All in the Family – Patty’s Story (Part IV)


All in the Family – Patty’s Story (Part IV)Following the swinger party at the Johnson’s; where the Johnson’s, Mom and Dad, Cindy (the Johnson’s daughter), Patty (my 16 year old sister) and I went to separate bedrooms for some swinger’s fun…I went with Mrs. Johnson and Patty went with Mr. Johnson by their special request; we drove home. No one said anything as we drove back to the house. There, mom said it was bedtime that we were probably all exhausted. I got undressed, waited about a half an hour, snuck out of my room, went to mom and dad’s bedroom door and listened, I could hear them fucking wildly. Next I went to Patty’s room, slid in bed with her. She said, “I have been waiting for you, what took so long?”I told her I wanted to make sure mom and dad were asleep. Then I looked at her and anxiously asked, “What happened, what did you do, did he fuck you, tell me, tell me.”“I will tell you if you promise to tell me what you did, okay?” she made me promise. “Well, he took me by the hand and led me to this bedroom and asked if I wanted my mom to be in there with us and I told him ‘No, after all I am 16 years old.’ He just chuckled. Then he told me what a pretty little girl I was, so innocent looking and a sweet breath of fresh air. We sat in these two chairs across from one another istanbul travesti and he asked me about school, if I had a boyfriend, if I had a doll collection or still played with dolls and stuff like that. But I could see him looking at my legs and I think he was trying to see up my skirt. Remember, mommy let me wear my short one. Then he shifted his chair over next to mine and told my that I had beautiful legs. I kind of liked that, it made me feel good. He was being really nice to me and before I knew it, I wasn’t nervous any longer. He told me he liked how my thigh high stockings didn’t quite come up to the bottom of my skirt and how he could see some of my skin…you know how you liked it?” I nodded in the affirmative. “Then he asked, real nice and politely, if he could touch my stockings.” Patty went on. “He was so nice so I said he could. He ran his hands over them and told me how soft they were, that they were just like silk. He would move his hand up to the lace around the top of the stockings then stop there. It was making me tingle and I kinda wanted him to go higher and touch my skin, but I didn’t say anything. He, again, told me how cute I was then asked if he could kiss me on the lips. I still didn’t understand what we were doing here and why we istanbul travestileri were in a bedroom, alone, but he was so being so nice to me and all that I told him he could.”“He is kind of handsome for an old guy.” I said.“Yeah, I think so, too.” She agreed. “Well, he kissed me so softly, it was so sweet. But, he kept his hand on my leg.” She gave a little mischievous look and said, “I kind of liked that. After the kiss he told me that I had very soft lips and that I would make a very good kisser when I grew up.“Then he stood up and took my hand for me to stand and lead me over to the bed. He said it would be more comfortable here and the arm of the chairs wouldn’t get in the way. He told me, again, how beautiful I was and told me that I must be at least 17 or 18 years old. I just giggled and told him I was only 16 ‘No!’ he said. I giggled some more and told him I really was 16. He told me that he couldn’t believe it because I had such a nice bosom. I know I blushed and giggled some more. I felt so dumb always giggling. Then he asked if he could kiss me again. I told him okay and then he added that he would like to touch my tongue with his. I said, ‘You mean a French kiss.’ He gave me a big smile and told my yes. I was really getting to like him. So, we travesti istanbul kissed again and this time he put his tongue in my mouth and we Frenched. We kissed a long time and as we did he lowered me back onto the bed.“After the long kiss he raised up a little over me. I was a little out of breath from such a long kiss and a hot kiss, too the way he played with my tongue. Then he said, ‘I know this is kind of bold of me you being so young and all, but would you let an old man like me touch a little girls breasts?’ That scared me a little but he was so nice and gentle and I did like the kiss very much. So, I told him okay if he wanted to. I was still lying on my back as he started gently touching me. His hands were so soft on me. He told me he could feel my little nipples getting hard. Well, that really embarrassed me and I know I turned bright red. He told me that he was sorry that he didn’t mean to embarrass me and leaned back down and kissed me and it was another French kiss.“He kept touching my tits as he kissed me and then I felt his hand slip under my top and really touch me…you know I wasn’t wearing a bra. Mommy said I didn’t have to. Then he rose up ever so slightly and whispered to me that he would love to kiss a 16 year old girl’s breasts if I would be so kind as to let him. By now I was really tingling all over and I said he could.“So, he moved down and pushed my top up and started kissing my nipples. You know how I like that,” Patty said.As she did, I leaned forward in the bed and kissed her bare nipples and then started sucking on them.

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