All the Power Pt. 3: A procession and a punishment


Dawn had not yet broken over the Sacred Estate as the boats pulled up to up to the piers. Tetenia sat, naked, cramped in with over 100 other concubines, looking out a small window at the water. She still had much penance to do, months of it, probably more, but for today she was happy to be off her knees. It was the day of the Changing of the Term.

For thirty days per year, each of the forty-eight Subject Kingdoms and twelve Imperial Provinces must send twelve individuals to perform the Term of Sacred Service. These individuals must be distinguished or highborn, or preferably both. During the Term, they would act as His Supremacy’s personal servants – running errands, fetching concubines, and performing other tasks. They were usually referred to as term servants.

His Supremacy had sixty term servants at any given time. Each month, a new rotation consisting of twelve servants each from four Subject Kingdoms and one Imperial Province would perform the Term of Sacred Service. At the start of the month, these rotations would turn over – the Changing of the Term.

The Changing always began with a processsion of His Supremacy’s concubines, who walked fully nude into the Sacred Throne Room and presented their bodies to Him as He sat upon the Sacred Throne.

Bleary-eyed, Tetenia exited the boat onto a massive concrete platform along with the other concubines. It felt good to stand and be in the fresh air, but it was chilly in the pre-dawn and she was naked. She rubbed herself with her hands, hoping to warm up a bit. Two boats, docked on opposite sides of the platform, carried concubines who streamed out onto it.

Tetenia began looking around. She had always been praised for her beauty, but suddenly she felt a bit inadequate. All of these women belonged to His Supremacy? Of course they did. All things belonged to His Supremacy, these were just the fortunate few who were chosen to live out their highest purpose.

They certainly did not all look exactly the same, but all were beautiful and most were curvaceous, the sorts of women that men fought over and wrote poems for. None were truly worthy of His Supremacy.

Tetenia wandered a bit, taking in the scene. The first hints of dawn were starting to show, and the concubines would look even more beautiful in the daylight. She was walking towards the center of the platform when an arm reached out suddenly and grabbed her. “Don’t walk there!,” a voice said, with a mixture of surprise and concern.

Tetenia stopped, almost tripping over herself, and looked down. Just in front of her was a narrow strip of pure gold in the middle of the concrete, maybe about four feet across. Tetenia looked at the smiled sheepishly. “Sorry,” she said.

The woman – a sultry blonde, every bit as naked as Tetenia – said “that’s the Golden Path. It is reserved for His Supremacy. Anyone else who traves upon it must follow Him on their knees, kissing the ground He walks on.” She cleared her throat. “If he permits it.”

“Oh, I didn’t know. I’m really sorry. I’m new around here, I guess. I’m Tetenia.”

The woman nodded. “Edea. It’s OK. Now you know.”

Tetenia was about to ask her how best to learn such things, but she turned and walked away. Evidently, she was not interested in making new friends.

At that moment, a horn blasted, and the concubines began lining up on either side of the Golden Path, one concubine on each side of it, in pairs of two. In front of thme was a massive marble staircase, beyond which lay the central entrance to His Sacred Palace, out of sight. Two by two, the concubines walked up the stairs.

Tetenia looked out towards the sun rising over the hills to the east. His Sacred Palace extended down the shoreline, a marble walls and balconies sloping down towards the lake’s edge. The first glimmers of sunlight danced on the water. Tetenia smiled.


The concubines ascended the top of the staircase and then stopped suddenly, partway through an even more gigantic platform, this one made of marble. Tetenia, who had been taking in the view, was startled and again almost tripped on herself. She looked around quizically. Once it became clear they were going no further, she leaned up to the concubine in front of her and asked why.

The concubine tapped Tetenia’s shoulder, and pointed forwards and up. Tetenia looked up and audibly gasped. Her heart started beating faster.

Before her was the central entrance to His Sacred Palace, which led to His Supremacy’s main throne room. The structure was six-hundred feet wide and four-hundred feet tall, its wall a sheath of pure, shining, marble. The rest of the main Palace, to which it was connected, had a variety of windows and balconies, but not here. There were two large triangular windows on the upper left and right corners, and that was it. The walls were pure marble. On the far sides were two enormous statues of His Supremacy, over three hundred feet tall and nearly a hundred feet wide. Each statue depicted Him sitting naked upon a throne, a concubine or Queen Priestess kneeling before Him and worshipping Him. Both statues were made entirely of pure gold.

At the center was the entrance itself – an utterly enormous solid gold door, four hundred feet wide and over five hundred feet high at the middle, tapering off at the sides. The procession of concubines had stopped where it did because the door needed an enormous amount of clearance.

Tetenia’s palms grew sweaty and her left arm started shaking. She tried to regulate her heartbeat, but she kept looking at the mind-boggling scene before her. She knew His Sacred Palace, and especially the central entrance and throne room, was enormous, but she had never seen it up close. A trumpet sounded. Tetenia looked down a bit a noticed hundreds of men – all guards – with their bodies tethered to the enormous golden door.

The men began walking forward with great effort, straining, heaving. The door gradually opened with a deafening roar. The men strained and heaved forward as the door slid across the marble. Tetenia thought it almost sounded like thunder, but it didn’t really – it sounded like what thunder might sound like if you happened to be inside the cloud producing it. She began to quiver.

The procession entered an anteroom, but calling it an anteroom seemed wholly inadequate. It was an enormous room, so huge it didn’t even feel indoors – six hundreed feet wide and equally as long and four hundred feet tall. Its walls were, again, sheathed in pure marble. On either side, at its edges, the room gave way to hallways and staircases leading to other parts of the Palace. Behind them, where they just entered, the wall was decorated with carvings depicting His Supremacy’s conquests and varous subjects and potentates prostrating themselves before Him, and Him in repose with varous beautiful concubines and Queen Priestesses.

Before them was the entrance to His throne room, another marble wall with another enormous golden door, almost as large as the last one. This one opened in the same way, with hundreds of guard-servants tethered to it, with a thundering roar.

Tetenia felt like her heart was beating out of her chest.


Tetenia had been awestruck. When they entered the throne room, she did not know if a word existed to describe the level of awe.

She had heard that His Supremacy’s throne room was large enough to fit one-hundred-thousand people, but she thought it a myth. It was true. The room was six hundred feet wide and half a mile long. The concubines walked down a center aisle, keeping clear of the Golden Path. Tetenia looked around. Skylights rimmed the top of the walls and the ceiling, bathing the room with daylight. The room – if it could be called that, the entire Nordish royal castle could probably fit inside of it multiple times – was shorn of ornamentation, all simply marble and gold trim. The floor of the throne room was filled with people bowing down towards Him.

His throne sat atop a massive staircase, covering about half the room’s height – around two hundred feet above the tens of thousands of worshippers. It extended the entire width of the room, creating a large marble platform at its top, on either side of His Supremacy’s throne. The staircase was largely occupied by more nude female bodies, prostrating themselves towards Him – the Blessed Servants. The concubines would eventually each take their spots along the staircase in the middle of the room, closest to the center aile and the Golden Path, next to the Blessed Servants.

Tetenia fixed her eyes on His Supremacy, even though He was still quite far away. His throne was made of a rare gemstone, mostly red with golden trim. The seat and back and armrests and footrests were apholstered entirely in layer upon layer of rare silk and velvet. He sat upon the throne, nude, with the Queen Priestesses Anya and Sha fellating Him. Arrayed on either side of Him, bowing down towards Him at the top of the staircase, were the other eight Queen Priestesses. Tetenia looked around agian. Her body began to twitch. She had no idea a person could be so nervous, so completely overwhelmed by earthshattering awe.

The procession reached the foot of the staircase and stopped, all 244 concubines falling to their knees. They remained like that for several minutes. The room, so filled with people, was shockingly quiet. Tetenia’s hands trembled.

His Supremacy gave a signal to the Queen Priestess Lyenne, who said “His concubines may approach His Supremacy’s Sacred Throne.”

The concubines ascended the staircase, two by two, on their elbows and knees. All who ascended the staircase to His Sacred Throne had to do so on their elbows and knees.

When the first two concubines reached the top, the procession stopped again. Tetenia was afraid of slipping the entire time, as her body was a trembling wreck of nervousness and awe. Soon, she would have to present herself to Him.

One by one, the concubines stood, each for five seconds before sliding over to take her place prostrate upon the staircase. The procedure started with the concubines at the top of the stairs and worked its way down. Tetenia was about halfway down the line, and as her turn grew closer, her nerves frayed more and more. She had to actively stop herself from vomiting; she was trembling and shaking but couldn’t possibly control that. She noticed many other concubines looked nervous and were shaking, too, albeit seemingly not as badly as her. When it got closer to her turn, time seemed to slow down. Every tremble of her body felt like an internal earthquake, every effort to calm her stomach an internal war. The concubine in front of her stood for five seconds, then moved to the side. His Supremacy looked totally relaxed on the throne, His cock buried deep in Anya’s mouth and throat. The concubine to her left stood for five seconds, then moved to the side.

It was Tetenia’s turn.

Slowly, slowly – it felt slower than that – Tetenia stood up. She felt like she didn’t know what her body was doing.

His Supremacy was staring at her intently. She noted a look of pleasured calm on His face as He eyed her curves. She tried with all her might to keep her arm from shaking so violently that He would see it.

He continued to stare at her. A second passed. It felt like a minute. It felt like an hour.

Tetenia tried to focus on her breathing. Nervous sweat covered her hands and feet.

A hundred thousand people were behind her, bowing down to Him. Among all of them, the only two people who were not on their knees at this moment were Tetenia and His Supremacy.

Another second passed. Another hour.

Tetenia glanced up at His Supremacy, still feeling His eyes on her like the eyes of God. He was her God. He was everyone’s God. She watched Him put His hand on Anya’s head, the same look of calmness and pleasure on His face. She realized He was cumming. At this moment, He was cumming in Anya’s mouth, in her throat. He had been cumming the entire time, staring at Tetenia.

A third second passed. Time had no meaning anymore.

Tetenia tightened her throat, holding back the urge to vomit. Every little movement in her body, every twich, felt like a convulsion. She could feel every bit of skin. His Supremacy continued to stare at her, continued to cum in Anya’s mouth.

A fourth second passed. A fourth hour? A fourth….is there a new unit of measurement for time now?

She felt His Supremacy’s focus on her, she could swear it. She felt like his line of sight created a weight in the air. He owned her. He owned all of this. He dominated all of this.

The fifth second passed. Somehow, she was keeping count. Or was it the fifth minute? Or the fifth hour? Or the fifth something else entirely? Tetenia bowed down and moved over, stil a ball of nerves, but with palpable relief.

His Supremacy was still cumming. It was, in fact, only five seconds. The next concubine stood to present herself to Him.


After the concubine procession was finished, the outgoing term servants were called up to present Him with their parting offerings. Most of these He accepted, but a couple He did not.

It was then time for the incoming term servants to present themselves to His Supremacy, along with their initial offerings. The Queens Priestess Seri called out the first group – the term servants from the Subject Kingdom of Sul.

The twelve Sulanese ascended the staircase, on their knees. Leading the way was the crown prince, the king of Sul’s son, carrying a heavy jade ornament, flecked with silver, carved in the shape of a crown. It was the key component of the Sulanese crown jewels. They were offering it to His Supremacy.

It was also very heavy. The crown prince tried to balance it over his head as he climbed the stairs on his knees and elbows. He groaned at evey step, it was a struggle and he was terrified of falling or letting the offering slip out of his hands.

It didn’t help that the crown prince was trembling and nervous – perhaps not as much as Tetenia had been earlier, but still. He had never performed the Term before, never been to the Sacred Estate. Now he was going before His Supremacy on the Sacred Throne. He was terrified of getting something wrong or of displeasing His Supremacy somehow.

Out of breath, achy and terrified, the crown prince finally ascended to the top of the staircase, with the other Sulanese behind him. His Supremacy did not acknowledge the crown prince. He reached down and grabbed Lyenne’s tits as the Queen Priestess worshipped him. “Fuck that’s good,” He said.

His Supremacy looked out and surveyed His enormous throne room. Tens of thousands of people, all on their knees except for Him. All bowing down to Him. Lyenne tried to move up His cock to get some air and He put His hand on her head. “Worship me, Lyenne,” He said. “Fulfill your purpose.”

Tens of thousand of people, all on their knees. Except for Him.

Still looking out at the room, He addressed the crown prince. “Mmmhhmm….what have you brought?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. It is a great privilege and a tremendous honor for us to perform the Term of Sacred Service. The poeple of the Subject Kingdom of Sul thank you, with great sincerity, for your great benevolence in permitting us to worship you and serve you in accordance with your will and whim. As a token of our appreciation, I present to you the grandest of our crown jewels. It is a rich jadesone, expertly carved. It is already yours, as all things are yours, but we beg that you may claim it, although it is not worthy of you, as all things are not worthy of you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy briefly glanced down at the jewel piece, looking bored. It was the most valuable item in the Sulanese royal treasury. He pushed His cock towards the back of Lyenne’s throat and sighed. His cock felt amazing. “It will suffice, I suppose,” He said. “Put it with with the rest.”

The crown prince crawled to the right of the throne, carefully laying down the jewel piece next to a bounty of other accepted offerings. He crawled back to His Supremacy.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. You have done us a great honor by claiming what is rightfully yours. We are boundlessly grateful, and ashamed that there does not exist a greater way to express our gratitude towards you, as befits your sublime wondrousness. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Lyenne gagged on His Supremacy’s cock. His Supremacy dismiessed the Sulanese, who clambered back down the stairs. He looked around the room again – all on their knees, but for Him – and gestured to Seri, who called for the next group of term servants.

These servants were from the Subject Kingdom of Heras, which was near Nordland. They were led by their new king, Leres.

His Supremacy had rejected Heras’s last offering to Him, under the last king, Leres’s father – who had since died. This put Leres in a difficult position, as he could be removed if he displeased His Supremacy. But Leres had an ace in the hole: his beautiful niece, Serrenia.

Serrenia was thin, but not too thin, and had a perfectly symettrical face with dirty blonde hair and sultry lips. She was nineteen, and the most sought-after beauty in Heras.

Leres and Serrenia climbed up the staircase to His Supremacy’s throne on either side of the Golden Path. Leres knew his crown could be on the line, and he was worried – but he tried to comfort himself with the likelihood that His Supremacy would be pleased by Serrenia’s beauty.

Leres, Serrenia, and the rest of Herasian delegation reached His throne. They were all short of breath from ascending the staircase on their knees, and Leres took several deep breaths. His Supremacy waited several minutes to acknowledge them. He was in no particular rush – His cock twitched with pleasure in Lyenne’s mouth.

“What have you brought for me to claim,” He asked Leres.

Leres recited the same incantation. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” he said. “It is a great privilege and a tremendous honor for us to perform the Term of Sacred Service. The poeple of the Subject Kingdom of Heras thank you, with great sincerity, for your great benevolence in permitting us to worship you and serve you in accordance with your will and whim. As a token of our appreciation, I present to you my niece, Serrenia. She is a great beauty, and while she may be unworthy of you, you can derive much pleasure from her. She is already yours, as all things are yours, but we beg that you may claim her, although she is not worthy of you, as all things are not worthy of you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy placed His hand on Lyenne’s head again. Lyenne, who was famously voloptuous, was perhaps His favorite Queen Priestess aside from Anya. She did not, however, have Anya’s deepthroating talent – although her skills would be unbelievably remarkable in any other context. But now she had been sucking His Supremacy for well over an hour, and had barely come up for air. She employed the strategy of taking small breaths while deepthroating Him, but her head began to pound from a lack of oxygen and her eyes were cloudy with tears.

His Supremacy, his body ensconced in a silk-apholstered throne that was more valuable than many castles, moved his hips up and down in pleasure while holding Lyenne’s head firmly in place. “Ohh, fuck,” He said. “Yeah, Lyenne….yeah…that’s nice.”

He looked at Serrenia. “Come forward, Serrenia, and present yourself to me.” Serrenia crawled towards Him, and then got up, with her knees stil on the ground but her thighs and torso upright and her breasts out, fasing Him. Serrenia’s hands trembled with anxiety and anticipation.

Lyenne moved up His cock for half a second, and He pushed her back down forcefully. She began gagging uncontrollably. “Oh fuck yeah, Lyenne,” He said. “That’s so fucking good.” His entire body tingled, the pleasure was so great.

His Supremacy reached out and cupped Serrenia’s breasts. They were substantial, but not güvenilir bahis exceptionally large. He carressed one for a moment, then grabbed at it forcefully. Serrenia let out a muffled moan and her face turned red. Her entire body felt flush.

“Stand up and turn around, Serrenia,” He said. She did so. He reached out at her ass, rubbed, grabbed it, then slapped it and grabbed it again. The flush feeling increased as Serrenia felt Him touching her – His Supremacy was actually touching her – and she looked out at the assembled worshippers. A sea of people in an unfathomably large room, all bowing down to Him. How powerful could He possibly be? Her pussy was wet with excitement. She ached to touch it – better yet, ached for Him to touch it. “Turn back around towards me,” His Supremacy told Serrenia. “Ahhh…yeah….oh yeah,” He said, as Lyenne’s struggle to maintain the entirety of His cock in her mouth and throat grew increasingly obvious.

His Supremacy grabbed Serrenia’s breasts again, then He reached down and grabbed Lyenne’s, which were much larger. He held one hand firmly on Lyenne’s head, as the other fondled her breasts. “Fuck yeah, oh fuck yeah,” He said. He pushed His cock in as far down Lyenne’s throat as it could go. Lyenne felt like it was in her esophagus. His Supremacy slapped her tits and then squeezed them, all the while dominating her mouth and throat and then some with His cock.

Lyenne was dizzy and pained. She could not go on any more, but she had to. She was incredibly aroused, her pelvis moving back and forth involuntarily as she knelt before His Supremacy. She was utterly powerless.

Suddenly, His Supremacy released her tits and head from His grip and relaxed in the throne. Lyenne gagged loudly, several times, but did not budge. Sucking His Supremacy’s cock was its own reward.

His Supremacy scanned the assembled worshippers again. “I do not accept this claim,” He said. “Serrenia, go back on the stair and bow down.”

Dejected, Serrenia retreated. What was wrong with her? Every prince in Heras wanted her. None of them were His Supremacy.

Leres began to panic. Is this the end of my reign, he thought. Is the end of my house, my line….the end of Heras? What will He do now? What can He do? He can do anything, Leres thought – which did not ease his panic.

Leres then realized he still had to recite an incantation. “Thank you, Your Supremacy. She will remain yours, as all things are yours. We remain eternally grateful that you have bestowed upon us the honor of serving you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Lyenne powered through the gags, powered through the pain. She was truly grateful to have His Supremacy’s cock in her mouth and throat – as she should be. He reached down and began grabbing and caressing and grabbing her breasts again, as He pushed His cock even deeper. Again, she felt like it was in her esophagus, almost. But this time gagged louder, and massaged the base with her lips, and flexed her throat to pleasure the tip deep inside, and she didn’t move at all.

His Supremacy leaned His head back. “Leres….” He began to cum, and He squeezed one of Lyenne’s tits. His voice, always low and enigmatic, sounded like an extended, low moan. “You must make this up to me….ohhh fuck yeah Lyenne. Oh that’s so…good. I expect….ohhhh….I expect….ahhhh….” He gripped Lyenne’s tit and slapped the other one.

Lyenne’s pussy was convulsing, her pelvis moving back and forth, almost involuntarily. Her throat was sore, overwhelmed with cum, which His Supremacy shot down into her and she just received it. Breathing seemed to get more difficult by the second. She was completely and utterly powerless now, a mold for His Supremacy’s cock, putty for His pleasure. She was cumming. He overtook her body, conquered it like He had conquered so much of the world. His Supremacy was rubbing her tits, but there were no fingers or cocks anywhere near her pussy, or even her ass. But she was cumming. He was so incredibly overwhelming. She couldn’t stop, she had no control over anything at all.

His Supremacy rubbed Lyenne’s tits and more cum spilled out of His cock. None of it left Lyenne. None of it was on the floor. He arched His back further and pumped harder a couple of times, then moved forward a bit. “I expect you….ohhh fuck…I expect you…” He was still addressing Leres, and cumming the entire time. “Ohh yeah…to triple your tribute. That feels so fucking good, that feels amazing.” He had been cumming for over two minutes already. “I expect that your next offering….to me…..ahhhh.” His Supremacy sighed and moaned. “Ahhh….your next offering will…yeah…make up for the last two. You will also….ahhh…ohh…ahh…you will also…destroy your castle…and build a temple…ohh fuck…ohh yeah…in its place…to my greatness. It will be grander…than the grandest temple…ahhh…in your kingdom. You will hold court…fuck yeah…somewhere else. Be grateful…be grateful that I am…letting you do this.”

“Ohh that’s so fucking good Lyenne…that’s so amazing…ahhhhh,” He said. He came for another thirty or forty seconds, and then His orgasm subsided.

His Supremacy looked down at the assembled crowd, and dismissed the Herasians. A delegation of term servants from the Imperial Province of Egarkos was called to Him.


That evening, Tetenia was one of fourteen concubines chosen to serve His Supremacy at the monthly banquet held after the Changing of the Term. The banquet’s guests were the sixty incoming term servants, the sixty outgoing term servants, eighty assorted dignitaries and the ten Queen Priestesses. The fourteen concubines, of course, served His Supremacy and His Supremacy alone. The other guests were served by twelve palace common servants. It was an honor to be chosen to serve Him at the banquet.

His Supremacy was seated at the head of a table with the Queen Priestesses, while the fourteen concubines serving Him – including Tetenia – were lined up on either side of where He sat, each fully nude. He would periodically call one or another of them over to serve Him food or refill His drink, or even just to run His hands through their bodies, if it pleased Him. At one point, He had the concubine Embre kneel down under the table and fellate Him, along with the Queen Priestess Sha.

Tetenia stood, somewhat nervously, hungrily – she had not eaten all day – eyeing the scene. The girls around her mostly just stood there, with periods of brief activity. They would return with satisfied looks on their faces if His Supremacy called them. The room was fairly noisy, and Tetenia was terrified that she may not notice if He called her over.

The scene reminded her of when she first encountered – “met” seemed inappropriate, it’s a word you’d use for a new friend – His Supremacy. She remembered dining at the banquet, slowly eating her food, trying to to look at His Supremacy as He was pleasured. She remembered feeling like He had dominated the room, taken it over, sucked the air out of it, even as the other guests chatted. He was separate from them. He was above them.

His Supremacy called Tetenia over. She felt startled for a moment, then walked to Him, quickly. He a abruptly shoved a small empty plate in her hands. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said, taking the plate. She noticed Him push Embre’s head down on His cock, and walked away towards the kitchen.

What was on this plate, she thought. He didn’t even say anything to her. Arriving in the kitchen, she found the Blessed Servants who cooked His Supremacy’s food and showed it to them.

“That’s His bread plate,” one of them said. She took the plate, and gave it to another Blessed Servant who walked off towards an oven and grabbed a loaf of bread. She cut it into pieces and put butter on it and handed it back to Tetenia.

Tetenia was weirdly nervous about dropping the plate. There was no particular reason to feel this way, other than the fact that it carried His Supremacy’s bread.

She arrived back at His table, and placed the plate down in front of Him. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said. His Supremacy gave her an empty glass, and she turned around to go and refill it.

The Queen Priestess Lyenne, who was sitting next to His Supremacy, suddenly held out her arm. “Girl,” she said, glaring at Tetenia. Tetenia’s heart stopped. Lyenne took the empty glass out of Tetenia’s hand.

Not looking at her, His Supremacy said to Tetenia “kneel, right where you are.” Tetenia knelt beside His chair. He called over another of the fourteen lined-up concubines, gave her the glass, and she thanked Him. He glanced over at Tetenia, then glanced at Lyenne.

Tetenia realized what she had done wrong. “When His Supremacy grants you the privilege of serving Him, you must thank Him,” Lyenne said, glaring at Tetenia. “He expects gratitude.” His Supremacy reached over and rubbed Lyenne’s tits, and she moaned lightly. Tetenia had not thanked His Supremacy when He gave her the empty glass to refill.

Tetenia was about to thank His Supremacy, profusely, for the privilege of allowing her to serve Him – but she was unsure if she should speak to Him before he addressed her. The word stopped at the tip of her tongue.

His Supremacy took a bite of His bread and said “Oh yeah,” presumably addressing Embre and Sha, who were devotedly pleasuring Him.

When the other concubine returned, His Supremacy grabbed the glass out of her hands. She thanked Him and scurried away. He placed it in Tetenia’s hands for a moment, took a sip, then placed it back in her hands. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Tetenia said, still kneeling beside Him. She was unsure if she should say anything else.

His Supremacy took a bite of food and leaned back calmly. A soft gagging noise emanated from the vicinity of His cock. “You will remain on your knees, Tetenia,” His Supremacy said, not looking at her. “You will remain on your knees and you will not speak.” He paused for a moment. “Until I have given you permission otherwise.”

This was her punishment, Tetenia supposed. She was to kneel beside Him, silently, holding a glass. Periodically, He would take it and drink from it, then He would give it back to her – quite roughly. She remained here, kneeling, head bowed slightly, palms up holding this glass as though it were an offering to Him, for over an hour.

The banquet ended, and it was time for His Supremacy and some of the other guests to migrate to the next room for some entertainment. As He got up, He looked down at Tetenia. “Follow us,” He said. “Remain on your knees. Crawl.”

His Supremacy walked, with the concubines and Queen Priestesses following Him, into the next room, Tetenia following along, crawling on her hands and knees. The guests would follow through a separate entrance.

They arrived on a platform, in front of a large room. The platform was “T”-shaped, with a large, throne-like chair, at the intersection of the “T.” In front of the chair were a handful of steps leading to a lower portion of the platform, which ended in a curtain at the back of the room. On either side of the “T-shaped platform” was an empty floor. The guests would sit on the floor and His Supremacy would sit in the chair. The concubines would bow down towards Him on the platform, to the left and right of the chair. The platform in directly in front of Him (and between the groups of guests on the floor) would play host to some form of entertainment.

His Supremacy stopped short of the chair. Tetenia noticed it was a bit odd-looking – the seat was deep and plush and richly upholstered, but the armrests were made of white marble and were unusually wide. They also were set a bit low in relation to where they should be.

“Embre,” He said. “Go under the chair. Lyushka and Mia, take the arms.” Embre knelt, and crawled underneath the seat, with her knees on the ground. She extended her back and carefully positioned her head into a small opening, with her lips and tongue out, in position to lick His Supremacy’s ass as He sat.

Lyushka and Mia then climbed up onto the marble arms of the chair. They laid flat on their backs, their heads dangling off from the front. Their breasts were positioned roughly where His Supremacy’s hands would be. Their bodies, and breasts, were His armrests.

His Supremacy went and sat down, smiling as Embre began licking His asshole. He instructed Tetenia to crawl towards the chair and position herself directly in front of it, still in a crawling position, her hands, elbows and knees touching the floor. He then called over the concubines Legensa and Karla, who knelt before Him.

His cock twitched, as He looked at their naked bodies, their knees on the floor. “I am going to permit you to worship me,” He said to them.

Karla and Legensa both looked at Him with adoring devotion. His cock stiffened. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” said Karla. “I am unworthy of swallowing your Sacred Cock. There is no proper way for me to express my gratitude. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” said Legensa. “Your greatness knows no bounds, as does my devotion. Yet I know my devotion is, and always will be, insufficient. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy put His hand on Legensa’s head and pushed it down, choking her on His cock. Karla went to work on His balls. His other hand was directly on Mia’s tit, and He rubbed it. He sat back and put his feet up on Tetenia’s back. She was His footrest.

He removed His hand from Legensa’s head and rubbed Lyushka’s tit a little, still also rubbing Mia’s with the other hand. His heel dug into Tetenia’s back as His cock and ass were pleasured. Tetenia wobbled a bit, and wondered how long she would have to stay like this. He looked out onto the assembled crowd, all bowing down before Him, waiting for permission to rise.

He sat there for a few minutes, six beautiful women doing what they could to – hopefully – please Him. “You may rise,” He then said to the assembled guests, who got up to sit on the floor. He grabbed one of Mia’s tits and sank His elbow into her – resting his arms on her flesh.

After the crowd rose, four musicians entered onto the stage directly in front of His Supremacy, two with flutes and two with string instruments. They bowed down until He told them to rise and then began playing.

The music was beautiful – the troupe was clearly quite talented. It wafted through the room, a pleasant mixture of notes, rising and falling. They played one number, a soft tune with light plucks on the string instruments that sounded almost cloud-like. They then bowed down towards Him.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” the leader of the troupe said, his voice creaking with nervousness. “We are not worthy of doing even the smallest thing to please you. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy dug his heel into Tetenia’s spine. Her arms began to ache with periodic intensity. “Ahhh, that feels good,” He said, as Legensa and Karla continued to pleasure Him. Several minutes went by and the large room was eerily silent. Everyone heard Legensa choke on His Supremacy’s cock, and His foot pushed down on Tetenia’s back again. The musicians were visibly nerve-wracked.

“You may continue playing,” He said to the musicians, sounding somewhat disinterested.

Relieved, the troupe stood up carefully and went into another number. This one was long and complex, with a building crescendo, then suddenly burst into a slow hum. Tetenia thought it sounded like jumping into the sea. They really were very good – she wished she could actually see them.

His Supremacy sat, and dug His arm into Mia, moving His hand between both her tits. He did the same with Lyushka, then suddenly stopped and rested His hand there. Mia and Lyushka’s bodies were on the hard marble, their heads dangling off the front of the arm rest – they saw everything upside-down, which was disorienting. Legensa’s face began turning red as His Supremacy’s cock overwhelmed her ability to breathe regularly. Karla craned her neck to lick His balls. Embre’s face was buried in His asshole – there was literally nowhere else for it to go, as her back and body strained. Tetenia’s limbs were starting to feel like noodles, and she strained to steady herself as He rested His feet on her back.

His Supremacy pushed His ass down into the chair slightly, the portion of it that was not accessible to Embre’s tongue ensconced in plush silk. He began rubbing Mia and Lyushka’s tits again on the armrest, His elbows digging into their stomachs a little. “Ahh, fuck,” he said lightly. “Stay like that, Legensa.” All of His desires were fully met. He began cumming down Legensa’s throat. The cum kept shooting down into her, a river emanating from His cock, for three or four minutes. Legensa’s head throbbed and her mouth and jaw ached, but her lips remained at the very base of His Supremacy’s ten-inch cock. It was like an unstoppable force. His Supremacy sprawled out a little, rubbing Lyushka and Mia’s tits more intently.

The musicians knew what was happening, but continued playing. His Supremacy was actually enjoying the music – but He was enjoying the pleasures of Legensa, Karla, Mia, Lyushka, Embre and Tetenia more.

When He stopped cumming, Legensa shot her head up to thank Him – and to catch some breath. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said. “The blessing of the great and sacred gift is the greatest thing that exists. It is beyond sublime, and I am beyond grateful for it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” It sounded like it was a struggle for her to speak.

Without a word, His Supremacy put His hand on Legensa’s head, and pushed her back down to the base of His cock.


After some time, the musicians began playing softly, very softly, almost at a whisper. Two drummers came out and began banging on their drums with their hands, at first softly too, but gradually growing somewhat louder. A curtain behind the platform, and five of the ten Queen Priestesses – Anya, Lyenne, Karina, Seri and Frenessa – were revealed behind it. They were each bowing down to His Supremacy, and each wearing a bra-and-panty set studded with diamonds and other rare gemstones, and nothing else.

The music stopped for several minutes. “The Queen Priestesses may rise,” His Supremacy said, and the music started up again.. The five women stood up, and the drumming intensified. Led by Anya, they walked out onto the stage.

All five them did a complete lap around the stage, looking back towards His Supremacy the entire time. They stopped in the middle of the sage, facing Him, and Anya split off from the others and walked forward. She strutted back and forth, swaying her hips and her breasts to the drums, mostly looking towards His Supremacy. He studied her, calmly but intently, and put His hand on Legensa’s head. She gagged a few times – His cock had been in her mouth for over an hour.

Anya stopped directly in front of the stairs leading to where His Supremacy was sitting. She was moving back and forth to the rhythm of the drums, and she began running her hands up and down her body. She swayed sensually, thrusting her pelvis, and tugged at her bra a few times. She ran her fingers across the front of it, carefully, the gems and diamonds glistening on her chest. She thrust her pelvis forward, and then her face, with a pleading look. She tugged at the bra again, and His Supremacy nodded. She then took off the bra and threw it up in the air. She did a lap around the stage, moving slowly, swaying to the beat, as though she were showing herself off. His Supremacy looked hardly interested and sighed in pleasure as Legensa worshipped Him and His cock.

Anya returned to the front of the stairs, again moving and swaying her hips, and swinging her breasts. She fell to her knees, facing His Supremacy with her tits out. She began frantically running her hands around her stomach and her legs, until He nodded again, and then she grabbed her tits.

She gripped at her breasts, first with both hands, her pelvis swaying, then one hand dropped down past her stomach towards and türkçe bahis swayed around the diamond panties she was still wearing. She gripped one tit really hard and let out a long, slow, moan. His Supremacy pumped His cock further into Legensa’s throat and Tetenia trembled a bit. He grabbed both Mia and Lyushka’s tits, as their bodies were still His armrests.

The other four Queen Priestesses on the stage came forward, swaying to the music, and then each fell to their knees beside Anya. They kept their hands at their sides but their bodies and hips swayed musically, sensually. The drums grew more intense. Anya reached around, squeezing her tits with one arm as her other hand frantically ran across her pelvis, tugging gently at her panties. His Supremacy nodded and she ripped the diamond-studded panties off, her one hand inching closer to her pussy, the other one still gripping her tits, her face a mixture of excitement, anticipation and desperation.

“Stay down, Legensa,” His Supremacy said, as Legensa tried to cum up for air. He rubbed Mia’s tits and moved down the side of her back on the armrest. Tetenia’s whole body ached.

His Supremacy looked straight at Anya as her hand edged closer to her pussy. He shook His head. “Ohh, fuck,” He said, as Legensa’s lips rubbed the base of His cock, the whole thing enveloped in her mouth, enveloped in pleasure. Anya’s hand shot back up to her breasts, and she grabbed at both of them and leaned forward. She parsed her lips, leaned forward, and mouthed the words “please, Your Supremacy,” without actually saying them. Her other hand crept back down to her pussy and began swirling around it, down towards her sides and then back around. Her pelvis thrust back and forth. Her hand danced around her glistening pussy, but dared not touch it. Her face went flush.

The other four Queen Priestesses – who still had their bras on – began rubbing their hands around their bodies as their pelvises swayed. One, Karina, crept her hands up and around her bra as though she were touching a delicate instrument, then thrust it down towards her pussy, where she did the same thing around her panties. Her face went flush, too. Another, Lyenne, stuck her hips out and thens stuck her tits out, giving His Supremacy a full view of her ample cleavage. Her hands were moving around her body as she did this, almost flailing, as they had no place to go.

His Supremacy sat back into the chair, fully relaxed, and stared off into space. He then looked at Lyenne and Karina and nodded. Their bras came off as they swayed rhythmically to the drums still playing in the background. He nodded again and they rubbed their tits, first frantically, then slowly. He nodded again and off came their panties, their hands working their way around their naked bodies, just like Anya’s had been (and still were).

A smile crossed His Supremacy’s face. “Mmmmyeahh,” He said. Legensa gagged loudly on His cock a few times.

Anya, Karina and Lyenne’s hands were swirling around their bodies, grabbing at their breasts, inching towards their pussies then moving away, their heads tilting forward towards Him and their faces increasingly flush. They periodically mouthed words at Him with pleading looks on their faces. He dug His arms into Mia and Lyushka and animalisticlally grabbed at their tits as He began facefucking Legensa while He sat. Anya, Karina and Lyenne looked at Him with ever-greater desperation. Anya began moaning lightly.

His Supremacy eased up on the facefucking. “Anya,” He said. “Come forward.” Anya, looking somewhat startled, crawled to Him. She knelt before Him with her tits out as she was kneeling before. Her hands were drawn inextricably to her pussy, which was glistening and wet.

His Supremacy placed His hand on Legensa’s head and sighed in pleasure. “You may speak, Anya.”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said. “Please, Your Supremacy. I am…I am begging you.” She grabbed one tit with one hand, hard, as the other danced around her pussy. “Please let me….” She grabbed at her tits even harder. She seemed almost unable to speak. “Please let me…please…let me touch myself.” Her hand was within millimeters of her pussy, which felt like it was pulsating. “I know…I know I should not ask you for this indulgence…but just…please…just for ten seconds…five…I know I will never be worthy of begging for this from you.” She slapped her own tits. “I can’t help it…being in your Presence is so….” Anya trailed off, her hands still swirling around her body.

Legensa gagged on His cock again. “You are not to do that unless I instruct it,” He said calmly. “It is not something you can expect to get from asking.”

“Th-thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya replied. “I humbly beg for permission to respond. Thank you, Your Supremacy.” Her voice was pleading.

“Granted,” His Supremacy said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Anya said. “You…I….” Anya’s pelvis was moving back and forth, almost involuntarily, it seemed. She sounded out of breath, though there was no reason for her to be. “I am humbled to be granted…this great honor. All the great honors…that you grant me.” She paused and grabbed her tits again. “I am sorry…to have begged for this from you…” Her fingers danced around the edge of her wet sex. “But please!” She cried. “I’ll do anything…anything…of course, I’ll always do anything to please you, you could grant me nothing, ever, you could force me into the greatest deprivation and I would still do anything to please you even the slightest bit, anything at all, but…I have nothing to give. I want this, I need this, and my needs are nothing.” Anya’s hands had found their way to her tits, which they were rubbing enthusiastically. “You have all the power.” Her she sounded like she was about to cry, then she steadied herself. “All I can do is beg.” She dropped her hands to her sides, and bowed her head in submission. Her body still felt like it was going to explode.

His Supremacy looked away from Anya for a several minutes, enjoying Legensa’s mouth, and then tugged Legensa off His cock and stood up. He pointed at Tetenia, still on her hands and knees acting as His footrest. “Lay down there on your back,” He said to Anya.

Anya laid on top of Tetenia on her back, as though Tetenia were, actually, a footrest or a table or some other surface. Tetenia’s arms shook from the weight of having another person on her. She felt like she was going to collapse in pain, and strained mightily to remain in position.

His Supremacy strode before Anya, whose pussy was lined up with Tetenia’s backside. He gestured to another concubine, who pushed a button, raising the portion of the platform that Tetenia was kneeling on such that Anya’s pussy was aligned with His Supremacy’s cock as He stood. His Supremacy did not get on His knees.

His Supremacy’s cock entered Anya. He thrusted once.

“OHHHHAAAAAAHOOOOOO THAAAAAANK YOOOOOUUU.” Her scream drowned out the music. “FUCK AAAAAAHHHHOOOOOO.” Tetenia’s eardrums quivered, as her head was right below Anya’s. She had never heard such a scream.

His Supremacy thrust again, and Anya’s screams filled the room. Her body was convulsing, shaking up and down, slapping against Tetenia’s back as Tetenia struggled to straighten her upper arms and thighs. His Supremacy thrust once more, all ten inches of Him inside Anya’s pussy, and he grabbed one of her tits. Anya was screaming uncontrollably, babbling like someone speaking in tongues. It was impossible to tell if she was having an orgasm, even for her – but only because the entire thing, from the moment His Supremacy entered her, was like a rolling, neverending, climax, that only grew higher and higher.

His Supremacy pulled out of Anya. She was still convulsing wildly on Tetenia’s back, even after He pulled out. He had only actually been in her for a few minutes.

The concubine adjusted the level of the platform. His Supremacy walked around to the other side and shoved His cock into Anya’s mouth, hard, grabbing at her tits. “You better be grateful, Anya,” He said, thrusting hard into her throat. Tetenia felt like she was going to collapse onto the floor, but she somehow remained upright.

His Supremacy called Lyenne over as He fucked Anya’s mouth. She stared at Him with desperation. “Speak, Lyenne,” He said to her.

“I….” Lyenne cupped her right breast, gently. Her movements were more deliberate than Anya’s had been earlier, but she was still moving her pelvis back and forth. “I….thank you, Your Supremacy. I don’t know what to say, Your Supremacy.” She looked down, bowing her head, though she was still rubbing her breasts. “I do desire to touch myself,” Lyenne said, quietly. “Even for a second. Even for less than that.” One of her hands carefully moved around her pussy. “But pleasing you, Your Supremacy,” she said, looking up at Him again. “Pleasing you is why I exist. It is why all things exist, to…to…to please you.” Her movements grew more rapid. “I am not worthy…no one is worthy…of begging you to touch myself.” Her hand crept slightly closer to her shining pussy. “I am not worthy of begging you…for anything!,” she shouted. Lyenne’s hand moved even closer to her pussy, almost covering it. She suddenly moved it away. “I am a slave to your whim,” Lyenne said, growing quiet again. “Thank you for allowing me to be a slave to your whim, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy clamped down hard on Anya’s tits as He overtook her mouth and throat. A series of gags emanated from Anya. Even Tetenia’s head hurt. He turned to Lyenne and slapped her, and thrusted into Anya again.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. His Supremacy slapped her again, this time on the other cheek. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. His Supremacy began cumming in Anya’s mouth, staring intently at Lyenne the entire time. As Anya was not in a good position to swallow, much of His cum spilled into pools on the floor. “You may lick my cum,” His Supremacy said to Lyenne. Lyenne got on her hands and knees and licked, thanking Him profusely.

Still cumming, His Supremacy pulled out of Anya’s mouth and began showering Lyenne with cum. “Aww fuck….aww yeah,” He said, insane amounts of cum spewing forth from His cock.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said, her body growing increasingly covered as she licked His cum off the floor while He also came on her. “You are blessing me, Your Supremacy. I am unworthy of this blessing, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

After some time, His Supremacy stopped cumming but His cock was still completely erect. He ordered Anya off Tetenia, whose back felt like it had been trampled upon. He went back and sat on the chair, and began rubbing Lyushka and Mia’s tits. Anya and Lyenne knelt before Him. He did not put His feet on Tetenia’s back, granting her a bit of a reprieve – for now.

His Supremacy glanced at Karina, Frenessa and Seri, whose had witnessed this entire scene and whose bodies appeared to be in a frenzy. The music was still going, though it was mostly a soft, drum-driven, thrum. Karina was mouthing words at Him, pleading silently.

“Lyenne,” He said. “Lay on your stomach on Tetenia, with your ass facing this way.” Lyenne did as He instructed. Tetenia’s reprieve was over minutes after it started.

Without even preparing her, His Supremacy stood behind Lyenne and fucked her in the ass. Her body shook up and down as Tetenia clenched her hands, hoping to remain in position. His Supremacy pushed down hard on Lyenne’s ass and Tetenia stiffened herself with great effort. His cock had disappeared inside her asshole.

“Ohhhhh I’m nott…..not wooooorthy….youuuuurr….aaaaahhhhh” Lyenne cried, even louder than Anya, her face a mash-up of pleasure and discomfort.

His Supremacy slapped Lyenne’s ass. “Don’t cum, Lyenne,” He said, thrusting into her. “You should be grateful that your asshole can please my cock. Don’t you dare cum.”

“Thaaaaaank yooooouu….you supremaaaaceeeee,” Lyenne cried, clenching her teeth. His cock was tearing her body apart. “Ohhhhh….aaahhhhh,” Lyenne shouted.

“Oh fuck it’s so good,” His Supremacy said. He rammed hard into her ass, pushing down on her body as Tetenia trembled below her.

“Fuuuck I aahhh,” Lyenne was on the verge. She squeezed her arm and bit her tongue, the taste of blood mixing with His cum on her face and briefly distracting her from her all-encompassing arousal. She couldn’t cum, she couldn’t. He would not allow it. But how could she not? He was inside her, dominating her, overwhelming her. Her ass jiggled back and forth and His Supremacy reached forward and grabbed her tits. His cock was all the way in. It was tight. Lyenne bit her tongue again. “Fu…fu….fuck,” she muttered, her head shaking. “Fuuuu….fuck,” she went again, this time louder.

His Supremacy pushed down hard, challenging Tetenia’s composure once again. He stared at Karina, whose arms were swirling around her body in a haze. She cupped her left tit with one hand as the other moved around in a circle, down to her pussy, over her thighs, back up her stomach to her breasts, slowly then quickly. Her body was in a state of perpetual motion, her face the picture of pure desperation. She was mouthing words, which seemed to disappear into the ether. Seri and Frenessa were behind her – both still wearing their bras and panties – moving more slowly, but still with pleading looks on their faces.

He pushed harder into Lyenne and grabbed a chunk of her ass. “Fuck that’s good,” He said. He was still staring at Karina, whose eyes grew wider as her hands made pirouettes around her glistening, pulsating sex. Her tits and pelvis thrust forward. She felt like her body had been overtaken by an inescapable force, an urge like no other.

His Supremacy pushed down harder on Lyenne, firmly grabbing her ass. Tetenia was barely keeping it together, constantly fighting off total (and literal) collapse. Lyenne squealed and scraped her teeth against her lip. His Supremacy’s cock was pushing at the boundaries of her being; she was in a state of thrall, her mind at war with itself, her body experiencing cascading waves of pleasure and pain. She bit down harder, and a tiny amount of blood trickled out of her mouth. Her face was a frenzy of twitches, her hands grasped at nothing in particular. “Ohhh fuuuucck,” she said, somewhat softly. “Ohhhh IT’S AHHHHHHH…..”

His Supremacy’s eyes were still fixated on Karina. He pushed Lyenne’s body back, towards His. Karina’s hands were pawing at every inch of her own flesh, she looked almost like a spirit had consumed her.

Suddenly, Karina grabbed at her tits hard enough to leave marks. “PLEASE, YOUR SUPREMACY!,” she shouted. “Please, I beg you. Grant me release. It will only take a moment. Just one…” her voice broke. “…little moment. It will hardly have happened. I’m begging you.” Her hands were fixed on her breasts, tugging at them. It was causing her pain, but in her frenzied state she barely noticed. “Please. I’m begging. I’ll beg. I’ll beg to beg.”

His Supremacy slowed down his thrusts in to Lyenne’s asshole momentarily, then gradually went faster again. Lyenne’s body was shaking as she tried to hold back an orgasm. Tetenia’s body was shaking as she tried to hold up Lyenne. His Supremacy’s cock was fully buried in Lyenne’s tight asshole. “That’s so good,” He said.

“Do you want me…to beg you, Your Supremacy…to beg…to grant me release?” Karina cried. “To let me touch myself?” Karina’s head felt like it was about to cave in on itself. “Please let me beg, Your Supremacy. I’ll give up everything I have, everything you’ve given me.” She actually slapped her own tits, which were already quite red. She almost seemed angry with herself. “I’ll spend the rest of my days on my knees before you eating dirt. Just let me beg. Let me beg, Your Supremacy.”

The crowd – the incoming and outgoing term serving and other guests were still sitting on the floor – was startled, to say the least.

Lyenne’s shaking grew more violent, as His Supremacy reached over and grabbed one of her tits. “Fuck, yeah, fuck yeah, oh fuck,” He said. He began to cum in Lyenne’s asshole. He was still staring at Karina. Lyenne slowly felt control leaving her body, like air seeping out of a balloon. “Iahhoowwwfaaa,” she said “I cannnnnn….owwwww…..” She looked like she was in great pain. She looked like she was about to cry. “I ohhhhhaaaahhhhhhhhhOHHHHHHAHHHHNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” she shouted at the very top of her lungs. “NOOOOOEEEEEEEEE”

His Supremacy kept thrusting and kept cumming, staring at Karina. Karina pleaded with Him, at this point incoherently. “I’m nothing, I’m no one, I’m nothing but this, please Your Supremacy, please Your Supremacy….” Her body had red marks from her hands grabbing at it so hard.

“Ohhh yeahh,” His Supremacy said. “Ohhhh, I love cumming.” His orgasm had lasted for over two minutes by now, and cum was spilling out of Lyenne’s asshole. “EEEEAHHHHSSSOOOOO,” Lyenne cried. “OHHHH YOUR SUPREMMMMMAAAHHHHHHHH…” She couldn’t hold back any longer. Her face contorted wildly. “I CANNNNNNTTT…..FFFUUUUCCCK….OHHHHH…..OHHHHAHHH….I’M GONNNNAAAAAA…..I CAAAAAAANNT” She was cumming wildly, uncontrollably, it was like a dam bursting to flood a desert. Her body convulsed as she did this, her tits and torso and pelvis slapping against Tetenia’s back and sides, as Tetenia strained with monumental effort to remain in place. There was a vast, pained grimace on Tetenia’s face, if anyone had cared to look.

His Supremacy’s orgasm wound down, and He pulled out of Lyenne and collapsed in the chair behind Him, still partly erect.

His Supremacy surveyed the scene for a moment. The music had stopped, but the guests were still sitting on the floor, in awed silence. He glared at Karina with disdain, as she quickly put her hands at her sides and bowed her head, though her insides were still roiling. Lyenne’s body was still draped perpendicularly over the kneeling Tetenia, and there were three large pools of cum on the floor.

“Frenessa, Seri,” He said. “You may lick my cum.” The two Queen Priestesses, until now not doing much of anything, crawled behind Tetenia and began licking His cum and thanking Him for the privilege of doing so. He dismissed Karla and Legensa, who bowed down to the side of the chair with the other concubines.

“Pemca, Gabriela,” He said. “Come before me.” Two concubines who had been bowing down beside the chair crawled up to Him. Without a word, He put His hand on Pemca’s head and guided her as she swallowed His entire cock. “Show me your gratitude, Pemca,” He said. He reached down and cupped Gabriela’s breasts as she began to lick Him. He then went back and rested His arms on Mia and Lyushka’s bodies. When Seri and Frenessa were done licking His cum, he ordered Lyenne off Tetenia. One of the concubines lowered the platform back to where it was before, and He and put His feet up on Tetenia’s back.

He sat there and relaxed. No one knew exactly what they should do, so no one did anything – and He didn’t care. “Karina, Lyenne,” He said. “Come before me.”

His Supremacy looked at Lyenne. “How many gold tracens do you currently hold?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. “I haven’t checked in awhile, but I believe about seventy-two million, Your Supremacy. You have probably granted me more, but I took the liberty of spending some of it. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy turned to Karina. “And you, Karina?”

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I, too, am not certain, and I have spent some, but I believe I currently hold about fifty-six million. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

Tetenia heard the figures clearly, despite her exhaustion. She was astonished. Lyenne and Karina each held more gold tracens by themselves than the entire Nordish royal treasury.

His Supremacy put His hand on Pemca’s head for a moment, and pushed into the chair. Embre was still licking His ass, as she had been, off and on, for hours. “I reclaim all of your gold tracens,” He said. “Mmmm, that’s good Pemca….both of you have displeased me today.” He güvenilir bahis siteleri did not look at Lyenne or Karina as He said this.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Karina said.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy,” Lyenne said. “I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your supremacy.”


His Supremacy sat comfortably in the chair, looking almost asleep. Periodically, he would rub Mia’s breasts, or Lyushka’s. No one in the room said a word, and He didn’t seem to notice any of them. About an hour later, He came in Pemca’s mouth.


Each night, four to six concubines or Queen Priestesses joined His Supremacy in one of his bedchambers. Two guardians and two term servants also joined Him in the room, with others guarding outside. That night, Tetenia was one the concubines joining Him – but she remained on her hands and knees.

His Supremacy did not have just one bedroom or one apartment with bedchambers. There were thousands of them, scattered across the vast palace and pleasure gardens, and He slept wherever happened to strike His fancy on any given night. The walk from the banquet room, near the center of the palace, to where He slept that evening, somewhere amid its vastness, took nearly half an hour.

The room had a very large bed in the center, and several cots on scattered around its side, built into the walls. On one side, double-doors led into an anteroom with a sofa, which led to a washroom. On the other, another double-doorway it led out to a balcony, which had a sumptuous chair and overlooked a garden. His Supremacy strode to the balcony and sat on the chair. Four concubines – Karla, Mia, Pemca and Gabriela – followed Him, walking, while Tetenia followed them, crawling. The guardians and term servants positioned themselves, on a knee, by the entrance to the room. His Supremacy sat on the chair, and immediately put His feet up on Tetenia’s back when she arrived. She remained on her hands and knees – His footrest.

He called Karla over to suck His cock, and Mia to lick Him. Pemca and Gabriela merely bowed down before Him. He looked out onto the moonlit garden, which had exotic trees and bushes and a colonnade on the far side, a with satisfied look on His face. Karla bobbed up and down on His cock for a little while, and then He pushed her down. The room was tranquil. His power was unfathomable and neverending.

After a time, He ordered Gabriela to fetch Him some sorbet. As there was no table easily accessible to Him, Gabriela knelt before Him, holding up the bowl of sorbet – as Tetenia had done earlier with a glass of wine, although Gabriela was not being punished. Every time He took the bowl and gave it back to her, Gabriela thanked Him. A few times, He fondled Gabriela’s breasts, and she moaned lightly when He did this. When He finished with the sorbet, Gabriela remained kneeling there with an empty bowl in Her hand for another thirty or forty minutes – until He came in Karla’s throat, and turned to go to bed.


His Supremacy’s slumber did not end Tetenia’s punishment. While He slept in the large bed at the center of the room, and Pemca, Karla, Gabriela and Mia slept on the cots built into the walls, Tetenia knelt at the side of His Supremacy’s bed. She was holding a glass of water. She remained like that all night and into the morning. Unlike before, with the sorbet, there was a table by the bedside where He could have put the glass – but tonight, Tetenia was His table.

A couple of times during the night, His Supremacy took the glass from Tetenia, took a sip, and roughly put it back in her hands. She did not thank Him, as He still had not given her permission to speak again. She was constantly afraid of dropping the glass. Her body ached with exhaustion and hunger.

A little while after dawn, His Supremacy stirred. He stretched out in the bed and groaned, slowly rousing Himself. He looked oddly like a normal person in this moment, Tetenia thought.

He moved to the side of the bed, by Tetenia, still kneeling with the glass of water. That’s when she noticed His cock. It wasn’t quite fully erect, but it was getting there. She tried not to stare at it, but kept glancing at it out of the corner of her eye – it was so big and beautiful, so filled with power. How was it erect this often? Is that what being God means, is that a sign of His Godliness – near-constant sexual arousal?

His Supremacy stood up slowly, and stepped in front of Tetenia. He grabbed the glass of water, took a big swig from it, and casually tossed it on the ground behind Tetenia, shattering it and spilling out the remaining water. His cock stiffening, He placed His hands behind Tetenia’s head and held it in place as He entered her mouth. He moaned softly, and thrusted slowly at first. But His hands were firm and there was nowhere for Tetenia’s head to go. His cock bulged in her throat, and he gradually began thrusting faster.

Tetenia’s eyes began to water. She gagged, but His hands held her head firm. “Ahh fuck,” He said, lazily. He went a little faster, and Tetenia began gagging more frequently. His Supremacy let out a pleasured sigh and His hands locked even tighter. He began cumming down Tetenia’s throat. “Fuck yeah,” He said. Tetenia began gagging incessantly – she was still not very practiced at this – as His cum shot down into her. The bulge in her throat made breathing a challenge. “Ahhh,” His Supremacy said, as His orgasm wound down after a couple of minutes.

When He pulled out of her, Tetenia was wheezing and gasping for air. The throatfuck was almost casual, and didn’t even last ten minutes. Tetenia was about to thank His Supremacy – she had just received the Great and Sacred Gift, after all – but stopped herself, the words on the tip of her tongue, as she realized she still could not speak.

His Supremacy looked down at Tetenia and pointed at the broken glass and spilt water on the floor. “Clean that up,” He said to her. “Remain on your knees, and don’t leave the room until you’re done. When you are, come before me.”

His Supremacy left, followed by Mia, Karla, Pemca, Gabriela, and the two guardians and two term servants kneeling by the door. Tetenia was in the room alone.

Tetenia looked around, unsure of what to do next. She crawled around the room for a bit, looking for a towel or a waste bin of some sort, but found nothing. Then she remembered that behind her was an anteroom and washroom – she thought there might be something to help her clean up the glass in the washroom.

She crawled into the washroom, and saw a closet on one side. Reaching up, she was barely able to grab the handle while remaining on her knees. Directly in front of her, in the closet, was a waste bin built into its side – the washroom in her quarters had something similar. There was cloth draped over it, and she tried to tug it loose, thinking it would help her pick up the glass, but it wouldn’t budge. There were some towels on shelves, but they were too high up for her to reach them without standing. There was nothing else in the room.

Tetenia gazed up at the towel. “Stand up,” she thought. “Who’s gonna know?” But what if someone came in? A servant to clean the room, perhaps? More to the point, she couldn’t go through with it. Somehow she knew that if she went before His Supremacy later, having disobeyed his orders, it would eat away at her. It didn’t even make any sense. He may have been all-powerful, but He was not literally omniscient. But she couldn’t do it.

She crawled back into the bedroom and stared at the mess on the floor. There was only one thing she could do: she would have to pick up the glass, piece by piece, taking extra care not to cut herself, with her hands. She would have to crawl into the washroom, on her knees and elbows, with her hands facing upwards holding the broken glass. She would then have to deposit the glass into the waste bin – presumably some servant would clear it out later. After that she would need to lick the water off the floor.

Tetenia shuddered at the idea for a moment. She was almost angry at herself for having to do this. There were towels in the room, and she could get them – if she stood up. Why did have to remain on her knees, because she forgot to thank His Supremacy for the twenty-thousandth time that day? She thought about standing up to get them again, but she knew she wouldn’t. He may not have been omniscient, but He was all-powerful.

Very carefully, Tetenia began picking up pieces of glass and putting them in her hand.


By the time Tetenia was done picking up the glass and licking up the floor, it was mid-afternoon. Miraculously, she had not seriously hurt herself – just a few small nicks on her hand. She crawled out of the room, finally, to go to Him.

And suddenly she realized she had no idea where He was. The room was the end of a long corridor with a marble floor. The walls were adorned with frescoes and trimmed with gold. Periodically, there was a heavy, intricately carved, wooden door, leading to some room of who-knows-what, or windows, looking out onto seemingly endless gardens.

Tetenia was crawling down the hall. His Sacred Palace was utterly, preposterously, massive, as were the pleasure gardens around it. She assumed she was probably closer to the gardens than to the main Palace building, but she wasn’t entirely certain. She was kind of amazed that all of this was for His Supremacy, and His Supremacy alone.

At one point, she noticed a staircase on her left. Tentatively, careful not to fall, she crawled down the stairs. At the bottom, there was a doorway, which led outside to a long corridor underneath arched porticoes. Tetenia crawled outside. Between the arches, she saw gardens, beautiful flowers and trees, maze bushes, pathways. There was a fountain somewhere, and off in the distance, signs of another building, shaded by trees. She was probably somewhere in the vast gardens, Tetenia thought – but still, there was no sign of His Supremacy.

Near the end of the corridor, she saw a young, pretty woman, wearing a white frock with purple trim – a Blessed Servant. She was bent down by the plants at the side of the corridor, evidently doing some gardening. As Tetenia still could not speak, she had no idea how this person might help her, but there were no other options around – so Tetenia crawled up next to her.

The woman looked startled when she first noticed Tetenia – a beautiful young woman, not much younger than herself, crawling up to her, saying nothing, entirely naked. Then her face suddenly changed, and she stood up and smiled. “Wait here,” she said to Tetenia. “I might be able to help you.”

The woman left and returned several minutes later with another Blessed Servant. The first Blessed Servant resumed what she was doing, while the second looked at Tetenia. “Are you trying to find His Supremacy,” she asked. “You can nod or shake your head.” It wasn’t that hard to figure out that Tetenia was a concubine enduring some form of punishment, and was trying to find His Supremacy seemed a reasonable first guess at what she needed.

Tetenia nodded. “Follow me,” the woman said.

The Blessed Servant led Tetenia through more gardens, under more porticoes, past a stream, into and back out of what looked like small bit of the Palace. They had been walking – Tetenia crawling – for nearly fifteen minutes when they came across a guardian, patrolling the area. The Blessed Servant walked over and talked to the guardian briefly, who pointed behind them and to the left.

The Blessed Servant looked down at Tetenia and smiled. “We should go that way,” she said, pointing in the same direction as the guardian was. After another twenty minutes or so, they came to a small, concrete clearing. There were two more Blessed Servants at the side of it, scrubbing the feet of a statue of His Supremacy. The Blessed Servant who was escorting Tetenia bowed briefly before the statue, and then conferred with the other two, who pointed off to the right. She looked at Tetenia again. “I think we’re close,” she said.

About five minutes later they saw two kneeling guardians, and two kneeling term servants. They both bowed down towards where His Supremacy seemed to be. It had been forty-five minutes since Tetenia had first spotted Blessed Servant gardening, and nearly an hour since she had left the bedchambers from last night.

The woman turned to one of the term servants and said, “I’m pretty sure she’s a concubine who is aiming to go before His Supremacy. She’s barred from speaking or walking.”

The term servant entered the Sacred Radius. Tetenia noticed the Blessed Servant who had helped her craning her neck, hoping to catch a glimpse of His Supremacy. The term servant returned a few minutes later and looked at Tetenia. “His Supremacy grants you the privilege of entering His Sacred Presence,” he said. The Blessed Servant looked at Tetenia and smiled, and left.

Tetenia crawled towards His Supremacy. There were maybe ten or twelve term servants and guardians bowing down before Him, and a few concubines. He was seated, naked, in a plush, shaded, chair, raised up a few steps from the others. They were all in a small clearing, granite, surrounded by trees and vines. A small portion of the Palace poked out in the distance. The Queen Priestess Kelye and the concubine Rabresenna were on their knees before His Supremacy, sucking His cock. The scene was quiet, peaceful even.

Tetenia stopped near the others who were bowing down towards His Supremacy, and bowed down herself. His Supremacy did not acknowledge her, or say anything to anyone. Twenty or thirty minutes went by with scarcely a noise aside from Kelye and Rabresenna sucking His Supremacy’s cock, and scarcely a movement aside from His occasional pushing down their heads or lightly thrusting His pelvis.

Finally, He said: “Tetenia, come forward.” Tetenia crawled to Him, and bowed down to Him directly behind where Kelye and Rabresenna were pleasuring Him. Several more minutes went by, and His Supremacy gazed directly at Tetenia. She felt a pit in her stomach. Nerves. She felt guilty for even considering standing to get that towel, going against His will, that morning.

“Mmmm, that’s good Kelye,” His Supremacy said, looking away from Tetenia for a moment. Kelye gagged loudly on His Supremacy’s cock. He looked back at Tetenia, gazing at her with a look of pleasured calm on His face. Her stomach was tied up in the world’s tightest knots.

His Supremacy’s feet were resting upon two small cushions beside where Tetenia was bowing down, even though everyone else had their knees on hard ground. Still gazing at Tetenia, the same look of pleasured calm on His face, His Supremacy moved His right foot to the side of the cushion and turned it on its side.

Tetenia knew what that meant. She turned her face to the left, her cheek touching the ground, and kissed the bottom of His Supremacy’s right foot. His Supremacy angled His foot down slightly, resting it on Tetenia’s other cheek. Her head was on the hard ground, her lips still touching His arches. A surge of excitement went through Tetenia’s body.

His Supremacy rested His right foot on Tetenia’s face for several minutes. Tetenia was grateful. She was really, truly, grateful. She had never been so grateful for anything before in her life. His Supremacy sat back in the chair, in total comfort, and sighed contentedly, staring off into space. He put His hand on Kelye’s head to keep her down on His cock, and grabbed Rabresenna’s breasts with the other hand. He sank into the chair, and pushed His foot down on Tetenia’s face a little more, forcing her head hard against the ground.

He then moved His right foot back onto the cushion, and lifted His left foot. Tetenia kissed the bottom of it. He rested His left foot on the side of Tetenia’s face for a little while, as He did with the right.

When she was done, Tetenia gazed up at Him, with awe and gratitude. A few more minutes passed. Not looking at her now, He said, “speak, Tetenia.”

Tetenia cleared her throat. Her mouth was bone dry. “Thank you, Your Supremacy,” she said. “I am unendingly grateful…that you permitted me…the immense privilege of kissing your feet….after….” She cleared her throat again. “….displeasing you. I only exist to please you. If I do not please you, I might as well not exist at all. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

His Supremacy looked down at Tetenia again. His face had the same look of pleasure, calm, complete and total control that goes beyond what that phrase even means. It was the face of God, of one whose will was automatic. Kelye had a gagging fit on His Supremacy’s cock, and He moaned lightly. “Tetenia,” He said. “I gave you…the great and sacred gift this morning…and you did not thank me.” He paused for a moment. “My feet rested on your back…for hours…and you did not thank me. I gave you the privilege of serving me through the night…and you did not thank me.” He paused again, as Kelye gagged and choked loudly. Tetenia became a tightly-wound ball of nerves. She had to stop herself from puking, her stomach a spasm of nerves and guilt.

His Supremacy continued. “The only thing you can give me is thanks,” He said to Tetenia. “I expect gratitude.” He paused again. “So you may go, Tetenia. But you must crawl back to your quarters…ohh yeahh….and think about the gifts I have given you. Once you arrive there, you may stand upright again.” He rubbed Rabresenna’s tits lightly, and she moaned, nearly orgasming from His brief touch.

Of course, there was a very good, and clear, reason why Tetenia had not thanked His Supremacy for all of those things: He commanded her not to speak. She could not speak at all until just now. The idea that she should be punished for not thanking Him when He prevented her from thanking Him was mind-bending.

Still, she felt guilty about it. Like a beam of light cutting through a cloud, an understanding entered her mind: she gave, and His Supremacy took. She endured pain, and His Supremacy received pleasure. She worshipped, His Supremacy was worshipped. She received punishment willingly, and with gratitude; He doled out punishment, entirely at His discretion. Theirs was a symbiotic relationship, as His Supremacy’s relationship with the world was symbiotic. He had the will. She received His will with gratitude, and worshipped Him for it, as the world did. There was no fairness here; no tit-for-tat; no justice. There was only His Supremacy’s will, which she received, and she could only give Him gratitude and worship in return.

“Thank you, Your supremacy,” Tetenia said. “I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy.”

“Granted,” His Supremacy replied.

“Thank you, Your Supremacy. I….” Tetenia licked her lips. “…I am grateful beyond all measurement, beyond all limits gratitude, beyond all comprehension, for the privilege of bowing down before you and serving you and worshipping you and…receiving your will. I am…I am….” Tetenia stopped for a moment, actually thinking she was going to cry. “I am….I am full of thanks and boundless joy that you may…rest your feet upon me…or permit to serve you for hours…or give me the great and sacred gift. I know you expect gratitude….what I feel is beyond comprehension. It is beyond mere gratitude. I know you deserve more, so much more, than even that, that your power and will are so great that they are even beyond being beyond comprehension…but I…I am giving you all that I can possibly give. I am grateful beyond words, beyond expression, that I may do anything, anything at all, to…please you.” She paused. “Thank you, Your Supremacy.” His Supremacy had looked away from Tetenia; she wasn’t even sure that He had heard what she said. “There is no amount of gratitude, no amount of worship, no amount of pleasure…ahh…that is truly worthy of my will,” He said. He paused for a few moments. “Go Tetenia,” He added.

Tetenia crawled away from His Sacred Presence. She crawled through the gardens; past the Queen Priestess’’ palaces. Her heart was filled with gratitude; it was truly beyond measure. By the time she arrived at her quarters, evening had long since fell.

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