After “Reawakening”


Some time ago, Aunt Sue published a sweet, sexy story, “Reawakening” about a middle-age widow whose raunchy friend sets her up with a younger man for “dancing lessons.” Dancing led rapidly to mutual passion and passion to both parties falling in love “over our heads:” a very happy ending. Without really changing the ending as Aunt Sue wrote it, I have written a coda that does throw a different, Homer Vargasian, light on things.


“Barbara is that you? I have something very important to tell you.”

“Ginny, you ninny! It’s been weeks! Do you mean that it’s taken you all this time to get a certified hot lover and perfect hunk like Rob into bed? You’re worse than I thought, girl.”

“Huh? Oh, no! Rob’s tongue was in my puss within fifteen minutes and I have been fucking his brains out — and vice versa ever since. Though, now that you mention it, I’ll admit that the first couple of times were on the living room rug. I didn’t actually get him into bed until nearly nightfall. He’s wonderfully insatiable. I’ve had him do me in every room of the house and draped over most of the pieces of furniture!”

“You have? That’s a lot more …. Uhh … tell me something, Virginia. Did you listen to the CD of dance music I sent along with Rob?

“Oh yes, lots of times. Thanks so much for it. I left it on that first day and we play it all the time still. It’s our favorite; it seems to sort of ‘inspire’ us.

“Oops. I guess I should have warned you about that.”

“Warned me? Why?”

“Well, I thought that, your not being as, er, experienced as I am, you might need a little help getting Rob into bed. So I included subliminal messages for him on the CD.”

“Subliminal messages? What kind?”

“Well that he was really attracted to older women. That he thought you were sexy and desirable. escort eyüp That he’s hot and submissive for women, especially if they have a few extra pounds in the bust and hips.”


“The point is HE thinks they’re in all the right places. There were suggestions that he can’t keep his hand off your tits. That he wants to feel and fondle and kiss and worship every part of your body. That you are so sexy he wants to fuck you all the time.”

“All the time? Wow! That does explains a lot of what happened. I don’t have any trouble getting him to fuck me and he is a good worshiper. If I didn’t make him stop, he would spend hours with his face in my pussy. I’m grateful to someone who really taught that man how to eat a pussy!”

“You’re welcome. But that’s not all. I put in messages on the CD for you, too.”


“That you feel sexy and desirable. That you love to have sex in all positions and need to get a hard young cock in you every chance you get. That you love letting a guy eat your pussy. That you love to experiment and be daring and provocative and be a tease and wear sexy clothes. Do you see any changes?”

“I guess so. I certainly never let my late husband fuck me in the changing room of a Victoria’s Secret. And if I had, I’m sure I would not have made so much noise as to make the other customers envious.”

“Case closed. But at least I now understand why it took you so long to call me; you’ve been a busy girl!”

“Oh, I didn’t call you just to tell you that Rob and I are fucking like rabbits,” Virginia laughed. “I figured that when you heard from the grapevine that I’d moved Rob in with me, you could figure out what we were doing all day. No, I called to let you be the first to know.”

“Know what?”

“Well with all the frantic fucking, escort fındıkzade Rob didn’t have much time to think about pills or diaphragms or condoms.”

“You don’t mean …?”

“Yep. My gynecologist almost fainted and started to lecture me about ‘a woman my age letting a man make me pregnant.’ But then when she saw my tits covered with love bites and my pussy still full of thick, fresh sperm (from Rob ‘for luck’), she decided it was so sexy she would let her boyfriend give her a baby, too, to her husband’s erroneous delight.”

“How did Rob take the news?”

“He went ape, of course. He says I’ll be the sexiest woman in the world with my big pregnant belly. He can hardly wait to start nursing milk from my swollen boobs. Silly boy thinks he can already see a bulge in my tummy. He’s dying to take me out in public with super short miniskirts that show off my baby belly, letting everyone envy him for knocking up ‘such a beautiful, sexy woman.'”

“But Virginia! I don’t understand. Rob is a great lover, but how did you let yourself get knocked up?”

“Well, I did more than ‘let,’ honey. I chose the dates to spend a weekend on my back, a pillow under my butt, and Rob pumping baby juice into my pussy every few hours.”

“Virginia! You INTENTIONALLY let a man seven years younger than you, knock you up?”

“Probably, at least seven.”

“What does that mean? You’re forty five and he’s thirty eight.”

“Well, having a head start, Rob probably IS the father of this one, but as you’ve said, I want sex constantly and crave orgasms. Rob is just a man and has his natural limits. As good as he is at eating me, there is nothing like a hard young cock in my pussy. I was hurting for more sex, Barbara!”


“Fortunately Rob has two younger brothers, Tony, escort kağıthane twenty eight, and Danny, eighteen, that have been helping out. I have the three of them on a rotating schedule and manage to stay fucked most of the day, though I insist on going to sleep at night with Rob’s prick in my sperm drenched pussy. So you see I could be pregnant by a guy seven, or seventeen or twenty seve years younger.”

“Oh Virginia! This is all my fault, me and that crazy CD. I don’t know how to …”

“Apologize? Don’t, Barb! I’m ecstatically happy. I’m going to be a mother again and I have three handsome, well hung younger men who are crazy about fucking me crazy. I’m getting ALMOST all the sex I want.”

“But you’re not even sure who the father of your baby is!”

“True, but since the odds are against the younger brothers, I’ve promised Tony he can give me the next baby and I have a wonderful idea for how to celebrate Danny’s becoming old enough to buy beer.”

“What? You intend to have two MORE babies?”

“Two babies? Not on your life, girl! I think I’m good for at least SIX, maybe more. They say frequent sex delays menopause. I may be pregnant when I’m sixty!”

“But the scandal?”

“That’s true, but I decided to let Rob marry me, as he’s been begging to since we met. I know our “friends” will talk when a middle aged woman gets married with a belly that arrives at the altar before she does, but they’ll get over it. That does bring up the other thing I wanted to ask you, however. Will you be my matron of honor?”

“Oh, Ginny! Of course I will. It’s the least I could do. I owe you one, big time.

“That’s the way I see it, too, Barb. The wedding isn’t until a few months so you’ll have time to get ready.”

“Prepare? You mean get the matching dress made, that kind of thing? No problem.”

“Not just that, Barb. Time to go off the pill. The boys and I have talked it over and we want you to go on the honeymoon. We think you’ll be very sexy with bulging belly of your own.”

The End

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