching her ass (April knew only too well what stockings and heels did to him!).

Christian was not as keen on dancing as April but did the best he could just to please her. There were occasions however when he would leave April on the dance floor, alone but among the other dancing guests, most of whom were female, while he went to the bar, to chat or catch some fresh air. It was during one of these occasions when Christian was at the bar getting fresh drinks and talking to some friends that April noticed a guy called Jeremy stood nearby at the edge of the dance floor. She thought he was watching her. April had seen him at many functions, had conversed with him politely on occasions and also knew of his wife. Jeremy was about 6ft, athletic and quite nice looking. He had a round, somewhat boyish face, short cropped spikey hair. April felt he was rather cute. She smiled at him as she danced. As the tempo of the music changed Jeremy edged on to the dance floor, close to her, touched her hand and asked if she would care to dance. The band had just struck up their version of Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight. April was unsure how to respond – she definitely wanted to dance but was a little wary of what the reaction of Christian and other guests might be to her dancing with Jeremy. She glanced over at the bar and could see Christian still talking to some friends, obviously deep in conversation and not coming back quickly. She couldn’t see Jeremy’s wife at all. The song was one of April’s favourites and perhaps that, coupled with the volume of alcohol consumed made her respond positively to Jeremy’s request.

The song was slow and Jeremy put his arms around her and pulled her close. As if sensing that he shouldn’t get too intimate he immediately moved his arms and rested them gently on April’s shoulders, his fingers just touching the back of the hair and neck. They chatted as they moved about the floor. April çorum escort had her arms resting across his, from which she could feel they were strong. His tall frame meant she had to look up at him and it occurred to her that onlookers might think it the look of love struck teenager, but in fact the glaze in her eyes was probably due in equal part to drink, the atmosphere and, perhaps, a little lust she felt. It turned out Jeremy’s wife had gone home, a little worse for wear but he had stayed on, not yet ready to crash out. As they moved slowly to the music April decided all the others were also in a state of intoxication and probably weren’t taking any notice.

As they danced Jeremy’s hands dropped off her shoulders, meaning hers also dropped, settling on his waist, his settling on her own tiny waist. Perhaps deliberately, perhaps by accident, Jeremy’s hands slipped lower as they moved to the music, the tips of his fingers touching the thin material of April’s dress at the top her thighs. April knew he had felt her suspenders and stocking tops, perhaps she ought to reprimand him but somehow April didn’t care, she was now deep in the music and the mood. Jeremy’s hands gently slid across her thighs, to her rear, resting for a second or two on her ass. He must’ve sensed her partial bareness, feeling nothing but the lace edge of her tiny briefs under the silk of her dress, before finally returning to her tiny waist. Jeremy began to tell April how wonderful she looked, how he had always thought so, how the song was meant for her tonight and how it was he who had asked the band to play it in the hope of experiencing her close to him. Whether it was the words he spoke, the slightness of his touch, the effect of the alcohol, the music, the fact that she had always found him attractive, or some combination of all of these April didn’t know but she felt her own hands slide off Jeremy’s waist, to his ass, which she squeezed firmly before moving them back again.

As a result of April’s squeeze Jeremy now got a little bolder and pressed his lower body closely against hers, putting his hands on her ass and pulling her closer to him. April could feel his manhood pressing against her, pressing through her dress, through her panties, just at the height of that private place that lay between the top of her thighs. April could feel he was almost bursting out of the confines of his trousers. Jeremy was clearly aroused. Aroused by her, by the effect she was having on him, by the sight of her, by the touch of her and by the thought that the touch and the sight perhaps may become much closer, more intimate. April found the desire she had created in him intoxicating. She ever so slightly pushed her pelvis forward toward him and then drew away again, the movement slight but the suggestion perfectly clear. She was also aroused. Almost certainly as a result of her actions Jeremy leaned forward, kissed April’s neck and, as he lifted his head passed her ear, whispered gently that perhaps they could find somewhere more private, outside, he knew such a place.

April knew she was unable to hold back. She glanced over to the bar to see Christian still there, deep in conversation, oblivious to the band playing her song in the background and what was going on. April loved Christian dearly and would never hurt him, but he had left her alone too long this evening. She was in the mood for some intimate, male attention. He had stayed at the bar a little too long and her mood had developed into the thought of experiencing another, entirely new male. April had experienced a small number of men before she met, fell in love and married Christian, but she could still count them on her fingers. A new man was an experience she hadn’t had in many years of happy marriage. Somehow tonight she felt she needed that experience again. She wanted a release, a release that was purely physical, entirely new, no emotion involved, simply opposite genders uncontrollably attracted to each other, both lost in the moment, a release that, once over, would be totally forgotten, her love for Christian totally undiminished.

April told Jeremy to leave by the side door, that she would visit the ladies and join him outside in a moment. Jeremy didn’t hesitate. Moments later April stepped outside, the cool, freshness of the evening simply heightening her senses even further. Jeremy was stood to the side as she came out and he took her arm and led her to secluded area, a place hidden by the side walls of neighbouring buildings, tall bushes, a fence and a gate. He said he knew the pub well, that the place was quiet and was sure nobody would see. To be honest April was past caring as she allowed him to lead her through the gate, the latch of which he dropped behind him. The area was quiet, but you could still hear the bustle of the crowd and the music drifting from inside. The night was clear, with a full moon and this, coupled with the glow of the streetlamps denizli escort and the coloured lights of the pub sign gave enough light to be able to see, once her eyes had become used to the change from the darkness and flashing disco lights inside.

Jeremy now took April’s hands firmly and pulled her to him, immediately his lips landing on hers. April responded. They kissed, passionately, intensely but also tenderly. His tongue explored the tips of her teeth, the inside of her lips, but was not intrusive. Her tongue tickled his. Jeremy’s hands caressed the back of her neck, pulling her close. She grabbed his ass again, pulling him tight, closer, she was in no mood for delay now. Jeremy dropped his head onto April’s shoulders, kissing and biting her neck, which arched backwards at his touch, April’s hands now squeezing his buttocks, pressing his stiff manhood against her dress, pressing him onto her, feeling him squash against her. As Jeremy’s lips caressed her neck he undid the buttons that were at the top of the font of her dress, just enough to reveal the delicate, sexy lace of her bustier which was cut to reveal the top half of her nipples. Jeremy moved his head onto her breasts and began kiss the exposed flesh, sucking gently on her nipples, making them erect.

April was now totally immersed, she wanted him so badly. With one hand April squeezed harder on Jeremy’s ass, pulling him tighter to her still, with her other hand she pulled Jeremy’s shirt out of his trousers, scratching her long nails into his toned back, before pushing her hand inside the top of his trousers, her nails digging into the flesh at the top of his firm ass cheeks. At this Jeremy stood upright, looking straight into her eyes. For a moment they paused, not speaking but perhaps just briefly considering what they were doing. As if sensing that this was not the time for lingering looks Jeremy spun her round so she was facing the wall and he was behind her, his heavy breathing in her ear. April put her left hand out, pressing against the wall to support herself as his lips now caressed and kissed the back of her neck, moving to the shoulders that were now exposed by the looseness of the top of her dress. April could now feel the cold air on her naked shoulders, his teeth grip the strap of her bustier, moving it off her shoulder whilst at the same time his hand came round and quickly unclipped it at the front, the lack of support making the cup fall, exposing her breast to the night air. Jeremy’s other hand was now running up and down April’s thighs, the movement causing her dress to lift up and down in tandem, revealing even more of her stockings.

Jeremy moved his left arm around April’s waist now, his arm long enough to enable his hand to cup her exposed breast, his strength giving her more support. The hand that was caressing her thigh then slid inside her dress, moving up the inside of her leg, passed her inner thigh, resting it on her stocking top, touching the bare flesh below her panties, almost touching her lips. April gasped out loud. Obviously sensing her response Jeremy didn’t linger long on her stocking top but moved across, coming to rest fully on front of her panties, pressing onto her, she instinctively moving her pelvis forward to meet his touch. April could now feel the warmth, the wetness building inside her. With his finger Jeremy began expertly to rub April’s clit through the material of her silk and lace panties. April could feel she was already on the edge, driven there by the adrenalin of the situation, the excitement, the pent up sexuality that had started to build from the moment she dressed earlier in the day.

April leaned her upper body forward more onto the wall, putting more pressure on her supporting hand, but in this way she could push her lower body further back against him, making Jeremy’s cock press harder against her. Jeremy, sensing that April was totally lost, moved all his fingers under the lace of her panties and keeping one finger expertly rubbing gently on her clit he ran the others over her moist, throbbing lips. He began stroking them whilst at the same time rubbing more vigorously.

The feeling was now so intense. April took her hand off the wall, moved it over her shoulders so she was able to grab around Jeremy’s neck, pushing her head back and pulling his head into the back of her neck. Her lack of support meant Jeremy had to use the hand that was on her breast to pull her tightly to him, forcing his cock to press through his trousers and her dress into the crease of her ass. April could feel through their clothes that he was pulsating, throbbing. April badly wanted to feel Jeremy’s cock now so with her free hand she reached round and grabbed at his zip. With a swift single movement she managed to draw the zipper down. Through the opening of Jeremy’s trousers April could feel his tight boxers (perhaps Calvin Klein trunks?) effectively jailing his diyarbakır escort throbbing, erect, manhood. April wanted it and felt for the button on the fly of his boxers, managed to open it at the first attempt and pushed her hand inside, immediately taking hold of the now bare flesh of Jeremy’s cock It was firm, thick and long, amply filling her grasp. The moment April took it in her hand Jeremy himself drew breath, a very deep breath, resonating in her ear. At the same time he pushed his fingers inside her, feeling clearly for himself her wetness, her readiness, still keeping one finger pressing firmly on her clit. The joint sensation of Jeremy’s manhood in her hand, his beathlessness in her ear and his fingers inside her meant she could take no more and as his finger worked expertly on her button April arched backwards into him as the wave of her orgasm burst through, making her whole body tingle with pleasure, the sensation making her grip his manhood even harder, but it was strong and firm and he didn’t flinch.

Jeremy held April for a few moments as he let the wave of feeling disperse through her body, withdrawing his fingers from inside her but leaving one finger pressing on her clit to ensure the intensity of the feeling didn’t suddenly fade, but disappeared gradually, making her go limp. April was now totally relaxed, her body limp. Perhaps unable to support her any longer Jeremy turned her round so that they were facing each other. April rested her head on his chest, her arms around his neck, wanting to savour the last moments of that amazing feeling. She hoped that there was more to come, that she was not going to be disappointed – after all drink can badly affect a man’s staying power. She knew Jeremy had given her pleasure, that he now would need his own release but April was not finished, she needed something more and that something needed to last more than a few seconds. Through partially opened eyes April watched as with one hand holding her tightly around her waist, pressing her to him, Jeremy undid the belt and button on his trousers and let them fall to the ground around his ankles.

April released her hands from around Jeremy’s neck and dropped them to the top of his now exposed boxers. She took hold of the elastic at the waist band and peeled them down over his ass. The front of the shorts momentarily stuck on Jeremy’s erect cock but she managed quickly to release it and pulled them down over his thighs, letting them drop to the ground on top of his trousers. Jeremy was now naked from the waist, his stiff cock sticking out below his shirt. April took hold of it with one hand, the other gripping his thighs and ass, muscular, thick and firm, typical of a footballer. April was pleased with the size of Jeremy’s cock, a good couple of inches bigger than Christian’s six inches and a lot thicker. As Jeremy held her close April began her slow deliberate strokes up and down his cock, the sensation making him breath deeper in her ear and grip her tighter. April was now ready again and whispered in his ear ,

“I want you inside me now!”

Jeremy didn’t need a second invitation and in one swift movement he lifted her dress up above her thighs, past her ass, to her waist, revealing to the night (and to him) the tops of her stockings, her suspenders, her lace briefs, the bareness of her flesh. He took her in his arms and lifted her up off the ground. April put her legs around him, partly to help him but mainly to feel him gripped between her thighs. April was now totally off the ground, supported by him, her arms around his neck, her head pressed against his ear, her legs around his torso. Jeremy’s firm hands held the exposed, bare flesh of her ass as he moved his thighs slightly apart for more balance.

April could feel Jeremy’s rock hard cock between her thighs, touching at the bare flesh just past her stocking tops, nudging the material of her panties, trying to press through, to get inside her. God she wanted it inside her. April assisted Jeremy by taking some of her weight on her arms as they gripped around his neck, she incredibly tense with anticipation as with one hand still on her ass, holding her up, with the other he pulled her panties to one side and lowered her down, onto him. April gasped loudly in his ear as Jeremy entered her, his large, throbbing cock gliding past her shaved, moist pussy lips, sliding into her, his passage eased by her warm, moist readiness, the readiness that he had built inside her. Once inside Jeremy moved so he was able to support April fully with both hands, which he did by grabbing both cheeks of her ass, holding her tight to him, his fingers extending over her bare cheeks so that they just reached the edge of her cheeks, stretching to touch the edge of her lips, tickling that intense space that lay between her ass and her lips. With a slow rhythm Jeremy began to push up and down with his legs, slightly bending them then standing straight, using his hands to lift her up and down in tandem with his thrusts. With each bend of the legs he expertly brought the head of his cock to the edge, almost drawing it out of her, parting her lips, resting it there fleetingly, keeping her lips parted, before straightening his legs and pushing himself back inside her.

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