All I Wanted Was Her Money by fbailey


All I Wanted Was Her Money by fbaileyI really wanted to go to that concert but I didn’t have enough money for the ticket. My father would not give it to me either, he just kept telling me to get a job. Fuck that, I wasn’t going to work for a living. There had to be better ways to get money. Then it struck me…steal it.I got a hold of my father’s pistol but he kept the bullets in another locked box that I couldn’t get into.I went out one rainy night thinking that it would be easier to catch some helpless woman by herself.I was soaked to the skin when I finally found a woman coming out of a bar. She was staggering, so I knew that she was drunk. I walked up behind her and put my arm around her. I grabbed the tit on the far side and poked the gun into her other tit.I said, “All I want is your money.”She laughed and said, “I don’t have any money. I give guys blowjobs for my drinks. It works out well for both of us.”Just then I realized who she was, she looked into my face, and she realized who I was too.She was my English teacher.I pushed her down an alley and under some cover just out of the street light. I lifted her short skirt, pulled her panties off to one side, and stuck the end of my gun up into her pussy.Miss Amore said, “Don’t let that gun go off in there, else I will loose my money maker forever.”I asked, “What?”Miss Amore said, “I turn tricks to make my expenses. You don’t think that I can live on my teacher’s salary, do you?”I looked at her and asked, “Are you a whore?”Miss Amore replied, “I prefer to be called a hooker, a prostitute, or even a call girl. Whore is such a bad word.”I asked, “What do you charge?”Miss Amore replied, “Usually a hundred dollars for straight sex, two hundred for anal.”I asked, “What about blowjobs?”Miss Amore replied, “Three mixed drinks.”I asked, “How much is that?”Miss Amore said, “Sadly, about ten to fifteen dollars. But I can get drunk and it doesn’t cost me anything.”I said, “Well all I wanted was your money but now I’ll settle for being your pimp. I want half.”Miss Amore said, “Fuck you, I don’t need a pimp. I can handle myself.”I shoved the gun up inside her further and said, “I need a couple hundred dollars to go to a concert and you are going to earn it for me.”Miss Amore asked, “How?”I replied, “By fucking my friends.”Miss Amore said, “Not my students. I can’t fuck my students. I’ll loose my job.”I laughed and said, “That job doesn’t pay the bills, remember.”Miss Amore was starting to sober up somewhat and said, “Okay, okay, I’ll get you your money but I won’t fuck my students.”I took the gun out of her pussy and put my cock in, then I said, “I’m one of your students and I’m fucking you.”Miss Amore laughed and said, “You’re not one of my students, you’re my pimp, remember. A freebee is just one of your privileges.”I filled her with cum and pulled out. Then I said, “I need the money by Friday. The concert is on Saturday.”Miss Amore said, “Okay but don’t tell anyone that I’m a hooker, don’t tell anyone that you are my pimp, and most important of all don’t feel me up in school. I don’t want to loose my job.”I asked, “How will I get my freebee when I want one?”Miss Amore said, “Meet me at my house bursa escort after school and you can fuck me. Just don’t bring any of your friends with you and don’t let them see you come to my house.”I walked her home so that I knew where she lived. I went in and watched her undress. She sure was worth a hundred dollars and a whole lot more. I got to fuck her one more time and then I went home.On Friday at school Miss Amore handed me an envelope after class. There was three hundred dollars in it and a note that read, “Thanks for not saying anything. I thought that you could use some extra spending money. Come by after school, I miss you.”I felt like a king, I had plenty of money, and I didn’t have to work for it. Dad was wrong.After school I was waiting for Miss Amore to arrive. I was hiding in the bushes so that no one would see me. Miss Amore thanked me for protecting her reputation. Then she showed me where she kept her extra key so that I could let myself in next time.I got to take a shower with her and then I got a blowjob. I had never had a blowjob before but I was sure that it was a great one. It felt like she was trying to suck my balls up through my cock. When I did cum she sucked every drop out of my cock and she even wanted more.Miss Amore asked me if Jim Ryan was my father and I told her that he was. She then said that he was one of the men that had contributed to my concert money. She smiled when she said that he had paid two hundred dollars for anal sex, saying that his wife didn’t understand his needs. I just smiled because I knew that my mother was a prude. I smiled bigger knowing that he had given me the money, the self-righteous prick.On Saturday I went to the concert and I got a seat up close. I bought a T-shirt and got a signed CD too. I didn’t even care what time I got home.Dad stopped me at the door and asked me what I had been up too. I replied, “I went to the concert thanks to you.”Of course he asked, “Thanks to me?”I said, “Yeah, you fucked my hooker in the ass and then you gave her two hundred dollars. Thanks! That’s what I had asked you for in the first place.”Dad said, “At least I got a fuck out of it.”That was when Mom came around the corner and said, “I heard that you bastard. You’re out fucking prostitutes because I won’t let you stick that cock of yours up my ass. I have let you do it a few times and I have never enjoyed it. What I have always asked for was for you to go down on me. I love oral sex. I’ll suck your cock if you’ll do me first.”Then Mom turned to me and asked, “Does your hooker do women too?”I said, “I’ll ask her and Mom, you can get her for free. I’ll set it up. Dad you’ll have to pay double from now on.”I gave it a moments thought and said, “Better yet Mom, I’ll call her and see if she will do you.”I called and Miss Amore answered her phone. When I explained to her about Mom she laughed and said that she would be right over after she took a shower.When she arrived, Dad was in their bedroom so I let them use my bedroom.I watched some television until Miss Amore came down the stairs naked and told me that my mother wanted to talk to me. She went back up with me.There was Mom in my bed with the bursa escort bayan covers pulled up under her breasts so that both of them were exposed to me. Miss Amore crawled under the covers with her and lowered the covers so that they just covered Mom’s pussy.She seemed a little uncomfortable at first but soon Mom was saying, “Thank you so much. She was amazing. I have never felt that good before. She invited me to turn tricks with her as one of your hookers, but only with other women. That way I can get what I want and not let strangers fuck me. I won’t even need your father after this.”I looked at Miss Amore and she said, “I can set her up with a woman about once a day, maybe more often if she wishes. It will run the client about three hundred dollars for a two hour session. Your mother might wind up doing all of the work but several of the women will reciprocate if the mood strikes them.”My mother asked, “Can you set up two for tomorrow? I would like one in the morning and one in the afternoon.”Miss Amore said, “Sure thing sweetheart. Now show your pimp how good you are. Remember he gets half of your money and he gets a freebee whenever he wants one.”Miss Amore then threw off all of the covers. Mom had a big dildo sticking out of her pussy. Miss Amore got on the other end of it and then Mom started fucking herself and Miss Amore in earnest. Just as soon as Miss Amore had her first orgasm, Mom got down there and started sucking on her clit giving her two more orgasms immediately.I looked at Mom’s brown puckered asshole and could understand why Dad would want to fuck it. I know that I did. However, I got behind her and I stuck my cock into her wet pussy.Mom looked back at me and then Miss Amore said, “It’s all right sweetheart, he’s just taking his freebee. Remember, we talked about this.”I had never thought about fucking my own mother before but she sure felt good and I loved being inside her. Besides I could have a freebee anytime that I wanted one. The best part was that she lived with me and she would almost always be available.I grabbed onto what she referred to as her love handles and just ever so gently fucked my cock into her wet hole. Mom moaned with pleasure and went back to work on Miss Amore’s clit. This time she was gentle too. The three of us enjoyed all of the sexual pleasure we could get as we all journeyed toward that climatic end. The three of us climaxed together giving Mom the best sexual experience of her life.Miss Amore went home and Mom slept in my bed.In the morning Mom received a call from Miss Amore telling her to give herself a douche, an enema, and to take a nice long hot bath. She was to be at a woman’s house at exactly ten o’clock in the morning and not to be late. She was to be given three hundred dollars cash before starting. Afterwards she was to come home and clean herself on the inside and on the outside again and then to be at another address at two o’clock in the afternoon. Each woman was to get her full two hours worth.I was not home when Mom came back neither the first time nor the second time. However, when I did finally get home she was excited to tell me about her day. First she handed me escort bursa three hundred dollars. That was my half of her earnings. Then Mom told me all about her clients.The first woman lived in a large house and had a Jacuzzi right in her bedroom. She had Mom play with her nipples and eat her pussy for the first hour. Then she had Mom finger her asshole and suck on her clit for a half-hour. Finally the woman got into a sixty-nine with Mom. They were having such a good time that Mom gave her extra half-hour as a bonus.After cleaning herself up and going to the second house Mom knew the woman from church. The woman didn’t care who Mom was, she gave her the money, spread her legs, and told Mom to get started. Mom licked that foul cunt for two hours straight. Her tongue was so sore that she could hardly speak afterwards. She could hardly wait to say hello to that woman in church on Sunday.I asked Mom if she would do it again and I got a resounding, “Yes.”That night Miss Amore called Mom with two more addresses and times. She would have to go straight from church to her first assignment but she really wanted to say hello to that woman.I thanked Miss Amore for all of her help with Mom then I took Mom up to my bed.It was dinnertime but I had something else in mind. Mom was still clean from her last appointment so I got into a sixty-nine and let her suck me off. Her pussy tasted pretty good and I couldn’t figure out why Dad didn’t like eating it. The next morning Mom got ready to go to church and to her first assignment right afterwards. I did not see her until that evening around dinnertime.Mom said, “Honey I had the best day ever. I saw the lady from last night and I made it a point to go up to with a couple of other women and thank her for the wonderful time that we had together. She pretended that we had a private bible study session. In a way we did because I got her to praise God a few times.”“I went to my first assignment to find out that it was the rectory right next door to the church. My assignment was the minister’s wife. She could not believe that I was filling in for Miss Amore. As I was licking her pussy she told me that Miss Amore lets her son fuck her so that the minister’s wife could eat it out of her pussy. I told her that if I can let my son fuck me then she could let her son fuck her. I told her that if I could watch that I would be happy to clean her hole out again afterwards. She was not crazy about it but her son sure was. So I watched him fuck his mother for the first time and then I ate her pussy. Before my two hours were up her husband came home, heard about his son fucking his wife so he fucked her too. Then he watched me clean her out again. For doing such a good job I got an extra hundred dollars and I was invited to come back next Sunday after church too.”My second assignment was with two women. They are lovers and they like to share a woman once in a while. I got special treatment from them both. They did all of the work and I received all of the pleasure. It was so good that I refused to take their money. They insisted that I take it though.”Then Mom handed me two hundred and fifty dollars.Mom had made more money in just two days than Dad did in a whole week of work. She also loved doing it with so many different women. Between my two hookers I was able to go to college and major in business management with a minor in accounting.

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