African Prince 7


African Prince 7Chapter 7When his Mom got home, Mikey was in the shower. He wasstill reeling from what he’d seen but the hot water wasstarting to clear his head. In his mind, he tried toreaffirmed that he had not jerked off to Julie being****d, but to her naked body. What young male would notbe aroused by the sight of a beautiful young bodyslicked down and dripping with cum? He felt like heshould do something or tell somebody about what wasgoing on in the Osbourne house- but how could heexplain his own presence there?Mikey’s actions weren’t exactly that of a role modelcitizen either. As he got out of the shower and toweledhimself off, he was still confused, but at least he hadcalmed down. As he wrapped the towel around himself heheard a light knock on the door. “Mikey?” It was hisMom. Her voice was sweet and calm, unlike when he hadlast seen her this morning. “I’m home. When you comeout of there…”With a towel wrapped around his waist, Mikeyinterrupted by opening the door. His Mom gave him awide and warm smile and continued, “I was just going tosay, I brought some ice cream, whip cream, hot fudge,and cherries home. I’m going to make myself a sundae.If you’d like to join me for one it would make your oldMom real happy.”His Mom’s word’s were comforting and relieving. He hadno idea how she was going to act when she got home. Hehad been afraid that he might have changed everythingbetween them- but now his Mom seemed as calm and warmand motherly as ever. It felt good. He really needed aMom about now.Once he had got dressed, he headed down to the kitchenwhere his Mom already had two huge sundaes whipped up.They sat down at the kitchen table across from oneanother. Even with his Mom’s warm attitude and kindwords, he didn’t know what to say to her.He still felt a strong tension between them that shedid not seem to. He had tried to fuck his Mom lastnight and again just this morning. What did she thinkabout it? She showed no outward signs of embarrassment,she just smiled and scooped ice cream into her mouth.Mikey found himself watching those moist and voluptuouslips again. As she closed them a hint of whip creamsquirted through them, touching the corner of her lips.She had a smile- No, a smirk- on her face as she ate.And she said nothing. Mikey tried to keep from lookingat her by continually averting his eyes elsewhere.Her lips kept calling his eyes back, reminding him ofhow they felt against his mouth in the passionate kissthey engaged in just that morning. His Mom seemedsomehow confident. That confidence combined with themysterious smirk on her lips made her look sexier thanever. It was like she knew something he did not and shewasn’t talking.When the silence finally broke it was Mikey. “Mom,” Hebegan but then his will to speak fizzled out as helooked up at her face. That face that had always beenhis stability, that face always tucked him in at night,that face always made his lunch and pecked him on thecheek as he went off to school. He couldn’t tell if itwas still her – his Mom.He looked at her. He looked at her smirk, her moistfull lips, her smooth skin- the skin that yesterday hadhad his cum dripping off it – and he wondered if thathad changed everything – if it had ruined everything.But her calm, her peacefulness was even morefrustrating. Why wasn’t she worried? Why didn’t thisbother her? He had tried to fuck her for christ’s sake.With his frustration, Mikey began again, this time within a loud and angry voice he had never addressed hisMom in before, “Dammit Mom!” Mikey exploded. “Doesn’tit bother grandbetting yeni giriş you? I came on you. I spewed on your face.You tasted my cum.””Michael Kulu Harrison!” His Mom’s gentle smile wasripped off her face as she responded angrily to theprofanity. “You watch your mouth, young man. Don’t youever talk to your mother that way. If your father everheard you talking like that he would beat some senseinto you. What’s the matter with you?””Dad’s dead Mom. He’s not gonna stop me from sayingwhat I want.” Mikey lost all control, the stress ofwhat had happened between him and his Mom and aboutwhat he had seen happen to Julie Osbourne all camerushing to the surface. And that stress, thatfrustration, that confusion now flowed uninhibited tothe surface and out through his angry words.”He couldn’t stop you from jerking me off and lickingup my cum. What’s the matter with you?”His mother began to ball.Mikey immediately felt terrible for what he said.”I’m sorry,” Mikey said standing up and turning to walkaround the table that separated them. “I’m sorry, Mom.”He stepped up behind her and put his hand on hershoulder in an attempt to comfort her. “It’s just…I’m… What we…” He stuttered not knowing how to undowhat he’d said. “It’s just I don’t know what to think,Mom. I’m confused. I love you. I love you, Mom.” Mikeyput his other hand on her other shoulder. “I’m sosorry.”His Mom regained control of her tears. “I know Mikey. Ican imagine how you must feel. How confused you mustbe.” She turned her head around behind her so she couldlook as her son. “It’s just we have to talk. There’ssomething I must ask you, and first there’s something Imust tell you.””What?” Mikey asked. “It seems like you’ve had some bigsecret ever since we, well, it happened. What the hellis it? Please Mom clue me in, this is driving me crazy.I just don’t know what to think.””Okay. Yes, there is something,” she admitted. “Iwanted us both to clear our heads first. That’s why Iwent out today. We needed to be apart. I wanted you totry to sort out your own feelings before I talked toyou. I don’t know if it worked or not, but I can’t waitany longer to tell you. I can see what internal havocthis is reeking in you.”Mikey just stared at her blankly, not even capable ofimagining what she was about to say. “What? What isit?” he asked.”I have a possible solution to our problems. But firstyou must understand that the solution might raise justas many bizarre feelings in you as did the problem -namely our i****t.”Mikey just stared.She continued, “Mikey, i****t is wrong. You and I wereboth raised in this culture, the most deeply seededrules dictate that sexual relations between familymembers is wrong. Terribly wrong. This is why you and Ihave both been feeling guilty about what we’ve done. Itwas i****t. Last night on the couch and this morning inmy bed, what we did was i****t. What we did was wrong.””So why are you so calm? Almost… happy?” Mikey asked,more confused about what his mother was getting at thenever.”Mikey, please,” his Mom pleaded, “Let me finish.”I’ll explain,” she said, taking Mikey’s hand into herown. “You know what a spiritual person I’ve alwaysbeen. I’ve told you many times about the beliefs of ourancestors. But I haven’t told you all their beliefs.”Mikey, my people… our people, our culture… I’m nottalking about all Africans here, I mean our nation, ourtribe… the beliefs that were passed down from yourgrandparents, from my grandparents, from my greatgrandparents. I’ve never told you this before grandbetting giriş Mikey,but we are royalty… I mean we should have beenroyalty… My father was a leader.. a king of sorts…”I was destined to be a princess, Mikey. But there’snothing left to rule… our people are gone, ourculture is gone. The only thing our ancestors have leftis a few vague memories of my parents, of their way,and what my older sisters have always told me. Theyremember much more about Africa than me, Mikey. Theyremember Mom and Dad… They remember stories… Theyremember their riches and jewels… The remember theirbeliefs.””But Mom, what does this have to do with u.s.. with ourwrong doing?” Mikey asked, still confused as to whereall this was leading.”Patience, Mikey, patience,” she said as she gently ranher hand across his shoulders. “I’m getting to that.”She paused now, knowing that what she was about to sayhad the potential to change the relationship betweenher and her son forever.”Mikey, when your father died, your aunt expressed hersorrow to me that you were so young. That you were tooyoung to…” She paused here and looked deep into herson’s eyes. “…to take his place. Mikey in our Africanculture it is acceptable, even expected that the eldestson marry his mother if she becomes a widow.”Mikey looked at her in disbelief. He started to speakbut he had no words to respond.”Mikey, its okay. Just listen for a minute. Now I havealways known about this tradition, but until last nightI never planned on telling you. i****t is the greatesttaboo in this culture. It’s wrong here. As much as Ilike to feel in touch with my ancestors, the truth is Ihave lived here most of my life, just like you. I hadall those horrible guilty feelings too, just like youMikey. But last night on the couch and this morning inmy bed, I want nothing more than for us to be joined…to have you inside of me, Mikey.”Mikey couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His motherdid want him. She still wanted him and hearing her talkabout it was making him hard. Still, he could find nowords to speak.She continued, “Now Mikey, you have to understand, whatI’m talking about here isn’t just a poor excuse for asexually deprived woman and her horny young son to actout some perverted fantasy. Mikey, I’m talking about acommitment here. I’m talking about performing an oldritual, I’m talking about you and I getting married.I’m talking about you committing your life to me.Again, Mikey could not comprehend. Married? Was hereally hearing this? He stared at her blankly. “Mikey,what I’m saying is I want you to be my African Prince.I want you to take the place of Dad. I want you to fillthe hole in my life created when your father died. Ican perform the ceremony. Friends and relatives aresupposed to attend, to celebrate, but we will have tobe very secretive. I want to perform the ceremony righthere, tonight. The ancestors will understand.Mikey couldn’t believe what he was hearing. And thelook in his Mom’s eyes. He could see that she was notonly serious, she was eager to begin what she wastalking about.She stood up and walked around to Mikey’s side of thetable. She put her hands on her son’s shoulders andasked, “What do you say, baby?” Mikey just satunresponsive for another moment. His Mom beganmassaging his shoulders gently, and after a moment slidone hand down her son’s chest. She pressed her faceinto the back of his still damp medium-length frizzyhair. She slid her hand under the bottom of his shirtand slid her smooth dark hand across his grandbetting güvenilirmi stomach and upto his chest. She gave one of his nipples a gentlepinch.Mikey jumped in his chair at the touch. His dickhardened quickly. He could deny it no more. He leanedto the side and turned his head to face hers. Hereached up to her head and pulled her lips to his.Open-mouthed, mother and son kissed. Mikey could smellhis mother’s sexy scent as his tongue swirledaggressively around hers.She slid her hand down from his chest to the hem of hispants. She fiddled with the button momentarily beforefinally undoing it and zipping down Mikey’s pants.Still kissing, she reached into her son’s underwear tograsp his penis with her smooth motherly hand. Now sheused her other hand to pull his shirt over his head.He reached to his Mom’s tits and filled both his handswith her large breasts. Meanwhile his Mom began tolightly stroke his dick inside his underpants. Hestarted to pull his Mom’s shirt off, and shemomentarily stopped stroking to take her shirt off.Mikey quickly unclipped his Mom’s bra as she slid hisunderwear down and resumed stroking, a little hardernow.He started to involuntarily hump his Mom’s hand as hemoved his mouth to take his Mom’s nipple into hismouth. He lightly bit at her nipple and she gasped inresponse. Mikey slid one hand down to he inner thighand began lightly rubbing her leg while slowly gettingcloser to her pussy.His Mom began breathing sharply in sync with his hand;when he finally put his hand down on her panty cladmound, he felt her wetness, and he heard her softshriek. He began rubbing her pussy through her panties.The two both began breathing harder as they strokedeach other.Mikey soon slid his hand under his Mom’s panties, thenpushed them down just past her pussy. He began slidinghis middle finger up and down the length of her slitand his Mom began gasping and crying out. When hefinally dipped his finger inside her she cried out hisname.The moment of truth had arrived, Mikey climbed on topof his mother’s sleek black body, feeling the smoothflesh of her inner thighs as his thighs came to restbetween hers.Almost without knowing how his stiff little prick foundits way to his mother’s slick slit and his tense bodythrust and then thrust again. To the boy’s amazement hefelt the most glorious felling in his life as he sankto the hilt into his mother’s wet, hot embrace.Mind numb but body quivering with unimagined sensationsthe young black prince began to thrust eagerly in andout of his mother’s willing submissive body, faster andharder the young man thrust as he did what his heritagedemanded.Mikey’s mother was hugging his taught young body to herand moaning in deep pleasure as her only son thrustinto with abandon, the freedom of naked sex,uninhibited thought, nothing but a****l need mixed withdeep abiding love, made their simultaneous climaxsomething the would never forget. This moment wouldlive with them forever.Mikey’s orgasm was so intense that he almost blackedout as he came deep in his mother’s body, gasping forbreath at the wondrous release like nothing he’d everexperienced before and afterwards all he could hear wasboth his and him mother’s sobbing gasps of wonder andspent pleasure.And now, they lives had truly changed, no goingback….Epilog:A few years and one c***d later Mikey and his mothertook in Julie Osbourne after Mikey had beaten herfather senseless and had warned him that if he everyeven looked at his daughter again, Mikey and his motherwould call the police and tell them what had been goingon.Shortly after taking Julie in, Mikiy now 17 years old,married Julie with his mother’s blessing so he couldlegally protect her from her father and they lived apolygamous and indecently i****tuous life from thattime forward.Not a bad life if you can get it. Wouldn’t you agree?END

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