After shower visitor


After shower visitorI just got out of the shower when I hear a knock on the door. I wrap a towel around me to go see who was there. Imagine my surprise when I look through the peep hole and see your smiling face. I open the door to let you in and you smile even more seeing what I’m wearing. I offer to take your coat so you can relax while I go get dressed. You say “That won’t be necessary” as you drop your coat to the floor, revealing what you have on underneath. Or more precisely don’t have on. This of course causes a reaction in me that makes my towel fall off. I come towards you and we embrace in a deep kiss. I take your hand and lead you down the hall to the bedroom and lay you down on the bed. While I’m lying on top of you I take your hand and tie it to the bed post with a scarf. You start to squirm under me, in a good way, as you realize what’s going on. I take your other hand and tie it to the other post. I kiss my way down your body, being careful not to touch any of your hot spots. Down your inner thigh while caressing your leg. I pull your leg open and tie it off to a post too. Then kiss up that leg and down the other and do the same to it. You are now spread eagle on my bed and are mine to do whatever I want to. But you don’t get to see what I’m going to do because I place a blindfold over your eyes.I start by using only my hands. Touching your body, rubbing almost everywhere, again staying away from your hot spots. I caress the side of your face, down your neck, the side of your boob. Gently, with a feather light touch. Down your side to your legs; the outside of your leg, then up the inner thigh to your lips. I just lightly touch them with my fingers, again as light as a feather. You start to moan and try to press your pussy against my hand for more contact but I won’t let you, I’m the fethiye escort one in control here, you are at my mercy.I lie on top of you and kiss you while grinding my pelvis against yours. You respond by doing the same. I let you… for now.I roll off of you and stop touching you all together. You wonder where I am. I straddle your chest and place my cock at your mouth, brushing it against your lips. You open your mouth and try to take me in but I pull away. You stick your tongue out, trying to get a taste. I let you lick it, but just a little. I put just the tip in your mouth and again you try to get more but I won’t let you so you just start sucking the tip. Sucking hard and playing with it with your tongue. You are staring to moan more and squirming around so I decide you have had enough. I start to slowly slide it in your mouth more and you open up to take it. But I pull it back out after half way leaving you with an open mouth and your tongue flicking at the air begging for it back. Maybe later.I slide back down, rubbing your cheek, neck and nipple with the tip of my cock as I go; my balls also brush against you. I turn around and place my head between your thighs and start kissing and licking your pussy. It’s so wet, the juices are dripping off of it and making the bed wet. You thrust your hips up, trying to get me to lick harder but I won’t. I’m just enjoying the smell and taste for now. You are straining against the ties, trying to break free but I tied them too good. I roll off you again and enjoy the view of you spread out and squirming on the bed.I go to my night stand and get some cream and another surprise. I take the cream and start rubbing it around your nipples. It’s cold so it really makes them stand up higher than they already were. I bend over and blow on them. My warm breath escort fethiye on the cold nipple gets you squirming even more. I take the surprise and start rubbing it around your nipple. It surprises you and you want to know what it is, but I won’t tell. Instead I turn it on and you let out a little scream.It’s a small vibrator! I run it around your aureola, drawing circles with it. Then I rub it up against your nipple, along the sides of it, and then I put the tip of it against the tip of your nipple. With it sitting there I start nibbling and kissing your tit. I lick the side of your nipple and feel the vibrations in my tongue; I can imagine what you are feeling by the way you are wiggling.You are getting loud so you need something to keep you from screaming. So while I still play with the vibrator on your tit and nipple, I position myself so you can take my cock in your mouth. This time I let you take it all in, so you gobble it all up and do things with your mouth and tongue that are amazing. It feels so good, I never want you to stop. But I don’t want to cum yet so I pull out. I hold my cock out of the way so you can’t get it back in your mouth and let you lick and suck my balls some. When I think you’ve had enough, I move away so you can’t touch me anymore.I take the vibrator off you nipple and slide it between your tits, up and down like its tit fucking you. Then I start moving it down lower, drawing little designs on you as I go. Finally, I get it down to your pussy, which is still dripping like crazy. I play with on the lips, sliding it back and forth along the outside. Then I place it on your clit and you start bucking like crazy. I just leave it there for a few seconds then I slide it in your pussy. You’re screaming now, begging me to fuck you, but not yet. You tell me you are about to fethiye escort bayan cum so I start working the vibrator faster. I pull it out just in time for you to start squirting. I get my mouth down there and try to catch as much as possible but it gets all over my face. You finally settle down, but I’m not done yet. I get in to a 69 on you, but in a way that only allows you occasional licks of my cock. I let you suck it a little but not too much. Mean while, I start licking and sucking your pussy. It is so wet and taste so sweet I never want to stop. I grab the vibrator start using it around your pussy but not too much, because I want my mouth there. I move the vibrator down a little so I can get my mouth and tongue on your pussy more, and put the tip of it against your ass. It gets you bucking so hard I almost can’t hang on. I slide it in, just a little because I know that’s what feels the best, that initial entry. As I slide it in and out I really start eating your pussy harder; tongue fucking you, licking the lips, licking and sucking the clit. You start screaming that you are going to cum again. I keep my mouth on you as you start squirting, trying again in vain to catch it all but it’s too much so I have to move away and let it go.I can’t take it any more so I turn around and push my cock in to your sopping wet pussy. I start fucking you but don’t lay on you, the only parts of my body touching you are my cock in your pussy, my balls slapping your ass, and my thighs against yours. You are straining at the ties to get you arms and legs around me. I finally lay on top of you so you can feel my body against your tits first then I wrap my arms around you and hold you tight as I fuck you deep and hard. You are bucking up against me meeting my thrust. I can’t stand it anymore and finally shoot my load deep in you as you cum all over me again.I untie you and you grab me and pull me tight to you and kiss and caress me like crazy. Then you push me up, look me in the eyes and say “Revenge will be sweet” and give me an evil smile.

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