Adventures of Insatiable Amy No. 03


We ended up having more of a late brunch, since it was Sunday. After a few sips of coffee and some food, I was starting to feel rejuvenated. Sitting at a table with all three of the guys I just had a foursome with, was making me horny again. I couldn’t get it out of my mind as we sat there eating and talking.

Damon was beside me. I put my hand on his knee and slowly ran it up his thigh until I got to his treasure. Even soft, the bulge in his pants was incredible. It wasn’t soft for long – my fondling helped it perk right up. I needed to feel it in the flesh. Luckily we were in a booth. I slowly pulled down his zipper trying to be as quiet as possible. I reached my hand in and felt his hard cock in my hand. He made it easy for me and came to the restaurant commando. I did the same. I would often do so on purpose, but this time the decision was made for me since I couldn’t find my thong from the night before.

Returning the favour, I felt his hand rub over my upper thigh and slide up my skirt to my pussy. His hand was extra warm from holding his coffee mug. He slid two fingers between my lips and then into me. As he did so, I hummed softly, trying not to be too loud. It was still loud enough for Nick and Gage to hear and made them look at us with smirks on their faces. They knew exactly what we were up to.

Noticing we were finished eating, the waitress – a middle-age woman with Kıbrıs Escort a scowl, came to our table.

“All done here?” She asked and started picking up plates before we could answer.

I leaned forward to keep what we were doing hidden from her view. Her presence didn’t stop either of us though. Biting my lip, I tried to suppress my moans.

“What was that, dear?” The waitress asked me.

“Uh…nothing…just the bill please.” I replied, blushing a little.

She gave me a funny look, shrugged a little, and turned around to go get our bill.

We all chuckled a little. Damon and I stopped playing with each other when she returned, dropped the bill on our table, and walked off to deliver drinks to another table.

“I’ll get it,” Damon said.

“No-no, I’ll get it as a reward for all your hard work this morning.” I said with a wink.

The waitress came back with the portable debit machine. I paid the bill and handed the waitress the machine back when I was finished.

“Where is the washroom?” I asked.

“Through that door and down the stairs.” She replied, pointing to a door at the back of the restaurant.

I gave all three men a look so they knew to follow me to the washroom. I hoped it was empty. We walked to the back of the restaurant, through the door and down the stairs. It was dark and dingy, especially compared Kıbrıs Escort Bayan to the dining area up stairs.

Instead of men’s and women’s washrooms, it was two of the big unisex ones. Perfect. We all went in the second one. Even with the light on, it was dim. The washroom was a good size though, even had a counter rather than just a sink attached to the wall.

Damon grabbed my head, pulled me into him tightly, and started kissing me. Our table play had really gotten him excited again. He was still hard and I could feel his bulge against me. He walked me back towards the counter and helped me get on it. Good thing he’s tall, it was the perfect height for him to fuck me on.

We were still kissing when I reached down and undid his shorts. They dropped to the floor and his cock was released and ready for action. I held his cock and guided it into my pussy. We both gasped as it went all the way in. My pussy was still swollen from all the fucking earlier, so it felt extra tight around his cock. Luckily, I was nice and wet from him fingering me under the table moments before. It felt so good having him slide in and out of me while we made out.

Damon stopped kissing me for a moment to take my shirt and bra off. I took the opportunity to see what the other guys were doing. They were standing near the door, watching intently, dicks in hand. This made Escort Kıbrıs what we were doing even hotter. The fact that we had voyeurs enjoying the show really ramped things up for me.

Putting my hands on both sides of Damon’s face, I pull him back in to kiss me again. With one hand, he groped my tit. With the other, he braced himself on the mirror behind me. In this position, he could pump me deeper and harder. And that, he surely did.

I had to put one of my hands down on the counter in order to brace myself from the rough pounding. It felt so amazing, I was moaning quite loudly, but didn’t even care. I just figured the kissing and closed door would be enough to stifle the sounds we were making. After a few minutes of this incredibly hot fuck session, Damon came deep inside me, grunting my name as he did so.

He knew I hadn’t cum yet, so after pulling out, he twiddled with my clit until I did. I was so revved up, that it didn’t take long at all. I moaned his name loudly, almost yelling. It felt so good that I couldn’t help myself.

Cumming made the creampie he had given me ooze out of my pussy even more. I hadn’t noticed when, but at some point both Nick and Gage had cum as well. There seemed to be cum all over the place. Oops. We all cleaned up real quick before leaving the bathroom.

Apparently there was a bit of a lineup for the washrooms at this point. The people standing, waiting for their turn, all had either shocked or disgusted looks on their faces as all four of us hurriedly walked past them and up the stairs. We laughed as we left the restaurant and got into the car. That was the best brunch I ever had.

To be continued…

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