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Subject: Adventures of a lawn boy This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts. Some of the parts are real but will leave that up to the reader to decide. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. (Remember, your donations allow everyone to enjoy this and other stories Please consider a donation to fty) List of Characters, my name is Dave, Mr Jeff is my first big paying customer, To start out I should explain a little about myself, I am what some people would say a good-looking boy. I just turned 16 and I would be going to high school after the summer. I plan on trying out for the traveling gymnastics team at this place that my parents have had me working out since I was maybe 10 years old. I suspect because of this I am what some people would say solid built, I am not skinny but have a flat stomach and the type of build you see on a gymnast not like a weight lifter. I am 5’8″ and around 150 pounds, I seem to enjoy working on the high bar, the rings, and the parallel bars, so guess I need a combination of muscles and some flexibility. These help to do graceful moves so that what I do looks easy and all the moves just seem to flow. I get up early every morning and my mom or dad is stuck driving me to the gymnastic place every day before school, even during the summer when there was no school. My parents do not have a lot of money so just paying for these classes is more than they can afford, and no extra room in the budget to buy an extra car or a motor scooter so I can drive myself. We only have one car in the family and adding me as a driver would add a lot to the insurance, so that option is out since I would have very limited use of the car anyway. We live in the south in a suburban neighborhood, and the only jobs available when I start school would be after school or on weekends, I am a little young to work in a lot of places so I figured it would be better to do yard work. We have a good size yard so my dad has a small lawn tractor and weed trimmer so I could use that. I been doing two yards already but being honest it was hard work and did not pay a lot. If I worked hard, I could bring home maybe $20 an hour after I paid for the gas, which was way more than the any other job I could get would pay. I figured this job would work and figured I could do at least two yards a day even after I started school, I wanted to stay local since I had no car and trailer to carry the tools from job to job. I went out one Saturday morning and asked a few of the people who lived close by, by doing so I was able to get two more jobs. I started doing these new houses after school. On one of the jobs I was doing I noticed that when I was cutting the grass, I saw this older guy looking out the window on the side of his house. Once in a while he would come close to the window and I could see he was not wearing a shirt but then figured maybe it was hot in his house. I did not think anything about it. after all, by the time I was on my second lawn I was down to my shorts and my t shirt was off since it be would be dripping with sweat. I know I was 16 but at that age we think we know more about sex then we really do, I liked girls but in truth was sort of timid or bashful. One of the houses I would cut their lawn was a younger woman and she was very nice and she would bring out me some glasses of water, in my fantasy world I think maybe it be like in one of those stories I read in the men’s magazine where the older women took advantage of a young guy. But in truth the only thing that happened was she would leave and I would seem to finish cutting the lawn with a semi hard on. I was not experienced with girls in fact the konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort only sex I had so far was with my best friend. When we were young, we used to have sleep overs, and not sure how it happened but after having him over a few times we at first just started sleeping in the same bed. At first was in our small briefs then we dared each other to do out the underwear. Not sure who started it but before long we started playing with each other’s cocks and went even as far as taking turns putting the other guys cock in our mouths. We were young so we never went as far as cumming and since my friend moved away this practice stopped. So back to my story, one day I am at the house cutting the lawn and again I see the man looking out of his window as I pass by on the mower. I can see he is sitting down but cannot really see in since it is dark inside. Then after I was finished with the mower, I had to use the trimmer around the edges, there is a small fence that separated the lawn. I was walking along the fence line trimming and I can see the guy, but still sort of dark. I can see him get up and I sort of stop and stay in that spot and make like I am trimming the section where I am standing at. Then I see he gets up and goes to the side of the kitchen. I am sort of just looking into his window now and see that he opens the refrigerator door. When the light comes on, I can see the guy is naked and he has a beer in one hand and his hard cock in the other. I knew this guy lived alone but other than that did not know anything about him. But one thing for sure now is I realized all these times he was sitting by the window I suspect that he was jerking off checking me out. At first, I was not sure what I thought about it, in truth I did not mind being looked at. I knew I had a nice build after spending many hours exercising and working at the gymnastics place, I could take pleasure in someone admiring my body. So, I just stood there watching him watch me and not sure why but a smile broke out on my face. After I was done with the lawn, I had an idea of stopping next door and asking if the guy wanted me to cut his lawn, his lawn was smaller and figured there would be a lot less lawn in the back yard since he had a pool and not sure what else since it was totally covered by dense bushes. When I went to the door of his house, I rang the bell, I could see him looking out and then he said from behind the door “give me a minute.” I heard some noise and suspected he was grabbing his shorts to cover his naked body. Then the door opened and it was answered by a man, but not an old guy. The man was maybe 30 years old and in pretty good shape. I could not help myself when I looked down since I noticed his cock was semi hard showing though the thin shorts he had on. The man seemed very nice and asked what he could do for me, at the same time I could see he was checking me out. I had on my t shirt by now but since I was still very sweated the shirt was sticking to my body. I asked him if by chance he was thinking about having someone do his lawn, he looked at me and said “I normally do it myself but I was thinking about it.” He asked me how much and I gave him a price and he said that was more than fair. I told him I was trying to raise money so that I could buy a car or a scooter and the insurance so that my parents did not have to get up early every day to take me to gymnastics. The man seemed to check me over and said “I can see now how you’re in such good shape” and added “I suspect you very flexible”, I did not understand why he said that but did not say anything. He did say he was going to cut the grass today, but konyaaltı otele gelen escort if I had the time I could do it for him. I said I had the time and went out and started the job. I was doing his back yard and noticed the guy was looking out his rear sliding glass doors and a few times I could see that he was again naked as he was checking me out, the back lawn was not big but had more trimming to do so I got off the tractor and grabbed the trimmer. I had my shirt off again since I was sweating like crazy. The man came out of the house now and had on those thin shorts he had before and could see the outline of his semi hard cock. He was holding a bottle of water and a towel and a bottle of sun screen. I was almost done so he asked if I wanted to take a break for a minute, and I did. He came over to me and said “you look hot,” but I was not sure in what way he meant that. I knew that some men were gay and in truth did think much about it one way or another, I only knew that when younger and I played with my friends’ cock and we both enjoyed it. When I was first introduced to this guy, he asked me to call him Mr Jeff, he said his last name but it was very long and said that he was a college professor and that what his students called him. He then asked if it was OK if he wiped me down with the towel he was holding, and I said sure, and wiped the sweat away as I drank the cool bottle of water. Then he asked if I had put on sun screen and of course like any teenage boy I did not. He then asked if it was OK if he did it for me and I also said yes. I next felt the cool lotion being put on my back and he reached down into the top of my shorts and I could feel his hands rubbing the crease on the top of my ass cheeks. Then he came around the front and started on my chest and as I looked down there was no mistaking the tent in his shorts, his cock was very large and also very hard. Mr Jeff looked at me and said if I was willing, he would pay me double of what I asked to cut the grass if I would let him do something and said “trust me,” I will like it very much. Not sure if the extra money was the driving factor or the fact I was enjoying his hands running over my body. But I said sure. By now he was sort of on his knees in front of me and I said “I am not sure if I should be doing this.” He looked at me and said “why not just try it, I will still pay you the money and if you stay stop I will.” I figured what did I have to lose so I nodded my head yes, with that he was now applying lotion to my legs and coming up to the lower cheeks of my ass. I have to admit his hands on my ass cheeks felt good. The next thing I realize is he is sliding down my shorts; I did not have on any underwear so that was not an issue. I look around and saw the back yard is very secluded, so I step out of my shorts so now I am totally naked with this man rubbing me down with sun tan lotion. By now he is covering my ass cheeks with the lotion. My cock is way past the part of being hard, I look down and see the smile on his face as he takes my hard cock into his warm mouth. This brings back memories of when I was younger with my friend, but now my cock is a lot bigger and this mouth seems to be a lot better at making my cock feel really good. I have to admit my cock has never felt this good as he took me into his mouth, using his tongue to make circles around my cock head. I am enjoying this and sort of looking down to see my meat inside this guy’s mouth, as he is sucking me. I tell Mr Jeff if he keeps this up, I am going to shoot my load, he pulls my cock out of his mouth looks up and smiles and says that is the plan. I felt my cock being sucked back konyaaltı rus escort into his mouth and the pleasure continues, my cock is feeling so wonderful and the feeling builds, I can feel my cock swelling and know I am going to explode any second now. I look down and tell him I am cumming, and sort of signals with his head that he knows, and he has his hands wrapped around my ass so that I will not pull my cock out. Next thing I feel is the pressure from my balls and then the pleasure of my orgasm as my cum makes the trip from my balls out my cock, into his waiting sucking mouth. His mouth action does not stop he is like a vacuum cleaner sucking on my cock. I can feel stream after stream of cum leaving my body and the wonderful feeling that only an orgasm can do for a person. My cock is getting a little sensitive and Mr Jeff realizes it, but he still got something more in mind for my cock and his. He slows up the action on my cock and is just now slowly licking the shaft and opened his mouth some. The feeling is nice and gentle. As any young boy one orgasm is never enough and my cock starts getting hard again. I can see that mr Jeff has taken some of the sun tan lotion and applied it to his hand and he is stroking his cock as he slowly starts sucking my cock again. I could tell he was looking to get himself off as well as to have me feed him another load of my seed. I miss his hands on my ass cheeks since he seems to be using them to play with his hard cock and just stroking away. I can see his hand going faster on his cock and as he does, he increases the speed of his mouth on my cock, the feeling is again fantastic. I can feel his tongue working on my cock head as he strokes even faster, then I can feel and hear as he is sort of moaning and I suspect he is getting close to his own release. He then sort of shakes as I look down and see his cock shooting out load after load of cum which he catches in the palm of his hand. After he cums he stops and takes my cock out of his mouth, he then moves his hand up to his mouth and licks the thick cream from his palm and I can see he is enjoying eating his own cum. Once he has licked his palm clean of his cum, he goes back to sucking my cock and uses his hands to pull my ass cheeks so my cock is buried deep into his hard-working mouth. I can feel his hands separating my ass cheeks and then I feel a well-coated finger slide into my ass hole. This sort of surprised me but I also found this very pleasurable. As his mouth is working on my cock his finger goes into my cavity deeper, the feeling in my body increases and again I am filling his mouth with another load of my boy cum, if possible, the second organism was better than the first. Once he was satisfied that he got every ounce of my load he slowly withdrew his mouth from my cock, he looked up and with a smile on his face and also, I saw some cum dripping from the side of his mouth, which I have to admit looked sort of hot. He then asked if I enjoyed what we did and I had to say yes very much. We both went inside the house still naked and he had me jump in the shower and he joined me and it felt good as he helped me wash off the sweat and dried cum that was still on my body and my cock. It was getting late so I had to leave but true to his word after I got dressed, he paid me not only for the lawn but he gave me four times the amount for the extra work as he called it. Then he asked if I was willing to do his lawn next week with a smile on his face, and I said sure. As I left the house, I said this was great not only did I have fun but made a lot more then I would have expected to and no way could I call the last part work. Then I was thinking to myself if I could maybe get a few customers like Mr Jeff I would have the money I was looking for a lot faster. You may contact me at hoo if you would like to comment. I enjoy reading the readers response to my story and open to suggestion for further chapters. Also, I have many more stories so if you use the search feature on fty You can use woodd_guy as the key word in the search and you will find my other stories.

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