All for Mr. Redman Chapter 4


All for Mr. Redman Chapter 4

I stood staring at Peter and said “What do I do?”

I was standing in his kitchen, in just my panties and a tank top and his parents had just walked into the condo. He had forgotten they were coming over and I thought this is a great way to start a Sunday. Meeting his parents while I’m barely dressed and he is in just boxer shorts.
Peter smiled at me and said “I think we are screwed.” Both of us were still laughing.

I said “At least go stop them so I can get in the bedroom and dress. I don’t care what you have to do, but I swear I will hide in a cupboard!”

Peter laughed and walked out of the kitchen to the front door. Fortunately his parents had not come in any further. I heard his mother say “Oh your no even dressed. Did you just forget we were coming?”

Peter replied “Honestly yes. I did.” I could hear the laughter in his voice. “So, what a beautiful day outside.”

His Mother said “Yes it is.” she paused and said “Are you alright?”

I heard his father say “Do you?”

Peter said “Yes Dad so how about you both turn around and look at the door for about five seconds.”

His mother said “Do you what? What are you talking about.”

His father said “Honey, turn around and look at the door for a minute.”

Peter’s mother said “Your both acting strangely.” with a bit of indignation creeping into her voice.

“Mom” Peter said “If you don’t want to be embarrassed turn around and look at the door.”

His mother was quiet and I heard some mumbling followed by “Oh my. Do you want us to leave?”

Peter laughed and said “No, just turned around.”

His mother and father must of did what he asked because I heard a finger snap. I glanced around the corner quickly and moved fast down the hall into the bedroom. Despite being embarrassed this made me laugh. I was hiding from my boyfriend’s parents and we were both adults and in his home.

When I got in the room I quickly dressed myself and was pulling my top back on when Peter came in and started dressing. I was done and he said “It’s okay, you can go out there” he said laughing at me.

“Not on your life. Not alone” I said in a hushed voice.

Peter finished dressing and came over and gave me a kiss and hugged me. He leaned back looking down into my eyes and said “They are going to love you. Don’t be nervous.”

He hugged me again and we both took deep breaths and walked out and made our way into the living room.

His parents both stood up as soon as we walked in and smiled at us. His father had a playful smile on his face, clearly amused by the situation. His mother’s smile was warming up as we approached and I could see a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. They both seemed to be very nice and I took an instant liking to them both.

“Mom and Dad, this is Sachiko. Sachiko these are my parents, Mr. And Mrs. Redman.”

His mother caught me off guard completely by stepping righ up and hugging me and saying “It is so nice to meet you Sachiko. I would love to say that I had heard all about you but our son has kept us in the dark… as usual” she added looking at him.

Mr. Redman was smiling broadly and shook my hand and said “It’s nice to meet you Sachiko. Do you work with Peter?”

“Oh no. I am in University still. I’m going into medicine.” I said.

He smiled at that and Mrs Redman seemed equally pleased.

We all moved into the kitchen and had coffee and I admit I got grilled by the parents. They were very nice about it, but I felt like it was a job interview. Then they dropped a bomb on me. They had never met any of Peter’s previous girlfriends, at least not since he left High School.

I looked at him and started laughing. Peter said “Okay, enough of that. No embarrassing childhood stories, no baby stories or you won’t get to see her again because she will flee from me in shame and terror.”

His mother and father both found this amusing and immediately told me all the embarrassing stories that parents love to tell. I found them cute but could tell they actually made him uncomfortable. I had not seen him like that before and did not like him feeling that way so I got up and went over and hugged him.

His parents went quiet and he looked down at me and I said “Oh my God. I’m still here. I guess even though my image of you as perfect has been shattered… I realize you are mortal just like me.” He smiled and started to laugh.

His mother said “Well we tried. She’s not going to leave our boy alone David. What do we do about this?”

His father laughed and said “Thank the stars above.” laughing.

His mother said “I might get to be a grandmother!”

I looked at her while still holding Peter. Peter’s father exploded in laughter. Peter, my poor Peter, all he could think to say was “Oh my God Mom!!!!”

He was really embarrassed and all I said to her was “So it’s okay if we have kids?”

She was laughing really hard, his father had started to laugh as well.

“We are so happy to hear you say that. Because you ARE going to be a grandmother. We just got the results on Friday. We are pregnant.” I delivered this with the best warm smile I could and just gripped Peter tightly and turned my face to look up at him. He was looking down at me and starting to smile. When I winked at him I could tell he was fighting to hold in his laughter.

I looked back at his Mother and she had stopped laughing and was staring at us. She still had this look like we might be joking. His dad looked surprised.

“Peter” his mother began and stopped. We just looked at her with warmth and Peter hugged me tight.

“Don’t worry Mrs Redman” I said “I am really healthy and the baby will be too. We are starting parental classes next week and my Mother said she would stay with us for two months after the baby is born.”

Her face didn’t look like she thought I was kidding anymore. She looked back and forth between us and said “You’re not finished University yet, and Peter your not going to marry her? Her parents know already? It’s Sunday why the hell didn’t you call? Do you kids know what your doing?”

Peter and I looked at each other as she was clearly flabbergasted. She looked down at the table and Mr. Redman was looking right at me like he was going to yell “Shannanigans” in his best Irish accent. I winked at him and he had to compose quickly. He knew.

Peter walked over to his Mom and hugged her and said “It’s all going to work out Mom.”

His mother said “how, oh my God. What were you both thinking? Your not married yet and a baby is a huge responsibility you two.”

Peter said “No Mom. Its all okay… your just very gullible and sometimes we have to take advantage of that.”

She looked at me and said “Oh my God your evil!” and burst open laughing. She was clearly relieved.

His father was laughing and he said “Oh she is going to fit in with the family.”

We all had a laugh and I apologized for playing with her like that. Mrs. Redman does not hold a grudge at all and we had a great breakfast. As I sat there watching them talk and joke around I realized how perfect this was. The warmth in the room came from all of us. I was smiling watching Peter talk with them and realized that I had fallen deeply in love. At that moment if he had asked me to marry him I would have accepted gladly. I knew deep down my parents were the challenging part. I hoped they would not be too difficult. Peter was not Japanese. Its racist and wrong to judge him by that, but no one in my family was in a mixed race relationship. No one had ever been that I knew of, even dating. I also knew that my parents, who are amazing, would initially react with concern but that their decision would be based on him, not his skin. My grandparents were a lost cause, but they would be polite and have to live with it. Watching Mr. And Mrs. Redman I knew I liked them very much. I was happy.

They said their goodbyes with a lot of affection and told Peter to make sure I came to a dinner at their home. His mother hugged me very warmly and even told me “ I can tell I am going to like me even more each time we meet.” His father, being a bit of a comedian told me “I am so happy he met you. Having you to dinner will be a lot better than the time he came home with that circus midget. We didn’t have a booster chair and it created a whole issue.” Peter just laughed and they departed.

We hugged each other after they left and Peter said “Oh my God that went really well.”

I nodded and said “Your parents are so nice. I really like them.”

He hugged me and picked me up and was carrying me to the bedroom when his phone rang. I gave him my best pout and said “Don’t answer it.”

He kissed me and set me down saying “I have to.”

I was trying to figure that out as he answered. It was a guy on the phone. They were talking about playing football, something he apparently did on Sundays regularly. I realized he was talking to Martin, a friend of his I had met at the pub last night. I also picked up that the group was waiting for him.

Peter looked at me a bit shame faced. I smiled at him a nodded and said quietly “Go, its okay.”

He looked hesitant but since I kept nodding he said he would see them in a half hour.

He hung up the phone and walked over and hugged me and started explaining.

I said “Hush” and put my fingertips on his mouth. “Peter I want you to keep being you. I’m not trying to stop that. We have spent all kinds of time together this weekend and I should be doing homework. I’m not upset and no this is not a game. If I don’t like something I will tell you, I won’t say one thing and then be upset with you until you somehow magically figure it out. I want you to go.”

He stared at me and said “You are fucking amazing.”

“Just do the same for me okay. Let’s just clear it up right now. We are not mind readers and need to actually say what we are thinking.”

He smiled and said “You are so fucking amazing”

I smiled at him and said “You said that twice, maybe your broke. I better hit the reset button.”

Having said that I slid to my knees and pulled his track pants and boxers down. When his cock sprang free I immediately licked it and started taking it into my mouth. Seriously, he would be late if I didn’t hurry up and what kind of girlfriend would I be if I did that!

His hands came to my hair and I went right to work. I love his cock. I love how hard it gets and how hot. I love the silky feel of the skin and the hot hard feeling underneath. Sucking his cock is not a chore, I love to do it. It’s almost a selfish act because I love the way his cum feels in my mouth and his taste. Having that hard hard 8” of cock in my mouth is like heaven. It’s so gorgeous.

I fucked him with my mouth . His grip on my hair was getting really tight. I could here him moaning out “Oh fuck Sachiko, oh my God. You are so fucking good at sucking my cock.”

I didn’t let up and all and could feel saliva leaking and dripping down my chin. His cock was going in and out of my throat and I wanted that cum. I needed it badly and was going to get it.

He collapsed onto the arm of the couch and I didn’t stop. I moved up on my knees and buried it in my throat as he was starting to shake. I brought up my hand and used my nails to lightly tease his balls. My other hand went to his firm stomach, scratching him lightly.

He grabbed my hair and started helping me, fucking my face onto his cock. Suddenly with a load roar he shot ropes of hot delicious cum into my throat and I swallowed every precious drop. As He sat there shaking I slowly lifted my mouth off his cock and licked it clean.

He reached down and pulled me up and gave me such a hot loving kiss I got weak in the knees.

He looked at me and said “Oh Sachiko. You are so fucking amazing” with a smile.

“And you, my big cocked lover are going to be late.”

He looked like he was about to object and I said “Peter, that was a gift to you. I wanted to do that for you. Go and have fun. It’s not like you won’t get a chance to return the favour.” I said smiling.

I stepped back as he stood up and turned to get my stuff from the bedroom. Peter took my arm and turned me to face him looking into my eyes.

“I think I love you.” he said

I smiled and said “I think I love you too.”

He hugged me tightly to him and kissed the top of my head. We stood there just holding each other and said quietly “You didn’t have to say that.”

He leaned me back and looked into my eyes and said “No. I don’t think I love you. I know I do. I have never been so happy or comfortable with someone in my entire life. I know its only been a couple of days but I had to say it. I wanted to say it.”

I kissed him and hugged him tightly and said “I love you Peter Redman and nothing is going to change that.”

We ended the embrace and he said “Do you have to go?”

I smiled sadly and said “Yes. I have a paper due and readings I have to finish. You know what it’s like.”

He smiled and said “I am going to miss you every second.”

We got ready and as we were leaving, having kissed out goodbyes I called over “Don’t forget to put beer in the cooler. I hear guys like that after football.”

He laughed and said “You are fucking amazing!”

I laughed at him and said “Reset button.”

He smiled and got into his car. Since I lived so close to the subway I just walked down and took it back to my dorm. I was so happy the whole way home. There was a guy sitting across from me who kept looking at me. I knew I was glowing and happy.

When I reached the dorm I said hi to people as I passed them and got to my room.

When I walked in Amanda was in the process of swearing at her laptop. I stopped and said “What’s wrong with it.”

She looked really frustrated and said “I just lost my work.”

I smiled and said “Let me sit and have a look. It’s not lost, it’s in there someplace.” I spent a few minutes looking around and found what she was looking for. I said “Ta da!!!! I’m appearing all week.”

She smiled with relief as I stood up from her computer chair. She went to hug me and froze in place. I knew what was wrong. The last tie we had seen each other she had basically turned what started out as normal sex between us into a very uncomfortable situation for us both. She had told me she loved me and we had talked it out, but it still had that lingering feeling of things being strained between us.

I smiled at her and stepped in and hugged her “You have always been there for me. Its all forgotten.”

Amanda hugged me to her and said “I thought we were going to be okay after I saw your little crime scene” I laughed remembering what I had done with her stuffed animals.

We stepped back and I said “I have reading to do. What are you up to?”

She said “Finishing my psych paper.”

We both looked at the sun shining outside and looked at each other and started laughing. We grabbed our stuff, got some refreshments and went outside to do our work. We worked away and she said suddenly “Done.” and put her laptop away.

She laid back on the grass and I turned and laid back with my head resting on her thigh reading. I knew she fell asleep because she was so quiet. She had probably worked on her paper all night again. She can’t stop once she starts working. She just gets in the zone and does it. I finished reading and sat up. I looked at her and she was sleeping with the sun shining on her. She looked as gorgeous as ever.

I thought about all that happened between us and the friendship I felt for her. Granted, it had become a friendship with benefits that had gotten a bit complicated. That being said she was still one of the best people I know.

When she woke up we went and got something to eat and basically I turned into a study hound. She fell asleep and I managed to get my own paper finished and felt pretty damn good about it. I put everything away and my cell rang.

Peter was heading to bed and wanted to make sure we chatted. We talked at length and he finally was yawning so much I said “Go to bed or your students will ruin you.” He laughed and we said goodnight.

Peter and I figured out that with my academic demands and his teaching demands that we were not going to see each other much during the week.

Amanda and I got along normally and actually seemed to have more Porno hikayeleri fun together. It was like a weight she had been carrying was gone and she was happier as a result.

When I talked to Peter on Thursday he said that his friends were getting together Friday night and going out and wanted to know if I wanted to come. Of course I said yes. I liked his friends and wanted to see him very badly. He asked if I wanted to bring anyone and I looked over at Amanda who was reading. I told her what was happening and she smiled and said it sounded like fun.

We agreed on Friday night and I got off the phone.

Amanda was looking at me and said “So, I get to really meet him and find out what he is like.”

I said “Yes, are you okay with that?” I didn’t want her uncomfortable seeing me with him.

She smiled at me and said “He is really important to you. What kind of friend would I be if I wasn’t okay with it.”

I got off my bed and gave her a hug. I really wanted these two people who were important to me to get along with each other.

She got all serious and looked at me and said “You realize if he breaks your heart I’m going to take a field hockey stick to his knee caps”

I laughed and we hugged again. We held it for a moment longer and I felt her face turn and her lips touch my neck.

I quickly leaned back and said “I’m not sure that’s a good idea. I don’t want to lead you on or anything. I’m in love with him Amanda and nothing and no one is going to get in the way.”

She smiled brightly and said “You love him!? Does he love you?” she was very excited.

I said “Yes, he does.” just as excitedly.

“That is so amazing. I’m really happy for you!” She was. I could see it in her eyes.

“Are you the best friend I have ever had or just acting like it?” I asked smiling.

She hugged me tightly and said “You have never been in love with anyone before. I am so happy because you deserve love. I can’t wait to meet him. I know we had our problem, but I’m a big girl and I know I was totally at fault.”

She leaned back taking my face in her hands and looking at me as she said “I will always be here for you. You are my best friend and I got confused and almost messed everything up. I am your biggest fan and I promise no more dumb ass shit. I know you said it was forgotten but you have no idea how bad I feel about it. You have found someone and you love each other. Real honest to God love. I love you, but as a friend and I know that. That’s how you feel about me and I love that. I’m so sorry I betrayed that trust before.”

I gave her a big hug and I admit we both had a cry session together and all that residual negative stuff vanished. It was Sachiko and Amanda again.

I laid down with her on her bed and we fell asleep. In the morning we slept in, which of course lead to a whirlwind of motion as we both got dressed in record time and ran to the Science Building. We both barely made it to class.

At the end of the day, and I made sure I did my homework before I went back to residence, I wandered into the room and Amanda was in a total fluster. “I have nothing to wear” she sounded panicked.

I burst open laughing and said “YOU have nothing to wear. You have more clothes than the Bay.”

“But nothing that is quite right. These are real adults, people with careers. I don’t want to look like a University student.”

“You know what this means don’t you?” I asked calmly.

“No” she said dropping another denied blouse on the floor and looking miserable.

“Shopping” I said holding up my VISA.

“Oh my God you never use that!”

“So I think it’s about time. Girl, this is an emergency!” I said. Thank you Daddy!

With a lot of laughter we raced out and went shopping. We were on a mission. It was decided we were going to make a statement and the usual would not do. Extra effort was needed. We decided that tonight was an important night and had to be shown due respect. Hey, any rationalization to buy stuff you never would because of the price right?

We settled on cocktail dresses since we were going to a really nice place. It was upscale and was a place chosen by one of Peter’s friends who had a major dental practice. We had never been there before and didn’t know anyone who had. Amanda had been asking around. What she did find out was from the internet and she said we had to do this right.

Shopping turned into shopping for dresses, shoes, manicure and pedicure, hair styling, and of course a visit to Victoria’s Secret. I admit that was my idea. I knew I was getting naked tonight!

I can safely say that the hard work, can I call it that?, was worth it.

Amanda was as hot as I had ever seen her. She looked simply amazing. She is 5’9” tall, has long dark brown hair, green eyes, and a body sculpted by hours spent in the gym. She is feminine, but toned and has beautiful skin that is so silky. She had her hair done styled so that it had long flowing curls in it. She had the sides pulled back and done up in a way that revealed her beautiful neck. Her makeup was done in such a natural way and made her brilliant green eyes shine. With her skin, the off the shoulder dress looked simply sexy. Her dress was black and hung loosely over her incredible breasts, but hugged her waist and showed off her toned body to perfection. It ended at mid thigh and she had her long legs sensually covered with sheen tan nylons that had a faint sparkle to them. Her black heels made her even taller, at least 6’1”. She looked like a goddess and I was left breathless when I saw her.

Judging by the look on her face I looked good. I had chosen to have my hair done up in an intricate up style with sparkles and that left my neck exposed. Being a little more daring than normal I went with an off shoulder red dress that had a bustier style top which exposed the tops of my breasts and made them look really good. The bustier had intricate patterns on it and went into short black skirt portion that ended at my mid thigh. It was loose and had a layered effect. I had never worn anything that was style like this before and really wanted to try it out. I knew Peter would love it and that was all I cared about. My nylons were a black and they were sheer. On my feet were black 5” heels with straps. They were patent leather and had gold buckles that worked with the dress nicely. The dress also came with wrap that was amazing.

We were looking at each other and said “Wow.” at the same time. We started laughing and I said “I have no idea if this is right but who cares.”

Amanda started laughing and said “If they don’t like it they can suffer with it.”

We were both laughing and I called a taxi cab to pick us up.

When we arrived I could not tell who was more nervous, me or Amanda. She stopped me as we were going in “Do you think he will like me?”

I smiled and said “He will like you, don’t worry. They are going to love you. Your strong, smart, hot, and funny as hell.”

When we walked in I had two things hit me. Yes we were a little over dressed, but not by much, and two this place was gorgeous.

As we stood there I saw Bruce, Peter’s dentist friend, coming over to us. He smiled broadly and said “Sachiko, we are so happy you decided to come. My wife really wants to meet you.” He has a wife? I didn’t know that. Bruce is not an intimidating guy at all. To tell the truth, I thought he was gay. He is about 5’8” tall, really slender and quite frankly effeminate.

“And who is this gorgeous Lady?” He asked. I introduced him to Amanda and he kissed her hand, put his arms through ours and lead us to the group. They had a section all to itself, and it was done in a very modern trendy style. I saw Amanda looking over at me as we walked and she mouthed “Is he gay?” I almost laughed.

As soon as she saw us Bruce’s wife came rushing over. Sherri looked good, but looked older than him. She was tall, about 5’8” and had dyed blonde hair. I don’t know why but I sensed I was not going to like her. She seemed to radiate a sort of arrogance. She reached us and he let us go. She gave me a hug and a kiss on each cheek without actually making contact.

“Sachiko, it is such a pleasure to meet the girl who Peter has had so much to say about. I almost feel like I know you already.” she said,

“Its really nice to meet you Sherri.” I turned and said “This is my best friend Amanda.”

She greeted Amanda the same way and I remember thinking I bet you are a real bitch and you married Bruce for money. That was the most likely thing I thought.

She told Amanda “It is so nice to meet you. Your absolutely gorgeous.”

Amanda smiled and said “Nice to meet you. I like your dress.”

I remember thinking really? I thought leopard print belonged on a leopard. Nice heels though.

Sherri smiled and said “Thank you.” and turned leading us over to everyone. Amanda glanced at me and I could see “Oh my God” in her eyes. It made me almost laugh.

Then my day got so much better. Peter jumped up from his chair and rushed right over to me. He stopped short and took my hands and held them out looking me up and down. “Wow. I cant even think of the right words. You look absolutely stunning.”

I looked him in the eyes and saw the admiration and love there. He was smiling so brightly and with wonder as well. I looked at my handsome Peter in his gorgeous outfit and thought wow myself. He was wearing a light blue collared and pressed dress shirt. It had to be custom because it was tailored perfectly to him showing off the physique I loved so much. He had gotten a hair cut and was wearing a really nice tie. The cuff links and were beautiful. His tailored dress pants looked amazing on him and I had to think the shoes were new. He looked so god and smelled amazing.

“Back at you honey” I said “You look so handsome” smiling at him. He gave me a light kiss.

“Peter, I want you to meet someone who is my best friend and really important to me. This is Amanda, my roommate.”

Peter turned and smiled at her and said “Well, birds of a feather do flock together. It’s a pleasure to meet you and you look amazing. Wow, I could just look at you both all day.” He said smiling. I watched his eyes closely and he was serious. He looked like he did find her attractive and valued her being there with us. I was not jealous at all, I just wanted to make sure he knew she mattered to me.

Amanda smiled her megawatt smile, the one that turns guys to mush, and said “I’m really happy to meet you at last. Sachiko talks about you all the time and she was right, your handsome.”

Peter actually blushed a bit and lead us over to the table and we got to meet everyone. Amanda sat on one side of me and Peter on the other. We were having a great time laughing and enjoying ourselves. I got the impression Sherri was not to happy to see us. She was clearly a bit of an attention hog and didn’t like two younger, hotter, smarter, and more tasteful women becoming the focus of attention. Yeah, that was catty, but I was really not liking her at all. I didn’t let it show though.

Peter leaned over at one point and whispered to me “You are doing a real good job.” I looked at him and said “What do you mean?” He replied “Of not letting on what a bitch you must be thinking she is. Is Amanda okay?”

I glanced over. Oh shit. She had that look in her eyes like she was about to let loose and say what she was thinking. That was usually initiated by directing a drink on her target first.

I reached over with my hand and gently stroked her thigh. Amanda looked at me and said “Bathroom” quietly.

We excused ourselves and made our way to the ladies room. When we went in we noted the female attendant. Amanda, her usually bold self said “Is anyone else in here to her.” The girl, about our age said “No ma’am”

Amanda then swore like a truck driver about Sherri and I understood. She had been directing subtle insults at us for the last hour. When either of us said anything she would say “well that’s what young people think”, “When you have some life experience you will understand”. “that’s so cute.” and my personal favourite that was aimed at me “Sometimes you have to be Canadian to get it.” I was born here bitch, so were my parents, what fucking trash did you crawl out of? She kept mentioning that education meant nothing compared to experience. We concluded she had none and probably had not finished High School. When I said her heart was as black as her roots we burst open laughing. Amanda vented pretty good and so did I. The poor attendant tried to ignore us but some of our remarks were pretty funny and she started laughing. We looked at her and joined her laughter.

Feeling better after ten minutes of bashing Sherri The Witch we headed back to the table.

When w sat down Peter said “All okay now.”

“I replied yes. We can handle whatever she dishes out, but if she crosses the line Amanda will call her on it.” I said “By the way shouldn’t Sherri be tired?”

Peter looked confused and said “I don’t know. Why do you ask?”

“Well isn’t it a long walk down the stairs from the roof for a person her age?”

Peter started to laugh and said “Why would she be on the roof?”

I replied “Isn’t that where she parks her broom?”

Peter burst open laughing and the whole table looked at him. Sherri said “What so funny Peter?”

He hugged me and said “Sorry, inside joke. I really am sorry.”

Sherri actually said “How cute, they have inside jokes.” and I just smiled at her with a clear “yeah it was about you” in my eyes. She did not look to happy. I did notice some smiles on the others. How do they put up with her? Because she is Bruce’s wife, and he is a nice guy.

Amanda sat there, she knew what I had told Peter and was smiling brightly over her drink and said “Yeah, people in love with a sense of humour are like that.”

Sherri went back to talking to other people. I was really happy we were at the far end of the table.

I looked over and saw what I had been waiting for without realizing it.

Barbara was walking toward us and oh my god she looked hot. She had an elegant dark blue business suit on. It was tailored to her perfectly and she looked powerful. She had a white silk blouse under the jacket that showed a portion of her spectacular breasts, the tailored skirt hugged her legs beautifully. She had on white heels and her walk, pure confidence. The suit was perfect for her deep blue eyes and her long blonde hair captured the lighting in here perfectly. I remember thinking how hot it would be to undress her.

I started to get up and looked at Amanda. Her eyes were locked on Barbara. It made sense. They were both Amazon Goddesses and oh my god you could see the sparks in Amanda’s eyes.

I went straight to Barbara before she reached the table. She saw me and got a beaming smile on her face and hugged me. She gave me a light kiss on the lips, that was new, and leaned back and said “You look amazing Sachiko. Peter is a very lucky man.” I smiled at her just as brightly and I knew that she realized I found her attractive, and not just in a looking only way. Her eyes changed slightly and she said quietly “You naughty girl.” and gave me a hug. I thought to myself “I am so busted.”

I turned and gestured Amanda over. This was the first time Barbara had seen her and I wanted to check the reaction. Amanda stood and walked over. It was amazing. Every guy in the room watched her with appreciation. Every woman with either appreciation of envy.

Barbara was looking at her with appreciation and heat. Amanda was exchanging that look fully. When Amanda got to us and they hugged each other in greeting I wondered how many fantasies they just inspired.

Barbara and Amanda took to each other immediately. I was busy watching the reaction until they both turned and looked at me. I was caught flat footed because I had no idea what was said before they did that.

They exchanged a glance and a smile with each other and looked back at me.

I was standing between two women, both over six feet tall with their heels on. Both these women were the perfect physical specimen and I admit It made me wet. I could feel my nipples getting hard and knew it showed in my eyes.

Amanda laughed and said “Well I’ve seen that look before. You okay Sachiko?” she said playfully.

Barbara said “Oh my, this little Kitten Sex hikayeleri has started her engine. Now I wonder what caused that?”

Amanda said “We did. My sweet little friend here let her mind run to a few very naughty places.”

They were smiling at me like a pair of cats that had just cornered the canary. I definitely felt small, vulnerable and oh so hot looking at them.

Peter arrived right at that second. He took a look at the three of us. He read all our expressions in an instant and he is not a stupid person. He laughed and gave Barbara a hug. He said “Are they ever glad you showed up, although maybe not for the reason I thought” he said playfully. I looked up at him and put my arm around his waist. Maybe he could save me from the Big Cats, although I don’t think I wanted to be saved.

Barbara looked at him and said “What do you mean?”

Amanda and Peter filled her in. For some reason, like complete arousal, I could not speak and just let them talk.

Barbara looked over and said “Oh that bitch.” She looked down at me with caring eyes and said “Do you want me to handle her?”

I admit. It was touching to see that all three were looking at me with concern. They all wanted to help and felt I had been wronged terribly. I replied “Not if it is going to make life hard for Bruce. She probably won’t let him hang around the group anymore.”

Barbara said “With the group? Let me tell you something, she has no friends of her own. The only social outlet she has is Bruce’s friends and their wives and girlfriends. You can probably figure out why. No matter how much you fire back she will be here next time to drag us all down. Trust me, we tried.”

I had to ask “Why is Bruce with her? He is so smart and he is a kind person and everyone actually likes him.”

Peter said “He is with her to keep his parents off his ass. They think he is gay. He is not, trust me, Bruce was a fucking animal in Vegas last time we went. Believe it or not he wears the pants in the relationship. She came from nothing and sunk her claws in. Once he realized it he changed the dynamic. Believe it or not he is her Master.”

I said “Huh?”

Barbara laughed and said “He dominates her, sexually. She gets off on it and so does he.”

I looked shocked and said “Bruce dominates her? Really? I never would have pegged that.”

“Trust me Sachiko, Bruce is a world class perv. He is into all kinds of stuff. You don’t know the half of it.” Peter said.

I looked at Amanda and she was staring at Barbara thinking.

I looked back at Peter and Barbara and said “How do you guys know all this?”

They said in unison “Bruce told us.” and Barbara added “She confirmed it and said he is hung like a horse.”

“Wow talk about things that make you say hmmmmmmm” I replied smiling.

I looked at Amanda and said “Earth to Amanda.”

She glanced at me quickly and said “Sorry.”

“Did you catch all that?” I asked

She looked sheepish and said “No.”

Barbara turned to her and smiled the kind of smile that drops panties and makes cocks rock hard. “Were you distracted sweetie?”

Amanda blushed and Barbara said “Oh I like that. You blush, and you look gorgeous doing it.”

The heat factor went up by a scale of ten and I was watching. Barbara looked back at me and said “You are not off the hook either.” Her look made me feel like she was going to do me right that.

Peter piped up and said “Well, this should be a fun night!”

We joined the others and armed with our new information and permission to fire back at Sherri we had a much better time. The group got larger or smaller depending on how many people came over during the course of the evening.

Peter was a pleasure to watch and be around. His sense of humour and charm made it so much fun. We would part for a time and come back together happily.

Amanda and Barbara were another story. They were practically side by side all night. Guys were trying to pick them up buying them drinks and hitting on them. That was another fun game to watch.

At one point I walked over to the bar and was standing there waiting to order a drink. It was really busy and the wait staff were swamped.

I felt a hand slide up my back and looked to my right and Bruce was standing there. He smiled at me and said “Crazy here tonight.” I nodded and said “But it’s a great place. Thanks so much for choosing it.”

He leaned in and whispered “I like seeing the ladies dress up to come out here. You look really good in jeans but your incredibly hot in that dress.”

I smiled and said “I wanted to look good for Peter and not embarrass you guys by looking like a student.”

Bruce had slid his hand around and was holding onto my waist on the far side. He had moved right up, side to side “You a very beautiful woman.”

I looked at him and smiled remembering everything Peter and Barbara had told me.

“Are you usually this friendly with the girlfriends” I asked.

“No, usually the wives” he said.

I stared at him with surprise.

He said “Your a sexual creature. I can tell. Your beautiful and vibrant and I bet you look amazing when you cum.”

I blushed and said “I don’t think Peter would appreciate you saying that.”

He smiled and said “I envy him that. He gets to see it. Why did you get so flushed when Barbara and Amanda were speaking to you?”

I said “None of your business, that was a private conversation.” I was starting to get pissed off.

“Fair enough. I noticed you only pointed out Peter would not like it and didn’t mention my wife. Why is that?” he asked not letting up.

I replied “I didn’t mention her because I know it does not matter.”

He said “Really?”

I replied “Yes. I also have to say I want you to get your hand off me. I don’t appreciate it or what your saying.”

He removed his hand promptly and leaned on the bar next to me. “I admit that beautiful women are a complete weakness of mine. We all have them, a vice. Mine is beauty. I’m sorry if I upset you, truly. I was just being playful.”

I looked in his eyes and could see he meant the apology. “Bruce your a nice guy, but I very taken and I’m not looking for any outside play. But I also know you were trying to get me into bed by seducing me. That’s not going to happen.”

He didn’t reply right away and placed both our orders.

“You’re a treasure Sachiko. You have incredible beauty, sexuality, and a sharp mind and a clever wit. You the type who can do anything she puts her mind to. I admit I was trying to seduce you, like I said beauty is my vice. But you are a very different kind of woman. I’m trying to figure it out but whatever it is I’m happy for you and Peter. By the way, I would appreciate it if you actually told him I did this. If he is going to be upset I would like to get it out of the way sooner than later.”

I stared at him surprised.

He said “What? Do you honestly think I would ever ask you to hide something from him. I’m an open book. People can, depending on setting and who they are, ask me anything.”

“Okay” I said “Is it true you dominate your wife?”

He laughed and said “Yes, she submits to me and I have helped her discover so much about herself. I am trying to work on improving her self esteem and I am almost there. It is a long process, she has had a difficult life and I want her to be happier with herself.”

I said “By sexually dominating her? That helps her self esteem?”

He nodded and said “Yes, she has been made to feel terrible about her desires and wants. I am trying to instill her with freedom from that. She is not a bad person. She just needs to be more comfortable and realize that the things she wants, both sexually and out of life, are not a source of guilt. Submission to me frees her from guilt because I am helping her to realize her desires are okay, it is the guilt that is misplaced and wrong. If two consenting adults, or more, want to have sex together doing any number of things that society says are bad or wrong they do not deserve to be poorly regarded for it. It is between those consenting adults. Not them and society as a whole.”

I admit I was curious and asked “So what is it that she wants that she feels guilty about?”

He looked at me frankly and said “Alright. But this is a bit more than I would usually say, but your not the type to have loose lips are you?”

I said “No. I am genuinely curious and this is an A to B conversation. Everyone else can C their way out.”

He laughed and said “I like that. Sherri is bi-sexual and craves women. But not just that. She wants to be dominated by them… and I mean tied up, spanked, used like a toy. She feels guilty for it. She also likes multiple partners, both male and female. She is not hurting anyone but was raised to believe that sex is dirty… that ladies should not enjoy it and that wanting it is horrible.”

I said “Oh my God that sucks. If that is what she wants that’s her business.”

“Exactly” he said “It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but everyone should be allowed to have their tea the way they like it.”

Wow he makes sense I thought. Our drinks arrived and we started making our way back to the group.

He stopped me and said “You know the same applies for you.”

I smiled and said “I’m very comfortable with my sexuality thank you. I get what I want and I’m open minded.”

He smiled and said “Lucky Peter.”

We got back and I joined Peter again and hugged him.

He smiled down at me and said “What were you two talking about? He got kinda grabby for a bit there.”

I said “You saw that?”

He replied “Yes, but you seemed to have handled it. I was going to rush over, but the signals were confusing. Besides you could kick his ass yourself, I know it.”

I smiled at him and proceeded to tell him everything except the part about Sherri.

He nodded looking over at Bruce. I said “Are you mad?”

Peter shook his head “No. Your not offended, I admit I’m a little ticked he even tried, but I’m not angry. Anything I did now would simply be to make myself feel better.”

I tilted my head and he smiled and said “There’s no point. He is what he is. That’s Bruce. But do me a favour please? Stop him right off the hop if he does anything like that again. I’m not saying you handled it wrong, far from it. I just don’t like it. I trust you but I don’t like what he did.”

I said “I promise. It’s my fault, I underestimated him.”

Peter laughed and said “Every woman does.”

We still had a good time after that. I saw Bruce go to Peter and they talked for a bit. Peter gave me a thumbs up after they chatted so I knew all was good.

As things were winding down Peter and I were with Amanda and Barbara. The feeling between all of us was pretty electric. It seemed like every thing we said had a sexual innuendo attached to it. We were flirting pretty bad. Peter was watching all of this and seemed really aroused. I enjoyed the flirting but was afraid to do anything. Finally I said to Peter “Let’s get a drink.”

We got up and as soon as we were away from them I turned to him and said “What are you thinking about?”

He looked at me and sighed. “Probably things I really should not. Sorry, I know I was getting pretty flirty there. I didn’t mean to upset you.”

I smiled and said “You were fine. That’s not it at all.” I kissed him lightly and said “I don’t… look I’m bi-sexual Peter.”

He looked stunned and said “You are?”

I said “Yes I am. I love having sex with women. I’ve been with Amanda before and I admit that I would love to take a turn at Barbara. That being said… I will never ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable. The heat at that table is real and believe me when I say all three women are thinking the same thing.”

He said “You… and Amanda.”

I said “Yes, she is a Lesbian. So is Barbara.”

He nodded his head slowly “You mean the world to me Peter and I’m not going to leave you for any reason. I can tell you that honestly. I want to be honest with you.”

He smiled and said “Wow. My hot Japanese girlfriend is bi-sexual.”

I smiled and hit him in the arm lightly. “Yes I am. But you mean more.”

“Wow, so you really think you could..” he said.

“Get them both tonight, all three women, yes.” I said. “What I need to know is if you are okay with the idea of me doing that and if maybe you would want to watch and take part with me.”

He looked shocked and said “You honestly think you can do this?”

I said “Very sure I can. But I’m not doing anything without you permission.”

He said “Holy shit yes, I can’t believe this is happening.”

I smiled and gave him a really hot kiss.

We made our way back to the table and Barbara and Amanda were whispering to each other.

We sat down and it stayed hot. I finally decided one of us has to put it out there. We were in a position to speak frankly and I was horny as hell.

“Okay you two” I said “You have been teasing the shit out of me and each other all night. I’m horny as hell and poor Peter has a hardon that could cut glass.” They both started smiling and leaned in.

“What do you say we all get the hell out of here, go back to Peter’s, lose the clothes… and fuck each others brains out.” I said in a quiet and lustful voice.

Amanda bit her lip and looked at Peter and said “Yes.”

Barbara said “Are you okay with this Peter?”

Peter said “I would be blown away. Of course I’m in favour.”

Barbara smiled and said “Holy shit. So the three of us and Peter.”

I nodded and said “Ground rules?”

Amanda said “I don’t have any, I’m so fucking horny I could explode.”

I said “You don’t have any?”

She blushed and said “No, I’m feeling pretty open to anything” and she glanced at Peter. Wow, I knew she had been with a few guys, but dozens more women.

I looked at Barbara and said “What about you?”

She said “Peter, this won’t make things weird between us will it?”

Peter shook his head “No. This is a thing between us all and I am just in awe to even be involved. There won’t be any weirdness Barbara.”

Barbara looked at me and said “What about you?”

I said “I want this. I’ve been with Amanda and Peter obviously. Barbara I want to be with you. I want to have Peter take part as much as your all comfortable with. I am not placing restrictions on what he does, or what I do. That means kissing who we want, being with who we want, fucking who we want.”

She said “Okay.” She stared at the table. Everyone was breathing really heavy.

Barbara looked up and said “Okay, so its wide open, everything goes and no one is going to get weird?”

All of us nodded agreement. Peter sat for a second and said “Hold on, wide open and anything goes?”

Barbara said “Yes.” we were all looking at him.

“So I can… I don’t just watch.” he said

“No Peter, you can do whatever you want with me.” I said

“Or me” Amanda added “Anything.”

Barbara said “It sounds like your going to be busy Peter. I… I’m not really sure I want you to fuck me. It’s would be a new thing. Maybe because I love you and trust you I’m not completely put off by the idea of sex with you. Can we just play that part by ear?”

Peter nodded and said “Ah.. sure. I just.. wow. I don’t know what to say. This is so unreal.”

I kissed his cheek and said “So do we keep drinking here or get the hell out?”

Everyone stood up and grabbed their stuff. It was like the fire alarm had sounded. We didn’t even say goodbye to anyone.

We got outside and Barbara had her car and drove us to Peter’s.

I was sitting in the back with Peter. Amanda was in the front.

Peter leaned over and started kissing me. It got hot and I felt his hands running all over my upper body. I looked at the rear view mirror and Barbara’s eyes were looked on mine. “Not fair at all you two.” she said. I gently pushed Peter back a bit and laughed. He was smiling.

When the car was parked we all walked in the door and closed it.

Peter asked if anyone wanted a drink as we were taking our shoes off.

I said “Please, wine.” Amanda said that sounded good and Barbara agreed.

Peter took off to get the wine. I was walking into the living room planning to turn on some music.

Suddenly I saw Barbara and Amanda go Sikiş hikayeleri past me in a blur. Amanda had tackled her onto the couch.

They started kissing hotly and Amanda pulled Barbara’s skirt up and forced her legs open. Barbara was giving as good as she was getting. Returning the kisses hotly and getting Amanda’s dress off.

As her dress fell from her upper body exposing her lace black bra, Amanda had already slid to her knees and was pulling off Barbara’s white thong. Barbara was struggling to get out of her suit coat.

I walked over and got on the couch next to her and helped her get that off. I then started unbuttoning her silky blouse. I removed it as she sat forward and reached behind her fast and unsnapped her bra. I went back to the front and lifted it away.

Barbara had full, firm, and so fucking hot beautiful white breasts. They were topped with pink nipples that protruded from them begging for attention. Barbara suddenly sat back and screamed in lust. I looked down and saw why. Amanda had her head buried between those long gorgeous legs and I knew what it was like to have her eat your pussy. She was devouring it.

Barbara’s skirt was bunch up around her waist, her nylon covered legs flung out to the sides. Amanda was spreading them with her hands and clearly wanted nothing to come between her and Barbara’s luscious shaved cunt.

I moved off the couch and got behind Amanda. I removed her dress completely and set it aside. I then unclasped her bra and removed it. Seeing her full C cup tits released and her nipples hard and protruding from them was so erotic. She never paused in the task before her and kept eating Barbara with a vengeance. I grabbed Amanda’s thong and pulled it down and off. She knew what I was doing and wiggled to help me and I tossed it aside. I leaned over and gave her spectacular ass a kiss.

As I stood and turned around. Peter was standing there holding the wine for us. He was stunned and muttered “Holy fucking shit.”

I walked over to him and took the wine from him and set it down. He was so awestruck he and could not tear his eyes away from the sight of the two gorgeous women before him. They were lost in their lust. Barbara’s hands flew to Amanda’s head and she was fucking her pussy up into her face.

I slowly undid his cuffs and stood in front of him unbuttoning his shirt. He looked down at me and said “Holy fuck Sachiko. I’ve never done anything like this.”

I smiled and kissed his chest and slid his shirt off. Once it hit the floor I knelt down infront of him. I could hear the moans coming from Barbara were full of lust and I guess that music was all we needed.

I undid Peter’s belt and looked up. He was watching them again. I smiled privately and undid his pants. When I started to slide them off and they dropped to the floor I helped him step out of them. When I looked at his boxers and started pulling them down it was not so easy. His huge cock was as hard as steel and when I did this I looked up and he was watching me with a smile. I slid them down and his cock hit me in the face. I leaned in and kissed it as I helped him out of them.

My lovely man was now standing naked watching two incredibly hot women having sex while I was on my knees, fully clothed, gazing up at him.

Peter was watching them and I saw precum leaking from his cock. I raised up and licked it off the end of his cock. His eyes came back down to me and he smiled and held his hands out to help me stand. I stood and he turned me around to see what was happening.

I saw Barbara in the same position. She was crying out “Oh fuck yes, oh you sweet little pussy eater.” Amanda was giving it her all. She was finger fucking her while sucking on her clit. Barbara was lost in the pleasure as Amanda’s other hand was squeezing her nipple and tugging on it.

I felt Peter’s hands undoing my bustier. When he unzipped the hidden zipper he gently lifted it off over my head. When I could see again I was transfixed watching Barbara as she erupted in orgasm crying out in pleasure. Her body was heaving, her large breasts shaking with the pleasure of it. I could see her stomach muscles rippling beneath her beautiful skin, her legs shaking as she shuddered.

Peter leaned in and kissed my neck his arms coming around me. He whispered “You are so fucking beautiful.”

He ran his hands over my body and while doing so, his hands coming to my erect nipples. He began mauling them and tugging on my nipples. His mouth had fastened to my neck. He was biting and licking it. I love being bitten. My back arched into him, thrusting my breasts forward. I knew I was going to cum and could not believe it. Peter didn’t stop and I exploded in orgasm shaking in his arms. He kept kissing my neck as I came down from heaven and looked to see Barbara had pushed Amanda onto her back on the floor. Barbara had stripped off her skirt and was laying on the floor between Amanda’s splayed legs, eating her with the same enthusiasm Amanda had shown.

Peter kissed his way down my back as I took in the hot scene on the floor before us. I felt him slide my thong down. It was soaking wet. I could feel my juices running down my legs.

He stood back up and I could feel his hard cock between us at the small of my back. I leaned back into him as he held me, putting his arms around me. I was transfixed watching and felt him moving me forward. He stood me over Amanda’s face.

I knew what he wanted to see and slid my hands down his thighs, feeling his cock rubbing up my back, as I lowered my dripping wet pussy onto my beautiful brunette friends mouth. Amanda’s hands flew up and grabbed my ass as she started eating my tight little Asian pussy.

I looked to my side and Peter was standing back and watching slowly stroking his cock.

I glanced back down at Barbara licking and fingering Amanda’s pussy and could not resist the impulse. I leaned forward on Amanda moving us into a sixty nine position.

When my faced neared Barbara’s she look at me lustfully and grabbed my face and started kissing me. I could taste Amanda’s juices on her face. She suddenly drew back and drove her fingers in Amanda’s cunt, fucking her relentless, her fingers owning the pussy before her.

I leaned down and started licking Amanda’s clit. She went wild under me, shaking like a woman possessed. Between the hot scene of the finger fucking she was receiving and the feeling of Amanda’s hot tongue on my clit while she was finger banging me I was on the verge of exploding. When Amanda inserted a finger into my ass I lost it. I screamed out in pleasure and exploded my juices all over Amanda’s face.

I could not stop coming, I was thrashing and lost all sense of the world around me as I rocketed into the heavens. I had never felt anything like this.

I was vaguely aware that Amanda had hit orgasm under me but lost sense of it as I experienced my own.

Just as I was coming down I felt something else. Peter’s hands on my waist. I heard Barbara say “Fuck her” And turned my head to see the man I loved lining up just as he rammed his big cock into my pussy. I screamed out “Oh fuck” as he started hammering into me.

Amanda was licking my clit again and must have been licking Peter’s cock as it hammered me with a vengeance. I could feel Amanda’s breasts pressed against my body as I collapsed on her, being fucked deep and hard by Peter’s gorgeous cock.

I opened my eyes and saw Barbara had turned around and she was backing her ass up towards my face. I didn’t wait for it and grabbed a hold of her pulling her back suddenly. I buried my face in her sweet ass and started tonguing her asshole. She adjusted herself and mashed her pussy on my mouth, my nose hitting her tight pink anal hole. I was in heaven. She tasted as sweet as I had dared to dream she would. She was thrashing and forcing herself back onto my face.

Between the oral assault of Amanda licking my clit, my boyfriend’s huge cock hammering my tight pussy, and eating the pussy of one of the most gorgeous women I had ever seen I was done for. I felt my orgasm approaching like a Tsunami. My whole body started to shake and I screamed into Barbara’s gorgeous cunt as it hit. I felt Peter cumming inside me, my own juices exploding outwards. It was the greatest sexual high of my life up until that point. I was simply wrecked by it. I almost felt like I would die drowning in pleasure. I definitely passed out.

When I became aware again I opened my eyes and Barbara was laying next to me caressing my face and watching something. I turned my head and saw Peter was eating Amanda’s pussy. She was straddling his head, his cock proudly erect standing up from his body. Amanda was facing toward his feet but was arched backwards, her head thrown back in pleasure.

I looked up at Barbara’s face and she was smiling down at me. There was no other way to put it. She was looking at me with love. I smiled back at her staring into her beautiful blue eyes.

“Welcome back baby” she said gently caressing my face “I guess you enjoyed that huh?”

I smiled and said “That was unreal. I can’t describe it.”

She leaned down and kissed me lightly, and then with more passion as she leaned into me. I brought my hand up to her hair and pulled his lips to me. She rolled us so I was on my back and said “You just relax, I want to really take my time getting to know your incredible body.” She looked down along me as he hand began stroking lower. “I’ve never been with a Japanese girl. This is new to me.”

I smiled at her and said “I’ve never been with a woman like you in my life.”

She kissed me and began kissing and caressing me. Down along the whole length of my body. It was gentle and sensuous. I was glad for that, I didn’t know how much more I could take after my last orgasm. I wanted to watch what Peter was doing with Amanda, it was so hot, but I was lost in the feel of Barbara’s gentle ministrations. She was slowly building me up to a crescendo that was going to be beautiful. She spent a lot of time gently kissing and caressing my breasts, lightly licking them and biting them. I arched my back up giving her full access. This was a woman who had experience and it showed. I had never been with a woman like her, that was so gifted at this, or so sensuous.

She kissed her way down to my pussy and started licking it and kissing it. Gently opening me up and exploring me with her mouth in ways that rocked my world. She kept at this, all the time gently touching me with her hands and when she rolled me over onto my stomach and lifted up on hips I went with her as she gently guided me into position. She put a large pillow under my stomach and laid me down on it, eliminating the need for me to hold myself up. I lowered myself down onto it and relaxed completely, crossing my arms under my head as I relaxed. She continued to use her mouth and hands on me. When she slid two fingers gently inside my pussy I moaned in pleasure. She kept loving me and when her tongue began to flick and tease my tight asshole I moaned out louder and came up to my elbows. I heard her laugh softly. I lowered my head, hanging it down, resting my forehead on the carpet.

I could hear Amanda crying out an orgasm and that heightened my arousal, knowing my Peter was doing that to her.

My orgasm approached and I knew it was going to be wonderful. It rolled over me gently as I moaned out, immersing me in feelings of sexual release that just continued to float me higher and higher. I could feel Barbara’s tongue probing deep into my ass and her fingers curled and caressing my g-spot, her thumb on my clit. Suddenly the pleasure shot through me like lightening, gaining momentum and I realized I had experienced a series of small orgasms, this coming one would be huge.

It hit and I screamed out “Oh Barbara” as I exploded in sensation. As I came down from it I could feel her kissing and caressing her way up my back. She gently took the pillow from under me and I rolled over to take her into my arms in a loving embrace and kissed her and kept saying thank you.

Barbara leaned back and said “Don’t thank me, I enjoyed that as much as you did.”

I looked over toward the couch and saw Peter was now sitting on the couch and Amber was on her knees licking his cock and stroking it with her hand.

I smiled at Barbara and said “You know, we could all go in the bedroom.” She smiled at me and said “Oh they look alright” as she started kissing me again.

I rolled her onto her back and said “My turn” giggling.

I was feeling playful and started kissing my way down her body and using my finger nails and hands to help make this good for her. When I reached he amazing breasts I stopped. I looked up and this Nordic goddess was looking down at me with a smile. I feasted on them. I did everything I could to make this good. I licked, nibbled, tugged, and lightly bit them. They were so full and glorious I admit I was a little jealous.

I moved down licking her stomach watching her muscles ripples under her taut silky skin. She was so fucking beautiful. I raised my head and looked at her whole body willing myself to remember this vision.

I resumed my journey south and kissed my way down her thighs past her knees. I kissed and caressed my way back up to her sweet and delicious looking pussy. It was beautifully pink and the juices coming from it were absolutely delicious.

I began lightly kissing and licking along the length of her. I slid my tongue inside and felt her back arch. I actually felt like a novice making love to someone as gorgeous as she was, someone who was so talented and had given me so much pleasure. I was eager to please her.

I licked her and started fingering her gently. I curled my fingers upward and was working them in a twisting motion. Moving my tongue to her clit I kept licking and lightly trapped it between my teeth, flicking it with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and clealy loving this. I brought my other hand up and rubbed it over her to get it wet, then moved it down and started teasing her asshole with it. I was not prepared for the response, she exploded in orgasm immediately.

Her strong thighs flew around my body and her hands locked in my hair holding me in place. I did not stop, I was loving this, all of it and wanted to make her cum and cum.

She kept convulsing and her grip relaxed. I took advantage and moved my hands to bend her legs up and moved my face down to her exposed ass. I immediately began licking it and kissing it. She was moaning and started shaking again. I loved eating her ass. It was so erotic and so fresh. There was no other way to put it. Her ass was heaven. When she came again just from this I knew I had her where I wanted her. My animal side came out and I rolled her over onto her stomach and pulled up on her hips.

She came with my as I did it saying “Oh you nasty bitch” and I spanked her ass and buried my face back between her cheeks. She jumped and moaned at the spank so I kept doing it as I was tonguing her ass and pussy. I sensed movement and saw Amanda get in front of her. I didn’t look to see where Peter was, I had to trust he was happy.

Amanda grabbed Barbara’s head and buried it in her pussy. I kept spanking Barbara and this seemed to start a fire in her. She suddenly grabbed Amanda’s thighs and pulled forcing her flat and she went after it, slapping Amanda’s clit as she tongued her wet pussy.

Amanda had clearly not expected this but got into it face saying “Spank my naughty pussy you kinky bitch.”

I heard a male moan behind me and knew Peter was loving the show. I had to get into it and said “You like my tongue up your ass slut? You like my sweet little Japanese mouth eating your ass?”

She screamed out “Yes, I fucking love it, don’t you dare stop… spank me harder.”

Amanda screamed and came hard. I could feel that Barbara was going to have another so I one hand and slid two fingers in her ass, two more in her pussy and started using my thumb to hit her clit. I started spanking her with the other hand saying “Come for my you hot fucking bitch!”

She did, she screamed into Amanda’s pussy and her whole body, now covered with an erotic sheen of sweat, convulsed as it coursed through her. As she gradually came down I removed my hands and let her relax laying flat on the floor, her head resting on Amanda’s thigh. She was panting.

Amanda had her eyes closed and was also breathing hard, laying flat on her back.

I turned and looked. Peter was sitting on the couch, his cock still incredibly hard.

I crawled over to him and said “Ready for more Tiger?”

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Puff Adder Pt. 03

GavinTonight I was going to meet Jason's best friend, Anna. I've known him since I was five. He was one…

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