Alison, an Old Flame


There was a group of us, all lads on a night out in the city centre. In total it was just six of us that night. With four of the group, already married, we were ‘allowed’ out by their wives. No lap dancing clubs, we were not into them. No strippers, we knew nowhere like that. Nowhere that had barmaids in skimpy outfits, that one bar was a dump anyway. So that left me and Simon, on the lookout. Apart, for one huge thing. Simon was gay, and almost married. So the majority were all loved up, all I could hope for that night was to have a good laugh.

It was a great night so far, and in our latest bar, the lads thought it amusing to get me a shot each, and they had them lined up on the counter. “I need to have a piss before I try them.”

I was told to hurry up, so we could hit the next place.

When I come out of the gents, they were all getting ready to go. “Hurry up, we’ll get you one in.”

I thought that they were a bunch of cunts for doing that. Anyway I had these drinks to get down my neck.

I had just touched the first glass on my lips. “Do you need any help with them?”

I nearly choked.

Turning around, there stood Alison. Looking as gorgeous as ever.

Alison and me had been a couple for a few years, living together for two of them. Everyone thought that we would be next to get married. I even thought about it.

Until I got caught out kissing some woman. For revenge Ali kissed a bloke, let him get his hand in her knickers, and she then told me all about it.

We split up not long after. Although I still checked up on her, some would call it spying. On her social pages. The problem with that was, she never posted anything. Her profile picture was the one I took of her years ago.

In fact, the main reason that I was still single was I could not find another woman who could live up to Ali.

I gave Ali two of the remaining shots, we said ‘cheers’.

“What brings you out here alone tonight?”

“I’m meeting some friends, I think I’ve missed them though, I’m running late.”

That was a lie. She is the only woman that I know, who would say a time and she would always be there five minutes before.

“If I wasn’t in company then I would have waited with you, until they turned up or gave you a ring.”

“Your mates are not here.”

“I know where they have gone though.”

“Do you not want a drink with me before you go?”

“I’ll get us one then I’m away.” “Still on the same?”


We, or she moved us to a quieter spot.

There was an awkward pause. I took the time to give her a good looking over. She is still as beautiful, now though she carried a bit more weight. It filled her out wonderfully.

I realised that I was beginning to lust after her, with the drink I could make that mistake. Note to self. ‘You are going home alone.’

“So are you seeing anyone?”

“No can’t seem to find Mr right.” “And you?”

“Honestly never been looking, just been keeping my head down and working hard.”

I had already had too much to drink, I was finding it hard not to just kiss her, I’m sure she would have let me. I had to stay strong.

We chatted about all sorts, and nothing. We had another drink too.

“I’m sorry but I should be on my way, early start.”

“Will I see you again?”

“I don’t know probably.”

“When, tomorrow?”

“I meant that we would probably run into each other some time.”

Ali looked sad when she heard that.

“I can wait with you until you get a taxi, if you want.”

We waited ages for her taxi to arrive, when it did show up Ali moved in for a kiss. “I really don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“I suppose your right, night and thanks.”

She gave me a cuddle.

“Good night, take care.”

I sat in my taxi, thinking that must have been a set up. The more I thought about it, the more Simon was the culprit.

When I pulled my wallet out to pay for the cab, there was a business card in my pocket. Somehow Ali had planted it there. There was a message written on it. Call me please, along with her mobile.

Not tonight I wont. If I had any sense not ever.

But it had preyed on my mind all night, and now well into the next day.

Eventually I gave in, sort of. I sent her a text message. “Hope you made it home safely. Was nice to catch up. By the way you were looking great. x”

The reply was almost instant. “I’m so happy to see you looking so good. I would love to see you again love A xxx”

Right tonight I’m not replying to her.

I went out to my local. Which was a mistake. The more I drank the more I thought about her, and the more tempting it was to reply.

The text I sent was “I suppose it would be good for us to catch up over a coffee maybe in two days?”

Another instant reply. “If you want to wait those two days, or I could come to yours now? xxx”

I read that as a fuck, if I wanted. I wouldn’t mind getting her back in my bed, Ali was by far the best lover that I would probably ever meet.

My reply. “Sorry I’m at the local, already had a few, wouldn’t be fair x”

“I could come and join şirinevler escort you I don’t mind xxx”

“I think its too late already you’ll have to get a cab home not long after you get here x”

“I could stay at yours I’ll sleep in the back room xxx”

“You wouldn’t I know you remember x”

“If you want me to sleep there then I will xxx”

“Come over then see you soon x”

I don’t know how she managed it. But from the time of her last text. I finished my pint, went to the toilet, tried a quid in the bandit, and barely had a drink out of my next pint. But there she was, not as dressed up as she was the other night but still smart. The lighting here was a lot better. I was not wrong her weight gain made her even more beautiful in every way her face her body and as an added bonus her tits looked bigger too.

“Your looking fantastic.”

“No I’m not I’m fat now.”

“Don’t go there please, take the compliment because its true.”

“I don’t feel it.”

“Are we going to argue about it all night?”

“Ok I’ll leave it.”

Ali insisted on buying her own drink. “You used to always buy my drinks. Not anymore.”

It was near to closing time.

“Are you going to get a taxi home?”

“Can I not have your spare bed?”

So as we walked back to my place, Ali linked her arm through mine.

Once we were in. “I’ll go and make the bed up for you.”

“Do you have any drink in?”

“You know I would, make me one please.”

When I had made the bed, Ali was in the living room, our drinks on the coffee table, she patted the sat beside her on the settee. I took my drink and sat on a chair. Still determined not to give in.

“Is there anything that I can wear?”

“Its all still in the wardrobe in the spare room.” I have some t-shirts that were too big for me, Ali used to wear them sometimes, with a pair of boxers.

Waiting for her to get ready. She mumbled something. I had to go by the door to ask her what she had said. Ali was naked, just lifting the t-shirt over her head. Now I could see that her boobs had got bigger, and her nipples still like organ stops. Her figure now a lot more hourglass, and her legs, I had forgot how long and sexy they were. The best bit was she still kept her pussy hairless. She had her legs too close together for me to see her inner lips that drooped lower than her outer lips.

That was the thing that. If I was having a wank and thinking of her, those lips always made me cum.

The t-shirt dropped down, covering her up. “I never heard what you said.”

She started to come back to the living room. “Oh it doesn’t matter.”

Now I was trapped. She never put on anything to hide her pussy. I knew that where I sat she would flash at me. If I moved beside her, it would be far too easy to fall into her arms.

I would have to sit opposite, and take my chances.

She sat there covering her modesty, while we chatted.

I went to pour us another drink, passed her glass back, and sat down again.

Now she began to talk about missing me and the good times that we had. How she regretted some of the things that I wanted us to try, and she called herself a prude. Then she still thought of me when she played with her toys.

I was trying desperately not to go over there, to her.

“I have even started to love the way she looks.” Ali always referred to her pussy, as her or she. “I had thought about what you said, and I started to watch video’s where the girls had big lips like me.”

“What porn? I thought you didn’t like watching it?”

“Well I started, just to see others like me. Problem was that it turned me on so I had to play with her.” “She wants to be played with now, want to see?”

Ali opened her legs wide, showing me her beautiful bald pussy with those long luscious lips. She had taught herself a new way to pleasure herself, she could hold her clit between her thumb and forefinger and wank herself. Only just though. Her clit wasn’t really big enough. Then she took hold of her lips and pulled them apart, stretching them fully. Now I could see her wet hole.

“Mmm that feels nice.” Slipping a finger in. “Do you want to feel her? She would like that.”

“I’ll just enjoy the view from here thanks.”

The show stopped, legs closed. “You don’t want me do you?” “I shouldn’t have come.” “I’ll get a taxi home, leave you alone.”

I had to go over to her. One way or another she was going to cry, it might as well be in my arms.

“Don’t go, please stay.” “I kept my distance in case you were going to hurt me again.” “I’ve never heard or seen you in a year, and your here now showing me something that I have missed.”

“So you only missed her then?”

“I have missed all of you silly.”

The crying started. “It really hurt me when I found out what you did.” “That other bloke didn’t touch me there, I said it to hurt you.” “I didn’t like him, and nobody has kissed me as good as you have ever.”

“Look I’ve told you that I was sorry about that woman, she come on to me, by the time I realised that I was making a mistake it was already şişli escort too late we had been seen.”

Holding Alison in my arms, and trying to wipe away her tears. “I did go on two dates, the first one was too soon.” “The second one, well she was nowhere as good as you.”

“As good as me for what?”

“To talk with, to hold, to look at and she was a hopeless kisser. After that I decided that I must be comparing everyone to you.” “And none of them come close to what I had with you.”

“Can I have a kiss now?”

Our lips met. As we kissed Ali, whimpered from crying. I could feel a tear or two.

“Are you still sleeping in the spare bed?”

“So you only want to fuck?” “Is that all you want?”

“Not really, I would love to fall asleep with you in my arms, more than just sex.”


“You know I would. Its one of the things that I really miss, cuddling into you.”

“Are we going to bed then?”

In my bedroom I stripped off and hung my things on the floor, and got into bed well before Ali.

I lay there with my arm outstretched ready to hold onto her. The light went out, and Ali slipped in beside me. She was naked too.

She said “Kiss goodnight?”

“Come here.”

Our kisses were more urgent now. I wrapped my arms around her. Squeezing her into me. She began moaning. I felt her fingernails on my back. I hoped that this was not something new for her.

I had almost forgot the way that Ali kissed, essentially the same as anyone but there was a difference.

Nuzzling at her neck. I heard. “Somewhere else wants a kiss too.”

“She will have to wait her turn.”

Taking hold of a breast, well over a handful now, not as firm as I remembered, but her nipple exactly the same. Big and fat, I loved sucking these, I could spend ages at them. Ali loved the attention they got too. I have had her on the brink of orgasm just by playing with them.

Not tonight though, Her pussy was the only thing on my mind. Stopping at her belly button, I stuck my tongue in. It still annoyed her, yet it amused me.

She opened her legs, it was a shame there was no lights on.

I insisted to Ali that she had the best looking pussy anywhere.

It turned out that she was bullied at school over her longer lips. Early boyfriends wouldn’t go down on her. Either way, both the girls and the boys cited that they were very different from those in porn films. Me, I worshipped them for being different.

With smooth skin where her pubes should be, I began to kiss her. Hearing her moans, I knew that she would be stopping herself from writhing around, probably tugging on her nipples.

Unable to wait any longer, I started kissing the soft skin of her labia. Then sucked each lip in my mouth, I loved the feeling of them on my tongue.

Ali remembered how we used to do this. She pulled her legs back, so I could part those beautiful lips, and work on her clit.

She moaned so loud when I began to suck her there.

Then I tasted her juices, tonight she was wet, and along with her musty aroma, she tasted delicious.

I remembered, when she was really horny, and up for almost anything, her juice used to drip out of her.

Lapping away at her honeypot, Ali said that she wanted to feel me inside her.

To be honest I had hoped that she would have been missing having my cock in her mouth. She had enough drink in her to deepthroat me. She would only do that with a drink or two in her. Even she couldn’t say why.

I moved back up the bed, between her still wide open legs.

With my cock solid and ready to penetrate her. “Are you sure that you want to do this?”

“Put it in me please, and fuck me.”

The only thing with her labia was putting my cock in her, you had to keep probing for her hole, if she didn’t keep them parted.

I found my way in. Once I had slid all the way up her warm and slick pussy, I felt her tighten herself around my shaft.

“Are you trying to make me cum straight away?”

“No why?”

“Its you just went really tight when I entered you.”

“She has missed you.” “It doesn’t matter if you cum now anyway.”

“I would like it if you had a little bit of pleasure too.”


The feeling of being in Alison again, the way her body had changed. I cum within two minutes.

“I’m sorry for that, it’s not what I was hoping to do so soon.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m happy.”

I moved off her and lay on my side. Ali snuggled in.

“I always hoped that I would lie next to you again.”

We soon fell asleep in each others arms.

By the time I woke up, Ali was out of the bed. At first I thought that I had imagined the night before. Then I heard the shower running. That made me smile.

Turning over, I could smell her perfume on her pillow. I remembered when we split, I never washed her pillowcase until there was no hint of her scent. I cuddled into it every night.

Alison walked back into my bedroom, naked. She always used to dry herself off in the bathroom.

Now with plenty of light I just lay there and admired her sexy suadiye escort body.

From her damp hair, nice bigger tits and a hint of those dangling lips, I was hard. “Your up early.”

“I woke up ages ago, I lay and watched you sleeping. Then I needed the toilet, so I jumped in the shower after.” “That’s ok isn’t it?”

“You can do what you like here, you know that.”

“Did you sleep alright?” “I noticed when I got up somebody was already wanting to play.”

“You should have played with it.” “Never stopped you before.”

“Didn’t want to wake you up.” “Shall I make us coffee?”

“Would you not rather play?” I pulled the duvet back to show my hard cock.

Ali climbed on the bed then on to me.

If Ali was on top she could guide me in her easily, I still had to fumble.

She rode me like there was no tomorrow, until she said she cum. I never knew if she cum for real, I could never feel any tightening or extra wetness. The only thing was it satisfied her, and that’s what mattered.

Now her tempo slowed right down. There we could kiss. I could keep her more upright and fuck her faster and harder, or nice and slowly.

The best part was her nipples would brush against my own, what a turn on for me. That was until she found out I loved that, and by trial and error she or we discovered that I liked my nipples sucked too. Now she was doing just that.

I did try to stop her, but it was too little too late. I began to pump my cum into her. She always enjoyed that bit too.

When I was spent she lay forwards. I held her as we kissed.

“I’m off for the next week and a bit, what about you?”

I told her that I had to be in the next two days, after that I could take time off to match hers.

“So we best make the most of today then?”

“Doing what exactly?”

“Well you could go and get washed and things first.” “Then I’ll take you for something to eat, then back here and we’ll eat each other.” “But I’m not letting you out of my sight all day.”

“Sounds good to me.” “Want to wash me down?”

“No I’m not going in there after you’ve been to the loo.”

My ablutions were done in record time.

While I dried off. “What are you going to wear? You had those on last night.”

“Yeah, ok we’ll stop by mine, I’ll grab some things and change.”

Plenty of curtains were twitching when I got out of the car.

In her flat, she had redecorated. I saw that she still relied on ready meals, everything else seemed the same.

“She appeared, carrying a small holdall. “I’m ready.”

We had to go to her favorite café.

After our food, it was back to mine.

When we got back to my place, I expected that we would be going straight to bed. Alison had other ideas first.

“Sit yourself down, there’s some things that I want to get straight in my head, and you too.”

I dutifully sat down wondering what she was going to say.

“Right, are we back together as a proper couple?” “If you think that your just gonna fuck me when you feel like it, then your mistaken, I couldn’t go through with that.”

“I hope we are going to be together, as a couple.” “I couldn’t just get you to come here for a fuck, that way, we would be free to go and fuck anyone.”

“Its you I want, and not just to make love to.” “I have really missed you.”

I could see a tear or two forming in her eyes.

“There are a few ground rules, I have done a lot of soul searching, and researching, about what we used to do, alone. And things that you wanted to try, that I dismissed. I have thought about them… A lot.”

“What like?”

“Well you wanted to take pictures of me, naked and especially her.”

“Still would love to.”

“I might pose for you using MY camera. If any go online, then we will do it together, after my face is covered, and anything that might give us away.”

“You can have your way with my bum, I have a surprise about that.”

“While we were apart, I have bought some toys some are in my bag there.”

“If there is anything else then you can buy them, I’ve spent enough.”

“If I say that I’m in charge, then let me be so. It may be only to say what I want, I have some ideas too.”

“Lastly, should I lose some weight? I feel fat.

“Any questions?”

“Your not fat, you look so much sexier now. Don’t shift the issues you had about that to something else please.” I pointed between her legs.

“Can I see what toys you have?”

“Just wait a few minutes will you.”

“Wait there till I give you a shout.” “You could take your clothes off though.”

Off she went to the bedroom, along with her bag.

When took off my things I was aroused, waiting for her it started to fade.

“OK I’m ready.”

Ali lay on the bed naked, around her were a selection of dildo’s and vibrators, I noticed a bottle of lube, and a bottle of oil.

“Fuck me you’ve been busy.”

“Oh there’s a few more things at mine, and something special in my bag for later on.” “Make yourself comfortable.”

I gambled on being given a show, so lay across the bed at the bottom.

Ali started off by stroking her pussy, pulling gently at her lips, letting go of them and repeating. Then with both index fingers, she played with her clit in-between them. Her breathing changed, as she played with herself. I wasn’t sure but there may be some of her juice welling up at the bottom of her lips.

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