Adventures of a Literotica Author Ch. 02


Authors Note: Between April 2008 and May 2008, I submitted a total of five stories under the name tantric_explosion.

I no longer remember the email address I used for my Lit membership, for that author name. I found the final drafts of each story and with permission from Literotica, I am resubmitting the stories, under my long time name – The Style Guy.



Walking naked from my Marriott hotel room’s bath, I turned right, walked down the short hall and stopped in the opening to the bedroom. Samantha, (her friends call her Sam), I could see, had followed my instructions perfectly.

Her black dress, black silk bra and thong were draped neatly over the executive high back chair. Next to the chair, on the matching desk lay a rather large, thick, eight inch, purple dildo, a sleek clear three speed vibrator and small bottle of KY anal lube.

Turning my attention to Sam, it amazed me that this was our first meeting. She was completely naked and kneeling on the floor, at the foot of my king-size bed. Her hands are clamped behind her back, causing her giant EE cup breasts to thrust out.

She is freshly shaved and the deep pink color of her pussy lips, indicate a great deal of arousal. Her auburn, shoulder length hair, hangs to her shoulders. Most of her face is covered by the sleep mask I had left for her to wear.

Sam had phoned me from the Marriott lobby, just a short five minutes earlier. In a very sexy, southern feminine voice, she nervously said, “Hi Christopher.”

I answered, “Welcome Sam. I’m glad you’re here.”

Shyly, she responded, “Me too.”

“Sam,” I continued, “Have you dressed as I instructed? Answer Yes Sir or No Sir.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Very good! Thank you. Did you remember the sex toys and lube? Answer Yes Sir or No Sir.

“Yes Sir.”

“I’m pleased, Sam. Thank you,” I said into the phone. “I’m going to give you some simple instructions. I expect you to answer me properly and let me know if you understand.”

Sam instantly answered, “Yes Sir.”

“My room number is 614. The door has been left ajar. When I finish with your instructions, you are to come directly to my room.”

Sam parroted, “I will come to room 614 after you finish your instructions.”

“I’ve left the door open, by using the security bolt. Once inside the room, please close the door firmly and lock it”

“I’ll make sure the door is closed and locked, Sir.”

“You will place the sex toys and lube on the desk next to my computer.”

“I’ll do that, Sir”

“Do what?” I asked impatiently.

“I’m sorry Sir! I’ll put the dildo, vibrator and lube on the desk next to your computer.”

“Very good. Next, you’ll undress completely and neatly hang your clothes over the chair, by the desk.”

“Yes Sir, I’ll hang all my clothes over the chair.”

“Thank you. Finally, I’ve left something at the bottom of the bed. You will put it on, kneel on the floor, face the door and place your hands behind your back.”

Sam whimpered, “Oh God. Yes Sir. I’ll wear whatever is at the bottom of the bed, kneel on the floor, face the door and my hands will be behind my back.”

“You’re pleasing me, Sam. I will give you exactly ninety seconds, from the time the door closes, to accomplish everything I’ve asked.”

In a voice barely above a whisper, Sam answered, “Yes Sir. I’ll do it in ninety seconds.”

I hung up the phone after saying, “Come to me, slut.”

Watching from the entryway, just a few minutes later, I could see that Sam is very nervous. Her breathing is shallow and her upper chest is red.

Sam and I had met through Literotica just two weeks earlier. She was listed as a Volunteer Editor. I had written and asked if she would consider working with me. She agreed and an online and phone friendship had blossomed.

Sam is a slut. That’s not to say she’s easy, because she’s not. Kartal Esmer Escort In fifteen years of marriage, I’m only her third extra marital partner. But once her panties are off, Sam is a wild ass slut. She loves to be dominated. She craves pain. Most importantly, she needs to obediently satisfy her sexual partner.

I continued to watch Sam. She knew I was in front of her, as she could easily hear me, when I came out of the bathroom. Being unable to see me, must be agonizing. I decided to make things even worse.

Walking into the main room, I found my briefcase and fished out my I-Pod. Knowing Sam’s attraction to country music, I had programmed an hour of country songs into the I-Pod. I turned on the music. Sam jumped, when I pushed an ear bud into each ear. I pulled on Sam’s right arm. When she gave up control of the arm, I slide an elastic I-Pod sleeve up her arm.

The I-Pod was now attached to Sam’s upper arm. She was now unable to see and all she could hear is the country songs. My rock hard dick became even harder, as I inspected the mature married woman. I gently pulled Sam’s right arm behind her. The slut inside Sam understood that I wanted both her hands behind her back once again.

I combed my fingers deep into Sam’s auburn hair; I grabbed a large hand full and lifted her straight.

A deep, “UUUUUggggggghhhhh,” escaped her full red lips.

As she groaned in excitement, I pressed the spongy head of my cock against her lips. She groaned again, opened her mouth wide and let me fill her mouth.

A primal, “UUUmmmpphhhh,” erupted, as I filled her mouth with hard cock.

In a previous email, Sam had boasted about her oral skills. I wanted to test her limits from the start, so I continued a slow steady invasion of her mouth and throat. I’ve been gifted with a longer and thicker than average cock. When I hit the beginning of her throat, I still had three inches of meat to feed her.

She gagged slightly, as I pushed into her throat, but she adjusted her throat muscles and took another inch. When she gagged again and tried to pull off me, I squeezed the fist full of hair and used my other hand to hold the back of her head. I let her adjust again, and then using both hands, I worked the last two inches in.

When her lips mashed through my pubic hair and pushed into my groin, she let out a triumphant, “MMMMMmmmmmm.”

Sam was a champ and breathed through her nose as I used both hands to hold her stuffed face against my flat pubic area. And then, just as she’d bragged, she started to milk my cock with her throat muscles. She was able to keep up the milking, although she did gag every few seconds.

Her lips were tight around my stalk as I started a slow withdrawal. I pulled out, until just the head was in her mouth and then pressed in again. It didn’t matter if I pushed slowly or fast, Sam accepted me deep in her throat over and over.

It was unbelievably exciting to abuse the kneeling married sluts mouth and throat.

When I finally pulled completely from her mouth and stepped back, I was pleased to see her hands were still clamped behind her back. Spit had escaped her mouth, had dripped over her jaw and covered her mammoth tits.

Sam was kneeling quietly. She was flexing her jaw and breathing hard. I wondered what she must be thinking. She had deep throated me and willingly let me bang her throat and we hadn’t spoken a word, in person.

Grabbing another fist full of hair and grasping her upper arm, I firmly pulled her to her feet. Sam was a great slut as she let me maneuver her toward the bed. When her legs hit the base, she climbed onto the mattress, on her hands and knees. I took hold of her right hand and guided it behind her back. When I place the palm on the full globe of her ass, she knew I wanted her to spread herself. When I repeated the process with her left hand, her head and shoulders Kartal Eve Gelen Escort fell into the mattress. With a hand on each ass cheek, she pulled herself wide, exposing her cunt and asshole to my view.

When I caressed the inside of her spread thighs, Sam groaned, “I’m so fucking horny. I need to cum.” Even if I had decided to respond, Sam couldn’t have heard me.

I smiled to myself. I’d make Sam cum, but I had a few adventures for her, first. Sam had written that she had some experience with ass play and again, I wanted to test her. I leaned in and let a mouth full of spit dribble into the crease of her spread ass.

Sam panted, “Oh God. Please. Use my pussy first. I really need to cum.”

I watched as the glob pooled in her brown rose and using my index finger, I slowly circled her back hole.

After making sure her anus was sufficiently wet, I wedged two fingers firmly against her tight hole. Placing my other hand on the small of Sam’s back, I encouraged her to impale herself on my fingers.

When the married slut whimpered, “You’re going to make me do it?” I put additional pressure on her back.

Sam slowly rotated her ass on my fingers and pushed back on to them. It was fairly obvious that she had anal experience, when my fingers popped through her sphincter and into her bowels.

Her tight ring held me and she groaned, “Oh fuck . . . oh fuck . . . ooohhhh fuckkkkk!”

Encouraging her some more, with pressure on her back, she grunted and pushed again, until my fingers were completely buried in her hole. I let her rest for a moment and become accustomed to being filled.

When I pushed her forward, my submissive married slut knew what I wanted. “This is . . . soooooooo fucking hot. Making me . . . ass fuck myself . . . on your finnnnngers.” Sam was having trouble saying more than two or three words at a time.

I guided her back and forth on my fingers, until she got into a rhythm. Finally, on her own accord and without further encouragement, Sam the slut started fucking her ass against my hand.

“Fuck yes . . . sooooo fucking full . . . soooo good . . . I’m ganna . . . I’mmmm ganna . . . I’mmmm gannnnaaaaa . . . cuuuuuummmmmmmmmmm!” Sam bounced and thrashed against my hand and ground her ass hard. Her orgasm peaked and as she settled, she circled her finger stuffed ass against my hand.

As expected, Sam was an exceptional slut. Her hands had held her cheeks wide, the entire time she ass fucked my fingers. I slowly pulled my fingers from her stretched hole and watched as it closed.

Sam huffed, “Oh my God! That was the first time I ever came from ass play. That was incredible.”

I smiled to myself. I’d been playing with my sex toy for over thirty minutes and she’s never laid eyes on me, as her eyes were still covered.

I quickly took the few steps, to Sam’s collection of toys and snatched up the large purple dildo and lube. I squirted a dollop of KY onto the hard tube and liberally spread it along the length.

Back behind the spread open slut, I pressed the dildo against Sam’s pucker. She grunted, “That’s too fucking big,” but didn’t move. I increased the pressure and it popped through her ring and stretched her sphincter to an obscene degree.

“Pleezzzzzzze. Sloooooooow!” Sam begged.

I did go slowly. I was gentle, but was also relentless. It took a long ten minutes of slow work and pressure to slide the entire eight inch toy into Sam’s tiny asshole. When I finished, only an inch of the monster toy was visible.

I took a moment and ogled her stuffed hole and dripping pink pussy. I was tempted to plow her cunt, but I had one thing I wanted to do first. With her bottom still filled with the dildo, I once again grabbed Sam’s hair, raised her into a kneeling position and turned her, so she faced me.

Sam’s breasts are huge, round and due to the shear weight, hang Kartal Evi Olan Escort down her chest. They’re each topped with large spongy nipples. Sam had written that her nipples were extremely sensitive and could only stand a moderate amount of pain.

Reaching out, I lightly toughed each breast, sliding my fingers over her nipples and around the side of her jugs.

“That feels so nice, Sir”

Sam’s hands were at her side, when I took her right hand and guided it to her pussy. I silently indicated that I wanted her to play with herself.

I watched as she complied. She traced her fingers along her wet pussy lips, circled her clit and reversed directions. After every three or four turns, she’d slide two fingers into her juicy slot, pump a few strokes and then return to playing with her bright pink lips and clit.

As Sam began to settle into a nice rhythm, I again took hold of her nipples, this time with a bit more force. Squeezing each fat nub, I lifted her heavy boobs and shook them.

Sam worked her pussy with a bit more urgency and groaned, “It hurts . . . yes . . . uuurrrggggg . . . hurts . . .”

I pinched and shook her jugs harder and Sam’s hand moved harder and faster.

She screamed, “Fuuuuuuuuck yes! I’m fuuuuuuuuucking . . . cuuuuuuuumming . . . so . . . fuuuuucking . . . haaaaaaaaard!”

She tilted her head back, opened her mouth and let out a silent scream as she rubbed her cunt and clit, while I shook her EE cup tits, by her nipple.

After she peaked, I pushed the startled slut onto her back and climbed between her spread thigh. Taking an ankle in each hand, I pushed her legs into the mattress on either side of her ears.

Looking down at her sex, I was amazed to see the thick purple dildo had remained wedged in her asshole. I lined my cock head with her wet twat and pushed in fast and hard.

Sam was tight and groaned as I bottomed out. “Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!”

I pressed her ankles into the mattress, reared up and pounded Sam. I looked down at her mask covered face and was amazed that she had given me complete control over her lushes’ body. As she had trusted me completely, I wanted to reward her.

I needed to cum badly, but practiced my tantric exercise. Every few minutes I squeezed the muscle in my abdomen that controls the flow of piss. I was able to hold off my orgasm, while continuing to rip into her twat.

Sam ran from one cum to the next, but was helpless to move, as I had her pinned to the bed. I was working so hard, that sweat dripped off my face and landed on Sam. She was so used-up, that my streaming sweat didn’t bother her.

After a final blast, Sam begged, “Pleeeeeaze. Pleeeeeaze stop. No mooore. Can’t . . . take . . . anyyyyyy . . . moooooore!”

I pulled from Sam’s gapping cunt, pulled the toy from her ass and pressed my dick in hard.”

Sam groaned as I bottomed out in her tighest hole, her mouth opened, her head shook back and forth, but she didn’t make a sound as I fucked her asshole.

She was so tight that I couldn’t hold out for long.

I was so close to cumming and wanted to treat Sam in a way she’d never forget. I pulled from her gapping asshole and climbed up her body. While straddling her upper chest, I stroked my cock. As my orgasm got closer, I reached down and pulled the I-Pod ear buds from Sam’s ears and the sleep mask from her eyes.

Her first sight of me, was the angry purple head of my dick, just inches from her face. Sam was mesmerized as I stroked myself . . . once . . . twice . . . three more times and then I exploded. I first glob of cum rocketed from my cock, hit Sam’s right cheek and streaked over her eye to her forehead. The second covered her nose.

I leaned forward and blasted against her mouth and continued to milk my stalk, until the rest of my cum pooled on her face and streamed to the sheets below.

I wasn’t surprised when an out-of-breath Sam begged, “Please Sir! Please let me eat your cum!”

After nodding my consent, Sam smiled and for the first time ever looked into my eyes, as she scooped the warm cum from her face and fed it into her slutty mouth.

“UUUmmmmmm. Delicious!”

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