African Experience (Part One)


African Experience (Part One)African ExperienceBegan:Dec 27,07Finished: Jan 19,08Written By: Suz~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aubrie Olsen walked into Dollar General in search of some lotion. She was going on a blind date and wanted to smell good for the man who would be her date. She was hoping the guy would be around her age,no k**s and has a job, that was basically all she asked for these days. Aubrie made her way to the cosmetic isle of the cheap store and began to skim through the many lotions and creams on the shelf. She wasn’t a fan of the flowery smells very much and the regular has no scent for the guy to sniff. As she took a hold of the bottle of lotion branded Citrus Passion, a young man dressed in tan colored dickies, with the store’s employee shirt on came up beside her.”May I help you mam?” He asked her politely. Aubrie turned her attention to him and looked him over. He was a honey toned male of some type of African ancestry,standing at around 6’3,a sexy accent and had a cute smile. He had to be between 17-20 years of age.”Umm actually yes. I am looking for a great smelling lotion, something that is fruity. Do you know what one of these fits that?” Aubrie asked the young worker. He bit his lip and swiftly lowered himself down to get close to the shelf. Aubrie waited as he looked over a couple and than grabbed one.”This one is nice” He stated and handed it to her. The name was Strawberry Passion. Aubrie flipped the cap open, closed her eyes and sniffed the aroma coming from the bottle. “Mmmm…Smells good” She told him as a smile spread across his young face.”Im glad you like it Miss” He told her.”Me too.Now I can go home and get ready for my night” Aubrie replied as the two began to walk to the front of the store. The worker got behind the desk to get to the register as Aubrie pulled out her wallet and sat the lotion down on the counter.”The lotion is all for today?” He asked her picking it up.”Yes that’s all” She replied and smiled at him. Aubrie got the money from her purse, as he rang up her lotion and put it into a small bag.”One dollar and six cents Mam” He stated giving her a big smile. Aubrie handed him her cash and grabbed her bag.”Thank you…”She began and looked at his nametag.” Zaire.I hope you have a good night”Aubrie said.”Would you like your receipt?” Zaire questioned her putting his hand out. Aubrie bit her lip and looked him over one more time. He was a sexy man and the accent of his was driving her nutts. She got caught up in checking him out that she didn’t see his hand waving in front of her. Stumbling back a bit Aubrie came back to reality. “Huh,what?””I said would you like your receipt””Umm yeah sure” She took it from her hands. “Can I ask you something?””Sure.Go ahead” Zaire said and leaned on the counter.”How old are you?”Aubrie asked.”Twenty. And you?” he questioned back.”I’m also twenty too” Aubrie licked her lips. “Can I ask one more question?” She said as she bit her lip again.”Yeah,but only one more you have to go smell good for something and I have to do some kind of work around here” He teased as they both smiled.”I notice you have an accent.What is it?””Nigerian”He confessed looking at her. He looked her over a couple times. She stood atleast a foot less than him,she had beautiful blue eyes,and had nice curves to her. Zaire licked his lips at her curves making Aubrie blush and turn her head.”It is cute” She declared as she got her keys from inside of her purse.”Thanks. It’s good to know Miss…””Aubrie””Miss Aubrie…It was nice to know you, I hope we see each other soon.You have a good night””NIce meeting you too and yes hopefullly we will Zaire.Later” She smiled as he nodded his head as she disappeared out of the door. Zaire smiled and shook his head before he went to finish cleaning so he could get out of the store on time. He had himself a date for the night and didn’t want to be late.Aubrie checked her outfit out in the mirror and smiled with satisfaction. She was looking nice with her blueBaby Phat jacket,black Tank top,dark Baby Phat jeans,plain white tennishoes(sneakers) and the matching accessories like earrings and necklace. Her best friend Leira helped her pick the outfit out. Checking herself over one last time,Susie fixed her misplaced pieces of hair and headed out. Many things ran through her mind as she travelled the streets of Miami, on her way to the restaurant. She really needed a good date and time after her hard,long days at work for the week. Aubrie soon found the restuarant and pulled in to get her vehicle parked. She had seen the restaurant before but never had the time to go there. Sighing with relief Aubrie, stepped out of her car,handed her keys to the male waiting by the steps,took a look at the restaurant before venturing in to meet her blind date. After telling the host the last name of her date, Aubrie followed a waitress to the table.”Hi Ma” The man said standing from his chair as Aubrie came up to the table. Aubrie looked at the man and titled her head. güvenilir bahis He was alright looking,on the slim side,and mocha toned.”Hi” She replied and took her seat as he held it out for her. “Thank You” She said as he nodded his head and sat across from her.”You look nice tonight” He told her as she smiled.”Thank you and so do you”Aubrie declared setting her purse down.”Im Aubrie,and you are?””Will” he replied and looked at the menu.”Nice..What is good here?” Aubrie questioned him.”Umm the chicken dishes are nice and if you like salads those are nice too” Will told her.”Oh than I guess I will get a chicken plate” Aubrie stated as the two went to order their food.Two restaurants down, Zaire was waiting for his own date to arrive. She was a beautiful girl who he met through his mother. He and her had talked to each other a couple times before and decided on a date. Zaire had nothing else to do so he chose to go on the date. As he sipped on his water, the young lady came into view.”Your looking good tonight Geena” He said as she stepped to the table.”Your not looking bad yourself Zaire” She replied and took her spot across from him. “I see you already have yourself a drink” she skimmed the table.”Just some water babe. I was waiting on you” He told her.”Aww so nice. Well let’s order something than.Im hungry!” Geena uttered grabbing her menu.”I already know what I want to eat. The jambalya dish” he said as the waiter wrote down what he said. “With extra rice please””I’ll take that too, but with extra vegetables” Geena said.”Is that all?” Zaire asked her.”For now..Let’s talk about something more fun” She smiled at him.A couple hours passed by and it was now time to go. Aubrie and Will had a great time.The date went pretty well for them.The two walked down the steps to retrieve their vehicles.”I had a good time tonight Aubrie”Will told her taking his keys into his hand.”Me too Will..It was nice” She replied getting her own.”WOuld you like to come over?” He asked smoothing his shirt out.”Umm I would but i have something to do” Aubrie said stepping around her car.”Oh..Maybe some other time than ma” he said grabbing his door.”Yeah some other time””Alright than..You have a good night Aubrie.Hopefully we’ll see each other again” Will replied.”You too..Have a good night” They waved each other off and got into their cars. Will pulled out and than Aubrie followed behind. As she was passing the first light, her car started to slow down. Aubrie looked at the gas and seen that there wasn’t anymore.”Damn” She said shaking her head,pulling over to the sideroad. “Imma kill Jamie for not filling it back up” She groaned about her best friend. Parking the car, and taking the key out Aubrie flipped her cell phone to call someone to help her. She called everyone that could’ve helped but no answer and it was a little chilly to stay out in her car.Aubrie got her things together, flung the door open and stepped out before she slammed it shut and walked away to go to the bus stop a block away.Aubrie crossed the street quickly and got to the sidewalk with two steps. And went toward the bus stop.”Alright Geena I’ll catch you later” Zaire said with his sexy accent. Geena smiled and waved to him.”Hopefully not too much later” She smiled and winked at him. Zaire bit his lip and shook his head. As he went to go the opposite way he crashed into someone.Before either of them new it they were on the ground.”Im sorry..I didn’t mean…”He began and looked at the woman he was laying on.He stared at her for a few seconds.”Could you help me up?” Aubrie asked as he nodded his head and got up. He leaned over and pulled her off the cold cement. They both brushed theirselves off.”I wasn’t looking where I was walking..Im srry” He stated as she nodded her head.”It’s alright Zaire. I wasn’t hurt” Aubrie told him as she continued to cross the block to go sit at the bus stop bench. Zaire followed right behind her.”You remembered my name?” He raised a brow.”Yeah I did. It is a cute name” She replied crossing her legs.”I wish I could remember your name” Zaire said biting his lip. “All I remember is you bought Strawberry Passion””Im sure.You were busy getting some head” Aubrie said and looked away.”What?I don’t know what your talking about” Zaire told her with his sexy African lilt. Aubrie bit her lip and shook her head before grabbing at his pants.”Than what is that!??” She pointed to a spot on the pants. Zaire looked down and seen a wet area on his pants.”Okay so I got some head. What’s it to you?” He questioned her. She let his pants go.”Nothing Zaire..I was just saying that you had were busy having fun that you forgot a name” she shrugged.”Right..Why are you out here at the bus stop?””My car ran out of gas over there” She nodded her head in the direction for him to look.”You want a ride Miss?” He asked her.”Im alright.I can take the bus” She declared licking her slightly dry lips.”No..I WANT to take you home.I mean it’s the least I could do after making you türkçe bahis fall to the ground” Zaire stood there and waited for her to answer him. Aubrie bit her lip and looked at him and sighed. She didnt want to ride the bus but she wasn’t sure if Zaire was some weirdo. She decided to take her chance on Zaire.”Okay I’ll let you take me home” Aubrie said and stood up.”Good choice” He said taking her hand as they went to his car to head home.The whole ride home the two just bobbed their head and listened to the music. Zaire’s family was from Nigerian, Aubrie learned as she listened to the songs. She was losing herself in the music when the car came to a halt. Blinking her eyes and noticing that she was at home, Aubrie snapped out of her thoughts.”Here you are Aubrie. 3988 Walnut St.” he said with a big bright smile. He reached over and turned the music down.”Looks like my place” She replied looking out the window. Aubrie unbuckled her seatbelt.”Was your date nice?” Zaire asked out of nowhere. She turned to him.”Umm it was nice.Yours?” She asked raising a brow.”It was alright.I mean I could go to her for some head if needed” He stated as she smiled and shook her head.”Oh that’s always a good thing”He shrugged his shoulders and kept looking at her.Aubrie’s cheeks began to get pink as she blushed.”Are you going to get out of my car or am I going to have to push you out?” he said teasingly.”What?” She looked a him.” You aren’t going to push me out. I will bite you” She told him as she smiled. Zaire raised a brow and smiled.”Oh baby, I’d like that!” He groaned as he grabbed her hand. Aubrie shook her head and giggled as she took her hand back.”Yeah im sure”She opened the door and got out. “You have a good night Zaire””You too” He said looking at her hard nipples hanging while she leaned down.”Be careful and don’t look at my nipples!” Aubrie told him as a smile spread across her face.”Naw I like em like that!””Yeah alright bye Zaire” She said.”Night Miss Aubrie” He gave her a big smile as she shut his door and waved to him before she walked to her apartment. He watched her get into the home before he drove off to head home.Two weeks passed and everything was going good. Aubrie still hadn’t found a dude but she was alright. She knew all she had to do was go down the street to the Dollar General and there would be Zaire to mess with and such. He didn’t mind it much, seeing as he liked her company even though he got in trouble a couple times from his manager.”What are you doing here today?” Zaire questioned Aubrie as she stepped into the store.”I’m shopping Mr.Tundi.What are you doing?” She asked looking him up and down before staring into his eyes with a satisfied smile.”Working what else would I be doing?” He retorted.Aubrie shook her head and took one of the basket’s as she began to go down an isle.”How about bugging the customer!”Zaire sucked his teeth and made a face while he organized his counter area. He than leaned back on it to watch Aubrie looking around and tease him like she usually did when she came in. He observed her moves as she than dropped basket.”Oops!” She said and made a shocked face. Zaire chuckled and walked over to the isle she was in to help her. Aubrie smiled and bit her lip as he put something back into the basket and she smelt his cologne. He smelt so good.”You like that?” He asked licking his lips and smiled at her. The two were inches away from each other. Aubrie bit her lip and blushed as she lifted herself up. He followed suit and stood as well.”You smell good” she replied.”Lil mama why do you always tease me?” Zaire said standing directly behind her. His mouth was within an inch away from her ear. Aubrie held back a moan.”Who said I was teasing you Mr.Africa?” she acted dumb.”You and I both know you want this dick” he cooed in her ear,grabbing her butt. Aubrie closed her eyes and caught her breath,keeping back the moan that was trying to escape her body. “I wanna find that spot that makes you scream” he hissed into her ultra sensitive ears. She leaned on him a little and let out a moan.”You better get back to work Zaire!” Aubrie told him as she stepped away from his hungry body.”Aubrie comere!” He said taking her arm and slightly pulled her back to him.”Your always trying to avoid things Aubrie. I know them panties are wet right now” Zaire whispered into her ear before he kissed on her neck.”Fuck!” Aubrie moaned in somewhat of a whisper.”Tundi!Tundi where are you?” Zaire’s managered called out for him.”Over here Mr.Roberts!” Zaire said moving away from Aubrie.”Oh there you are.I have some good news for you” His boss said smiling.”What is it Sir?””You have the rest of the day off. My wife is in labor so after you help this young lady,lock up and your done” He told the young employee.”Thank you Sir and Congrats!” Zaire replied as his manager nodded his head and walked off. Zaire smiled at Aubrie.”Yes?” She asked twirling her hair.”Come on!” He grabbed her wrist and pulled her along the isle.”You güvenilir bahis siteleri can finish shopping later!” He told her as he took her to the counter to cash out. Aubrie followed along and purchased her things.After he finished ringing her up,putting the cash in the safe, he and Aubrie stepped out side so he could lock the door. “Do you have anthing to do?” Zaire questioned her. She shook her head no. “Good let’s go have some lunch!” Aubrie went to say something but didn’t as he bit his lip at her and winked.”Hmm what do you have in mind for lunch Mr.Zaire Tundi?” She replied getting into his passenger seat and shutting the door.”I have an appetite for Aubrie a la mode!” He said with a devious smile on his face. Aubrie smiled and shook her head before settling into the seat. She turned on the music to some R&B station while Zaire pulled off into the streets. They both knew what time it was.“This is a nice apartment. I like the colors” Aubrie said as the two entered his place. She set her purse on the couch, than began to walk around the living room and hallway.“Thank you” He replied and hung her purse up. He wasn’t one to be disorganized. Zaire fixed up his couch pillows as he ventured into his bedroom where he found Aubrie looking at some things from his homeland. She smiled and looked at the things in amazement. “ You like them?” he asked stepping up beside her.Aubrie turned to him and smiled.“Yes they are gorgeous and so exotic” She confessed .“I have some music I think you will like. They are by the stereo in the living area. While I go make something for lunch, you could put the cd in” Zaire told her. Aubrie bit her lip and nodded her head. She went to go to the living room but was caught by Zaire’s big hands. He pulled her into his chest and bent his head down to engulf Aubrie’s mouth with his own. Their lips became one as they sucked at each other. Zaire lifted Aubrie up and layed her on the bed as Aubrie and he shared each other’s tongues. Intertwining as the kiss heated up even more. Aubrie pulled her lips away from Zaire’s as her mouth found the right side of his neck, she started kissing it as well grinding on his hard penis that was pressing against her thighs.“OoOo” He groaned closing his eyes while he went to lift up her t-shirt. Her body was warm as he got a hold of her left breast and slowly sucked on the hard bud.“MmMm.. Zaire!” Aubrie moaned.“Huh?” he raised his head as his right hand found the brim of her girly sweats.“Let’s eat first!” She suggested to him. Zaire looked at her and licked his lips. “We’ll have more energy!” she continued to tell him as he smiled and chuckled.“I don’t need energy Lil Mama!” He assured her as he bent his head down and kissed her lips. Aubrie kissed him back.“Okay you don’t need energy Zaire but Im hungry!” “No! I don’t want food right now. I want you!” He told her tugging at her pants and panties. Aubrie’s mouth dropped as he did that. She laid on the bed and watched him yank her clothes off. He had a one track mind and what he wanted at the moment was to taste her. Zaire tossed her shirt off, than got on his knees between her spread legs. Aubrie bit her lip while keeping her eyes on him. He grabbed behind her knees and lifted her legs up into a bent position before he let his wet tongue lick across the excited pearl. Aubrie gasped and arched her back a little at that gesture, letting her legs rest on his shoulders . Zaire gave a satisfied smirk as he than used his thumb and index finger of his right hand to open her juicy lips so he could taste her wetness. He did just that plunging his mouth muscle into her moist canal, than licked the pearl again, making a jolt of pleasure go through her body. “mMMmm yes!” She moaned as she caressed her hard nipples. Her mind was going crazy at the moment. He was working his tongue in and out of her. Aubrie reached down to rest her hand on the back of his head while he sucked on the lips. “mmmm” she continued to moan as he than stuck two fingers into the very wet hole, moving his lip and tongue to tease the clit. Zaire’s fingers were quickly coated with her juices. Every stroke in and out of her made Aubrie push his head closer into her vagina.“OOoOo Zaire!” Aubrie hissed as she slowly began to grind on his face as he quickened his stroking and licking. His tongue and digits in sync with each other as they tortured her pussy.“Cum for me Aubrie! Let me taste you!” He quickly told her before he removed his fingers from inside of her to rub on the clit while he put his tongue back inside of her. He could tell her orgasm was rising by the way her chest was heaving in and out and how she kept grinding into his face.“Mmmm right there!” she mumbled. Zaire gave her very excited nerve ending a couple quick licks and felt her body begin to shake. “OOOooOOo” Aubrie moaned closing her eyes and holding his head in place as she gave in to her orgasm. Zaire reached up and held her lower half down to make it easier for him to lap up her juices. Aubrie rubbed his head and looked down and watched him clean her up. He licked the inside/outside of her vagina, and than cleaned off each thigh with his marvelous tongue. Zaire left no evidence of what had happened on her lower body.

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