Alaskan Trip

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Tamara started up her computer and then her email program and was discouraged to find a dozen or so unread messages. Typically, most emails meant more work. As she made her way through the emails, providing data requested or taking notes as to what samples would be sent her way for testing.

One email really caught her attention. It was from Derek, their technical sales representative on the West Coast. Her name was in the copy field and the email was addressed to a customer of theirs. It read “Mitch, if it’s okay with you, I’d like to bring our lab manager with me to your lab. Are you available some time in the next two weeks?”

Derek wanted her to go with him to Alaska? Sure enough, within a few minutes, there were two more emails in her inbox. One from Mitch, their customer in a small town in Alaska, informing them of his availability. The other was from Derek, asking her if she was also available those dates and explaining that their customer’s lab was having issues when testing their product.

Tamara wrote back “Derek, are you really REALLY inviting me to go to Alaska with you? ALASKA????!!!!”

Derek wrote back that yes, he was, but unfortunately, it would have to be a very quick trip.

Tamara checked with her boss and got approval to go and so, with a few more emails exchanged, it was set that Tamara would be going to Alaska with Derek the following week.

The morning of the trek there, Tamara had to fly to Seattle, where she was met by Derek. Together, they got on the flight from Seattle to Anchorage. As they boarded the plane, Derek, ever the gentleman, always had her go first and looked out for her. When they got to their row of seats, he gently guided her in, putting his hand on the small of her back as he did so. Tamara felt a flush come over her and chided herself “Hold on to your horses woman, it’s just a touch!”

On the way there, they discussed the issues their customer was having and the potential sources. In Anchorage, after a short layover when they had time to grab a bite, they boarded their final flight to the remote town where their customer was. Again, a few times, Derek touched her for various reasons and every time, her body reacted. Tamara told herself “Girl, it’s been way too long, you have got to get yourself a boyfriend soon!” Tamara enjoyed Derek’s company and he wasn’t so bad to look at either with his slightly curly blond hair and blue eyes and he was oh-so-attentive! But he was taken, married with two children, one only a few months old! So Tamara worked at keeping her hormones in check as they drove the the customer’s site. Yet, any chance she had, she would sneak a peek, drinking in his good looks. Tamara couldn’t help but think “This guy DEFINES eye candy.”

They met with the customer, visited their lab and discussed the issues. Tamara asked a bunch of questions and Derek was glad he’d brought her along as, through her non-accusatory questions, she got the customer to figure out where they’d gone wrong in testing their product. Their product was fine and it was only a misunderstanding of the specification and the inexperience of their lab technicians that had caused them to think the product was at fault. By the end of the afternoon, everyone involved was happy with the resolution.

It was around 6 pm when they made their way to the inn where Derek had made reservations for the night. As they approached, they saw that part of the inn had been damaged by fire. At the desk, they were told that the fire had happened the day before and that three rooms had been damaged. The manager then said “But don’t worry, we still have a room for you. Only it’s one room. It does have two beds. Think you guys can share the room? There’s not much else available around here and all flights out have left already. We’re terribly sorry about this.”

Derek looked at Tamara and asked “Think you can handle my snoring for one night?”

Tamara laughed “Maybe you’re the one who’ll have to put up with mine!”

The Manager then said “We do have one other little problem. The fire forced us to cut off the gas supply for a while so there’s no heat yet in the rooms and no gas for cooking. However, we do have a crew working on a solution to the gas supply and we have an alternate method of making dinner so we can feed you and we’ll have heat as soon as we can.”

Derek then said “Well, it’s not like we have much choice here so let’s make the siirt escort best of it! I take it we’ll have a bar-b-q?”

The Manager smiled “Thank you for being so open-minded. And yes, we have a grill going. Our chef is being very creative. I’m sure you’ll enjoy. If you folks could make it back down here in about half an hour, we’ll have a great meal for you.”

Derek and Tamara went up to their room and found that it was a very nice room indeed with two queen-sized beds adorned with thick duvets and several pillows. The washroom was simple yet efficient with a deep soaker tub. Too bad they didn’t have hot water! Oh well. There was an electrical kettle provided so they could warm up water to wash up while the crew worked on the gas system. Tamara was impressed that they would think of that.

After washing up quickly, they made their way down to the dining room. Again, Derek put his hand on the small of her back to have Tamara go first and once again, the warmth of the gesture spread through her body and she had to remind herself that Derek was a married man and as such, off limits.

They got to the big table and were treated to a feast. The chef proved that even without his normal tools, he could provide a delicious meal. Tamara and Derek enjoyed their meal, talking with others staying at the inn. At one point, one of the ladies at the table made a comment that indicated that she figured Tamara and Derek were a couple. Tamara quickly corrected that and the lady laughed, saying that she had protested a little too quickly. Fortunately, the waiter showed up with their desserts at that very moment and that shifted the attention away.

They all sat next to the fireplace in the inn’s big room and continued talking. Around 9 pm, the manager of the inn came to see them and said “Folks, I have news. The crew working on the gas situation is close to being done their repair. We should have the boiler going within a few hours. It usually takes it two hours to come to full heat so by around 1 am and you should all have hot water for showers in the morning. Thank you for your patience.”

The announcement was met with cheers. They stayed for another hour and then figured they should head up and try to get some sleep. Their room was really cold so they hurried and dove under the covers, respecting each other’s privacy. Derek turned off the last light and called out “Good night!”

Tamara replied “Good night and sweet dreams!”

They both tried to sleep but the room was simply too cold. Tamara tried wrapping herself like a cocoon in the blankets but she could still feel the chill. After about 30 minutes, she heard Derek whisper “Tam? You awake?”

Tamara wasn’t surprised that he wasn’t sleeping either. “Yes.”

“You cold too?”

“Kind of. I’m hoping my cocoon will eventually warm up.”

“Well, I’m cold and I’m thinking that it’s silly for both of us to be cold when we could pool our resources!”

“What do you mean?”

Derek didn’t really answer. He got up, pulled the duvet off his bed and then pulled hers off her bed.

“Are you nuts?” Tamara asked.

“Nope, just give me a minute.” He grabbed the two blankets off his bed and moved them over to hers. Then, he piled on both duvets on top and, surprising her, joined her in her bed!

“Face the other way and I will too. Back to back, with double the covers, we should be able to warm up, don’t you think?”

“It’s worth a try.” Tamara was so cold that she was willing to try almost anything.

Within 10 minutes, he was no longer turning his back on her and was now spooning with her.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m generating even more heat!”

Tamara stayed immobile for a few moments. Then she felt his breath on her neck and his arm tighten around her. Her mind was racing and for sure, she was no longer cold. No, the heat developing inside her was spreading like fire. Every fibre of her being could feel his closeness, his warmth. His arm felt good around her. He seemed to be inhaling her hair, her perfume. Was she imagining things? Just the thought that he might be doing so was making her wet. And then, she felt something poking her on her rear end.

All of a sudden, she felt him turn her towards him. He gently guided her face towards his and started kissing her. She couldn’t help it, she reacted like a parched person in front of a glass sinop escort of water. But then, Tamara couldn’t help it, she had to protest. Even though her body was definitely in agreement, her mind couldn’t shut off. So she pulled away.

“Derek, you’re married!”

“Tam, don’t tell me you haven’t heard!”


“My marriage was a sham. Alicia only ever wanted me for my good genes. As soon as the second blond-haired, blue-eyed child was born, she left me and went to shack up with her girlfriend.”

Tamara turned around slightly, incredulous. “Did you say her girlfriend?”

“Yeah. Turns out she always had a girlfriend and just pretended with me until such time as we could have two kids. That’s why she was in so much of a hurry to have the first one after we got married and the second one as soon as possible after the first. It also explains why she was never too enthusiastic in bed.”

“Derek, I’m so sorry.”

He turned her towards him a bit more, his hand resting just below her breast.

“Tam, today was fantastic. I had so much fun with you. You’re bright, you’re good with customers, and every time I’ve spent time with you, I’ve been impressed. And when I kissed you right now, you responded.”

“But we’re co-workers.”

“Tell you what. I’m going to check on something and if it tells me to stop, I will. Okay?”

“What? You have a magic 8 ball or something?”

“No.” And as he moved his hand down quickly, Tamara’s breath caught. Was he headed…? Sure enough, before Tamara could even say anything, Derek’s hand was in her panties, feeling its way to her pussy. Of course, he found her dripping wet.

“Ahhh, you are wet! So don’t tell me you don’t want this as much as I do.”

He kissed her again, this time with more insistence, his hand caressing her mound softly. She responded, kissing him back and reaching up to wrap her fingers in his hair. His hair, so soft and silky was a sensuous experience it itself. But before she could get lost in the sensation, Derek’s hand moved and he inserted two fingers into her pussy, causing her to moan.

Derek gloated “You do want this as much as I do!”

Tamara couldn’t answer as his hand was causing her delicious sensations that only allowed her to moan.

Then, Derek said “Baby, I gotta be inside you. It’s been so long, I can’t wait.” And, matching actions to words, he pushed down her panties, moved between her legs and pressed his hard cock against her pussy. With one tilt of his pelvis, he was inside her, buried to the hilt.

“Oh God, are you ever hot and wet!”

He kissed her again, preventing her from saying anything, at least verbally. Her answer was non-verbal as she fought to free one leg from the panties and then wrapped her legs around his hips. His lips left hers only to move to her ear, gently nibbling on her ear lobe. His hips rocked back and forth between her legs, increasing in tempo.

“Tam, I can’t hold back. I know you’re nowhere near and I promise to make it up to you, but for now, I just have to… Oh, man!”

The rest was lost as he plunged into her and groaned as he came.

When he slowed down, he apologized “I’m sorry I came so fast Tamara, it’s just been so long and you’re so .. man, you’re liquid heat down there woman!”

Tamara laughed “It’s okay. I’ll take it as a compliment.”

He gave her a quick kiss and then he dove under the covers, quickly making his way to where he could make good on his promise. He started licking her and sucking on her clit, causing her to moan and twitch. He was good. Scratch that, he was very good. Within minutes, he had her over the edge, moaning loudly.

He quickly moved up her body and plunged into her again.

“Oh my God, so soon?”

“Wrap your legs around me again, that felt so good!”

Tamara obliged. He was moving more slowly this time, enjoying the sensations. Then he said “Part of me would like to take you from behind but that could get cold fast.”

“Not if we stay under the covers! I’m more than willing to try!”

“I like your sense of adventure!” Derek pulled out and got her to turn around, pulling the covers down on each side to prevent too much cold air from making its way in. As she pushed her ass against him, he grabbed his cock and aimed it at her pussy, plunging in again. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard for a few şırnak escort minutes. Then, he slowed down and reached around to rub her clit. Having established a rhythm on her clit, he increased the speed at which he plunged into her. Soon, both of them were panting and moaning, no longer caring that the covers were not really keeping them warm.

He held back until he had her going over the edge and then he fucked her hard until his own release came. Then, they collapsed on the bed. Derek pulled the covers back over them and cuddled with her.

They heard a noise. “What was that?”

“I think it’s the pipes filling up with warmer water. I think we’ve got heat happening!”

“We’ve had heat happening for a while in here now. I’m sure not cold anymore.”

“Me either.”

They were silent for a while, listening to the hot water making its way through the pipes.

“How about we get some sleep? Then we can get up early and take a nice shower together.”

“Mmmm, that sounds nice.”

And so they slept . Early in the morning, while spooning, Tamara was awakened by Derek’s roaming hands on her body. When he was sure she was awake, he snaked his hand between her legs and started caressing her. “Tell me when you’re ready baby, I want to bury my cock in your pussy again.”

“I thought you said we’d be doing that in the shower?”

“Have you forgotten that I can go twice?”

Tamara groaned in appreciation. “Take me, Derek, you have me ready.”

It was his turn to groan as he plunged into her from behind. As he slowly fucked her, he caressed her breasts and teased her nipples. Then, he pulled out and said “turn around, face me”

Once she’d turned around, he pulled her leg over his and plunged back into her. He grabbed her face and pulled her to him, kissing her deeply as he rocked against her and inside her. He continued to caress her breasts, her face, her back, her leg and it made her feel like he had several hands, all pleasuring her.

Somehow, he managed to bend down and take her nipple in his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. Tamara was in heaven. Derek was pushing her steadily towards another orgasm. She wasn’t going to hold back, she was going to let him have what he wanted. Soon, he had her coming once more, groaning and grinding against him. He wasn’t far behind. He groaned too as he came inside her.

They laid in bed for a while and then got up to shower. When Derek took the shampoo bottle away from her and proceeded to wash her hair, Tamara thought she’d died and gone to heaven. After rinsing her hair, he put on conditioner and then went on to lathering up her body, paying much appreciated attention to her breasts. After he rinsed her, he said “Time to inspect if you’ve been rinsed well enough.” and he got down on his knees and used his tongue to explore her folds.

As he licked and teased with his tongue, Tamara exclaimed “Oh wow, you are an expert at this!”

He smiled and pushed her against the wall of the tub while he showed her just how much expertise he had. Soon, she was pulling his head in, coming against his tongue. He got up and held her in his arms as she caught her breath. Then he said huskily “Can I ask you a big favour?”

Tamara put her finger against his lips and without needing him to say anything, she sank to her knees and took him into her mouth. She figured that a lesbian ex-wife probably didn’t go down on him too often. Determined to blow his mind as well as his cock, Tamara gave it her all, licking, sucking and caressing with both hands. Derek wrapped his hands in her hair and guided her with regards to speed, a guidance she enjoyed. All of a sudden, he pulled out and said “You don’t have to swallow if you don’t want to.”

Tamara looked up at him and said “Let me have it, I want it, I want you.” And she pulled him back into her mouth, rubbing her tongue on the underside of his cock as she sucked him. Using one hand to stroke him and the other to caress his ass, she moved more quickly, wanting him to come. And come he did, groaning and moaning. Tamara swallowed it all and then got back up and hugged him.

Unfortunately, they had to get out of the shower and get ready to leave. They got ready and had a delicious breakfast before leaving the inn and driving to the airport. They had agreed that they would not become a couple as their employer didn’t approve of relationships within the company.

After they made their way to Seattle, where they parted ways, Derek thanked her “I really appreciate you making me feel like a man again. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And Derek? You’re all man, buddy, all man.”

Derek blushed and after a quick hug, went his way.

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