All In A Days Work


He smiled at her as he passed her the change. His hand touching hers as he emptied the coins to her. She looked up and flashed her bright green eyes at him. His heart skipped a beat and stomach flipped. ‘Is she flirting with me?’ He thought.

“Thank you very much,” he said, “have a good day.”

“Sorry to bother you some more Richard, but I don’t suppose you could drop it round for me do you? I have more shopping to get and don’t think I can manage it all.”

“Not a problem Lorrinda. I’ll drop it off in my lunch hour. Will you be in about 12.30?”

“I will make I am. What do you drink? Tea or coffee? I will have the kettle on.”

“Coffee. White no sugar please. Just leave your bags and I will bring them round.”

“You’re such a polite young man. Not everyone would be this kind to an old lady like me!” she said with a smile and a wink.

‘My god, she is flirting with me.’ Richard thought with a smile.

“Next please.” And on he continued with his work. Serving customer after customer on the never ending conveyer belt of a convenience store.

12.25 came round and Richard finally left the till, went to get his coat and collected Lorrinda’s bags from the chiller. “No rush to get back Richard. Remember the customer always comes first here.”

“Thanks boss. Will be back as soon as I can.” He shouted back as he left the store.

Lorrinda only left 5 minutes away; slowly Richard walked round the corner and headed to her house. Feeling slightly nervous as he saw her house a little further along the road his paced slowed as he thought about what to say to her.

As he reached the door, he found it open. And a voice from inside the house shouted “Come in. I’m in the kitchen. Just follow the hall to the end and you will find me. Close the door when you come in.”

Richard followed the instructions and knocked the door shut with his elbow. He heard the latch lock click into place locking the door behind him. Walking down the hall he looked around at this impressive house. He had heard that Lorrinda had money but was never really aware of how well off she was.

The tiled stone floor was polished to within an inch of its life, the furniture, large and old stood sentry like either side of the hall, guarding their mistress with their imposition. The bags now seemed full of lead as Richard continued down the hall, past the large staircase towards the end door. The house was silent apart from the faint humming coming from the kitchen.

Opening the door with his hip, he practically fell into the kitchen. Stumbling, he finally fell sprawled on the floor at Lorrinda’s feet. Looking up from her feet he finally took in this lady who he had thought about all morning.

Her peep toe shoes, the painted pedicured toe nails of a woman of wealth, stockinged legs, the skirt that ends just above the knee, the cream blouse and the hair freshly coifed.

“It’s been too long since a young man has thrown themselves at my feet”, she giggled, “and with all my shopping too.” She took a long pull on her menthol cigarette and expelled a plume of silvery smoke from her nostrils.

Smiling, Richard got to his feet. “Sorry about that, I hope I haven’t broken anything.”

“If you have I will have to take it out of your body!” came the reply. The smile gone from Lorrinda’s mouth.

Richard was confused. Not knowing how to handle such a situation he reverted back to his customer service training that he had received in the store. “Sorry madam, I’m sure that if I have broken anything I will replace it for you. Once again. My apologies.”

“I don’t want your apologies. poker oyna If you have broken anything I will take the cost from your body. Now check the shopping.”

Richard heaved the bags onto the worktop as Lorrinda sat there smoking her cigarettes. Empting the bags he checked each item for breaks or damage. Anything that was broken or unusable he put to one side. The other things he put away as ordered by Lorrinda. Who sat there staring at him, her eyes boring holes into him.

Finally with the good shopping away it was time to add up the cost. Marking off the good against the receipt Lorrinda finally tallied up what was owed by Richard.

“Mmmmmm, it seems that you owe me £8.59 in services for the shopping you have broken or damaged. How are you going to repay me what is owed?”

“I can get you replacements from the shop madam. It will take me 5 minutes if you would like.”

“NO! I want to take it from you.” Standing up Lorrinda unbuttoned her blouse to expose a pair of large sagging tits being held up in a beautiful light blue lace bra. Her areole and nipples clearly visible through the delicate lace.

“Come here. As you have damaged my goods you have to make up their value. I will decide what I want you to do and a value for each of the activities. First, come over here and rub your big hands all over my tits. You need to make my nipples hard if you want to remove some of the debt you owe me.”

Richard couldn’t believe his ears. This woman wanted him to pleasure her as a punishment. Slowly Richard walked over to her and gently stroked her shoulders, running his hands and fingers down over the front of her bra. His hands reaching under her breasts and lifting them, weighing them. Working his way back up, softly brushing her nipples through the lace. He felt her shiver slightly.

Now, slipping the straps off her shoulders, he pulled down the front of her bra, exposing her white flesh and dark brown nipples. His fingers expertly brushing around her areole, circling towards her hardening nipples.

“Suck them.” Lorrinda ordered. “Suck on my tits like a newborn. Feed from me.”

Richard bowed his head towards her ample chest, flicking his tongue out he caught her nipple. Goose bumps erupted over Lorrinda’s aged flesh, her nipple, now bullet like pointing down her slightly flabby waist.

Sucking her nipple deep into his mouth he hears her groan in delight. It feels like he’s going to suck her tits off, she holds his head to her breast “suck hard. Make it hurt.” Lorrinda grunted at him.

With her other hand she undoes the zip on her skirt. Shimmying her hips, it drops to the floor. The pain of her nipple still in Richard’s mouth as she shakes makes her gasp and push a hand to her crotch running her palm over the tight fabric.

“Good boy, now that must be 10 pence off the debt, You managed to get these old nipples hard” she says, standing there now pulling her own nipples with force, lifting the weight of her hefty udders by the nipple.

“Now, let’s see how we can get some more of the debt off. Come with me.”

Dutifully Richard followed her out of the kitchen. Assessing the large swaying hips in front of him, her bum covered in a pair of fine lace knickers, with a suspender belt attached holding up a pair of tan stockings with a lace band around the top. His cock now hard at the thought of what is happening to him and what is about to happen.

Down the hall way, he followed her, and into a little parlour, the furniture old and saggy, reminding Richard of his demanding customer. “Now to get rid of some more of that debt. Kneel here.” She pointed to the canlı poker oyna floor in front of a large comfortable sofa. Richard did as he was told.

Lorrinda sat down. “Now you have my tits wanting you, you have to make my cunt want you! Do what you think you need to make me want to fuck you.”

There she sat, watching him, waiting for him to satisfy his debt and her. Taking a cigarette from the table beside her she lit it. Drawing a long pull, blowing out in Richard’s direction. “Well. What are you waiting for?”

Richard grabbed hold of each knee and pulled apart her thighs. There was no resistance from her. Just a plume of smoke rising from her mouth. Richard rubbed his hands over the inside of her stockinged thighs, up to the band of soft white flesh. He smiled. He remembered his father calling it “the ‘giggle band’ once you get past there your laughing son”.

Now massaging the flesh near her hole he could smell the expensive perfume she used, the laundry powder that she used coming from her freshly laundered knickers and the smell of her menthol cigarettes. Richard thought his cock could not get much harder.

His hands running lightly over the flesh of this old dominant woman. His fingers brushing against the edges of her tight lacy knickers as she sits watching him, smoking a cigarette and pulling hard on her nipples.

“For fucks sake! Rub my cunt! You’re not going to make me want you if you are just going to piss about.” She shouted at him.

Dutifully he placed his hand on her mound, and started running his fingers along her slit. Lorrinda shuffles forward and opens her legs a little wider to give him greater access, her knickers now stretched across her hole he can see the outline of her pussy, her saggy labia sticking out of the side.

Rubbing her now through her knickers he hears her moan as the sensation filters throughout her old body. “Go on.” she urges “Keep rubbing me. It feels so nice. A young boy like you rubbing my old cunt.”

Richard stops and with a hand either side of her knickers he tugs. Lorrinda’s legs come together and rose. As he pulls them off her sees her old gash. The hairs, wispy, grey and thinning around her sex. Her labia with its own pout. She puts her legs back on the floor and Richard opens them up again, his fingers unpeeling her labia. Opening her up, he smells her scent. The muskiness of her rising into his nose. His tongue runs over her lips, tasting an old woman for the first time, pleasantly surprised, he continues to run his tongue over her slit. Starting at the bottom her licks long on her., ending at her hardening clit. The moans of appreciation knowing that he is doing a good job.

His tongue now stroking her as she lights another cigarette nonchalantly. Her stomach now feels the effects of his attention on her clit. Flipping with every flick of her clit. She wants to feel something inside her, playing with her.

“Richard. You need to get some of this on your fingers and put it inside me. Hold out your hand.”

Richard held out his hand as she squirted some jelly type substance on his hand. Doing as he was told her rubbed the lotion into her. Instantly transforming her hole into a slippery damp mess. “Now push your fingers into me, while you eat my clit.”

Eagerly now, Richard pushed 2 fingers into her saggy, old hole, locking his mouth onto her clit and sucked it deep into his mouth. The gasps from Lorrinda came thick and fast as Richard pushed his fingers in and out of her, helped by the lube, finding her spot.

Lorrinda’s stomach was a complete knot of sexual tension. For the first time in years she was internet casino being finger fucked by a man. With the thought of what delights she could get from this young man between her legs. She felt it explode out of her. Gripping his head between her legs she let out a yell. All her muscles cramping at once, gripping to his fingers inside her, pulling his head deep into her cunt, she climaxed, wave after wave of her juice ran from her gash onto Richard face. His fingers still pushed deep inside her.

Drinking from her now he could not help himself. Undoing his trousers, he releases his hard cock from the captivity his boxers. Taking his thick member in his hand he starts to pump it as he continues to eat her.

“Stand up!” came the order. Richard continued to eat away at her cunt and push his fingers in and out of the old woman. “Stand up!” this time more forcefully. She pulls Richard’s hair and his head comes away from her throbbing, exhausted hole. His fingers slide out of her with an audible squelch.

“I said stand up!” Richard stood up. His trousers falling down to his ankles. “Well, well, well. Can’t keep your cock in your trousers can you, you dirty little boy. Where do you think your going to put that?” she asked.

“I don’t know! Maybe in your cunt” came the cocky reply

“How dare you speak to me like that?” Lorrinda roared. “You filthy little boy. Do you think that I would allow you to put that inside my beautifully pampered cunt? I think not.”

With that she reached out and grabbed his balls, tugging hard she pulled him towards her. “You have a beautiful cock!” she lamented, “But it isn’t going to be emptying itself in my cunt.”

Rubbing his balls in her hand, his cock twitching she shook another cigarette out of the packet, stuck it into her lipsticked mouth, lit it and inhaled deeply.

“Nothing better than a cigarette after having a boy make you come! Now, what to do with you?” Lorrinda mused.

Taking a deep drag on her cigarette, she pulled his cock towards her mouth. Pointing his cock towards her she sucked the head of his hard penis into her mouth. He could feel the cool smoke in her mouth as she sucked on his member. Her head now gently bobbing up and down on his cock, he reaches down and grabs one of her nipples, still hard, and gently tugs at it.

Taking his cock in her hand now, not his balls, she wanks him into her old mouth. The length of his cock sliding into her mouth, being removed only to fill her lungs with smoke. Blowing it over his cock. He can feel the welling up in his balls as he is getting near his own end.

Pulling hard on her tits she gasps as he pushes his cock deep into her mouth. She swallows the end of his cock and he shudders, she is going to make him cum.

Now wanking his hard cock she takes the twitching hardness out of her mouth and gets ready for him. Wanking him over her huge saggy tits. She wants to see if she can milk this young man.

One hand on his cock the other stroking his bum, she feels him tense and with a grunt and a spasm he shoots his first load of hot sperm onto her tits. Removing the hand from his bum she rubs it onto her pendulous breast. The next squirt shoots out onto her neck, still pumping his hard cock she points it at her face and gets a wad on her lips. Tasting him she finally puts his cock back in her mouth to take the last push form his balls. Sucking him hungrily until he finally softens in her wet, warm mouth.

“Come and sit down with me.” He sat down next to her. “Look at the mess you have made on me now.” He looked at her old body, sitting next to him. To his surprise his cock started to harden again. “I think that for us to cancel anymore of this debt perhaps we need to tidy up first.” Putting an arm around him she guided his head towards her chest. “Eat you cum off me!” she demanded.

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